Media Attacks
Because Islam has the answers , others don’t !
With every passing day Modi’s human livestock i.e, safron Indians are fast
falling prey to media driven Islamophobia .As the RSS propaganda machine
is going full throttle against Islam and Muslims in India, safronized judiciary
has also jumped the bandwagon to win some brownie points with Modi sarkar.
Humiliating dictions and desecrating phrases are being used against Islam
by right wing newspapers and audio visual media channels , a scene almost
unprecedented in India before Modi. Terms like impoverished muftis, cheap
maulvis , unsolicited fatwas, 7th century pagan religion, tribal culture etc. have
become commonplace for wordsmiths who want to target Islam under the garb
of freedom of speech. Salman Rushdie has become the new role model for every
journalist and writer who wants to earn his safron bread by trying to prove
Muslims as malcontents in India. We the Muslims welcome all such criticism.
Go ahead, the more you demonize Islam the stronger it’ll emerge in the coun-
try because truth can be blamed but can’t be ashamed. Truth is truth even if the
entire corporate media jointly scorn it. Truth has its own power. Being a Muslim
it’s my duty to defend the truth, defend Islam.
In their mindless criminal spree to damage the credibility of Islam, what the saf-
fron media have missed out are the following points.
1.Indians are not Hitler era Germans whose thoughts and souls can be con-
trolled by mere media propaganda. Switch of the idiot box and no one knows
Modi or RSS.They have not made any real contribution to motherland India.
2.RSS with its apocalyptic vision doesn’t have a counter narrative to refute the
truth of Islam, the humiliating defeat of Sri Sri Ravishanker in an open debate
with Dr.Zakir Naik is haunting the tiny communal minds of the hindutva bri-
gade till now .Peace TV has been banned in India but Islam is growing. Thanks
to the incessant safron attacks.
3.Growing brain washed ,dependent livestocks in khaki shorts are good only for
Modi’s tax farm. Such creatures are too coward even to register a protest with
China against their occupied holy land “Kailash Mansarovar”.
4.My Hindu friends have been whispering among themselves as to what hap-
pened to lord Ram and the temple! BJP exploited his reverent name to make
Atal Bihari the PM back in 2004 and shelved Him for the next election. Modi’s
fascist media team APCO used his reverent name in 2014 as an electioneering
tool and shelved him as usual. But the benighted Hindu majority is not willing
to ponder over the trechery of the Gujarati capitalists and their communal de-
ceptive anti-religion game plans. Real Hindus are feeling the pain of being used
as Hindu vote bank, as a human capital made available to the capitalists’ politi-
cal industries.
5. Scholars and academicians all over India are stunned at the appointment of an
undergraduate as union minitser of education and human resources, someone
who is bound to destroy Indian credibility in global educational arena.
Those who belive thay have the heavenly mandate to stand up and counter the
evil forces who are destroying India can write to me.It’s immoral not to be a
warrior against the Sanghi terrorists.
Arshad Mohsin