A. Choose the best answers

Timothy’s nickname is Tim. Most of girls in our school love and adore him. There’s no doubt about
his good looking. We call him “The Charming Tim”. His height is 176 cm. Tim has straight hair and
perfect face. He is an intelligent and introvert person. Above all, he is humble. He was crowned as The
Best Student this year. He won so many prizes on Math, Chemistry and Physic competition. However, his
favourite subject is Chemistry. He wants to be a chemist someday.
Paulin is a funny person. He can always find a way to make the people around him laugh. I wonder
what it is in his head for he can create jokes spontaneously. Paulin’s nick name is Paul. He is plump. He’s
about 168 cm tall. His weight is 80 kg. That’s why we call him “The Big Paul”. He has a round face with
brown eyes. His spiky hairstyle makes him easily recognized. Paul is a humorous, friendly and an easy
going person. He is a movie freak. He would never miss any new movie in the cinema. He dreams of
becoming a famous actor one day.

1. Timothy is a/an … boy.
A. big
B. pretty
C. heroic
D. naughty
E. attractive
2. Whose hair is stright?
A. Paul’s
B. Me
C. Timothy’s
D. The writer’s
E. Tim’s father
3. “He is an intelligent and introvert person”
He refers to ….
A. Paul
B. Tim’s frienf
C. Energetic
D. Timothy
E. Stubborn
4. What does he want to be in the future?
A. A doctor
B. A teacher
C. A lecturer
D. A chemist
E. A librarian
5. Who is the humble person?
A. Timothy
B. Paulin
C. Paul’s sister
D. The writer
E. Paul’s brother
6. “Paul is a movie freak.” What does it mean?
A. He is a brave boy
B. He has movie collections.
C. He hates movie very much.
D. He always watches movie everyday.
E. He likes watching movie very much.
7. What is Paul ambition in the future?
A. He wants to be an actor.
B. He has no ambition yet.
C. He wants to be a movie freak.
D. He likes to be a movie lover.
E. His ambition is a movie owner
8. Who is taller Tim or Paul?
A. Tim
B. Paul
C. Both
D. No one
E. Tim and Paul
9. Who has a round face?
A. Paul
B. Tim
C. Both
D. No one
E. Tim and Paul
10. “He would never miss any new movie in the cinema.”
What is the synonym of the underlined word?
A. get
B. have
C. let pass
D. part up
E. meet up

B..Text 2

See two exciting cities and one of the world’s wonders - 11 days $799 + airfare!
There’s a lot to do in this exciting city! Beijing is famous for its beautiful palaces, temples, and huge stone
walls and gates. Its art treasure and universities have long made the city China’s cultural centre. You must
visit the Temple of Heaven, the most famous temple in China. The Hall of Prayer of Good Harvests is an
architectural wonder, constructed entirely of wood, without nails.
Shanghai is China’s largest city, major industrial and commercial centre and seaport. It resembles a modern
Western city more than does any other Chinese city. Nanjing Road is the major shopping thoroughfare. The
bund waterfront area is lined with banks and office buildings. Shanghai Industrial Exhibition displays
variety of manufactured products. Temple of the Jade Buddha, crowded with worshippers, has two statues of
Buddha, each carved from a single huge piece of white jade
Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built. Its length is about 6,400 kilometres, and it was
erected entirely by hand. The wall crosses northern China between the east coast and north-central China.
The main part of the wall is about 3,460 kilometres long. One of the highest sections of the Great Wall, on
Mount Badaling, near Beijing, rises to about 11 metres high. This section is about 7.5 metres wide at its base
and nearly 6 metres at the top. Watchtowers stand about 90 to 180 metres apart along the wall.

State if these statements are T (TRUE) or F (FALSE). Write it the line before the numbers.
______1. Shanghai is China's largest city.
______2. Beijing is the most modern city in China.
______3. Both Shanghai and Beijing have beautiful temples.
______4. Temple of the Jade Buddha is constructed entirely of wood.
______5. Machines were used to erect the Great Wall of China.
______6. The base of the Great Wall is wider than its top.
______7. Great Wall is in north-central China.
______8. There are many watchtowers in Shanghai.
______9. Tample of the Jade Budha has only two sattues of Budha.
______10. Mount Badaling isn’t far from Beijing.

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