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A defense of Christianity

User: Amills23 from imdb forum boards

That's one of the stupidest things I have heard. Your hatred for Christianity has blinded
you to the fact that your atheism holds no ground at all on morality. The religion the
atheist generally adhere to is collectivism which can take many forms but always does
more damage than any religion has ever done. Communism which only thrives by
brainwashing people into being atheists has killed over 100 million people in the last 100
yrs. ot counting the moral debauchery it lets thrive in an individual atheism !ust makes a
person worse.
Your worldview re!ects morality it states we are all here by chance. "o if we are all here
by chance their isn't absolute truth and morality is sub!ective. This is the only logical
conclusion with your worldview. #ith that said all law is un!ust law forced on the
individual. #ith your sick worldview a serial killer$ a pedophile$ and a person who makes
it their life goal to help people are all on the same moral ground. #hen it comes to right
or wrong your only left with con!ecture you can't even say its wrong to murder or hate. In
your worldview life's not sacred and you can't even say the weaker should be protected. If
anything your worldview states the opposite let the weaker die off so we have a better
%gene pool%.
Your worldview is foolishness that gives man an e&cuse to live like animals. 'theist's
re!ect logic and common sense when you can say the temporal created itself your insane.
The (ible )Christianity* is and will always be true about fallen man. +an re!ects ,od
because they hate -im and they love the sin they are slaves to. The arrogance of fallen
man allows them to make themselves god by becoming the be all to morality. .unny an
atheist hates ,od because of -is !udgment on their wicked lives but they love to sit in
!udgment on ,od and others.
User: tancred1 from imdb forum boards The Inquisition, the Crusades and
/The over one hundred thousand women who were tortured and burnt alive as witches in
the +iddle 'ges by the Church was not a good thing. The thousands who were tortured
and burnt alive by the In0uisition was not a good thing. The Crusades where entire cities
were put to the sword were not a good thing. The suppression of science and education
for centuries was not a good thing1 and very much e0ual to what the fundamental
+uslims are doing today. The consistent view in Christianity that women are not e0ual to
men$ and must submit to men is not a good thing.2
There is a lot of historical evidence to the contrary. #ere women )and men* e&ecuted as
witches in the +iddle 'ges3 Yes. If you're looking for the perpetrators$ then the Church
and the In0uisition are actually not them )for the most part*. In fact$ the In0uisition for a
very long time held that it was heresy for one to even believe that supposed witches had
any real power. In other words$ it would be heresy for me to accuse anyone of witchcraft
and say they had cast a spell4 In such a case$ the In0uisition would be more interested in
me for accusing someone of witchcraft than in the person I accused4 This was because I
would be holding as truth that supposed witches had power to do harm either through
themselves or the power of the 5evil.
In the +iddle 'ges$ if anyone was e&ecuted for witchcraft$ it was more than likely at the
hands of a local mob$ and not the In0uisition. The claim of %thousands% of witches
e&ecuted in the +iddle 'ges has no foundation$ because when did the actual #itch
Cra6e$ a time when there were thousands or more persecuted or e&ecuted$ happen3 178099
1:;0s. 5id that catch the tail end of the +iddle 'ges3 <ossibly$ but surely that was more
the =enaissance$ with its enlightenment$ right3 'nd the #itch Cra6e did not really pick
up steam until after the 1>;0s. +ost interestingly$ it took place in lands that had had gone
to <rotestantism$ and where the In0uisition had little or no sway )northern and eastern
,ermany$ ?ngland$ "cotland$ the 5utch states$ and the "wiss and .rench areas where
Calvinism was in the ma!ority*. In the 1>80s in "pain$ there were a handful of women
brought to the "panish In0uisition on accusations of witchcraft. Their accusers were
pretty much laughed at$ scolded that there was no such thing as witchcraft$ and the
women were freed. In the early 1@00s$ a potential witch scare was breaking out in the
"wiss cantons. The Catholic bishop of ,eneva$ "t. .rancis de "ales$ would have none of
it. -e proclaimed that supposed witches had no power$ defused the potentially violent
situation$ and cleared the accused. %Thousands% of witches were persecuted$ but hardly
none in the +iddle 'ges. That was ?arly +odern ?ra. 'nd$ strangely enough$ accused
witches often found protectors in the In0uisition.
The Crusades are my area$ so you kind of stepped on my toes with this one. I take no
offense$ though$ and I mean none. (ut again$ there is so much evidence to the contrary of
what you say about the Crusades. #hen you talk about entire cities being put to the
sword$ you make it sound like that was something only seen during the Crusades$ or like
it was some sort of Crusading Aaw. ot so. This is the law of siege warfare$ and has been
in all cultures for long before the Crusades came about. In fact$ it was during the +iddle
'ges that siege warfare became largely refined through chivalry$ and for the better and
more merciful$ because it put the emphasis on fighting as a last resort only after
negotiations had failed . (asically$ if your city is attacked$ you better fight and win$ or
you will be killed if the city is taken. 'nd you have no one to blame but yourself for this$
because up until the city is taken$ you have the ability to negotiate a truceBpeaceBsurrender
with the attackers. This was the way of things long before the Crusades. #hen the
Crusaders took Cerusalem in 10DD$ the defenders fought to the end. They did not sue for
terms or peace. They took a gamble$ thinking they could beat back the besiegers. They
were wrong$ the city was taken$ and therefore a slaughter ensued )though even some
Cewish and +uslim accounts say the slaughter was not as bad as first reported$ and
knights like Tancred fought to spare survivors*. If the Crusaders had to take a city by
storm$ they did. If a city surrendered$ or sued for peace$ or even offered to become the
Crusaders' vassals$ those cities and their citi6ens were given terms. The aforementioned
Tancred was actually very good at thisE after the taking of Cerusalem and the defeat of the
?gyptians at 'scalon$ he went back north to the 'ntioch region$ and was very good at
getting +uslim emirs to either sue for peace and some even wanted to become his vassals
and serve him. Ironically$ some +uslim leaders )some times "aladin but mostly (aibars*
were very good at getting Crusader castles to sue for peace$ and then going back on their
word$ and either enslaving or killing the people as they walked away under flag of truce.
I urge everyone to read Conathan =iley9"mith's %#hat #ere the Crusades3% There are so
many half truths and outright lies about the Crusades out there. This book is a must9read
for anyone interested in truth. =iley9"mith is the e&pert on the Crusades.
's for the Church suppressing science and education$ our science as it is and our
educational system would be so much worse without the Church. It was largely through
the copying of simple priests$ nuns$ and monks like 'thelstan that ancient ,reek and
=oman science$ poetry$ literature$ law$ etc were preserved. .or the longest time$ where
was the only place one could find a copy of <ythagorus' writings theori6ing the world
was round3 ' monastery4 #ho were some of the most learned scientific minds in the
+iddle 'ges3 Catholic churchmen like "t. Thomas '0uinas and "t. 'lbert the ,reat )who
also theori6ed the ?arth was round*. Gur modern university and education system is
largely based on developments of Churchmen. 'lcuin of York is a prime e&ample. Aiving
at about the same time as this show even4 .rom York$ he did such great work in education
and religion that he was brought to Charlemagne's court to do similar work. #e write the
way we do )capital letters used in some cases$ lower case in others. two main lines
showing case$ and a smaller area below for letters that hang low* because of 'lcuin of
York. The basic curriculum for what a normal educated person should study and know
was established by 'lcuin of York$ deacon in the =oman Catholic Church.