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How to potty train a Basset

Get a pet basset hound home is a big
responsibility. Current work pet owner
begins after the animal comes home. A lot of
training is reuired to teach the puppy
proper manners. !t is often said that basset
hounds are "ery stubborn and difficult to
potty train# but if the pet owner is patient
and consistent# your pet will definitely learn
the correct way to do things. $eople ha"e
many things to say about potty training
basset hound one but the owner has to
decide which method is best to train your
puppy and use it. %eep in mind that potty
training pet basset one is not a working day.
&ou ha"e to put in a lot of effort and a lot of
patience# because it reuires a significant
period of time.
Basset Hound $otty 'raining
(ecide )ancha
&ou ha"e to first decide where you want
your hunting dog to do his business. !f you
ha"e a backyard# choose a location that is
easily accessible for the pet and easy for
you to clean. (ecide carefully as you ha"e to
take your pet there whene"er he wants to
urinate. !f you li"e in an apartment# choose a
place or a corner where his hunting dog can
do his business. &ou can configure a
sandbo* here so you do not ha"e to take
your dog out e"ery time you want to
+tart early
$otty training should start when your pet
basset hound house. )ost dogs feel the
need to urinate after a dri"e. +o if you bring
your pet in the car# the first thing you ha"e
to do is take it to a designated place to pee.
'his can be done by putting it in the mail
and taking him to the area. (o not let your
dog off leash or ,ust run around the yard
and create chaos.
-bser"e body language
Basset Hounds specific acti"ities ,ust before
urinating as walking in circles# sniffing#
scratching the ground# etc. Check the
language of your pet dog specific organ so
that e"ery time you ha"e to go to the
bathroom# you know about it and carry on
right place. 'aking the basset repeatedly at a
fi*ed point will help instead refer to a toilet#
and this will make them reali.e where to go
whene"er the need arises.
/se a command or signal
Bassets training through commands and
signals is another way to teach correct
forms of beha"ior. /se a specific command#
such as 0speed up1 e"ery time your dog
defecates or urine. 'he constant use of
these commands help relate the symbol
outcrop e"entually go to the bathroom and
start to respond to it with time. -nce you
start the association of the two# the ne*t
time you use the command# knows what he
is talking about. &ou can also put a bell in
the house and train your basset to sound
e"ery time you need to pee. !f you succeed
in pro"iding this training# you will surely feel
relie"ed a lot of stress as you will know
when your pet needs to go.
+et a time
$uppies need to urinate almost e"ery hour#
while adult dogs take longer. 2hen ! take
your basset house# !3m sure# will be a puppy.
+o take a walk e"ery hour so you can
urinate outside the home doing the dirty
house. +et a schedule and follow it
religiously. !f you ha"e a set schedule for
their outcrop# will try to hold until dismissed
to the ne*t round.
)aintain cleanliness
4"en though you are training your dog#
there are se"eral instances when your pet
urinating in the house or elsewhere. 'o
pre"ent this from happening again is to
clean the area with an en.yme-based
cleaner for the strong smell of urine is
eliminated. 'he dogs tend to sniff traces of
feces and urine to determine the right place
to urinate. 'herefore# it is important to
remo"e all traces of pre"ious incidents.
As you do# e"en your dog basset lo"es to be
appreciated. 4ach time your pet is relie"ed
in the designated area# do not forget to
praise. &ou can also gi"e a treatment so you
know that e"ery time the training is
followed# a pri.e will be awarded. Basset
Hounds also lo"e to see their happy owners#
so ne"er stop e*pressing yourself and ne"er
let you down.
(og $otty 'raining takes time. As an owner#
you ha"e to be "ery patient and willing to
sacrifice their afternoon naps to teach your
dog the right way. Although it can be
e*hausting at times# ne"er lose your temper
or punish your pet to urinate in the wrong
place. 4ach dog has its own pace of
learning# and anger will not make shower
easier. +o much lo"e to gi"e your hunting
dog and put in the right effort# so that you
ne"er ha"e to worry about toilet training
your pet in the future.