Lord of the Rings Online is in open beta.

At release, the game implements only the first 1/6 of the story. Here is what to expect in the expansions:

The Forming of the Fellowship Gandalf: 'o.k. merry, pippin, sam. you're going to have to stay in rivendell.' Pippin: why? Gandalf: 'we can only fit 6 people in our fellowship and we’re going to need a well rounded group’ Gandalf: 'we'd create a raid, you know, but then none of us would get any xp when we destroy the ring' Pippin: ok [LookingForFellowship] Sam: '3 hobbits LFF' Moria Aragorn: 'shit’ Aragorn: ‘the wizard died. can anybody rez?' Gandalf: 'its cool.' Gandalf: 'you guys go ahead.' Gandalf: 'i'll rez and meet up with you in fangorn. brb' The Breaking of the Fellowship Aragorn: 'whoa’ Aragorn: ‘that was close’ Aragorn: ‘soloed like 10 uruks’ Legolas: 'wait. where's frodo?' Frodo has left the Fellowship. Gimli: 'FUCK!' Aragorn: 'son of a bitch!' Aragorn: 'i hate it when people leave in the middle of a fucking quest!' Legolas: 'frodo had the ring. were going to have to go back and start the quest all over again' Aragorn [to Frodo]: 'WTF man?' Legolas: 'did boramir leave too?' Gimli: 'FUCK!' Aragorn: 'no i think he died’ Gandalf Retuns Aragorn: 'wb gand. got a new title huh? gandalf the white' Gandalf: 'yeah. sorry it took me so long to get here. like my new white robe?' Gimli: 'no prob. we like waiting, asshole' Gandalf: 'and i trained new spells. where's frodo?' Legolas: 'he left'

Gandalf: 'that sucks. oh, well. wanna go do helms deep?' Legolas: 'isnt that on the other side of the zone? my mom says i have to get off in an hour' Gandalf: 'its cool. i stopped and bought a new mount too.' Gimli: 'i fucking hate you.' Frodo and Sam Encounter Gollum Gollum: 'give us the ring. my precious.... my precious...' Frodo: 'you are annoying. stop following us or we'll report you to a GM' Gollum: 'what precious is a jee um? is that like an orcses? we hate orcses? give us the ring...we wants it." Sam: 'crap. he's one of those.' Frodo: 'roleplayer' Gollum: 'playing roles? who, precious, is playing roles? *gollum* *gollum*' Frodo: 'look. if you cut out the gay shit we'll invite you into our fellowship' Gollum: 'gollum is not gay. gollum is not merry. gollum is very angry because WE WANT OUR PRECIOUS!' Sam: 'reported' Frodo and Sam Destroy the Ring of Power Sam: 'alright we're here. destroy it' Frodo: 'how do you destroy an item again?' Sam: 'press i' Frodo: 'ok' Sam: 'click the ring and then drag it out of the window' Frodo: 'its not working' Sam: 'r u right clicking or left clicking' Frodo: 'right' Sam: 'click means left click' Frodo: 'you just said click' Sam: 'everybody knows when you say click you mean l-click' Sam: 'if you mean r-click you say right click' Frodo: 'still not working' Sam: 'r u dragging it?' Frodo: 'it wont drag' Sam: 'r u clicking it?' Frodo: 'yes. i'm fucking clicking it. it won't drag' Sam: 'double click or single?' Frodo: 'nvm. got it.' Sam: 'woohoo. ding' Frodo: 'gratz'

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