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Jameel McCline on Prison Reform

Congressional District candidate calls for education
and treatment over incarceration
Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 14, 2014 -- Jameel McCline, candidate for Floridas
Congressional istrict, today addressed !rison reform" #he Florida
emocrat understands !ersonally the $uagmire of the %merican !enal
structure, and he fa&ors treatment, education and other alternati&es to the
soaring incidents of incarceration"
'#he reason (m so !assionate a)out this is )ecause ( *as one of those
!eo!le entangled in the criminal +ustice system,, said McCline, 44, *ho
ser&ed -&e years in !rison )eginning as a teenager"
McCline has his sights set on re&ersing Florida and %mericas unrelenting
!ush to*ard incarceration" .e !oints out that since 1/00, the !rison
!o!ulation has clim)ed )y a)out 000 !ercent *hile the countrys !o!ulation
has gro*n )y only a third" #he 1nited 2tates has -&e !ercent of the *orlds
!o!ulation )ut 23 !ercent of its !risoners"
Floridas criminal +ustice system is one of the most !roli-c in the nation"
Florida sends more young !eo!le under age 10 to adult state !risons
than any other state in the nation
Floridas incarceration rate is 24 !ercent higher than the national
a&erage, and it has the third-largest correctional system in the nation
after California 5164,0007 and #e8as 5133,0007
#he Florida e!artment of Corrections houses 102,000 inmates in its
49 state !risons costing ta8!ayers nearly :2"4 )illion" Currently, one in
91 adults is under some mode of correctional control
Florida;s recidi&ism rate is a)out 99<, *hich means one out of e&ery
three inmates released from a Florida !rison returns to !rison in Florida
*ithin three years"
#his 99< recidi&ism rate *ithin 9 years of release increases to 43<
after -&e years" (t costs an a&erage of :39"94 !er day or :1/,44/ !er
year to house an inmate in a Florida !rison"
McCline stresses the )ene-ts of education o&er incarceration" '( )elie&e in
!rison reform that focuses on education as a deterrent" (ts necessary to
ha&e more !rograms for Floridians to re-integrate themsel&es to )eing
acti&e, !roducti&e, ta8-!aying mem)ers of society",
#he McCline cam!aign !ro!oses increased use of alternati&es to sentencing"
(t condemns unnecessarily harsh mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines
and su!!orts drug courts that di&ert addicts out of the !enal system and into
=ead more a)out McCline for Congress on !rison reform at