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SWEET EYES W/ TANYA..........10
HOUMAS HOUSE .............................22
BILL DELAUNE........................26
KIDS OF SUMMER ...................32
Table of Contents
Tiger Tavern hosted the First Jambalaya
Cook Off Funraiser supporting Wounded
There were 29 teams signed up to help this
noble cause. The community came out in
droves and the day was a great success. With all
the sponsors and help from our local citizens
we were able to raise over $5000 for the
First Annual Cooking for a
Cause at Tiger Tavern.
Jambalaya Cook Off Fund Raiser
for Wounded Warrior Project.
We are truly blessed to live in
such a great community, thank
you all for helping out these
great American hero's, all gave
some but some gave all.
1st place Russell Gaudin
2nd place Wayland Templet
3rd Woody Woodward
• Delaunes Inc. Dirt work
• Dons Seafood
• Fife extermination
• Just Tint
• Geaux Technology
• Glazers
• Baton Rouge Beer
• Mockler Beverage
• Crescent crown
• Picou Lumber
• Anytime Fitness in Dutchtown
• Top notch tanning
• Jambalaya Festival Association
• Pit Stop
Susan G. Komen®
Baton Rouge’s Ascension
Pink Ribbon Scramble
Declared A Success!
Susan G. Komen® Baton Rouge hosted its annual Ascension Pink
Ribbon Scramble Thursday, July 10 at Pelican Point Golf Club.
The event featured a 4-person scramble, live auction, and door
prizes. The day began with a Survivors’ Breakfast sponsored by
Pro Sold Reality. Prior to the shotgun start Executive Director,
Angela Miller, greeted golfers. Miller shared information concern-
ing the Affiliate’s funding efforts within its 10-parish service area.
She stated, “In 2013-14 Komen Baton Rouge
provided funding for 525 breast cancer
screenings in Ascension Parish. We also
provide funding for clinical screenings,
diagnostic services, breast health
education, and medical and
transportation assistance to local
residents.” Co-chairwoman,
Kari Millet, also shared her
experiences as a breast cancer
survivor and thanked partici-
pants for their attendance.
While on the course, golfers
enjoyed food, beverages, and
games at various holes.
Golfing concluded with a jam-
balaya lunch donated by Jam
Up Catering. Event Co-Chair
and Ascension Parish resident,
Jessica Keller, told attendees of
her motivation to participate
with the Ascension Pink Ribbon
Scramble. She stated that her
efforts were because of the sur-
vivor support that the Affiliate
provides to her cousin Mindy
LeBauve. She shares, “I want
people to know that We Live
Here, We Golf Here, and We
Save Lives here.’ I also want to
help find the cures for my
friends, my daughter, and me.”
St. Elizabeth Hospital,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Stash
Photography, CF Industries,
Dawson Interprizes, EATEL,
Ascension Magazine, Baton
Rouge Coca Cola Bottling, and
The Cabin Restaurant were
among this year’s sponsors.
Miller stated, “We also want to
thank the many generous
donors who provided door
prizes, food, beverages, auction
items, and media promotions.”
She also noted, “Many volun-
teers are necessary to put on an
event such as the Pink Ribbon
Scramble. I’d like to thank Kari
Millet, Jessica Keller, Katrina
Bankston, Maria Fairchild and all
those who came out to help with
event day efforts. Phillip Wright and
Andres Prieto of Pelican Point also
have our deepest gratitude for their
generosity and direction.”
Tommy Martinez, Ascension Parish
President; Barney Arceneaux,
Gonzales Mayor; and Jenny Heroman,
Community Coordinator for EATEL
were event honorary Co-chairs.
I have a friend of mine that
started Advocare. One day I
saw her; she looked slim,
healthy, and even younger!
Then she told me about
Advocare. I’d seen Drew
Breeze endorse this system on
commercials, but I hadn’t really
heard much more about it.
So, after a few minutes of
discussing the system and the
products, I decided to try it.
It wasn’t that much different
from other systems I’ve tried,
but I thought if it’s good
enough for the Saints football
team, it’s good enough for me!
So, I started with the 24 day
challenge which has two phases.
Phase one which is the
“cleansing” phase and phase
two which is the “max” phase.
In the cleanse phase, the goal is
to remove the buildup of tox-
ins built up in our bodies. .
There are three components of
the Cleanse phase which are:
the Herbal Cleanse, Fiber
Drink, and ProBiotic Restore™
Ultra Capsules. Along with
taking the products as
scheduled, you are to follow
specific dietary guidelines to
follow that include lots of
water, lean proteins, vegetables,
complex carbohydrates and
other snack items such as
healthy fats, fruits and dairy.
Coffee, processed sugars, and
alcohol are to be avoided.
The cleanse phase was not as
violent as I expected but it was
gentle and effective. Any time I
hear or see of any system that is
cleansing, it scares me, but
throughout the cleansing phase,
I felt better and more energized
almost immediately.
In the Max phase you include
at least these three products:
Meal Replacement Shakes,
MNS also known as the
Metabolic Nutrition System and
Spark, all of which give your
body great energy. And that’s
just what these products and
phase is intended to do.
In the Max Phase the system
and the products help with
controlling your appetite while
providing your body with all
the essential nutrients you need.
The Spark product was and is
absolutely one of my favorite
products to take to date. I
normally drink coffee, but
drinking this in the morning
was a “cleaner” pick me up. I
must say that I’m hooked. Not
only does it give me a boost in
the morning, but it also gives
me more alertness and focus for
my workouts. It also boasts
loads of vitamins as well.
Going through the 24 day
challenge, was a bit of a
challenge, only because I wasn’t
mentally ready for it. I also got
a sinus infection during my 24
days, which set me back a bit;
however, I would definitely
recommend the system.
I will definitely use the Meal
Replacement Shakes and Sparks
in my day to day wellness
regimen. My overall rating is a
4.5/5 stars, because I felt more
energized, lost several inches in
my waist and lower abdomen
and felt less bloated. The step
by step plan and products
make following the program
very easy!
Take Care of Yourselves Ladies.
Our Values:
• Quality
• Compassion
• Honesty
• Teamwork
• Service
Patients that qualify for
rehabilitative services under the
60% rule (CMS 13) include:
1. Strokes
2. Burns
3. Traumatic/Non-traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
4. Congenital Deformity
5. Major Multiple Trauma
6. Traumatic/Non-traumatic Brain Injury
7. Neurological Disorders including but not
limited to:
a. Multiple sclerosis
b. Motor neuron diseases
c. Polyneuropathy
d. Muscular dystrophy
e. Parkinson’ s disease
8. Fractures of lower extremities
(hips, knees, ankles)
9. Amputations/Prosthetic Training
10. Joint Replacements, especially bilateral joints
(hips and/or knees)
a. If single joint, can still qualify if BMI > 50
or age > 85
b. If single joint, can still qualify under
40% with a medical condition
Significant functional impairment of ambulation and
other activities of daily living including:
11. Polyarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis
12. Osteoarthritis, severe or advanced
13. Joint Inflammation
40%of the patients do not have to meet
CMS 13 diagnosis, but may have a medical condition
with progressive weakness, progressive loss of
function, and/or debility.
For example, a cardiac patient who has CHF and has
progressively become weaker or a pulmonary patient
with COPD who is experiencing debility.
Other diagnosis/conditions include:
Referral Process and Inquiries Welcomed
Contact us at (225) 450 – 2775
A clinical liaison will contact you within two hours.
We accept Medicare, Private Insurance, Medicaid.
Your stay at UMRH will include:
All patients have private rooms and flat screen TVs.
Patients have three non-consecutive hours of therapy a
day at least five days a week throughout their stay.
Patients and family members are encouraged to
participate in their care. Meals and all dietary services
are managed by a registered dietitian.
We have daily physician rounding and
consultant physician specialists.
An interdisciplinary team approach for patient planning,
goal setting, and providing care. This team is led by our
physiatrist who collaborates with primary care physicians and
consultant physician specialists. Nursing is led by a Certified
Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN).
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
certified in Vital Stim, along with our registered dietitian, social
worker, and case manager are other members of the team.
The team meets weekly to monitor patient progress and make
adjustments to the plan, goals, and/or care in order to
meet the patients’ needs.
· All Private Rooms
· Flat Screen TVs
· Daily Physician Rounding
· Consultant Physician Specialists
· Interdisciplinary Team Approach
· 24 hour RN coverage led by Certified
Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN)
· Pain Management
· Short-term IV therapy (7 to 14 days)
· Dialysis
· Wound Care Management
· PT, OT, Speech
· Vital Stim
· Dietary Services
· Social Services and Case Management
333 East Worthey Road, Gonzales
State-of-the-Art Physical Therapy Equipment
• cellulitis
• diabetes
• dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
• laminectomy
• lymphadema
• pain management
• pneumonia
• Pulmary disorders
• Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
• Cardiac disorders
• Myocardial Infarction (MI),
• Short-term IV therapy
(7 to 14 days)
• Wound Management,
• dialysis
The Market with
All you need...
S e a f o o d Ma r k e t
Crabs • Shrimp • Fish
Live & Boiled Crawfish
Gr o c e r i e s
Bread • Snacks • Sausage
Seasonings • Eggs • Milk
P r o d u c e
Fruits • Vegetables • Melons
B e v e r a g e s
Domestic and Import Beer
• Chilled Wine
Cr awf i s h Boi l I ngr edi ent s
Crabboil • Lemons • Cayenne
Potatoes • Corn • Mushrooms
P r o p a n e
OPEN 7 Days a Week • 9am to 7pm
17497 Airline Highway • Prairieville 225.673.9085
• peppersfreshmarketla.com
We Have We Have
Blue Crabs Blue Crabs
• Do Not Use products that
contain alcohol (watch out
for alcohol denatured and
SD alcohol).
• Do Not Use skin care that
contains witch hazel.
• Do Not Use Toners (if your
cleanser works well enough
you do not need a separate
toner, most toners contain
alcohol or witch hazel).
• Do Not Use Bar Soaps
(the binders that hold the bar
together will clog your pores).
• Do Not Use skin care that
contains lavender (it can
destroy skin cells).
• Do Not Use a Clarisonic
Brush. Scrubbing too harshly
with a brush or wash cloth, or
using abrasive face scrubs
scan cause microscopic tears
in the skin, irritation, appear-
ance of blood vessels and
can cause damage to
your skin.
• Do Not Use products
containing menthol or
fragrant plant oils. Whether
the fragrant ingredients are
synthetic or natural, it can
cause chronic irritation that
can damage healthy collagen
production, worsen or cause
dryness, and impair
your skin’s ability to
• Do Not Use Eye
Makeup Remover.
Your cleanser
should work well
enough to remove
all of your makeup,
including eye make
up. Eye makeup
remover pulls and
tugs on the skin
around your eyes
and can cause
milia blocked hair
follicles appearing
as hard tiny white
• Do Be Gentle with Your
Skin. Use your fingertips to
wash your face and pat dry
with a soft towel.
'Dr. Z made me feel courageous and confident in my
own natural state..I never leave without my sun-
screen..but I can always leave without my makeup.' -
Karen, age 53
Diamonds: Fancy
and Fabulous
with Layne Gautreau
Clear white diamonds are world
famous for their brilliant sparkle
and fire. But surprisingly enough,
diamonds also come in a rainbow
of vivid, flashing colors that add a
magic look to holiday jewelry.
Colored diamonds are called
“fancies” and are available in red,
blue, pink, canary yellow, brown,
peach, orange, purple, green,
violet, gray, and black. In addition,
colored diamonds come in many
exciting color blends such as
purplish-red, greenish-yellow,
reddish-brown, greenish-blue,
and bluish-pink.
Most colored diamonds are rare
and more expensive than colorless
white diamonds. Only diamonds
have the brilliant inner fire that
sets them apart from all other
More intensely colored diamonds
are usually cut to ideal proportions
to deliver maximum brilliancy and
life. These cuts include round,
triangle, square, and rectangular.
More subtle colored diamonds are
cut in less refractive shapes, such as
oval and radiant, to enhance and
deepen the delicate color.
Imagine the thrill of wearing a
ring, pendant, earrings, or brooch
with a dazzling colored diamond
center stone flanked by sparkling
white diamonds in round,
baguette, square, or half-moon
shapes. Spectacular colored
diamond jewelry is sure to make
an impression that will be
remembered always!
Did You Know?
Fascinating Facts
about Gems
& Jewelry
1. Sir Walter Scott was responsible
for the legend that opals bring bad
luck. Two hundred years ago, in
his novel “Anne of Geierstein” he
wrote that the heroine wore a
magical opal that responded to
all her moods. One day, she
accidentally splashed holy water on
the gem which caused her to
disintegrate along with the opal.
Queen Victoria, a lover of opals,
tried to remedy the injury done
by Scott’s novel. She presented
opals to her five daughters as
wedding gifts and the bad luck
legend was minimized.
2. Amazonite, the bright
apple-green form of feldspar, did
not originate near the Amazon
River in South America. Most
Amazonite come from the Ural
Mountains of Russia.
3. Peridot, the lovely
yellowish-green gemstone, was
originally found in only a few
places including the island of
Zerbigat in the Red Sea. But
strangely enough, peridots are
sometimes found in meteorites
that strike the earth after traveling
through outer space.
4. Only four substances used for
jewelry are organic and not stones.
They are pearl (the nacre
produced by an oyster), coral (the
skeleton of a marine animal), jet
(a very hard coal), and amber
(the fossilized resin of pine trees)
The Leadership Ascension Program Graduates Its 19th Class
Leadership Ascension, a program of the Ascension Chamber of Commerce,
was proud to graduate its 19th Leadership Class at Parc 73 on June 19, 2014.
There were 37 participants in this year’s Leadership
Class and each were put into teams with the task
of researching and implementing a project that
would positively affect the Ascension Community.
This year’s projects included a career mentoring
program for Ascension Parish High School
Students; a successful venture to enhance &
provide the needed improvements to the Council on
Aging centers on the East and West Banks of
Ascension Parish; The Good Neighbor Project whose
mission was to strengthen a sense of community
across Ascension Parish by inspiring neighborly
behaviors; and the Health And Nutrition Alliance
(HANA), an effort to offer grant opportunities to
public school teachers interested in funding for
health and nutrition initiatives.
All of these amazing projects will undoubtedly
benefit the Parish for years to come, but the team
implementing the Health and Nutrition Alliance was
chosen as this year’s winner. Winning team
members include: Jacob Balfantz, Mollie Burke,
Kesslie Carbo, Taren Daigle, Amy Hathorne-Lambert,
Chris McDowell, John McGee, Tina Prejean and
Keith Robert.
In addition to benefitting the community, the
Leadership Ascension Program has a positive impact
on those who participate. This year’s participants
included: Kathy Achee, St. Elizabeth Hospital; Jacob
Balfantz, St. Elizabeth Physicians; Crystal
Boudloche, RE/MAX Professional; Jennifer
Boudreau, BASF; Beth Broadway, Ochsner
Healtcare; Tracy Browning, Ascension Parish
Tourism; Mollie Burke, Domain Design Architecture;
Dawn Caballero, Ascension Parish Government;
Kesslie Carbo, Ascension Parish Clerk of Court; Taren
Daigle, BASF; Kim Decoteau, Ascension Parish
Sheriff’s Office; Jenn deFrances, The Ascension
Fund; Beau Diez, Pelican Point Properties; Alsie
Dunbar, Motiva Enterprises, LLC; Lindsey Duplessis,
Red River Bank; Donna Duplessis, City of Gonzales;
Nate Gautreau, Professional Archive Solutions; Kim
Gautreau, Waguespack & Associates Insurance;
Chris Geraci, United Community Bank; Amy
Hathorne-Lambert, Impala Warehousing, LLC;
Michelle Hyatt, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center;
Lisa Laws, Ascension Economic Development
Corporation; Lisa Le, St. Elizabeth Physicians; Chad
Lynch, Ascension Parish School Board; Chris
McDowell, Skid Marks Tires & Auto Service; John
McGee, BASF; Matt Percy, Percy, Lanoux &
Mumphrey; Tina Prejean, Prejean Computer
Consultants; Keith Robert, Roland J. Robert
Distributors, Inc; Layne Salvant, The Bug Man; Larry
Schexnaydre; Center Stage; Shane Sedotal, Cox
Communications; Darryl Smith, Ascension Parish
Sheriff’s Office; Ray Stonemark, Don’s Seafood;
Melissa Tullier, EATEL; Jason Verdigets, 23rd Judicial
District Attorney; and Chris Wilson, Cabela’s.
Leadership Ascension started in 1996 with the
mission of preparing emerging community leaders
for leadership positions in local government and
business. The 10-month program accepts students
by application only and offers team-building and
educational sessions covering topics such as
Economic Development, Healthcare and Cultural
Diversity. To apply for the upcoming class or learn
more about Leadership Ascension, visit www.ascen-
sionchamber.com or call 225.647.7487.
FREE New Patient Exam,
and X-rays.
May not be combined with other coupons.
Limited to one person in each immediate family.
• IV Sedation
• Invisalign Certified
• Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
• Porcelain Veneers
• Implants
• Wisdom Teeth
Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD
13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 • Geismar, LA 70734 • Call: 225.673.6910 • www. AscensionDentist.com
Mouth Sores
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Mouth sores come in several
different varieties and can
have any number of causes,
• Infections from bacteria,
viruses or fungus
• Irritation from a loose
orthodontic wire, a denture
that doesn’t fit, or a sharp edge
from a broken tooth or filling
• The symptom of a disease or
Your dentist should examine
any mouth sore that lasts a
week or longer. Among the
most common mouth sores are:
Canker sores.
Small ulcers with a white or
gray base and a red border,
canker sores appear inside the
mouth. They are not conta-
gious, but can return frequently
and may be only one canker
sore or several. Their exact
cause is uncertain but some
experts believe that immune
system problems, bacteria or
viruses may be involved. Canker
sores usually heal on their own
after a week or two. Over-the-
counter topical anesthetics and
antimicrobial mouthwashes may
provide temporary relief. Stay
away from hot, spicy or acidic
foods that can irritate the sore.
Antibiotics from your dentist
and some oral bandages can
reduce secondary infection.
Cold sores (also
called fever blisters.)
Groups of fluid-filled blisters
that often erupt around the lips
and sometimes under the nose
or around the chin. Cold sores
are caused by the herpes
simplex virus type 1 and are
very contagious. The initial
infection (primary herpes) may
be confused with a cold or flu
and can cause painful lesions to
erupt throughout the mouth.
Once a person is infected with
primary herpes, the virus stays
in the body and causes
occasional attacks. Cold sore
blisters usually heal in a week
by themselves. Over-the-count-
er topical anesthetics can
provide some relief. Your
dentist may prescribe antiviral
drugs to reduce these kinds of
viral infections.
Thick, whitish-color patches
that form on the inside of the
cheeks, gums or tongue, these
patches are caused by excess cell
growth and are common
among tobacco users. They can
result from irritations such as an
ill-fitting denture or the habit
of chewing on the inside of the
cheek. Sometimes leukoplakia is
associated with oral cancer.
Your dentist may recommend a
biopsy if the patch appears
suspicious. Your dentist will
examine the lesion and check
the biopsy results to help
determine how to manage the
disease. Treatment begins with
removing the factors that
contribute to the lesion:
quitting tobacco or replacing
ill-fitting dentures or bridges.
This fungal infection (also
called moniliasis or oral thrush)
occurs when the yeast Candida
albicans reproduce in large
numbers. It is common among
denture wearers. Most often it
occurs in people with weak
immune systems—the very
young, elderly or those
debilitated by disease, such as
diabetes or leukemia. In
addition, people with dry
mouth syndrome are
susceptible to candidiasis.
Candida may also flourish after
antibiotic treatment, which can
decrease normal bacteria in the
mouth.  Controlling candidiasis
means focusing on preventing
or controlling the condition
that causes the outbreak. Good
oral hygiene is essential. Clean
your dentures to remove
Candida and remove them at
bedtime. If the cause is dry
mouth saliva substitutes and
prescription medications may
be helpful when the underlying
cause of dry mouth is incurable
or unavoidable.
the Civil Death Penalty -
Part 2
In last month’s article, we
defined what an interdiction is
and why it is called the “Civil
Death Penalty.” This month
we will discuss additional issues
regarding what happens
throughout the interdiction
procedure, who can be the
curator of an interdict, and
what the duties of the
curator are.
During the interdiction
procedure, the attorney
appointed to represent your
loved one will likely visit so he
or she can report to the judge
on his or her condition.
Additionally, the judge will
appoint an examiner (most
likely a doctor or mental health
expert) to examine your loved
one and give the judge a
report about the need to have
a curator appointed. After the
appointed attorney and the
examiner have had an
opportunity to visit, the
petitioner’s attorney can then
set a court date to present
evidence to the court relating
to the need for an interdiction.
Assuming your loved one is
unable to care for either their
self or their property, this
court appearance usually
proceeds smoothly and the
judge grants the judgment of
interdiction and appoints a
curator. If your loved one
opposes the interdiction, a
full-blown trial may be
necessary with each side pre-
senting their own evidence and
experts on the issue of whether
the interdiction is necessary.
The judge is supposed to
choose among the person he
or she feels is best able to fulfill
the duties of the curator taking
into account the persons listed
in priority in the law. The first
priority is supposed to be given
to a person designated in a
signed writing, if there is one.
If not, the judge is then to
consider the spouse, an adult
child, a parent or any person
with whom the proposed
interdict has resided for more
than 6 months before the
interdiction was filed. A
curator cannot be a minor,
another interdict or a non-
Louisiana resident (unless that
person has appointed someone
inside Louisiana to represent
him). Likewise, a felon, a
person who owes money to the
proposed interdict, an adverse
party in a lawsuit with the
proposed interdict and the
operator of a long-term care
facility cannot serve as curators
unless the judge makes a
determination that there is
good cause for doing so. The
judge is also supposed to
choose the person best able to
fulfill the duties of an under-
cuartor. In most instances, it is
usually the parents, siblings or
children of the proposed
interdict who are appointed as
the curator and undercurator.
The person appointed as the
curator must post a bond with
the court to ensure he will
faithfully perform his duties of
managing the care and finances
of the interdict prudently.
Often, if the curator owns real
estate in the parish where the
interdiction takes place, he will
place a mortgage on his real
estate which will act as a bond.
Once appointed, the curator
must follow many rules in the
management of the affairs of
the interdict, including some
rules that require court
approval before entering into
certain transactions on behalf
of the interdict. For instance,
a court order is required to sell
any real estate that belongs to
the interdict. Additionally, the
curator must file an annual
account with the court relating
to the use of the interdict’s
funds and property during
the year.
As you can see, an interdiction
can be an expensive and
time-consuming process and
the curator of the interdict will
have to comply with special
rules about how the interdict’s
propertycan be used. Next
month, we will continue to
discuss additional duties of the
curator and the expenses that
can be involved in the interdic-
tion process. We will conclude
by letting you know what you
can do to avoid the time and
expense of an interdiction.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of
law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The pri-
mary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans’ benefits. For more infor-
mation, please contact her at 222-744-0027
.You may also visit her website at
By Linda Melancon
Please Help a Child’s Dream Come True
Dream Sponsorship - $1500
This monetary donation funds a child’s dream. This will entitle you to an
opportunity to participate in the presentation of a child’s dream, official
recognition, a plaque, and 10 reserved VIP dance tickets and front row table hostess, and
20 general admission tickets. (Must have VIP ticket at the door to enter the VIP section.)
Gold Sponsorship - $1000
This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and one
reserved table, along with 10 general admission tickets.
Silver Sponsorship - $500
This will entitle you to official recognition at the dance, a plaque, and 20 general admis-
sion dance tickets.
For ticket and volunteer information contact:
Gonzales - Max Himmel -673-8777 cell 715-2881
Na Na Sha to perform at Lamar-Dixon
Doors Open at 6pm • Dance 7pm till 11pm.
18th Annual Fundraiser Dance
Saturday August 16th
Tickets available at Himmel’s
16491 Airline Hwy 70769 • (225) 673-8777
wi t h Mar i l yn Bowman
With all of the storms we have
experienced in the area recently,
I thought it was worth publish-
ing this article from House
Masters. If you don’t take
thunderstorms and lightning
seriously, you should –
especially if you or a member of
your family work outside or
enjoy outdoor recreation.
Learn and follow these
recommendations to improve
your defenses against being
another lightning statistic.
Outdoor risks:
• If you can hear thunder, you
are close enough to the storm
to be struck by lightning. Go
to a safe shelter immediately.
• If you are boating or
swimming, get to land and find
shelter immediately.
• Seek shelter in a building or a
car. Keep car windows closed
and avoid convertibles. If you
are in the woods and cannot
reach a shelter, take refuge
under the shorter trees.
• If you are in an open field
and cannot get indoors, make
yourself the smallest target
possible. Stay away from solitary
trees or clusters of trees, poles
or metal objects. Squat low to
the ground and curl up in a
ball. Do not lie flat on the
ground; that increases the
potential to conduct electricity
to the ground.
• Exercise caution with
personal electronic devices such
as iPods or MP3 players as they
can increase the potential for
Indoor risks:
• Telephone lines and metal
pipes can conduct electricity.
Unplug appliances. Avoid
using standard telephones with
cords (cordless and cellular
phones are much safer during
a lightning storm) or any
electrical appliances. Leaving
lights on, however, does not
increase the chances of your
home being struck by lightning.
• Avoid taking a bath or
shower, washing dishes in the
sink or running water for
other purposes.
• Turn off the air conditioner
and computer. Power surges
from lightning can cause dam-
age and require a costly repair.
(Consider using surge suppres-
sors on individual circuits or the
main power line entering your
• If any recent work has been
done on the electric or plumb-
ing systems, obtain verification
that the house’s electric
grounding and bonding system
haven’t been disturbed. If there
is any question, have a licensed
electrician confirm the system is
installed and intact.
• If your gas supply system
consists of Corrugated-Stainless
Steel Tubing (typically yellow
or black wrapped semi-flexible
piping) and the system hasn’t
been checked for proper bond-
ing and grounding, have it
checked by a licensed electri-
cian, especially in a high risk
lightning strike area like the
south east U.S.
First-aid if needed:
• People struck by lightning do
not carry an electrical charge
and can be handled safely.
• If someone is struck, first call
for emergency aid, then provide
first aid.
• If the heart has stopped,
a trained person should give
CPR. If the victim has a pulse
and is breathing, look for and
treat other injuries.
Lightning’s intense electrical
charge may cause a victim to be
burned, particularly where the
charge entered and exited his
or her body.
Thanks House Masters for
the great information for my
44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 mi l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )
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Full Service Salon Needs
Joie de Vie welcomes
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Hey Dr. Rob,
I’m sending you
a selfie.
Do I l ook
al ri ght?.
2 22 25 5. . 7 7 4 44 4. . 4 49 90 05 5
The Gangs All Here.
The East Ascension High Classes
of 1970-1975
Class Reunion
40 Years for the Class of 74
Saturday, August 2, 2014
Gonzales Civic Center
Social Hours 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
The Eddie Smith Band - Full Set of Horns
Music 8:00 - 12:00
Couples $40.00 Single $25.00
All 1974 graduates mail checks to:
Debra Johnston "Flea"
40282 Lelia Road
Gonzales La 70737
Please invite our classmates that you still visit with and if they do not have a facebook page
please email me at djohns2@cox.net and I will email them info. Looking forward to seeing all.
Thanks Flea
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Houmas House Plantation & Gardens
Invites You to Experience
Daily Tours:
Monday, Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM
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Cafe' Burnside:
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Latil's Landing:
Wednesday through Saturday 6 PM- 9 PM,
Sunday Brunch 11 AM - 3 PM;
Reservations Required
Latil’s Landing
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The Inn at Houmas House
Plantation and Gardens
"The Great River Roads" newest and most elegant
bed and breakfast.
Our cottages are nestled along an alley of ancient oak trees, where you
will have full access to our world famous gardens to watch the sunset or
relax in a cozy spot and enjoy the gentle breeze from the Mississippi River.
The cottages depict historic structures that once graced Uncle Sam Plantation,
which was located downriver from Houmas House. Each room is complete
with a single king or queen size bed or double queen beds,
marble bathrooms, and a porch to enjoy the view.
Luxurious and romantic, each room is decorated with old world furnishings
allowing you to experience the lavish lifestyle of the wealthy Sugar Barons of
the early 1800's. With all the amenities world class travelers expect today.
Breakfast and a tour of the mansion are included.
Check In: 4pm Check Out: 11am.
Book Now Online www.houmashouse.com
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Your Sponsorship
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physicians, we have been allowed to help the community with all their physical
therapy rehabilitation needs.
Chase Roy, DPT, a resident of the Dutchtown community, has provided patients
with the consistency of seeing him on every visit. Chase continues to broaden his
clinical expertise through education that gives a patient the most effective therapy
available such as ASTYM and TDN (Trigger-point dry needling).
Dutchtown Physical Therapy has always been proud supporters of Dutchtown
High School through financial support for most all sports and extra-curricular
activities. Giving back to the community through support of school programs,
fundraising for immediate community needs and hosting students in the
Allied Sciences field are considered a priviledge for Dutchtown Physical Therapy.
We thank you for your continued loyalty that has helped us remain your
community physical therapy provider. When you ask your provider to come see
us at Dutchtown Physical Therapy, we promise to treat you with the expertise,
professionalism, and one on one care, that so many people have come to expect
with Chase Roy, DPT.
We are humbled and we thank you as we look forward to the future with the
people in the Dutchtown and Geismar communities.
Silly Summer Songs You Could Sing.
“Keep your feet on the ground and
keep reaching for the stars…” Casey
Kasem’s signature sign-off.
Casey Kasem signed off for the last
time on June 15, 2014, leaving us
veteran radio listeners mourning the
loss of the classic voice of the
“American Top 40” and a younger
generation missing the voice of
“Shaggy” Rogers in the TV cartoon
On July 4, 1970, Kasem launched
his weekly program on which he
counted down from #40 on the pop
charts to #1. But the show was not
just about the countdown. Kasem
mixed in flashbacks, biographical
information and trivia about the
artists and their music, and due to his
“always friendly and upbeat” baritone
voice, the “Top 40” soon went
Kasem’s shows were required
listening for steamy July days of yore,
especially when hanging out at the
beach listening to good old-time rock
and roll on your transistor radio.
But alas, here we are in the
modern-day, lazy, hazy, crazy days of
summer and all we have to listen to is
“Lil Boosie’s” hit list-and that’s not
one you want to be included on.
But don’t despair. Welcome to
Wild Bill’s Billboard of Hits-songs
that contain no profanity, no
derogatory comments about women
and no racial slurs. We’re talking
about the silly songs of summer here
with classic titles like Sam the Sham’s
“Wooly Booly” and Roger Miller’s
“Dang Me”.
And unfortunately, just like a
midsummer night’s All-Star Baseball
Game, somebody has to get left out.
So if you’re looking for the
nonsensical but non-musical “They’re
Coming to Take Me Away” by
Napoleon XIV, look elsewhere. We’re
talking about big-time lyrics set to
more music than just a tambourine
here. And if you aren’t familiar with
the songs of the late 50’s and early
60’s, then just Google the damn items
and be done with it.
For the rest of you faithful readers,
I proudly present Wild Bill’s 10
Greatest Novelty Hits/Artists of all
time. By the way, the number one hit
on Casey Kasem’s first show was
Three Dog Night’s “Mama Told Me
Not to Come”-a song written by the
legendary Randy Newman about a
warning we’d all heard before. In my
best Kasem voice…”And at number
10 this week…”
10. “Say Man” by Bo Diddley.
A tribute to the late, great Bo Diddley
who changed an entire generation of
guitar pickers, this upbeat walking-
talking number features a lively dialog
between two trash-talking friends.
The insults range from the clever-
“That’s all right, my mama
didn’t have to put a sheet over my
head so that sleep could slip up one
me”-to the blunt-“You look like you
been whooped with an ugly stick”.
May his cigar-box harp be
entertaining the angels
now. Bo knows novelty.
9. The Coasters.
An amazing novelty
group considering that
after their first big R&B
hit “Young Blood” in 1957,
they took some off-beat shots
with “Yakety-Yak” (“Don’t Talk
Back”) and “Charlie Brown” in 1959.
But for Buckskin Bill fans in Baton
Rouge, the Coasters’ “Along Came
Jones” was almost as big a hit on the
popular kids’ show as the “Monday
Morning March”. When Buckskin
combined with Senor Puppet to give
the melodramatic effect of the heroic
Jones coming to rescue Sweet Lil, all
the young TV viewers knew what was
coming next.
“And then, he tied her to the
railroad track. And then, the train
was coming. And then, and then, and
then-ack,ack-and then along came
Jones…” to save the day.
As far as interior rhyme, who can
top the group’s description of Little
Egypt doing her famous Dance of the
Pyramids? “Little Egypt came out
struttin’ wearing nuttin’ but a button
and a bow…”
Man, they don’t write ‘em like that
8. Long Tall Texan
by Murray Kellum.
In 1963 most of us weren’t interested
in Boy Dylan’s pleas for ending war
and social injustice-not just yet
anyway. What we really wanted was a
simple, silly 3-chord song that we
could play on our Sears Silvertones
and sing along with. So when Murray
Kellum introduced his cowboy hero
with the opening lines, “Well I’m a
long tall Texan, I ride a big, white
hoss...” then we could answer right
along with the background singers,
“He rides from Texas on a big, white
hoss…” See how easy that was.
This one-hit wonder would have
made the list for the final stanza alone
when a lonesome voice asks the
musical question, “Oh, Roy, oh
Roy is you the law?”
7. Haunted House by Gene
Jumpin’ Gene Simmons was the lead
singer for the Bill Black (No, not
Buckskin.) Combo in the ‘60’s and
is not to be confused with the
teacher-turned Kiss member of the
same name.
The song “Haunted House” was
first offered to another Memphis-
based rocker Domingo Samudio- later
to be known as “Sam the Sham”, but
when negotiations
broke down,
Simmons volunteered
to record it. Now
does that sound like
some of Casey’s
trivia or what?
The infectious
“Haunted House was
one of the few novelty
songs that teens could
not only sing, but could
also dance to. Even
Van Broussard
played it at
I was just never
sure what a
“haint” was
in the line,
“Ain’t no haint gonna run me off.”
6. (Tie) My Boomerang Won’t
Come Back and Tie Me Kangaroo
Americans certainly didn’t have a
monopoly on novelty hits back in the
‘60’s. A couple of Aussies took their
mythical problems from Down Under
and turned them into chart toppers
on the U.S. rock scene.
In 1962, Charlie Drake scored with
the story of a banished Aborigine teen
who couldn’t make his ornery
boomerang come back. How could
you not shed Crocodile Dundee tears
when the lost lad lamented, “I can
ride a kangaroo, make kinkajou stew,
But I’m a big disgrace to the
Aborigine race, My boomerang
won’t come back.
Rolf Harris followed suit in 1963
with the last requests of a dying
Australian stockman who not only
wants his friends to “Tie Me
Kangaroo Down” after he’s gone but
also leaves some special
instructions for the other
animals including “Take
my koala back, Jack” and
“Mind me platypus
duck, Bill…” Eat your
heart out Eminem.
5. The Camp Granada
Song by Allan
“Hello, Muddah, hello
Faddah,” begins the
ultimate summer camp
song based on letters
Sherman received from
his own whining son
when the boy was sent
off to camp.
Among the song’s disasters
are a camper named Leonard
Skinner “who got ptomaine
poisoning last night
after dinner”, and
another called Jeffrey
Hardy for whom
“They’re about to
organize a searching
But being the rhyme
scheme addict that
I am, I am obliged
to include my
favorite lines,
“Now I don’t want
this should scare
ya’, But my
bunkmate has malaria…”
Now you try to think up
another rhyme for malaria.
4. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow
Polka Dot Bikini.
When you consider that this Brian
Hyland classic knocked Brenda Lee’s
“I’m Sorry” out of Billboard’s top
spot in August of 1960, you get some
idea of the power of summer silliness.
The shy teen in the song bought
the skimpy bathing suit because it
seemed a good idea at the time but
now she’s having second thoughts
about the amount of exposure she’s
going to reveal. She cautiously moves
from the locker to a blanket to the
shore and finally makes it into the
water. But now she faces a new
“Now she’s afraid to come out of
the water, And I wonder what she’s
gonna do. Now she’s afraid to come
out of the water, And the poor little
by Bill Delaune
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girl’s turning blue…”
Now what could possibly knock a
novelty song of that caliber out of the
number one spot on the charts? In
1960 it was some guy named Elvis
Presley singing “It’s Now or Never”-
perhaps as some advice to our bikini
3. Purple People Eater by Sheb
Did the one-eyed, one-horned flying
monster only eat purple people?
Or was he the color purple and did
not discriminate in his diet? Inquiring
minds want to know.
But in the late 50’s no one seemed
to care. The catchy beat reflected the
“Happy Days” of the era and the
words fueled the public’s fascination
with aliens and flying saucers at
the time.
And in keeping with the frivolous
tone of the song, the flying purple
people eater doesn’t eat a single
person of any color and goes on to
get a job in a rock and roll band. In
fact, Wooley tells us he saw the
invader on a TV show.
“He was blowing it out, really
knocking ‘em dead, playing rock and
roll music through the horn on his
As a side note, the vaunted
Minnesota Viking defense of the
‘60’s and ‘70’s became known as the
“Purple People Eaters”.
2. Ray Stevens.
Where do you start? Do you favor
“Ahab the Arab” (Try singing that
one in today’s politically-correct
world run amok.)? Or do you like
“Guitarzan” who’s got “a pet monkey
that likes to get drunky and sing
boogie woogie and it sounds real
I know “The Streak” was probably
Ray’s best seller (“Don’t look,
Ethel!”), but one of his more serious
songs “Everything is Beautiful” won a
Grammy in 1970.
And who cared if he used canned
laughter on most of his records. The
laughter on this side of the radio was
real indeed.
1. David Seville and the
Can you picture a young David Seville
in 1958 playing records (You know,
kids, those big, black CD’s.) at 78
RPM’s instead of 33 or 45 revolutions
per minute? The result was a
high-pitched, sped-up version of the
song that made everybody laugh.
So when David recorded a song
called “Witch Doctor” about a guy
who was unlucky at love until the
witch doctor gave him some magic
words, it was only natural that the
prescription was recorded in the
high-pitched voice.
“Oo-ee, oo-ah-ah, ting-tang, walla-
walla bing-bang…”
The song was a huge success and
Seville decided to follow it up with a
complete album in the high-pitched
voices featuring the skills of a chip-
munk trio-Simon, Theodore and
Dave Clark played one of the
“group’s” holiday tunes on American
Bandstand’s rate-a-record segment
and it received a score of 37 out of
100 because “the kids just couldn’t
dance to it”.
The public apparently disagreed. In
just six months after its release, “The
Chipmunk Song or Christmas, Don’t
Be Late” sold more than four million
records and won three Grammys.
Now 50-some odd years later,
Alvin and the Chipmunks are still
entertaining young fans with a TV
series, movies and a video game. That
longevity alone should be enough to
make you number one.
Two apologies-If this piece was too
wordy for your attention span, I was
just trying to incorporate some of
Casey’s history and trivia into the
article. Remember-he did 40 songs-
I only did 10.
Secondly, if I left out one of your
favorite novelty songs, please dress up
in “Chantilly Lace” and form a posse
of “Alley Oop”, “Mr. Custer” and
“King Henry the Eighth” and meet
me on the veranda at Sammy’s Grill
to file a formal complaint.
Just make sure to bring your
turntable, some old 45’s and a tub of
cold Miller Lite to toast to Casey
Kasem-the greatest DJ that ever lived.
What’s Up
Many times I’ve thought how
different the country would be
without California. We’d lose
the Dodgers and Kobe and that
would be fine by me. But I’m
serious, something it up with
the freaky activity I’ve seen and
heard about recently. And I
think it is going only going
to get worse.
California. The hub of the
future. The exotic lure of
Hollywood and home of some
of the greatest people I know
and love but infested with a
section of society that gravitates
to stupidity.
This past week I had Tim and
Adrienne spend time with me
on Little Prairie Road. Both are
life long residents of California
and because of smart phones
and social media I was told
stories I couldn’t believe.
Did you know there is a real
problem with suicidal citizens
that feel the need to jump off
the Golden Gate Bridge. Along
the free access walk area across
the bridge it seems that people
are regularly taking the plunge.
In spite of the patrol officers to
prevent such happenings the
jumpers were successful
46 times last year?
The local authority have
however come up with a
solution to this traject situation.
Using the brightest minds and
the smartest engineers they
have come up with the concept
that will be the solution. They
are considering erecting a net
to catch the jumpers. That’s
right I sad a NET. Maybe not a
shrimp net but similar because
it will catch what ever comes
down from the bridge.
My first thought was why
don’t they just put up a fence.
That idea has been stopped
because it will impede on the
esthetics and beauty of the
I don’t know what these
people are thinking. Let people
jump so the bridge will remain
My second thought is, Why
don’t they just close the ends
of the walkway. Can’t do that.
It will interfere with citizen
Here is another thought.
What are they going to do
when they catch a distraught
person? Are they going to issue
them a ticket? Maybe a
‘NTWUD ticket (not thinking
while under daress). Our will it
be a oneway ticket to the
mental hospital.
What’s gonna happen when
the environmentalist groups get
involved. They came to the
rescue of sea turtles from
shrimp nets with TEDs (turtle
excluding devices). I bet you a
dollar a group will want to put
HED’s (Human Exclusions
devices) in the jumper net.
Suicide victims need to be
protected as good as nature.
This is a disturbing situation
and I can’t imagine thinking
the way they think.
Either way I’m confussed that
any right thinking society could
think this is a good idea. Even
more, I’m afraid I am the only
one that finds this obsurd.
Imagine that. The day common
sense becomes obsolete. That is
‘Twilight Zone’ stuff.
I chewed on the bridge and
net idea for a couple of days
and still think that state has
some real issues to deal with.
My nephew Tim then called
out, “Hey, Uncle Bully, a friend
of mine just called and said
people were protesting
circumcisions in front of the
hospital. Complete with red
paint in their crotch.”
Told you. California has
Thoughts from Bully
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37 Years Experience
Useless Random Facts
with Kellie

There are 173 day from July 4th to Christmas.

The inventor of the cruise control was blind.

An alligator can go through2,000 to
3,000 teeth in a lifetime.

Potatoes have more chromosomes than humans.

It takes 4-5 hours for your body to return to its
normal temperatureafter doing exercise.

There is a city called Rome on ever y continent.

There are about 450 types of cheese in the world.
240 come from France.

President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in
the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.

The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one
mile in ever y five must be straight. These straight
sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or
other emergencies.

There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as
there are people. The kangaroo population is
estimated at about 40 million.

The largest number of children born to one woman
is recorded at 69. From 1725-1765, a Russian
peasant woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins,
7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Children grow faster in the springtime.
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I guess we all have met people in
our lives that we thought were very
special to us. When I was around
twelve years old I met a man named
“Doc Kennedy”. It was in February
in Grand Isle and my dad had taken
me to Caminada Pass to fish for red-
fish. Doc was from Baton Rouge and
my ole man somewhat knew him. He
was running Bridge Side Marina at the
time and had a small charter boat.
While listening to their conversation
about where to fish, and his future
plans for life on the island, I immedi-
ately accepted him as a very special
person. Somehow, I knew that my
relationship with this person was just
Years passed by and I became old
enough to do things on my own. Doc
had given up his Bridge Side relation-
ship and had built a fifty-one foot
wooden charter boat that he named
the “Wahoo”. He had become a
Grand Isle resident and the charter
boat industry was in its “hay day”.
My friends and I chartered Doc sever-
al times a year and we became very
good friends. He had a cabin on the
side of his house that customers could
rent for an overnight stay. For certain
rodeos we would charter the “Wahoo”
for three, four or five days in a row.
On these trips we stayed on the boat.
We were a pretty wild group of young
men back then and Doc would let us
do our thing. We loved being with
him and our experiences on the Gulf
with him were unbelievable. Our
group won several fishing rodeo divi-
sions throughout the years. Even
though he accepted our wild ways,
we’d become close enough that
he would give us a first rate ass chew-
ing if one of us did
something that he did not approve of.
The little cabin on the side of Doc’s
house became a favorite vacation desti-
nation for my young family. For years
we rented the place to fish, crab,
shrimp, swim and enjoy life. It was
always a pleasure to enjoy a week or so
with Doc and his lovely wife Lou.
Those were the good years.
The offshore charter boat industry
began to loose its grip, to some
extent, for several reasons, and Doc
turned to offshore commercial fishing
to make a pay check. I was out of
work for periods of time during those
days and that’s when I became a part
of Doc and Mrs. Lou’s family. Doc
hired me as his deckhand. The little
cabin became my home away from
home. When we left the dock we
would stay out in the Gulf until the
weather would run us out. When the
weather was bad, I ate with Doc and
Lou and stayed in the cabin. To this
day, that was the hardest I’ve ever
worked in my life and I didn’t make
very much money. It may be hard to
understand that, but that was the most
enjoyable job and experience that I’ve
had in my life.
On a cold February day after return-
ing from a two-day trip, Mrs. Lou
informed me at supper that my wife
had called with information concern-
ing a job back home. I told her I did-
n’t want to accept the job. She
looked at me with that look that most
mature adult women would have, and
said “you two are barely making ends
meet. You need to accept the job and
go home to your family. When it’s
over, come back and continue fish-
ing”. I knew that she was right so I
packed up and went home. That two
week job has lasted for twenty four
years and that was the last of my deck
hand experience.
Sometime later Doc sold the Wahoo
and went to work for his friend
Charlie Hardison, as a charter boat
captain. It was during that stint that
Doc Kennedy caught the world record
red snapper. It was a beautiful speci-
men weighing in at 50lb 4 oz. It was
caught in June 1996. My family and I
just to happened to be staying at Docs
little cabin that weekend and did get
to see the incredible fish. As I looked
at that fish it was comforting to know
that someone of this stature was so
deserving to accomplish such a feat. I
know records are made to be broken,
but I hope that one remains forever.
One thing that will remain forever
with me until my death is the memo-
ries and love and respect that I have
for those people. They’re no longer
on this earth, but they’ll be in my
heart and mind forever.
Till next time
Thanks y’all
James “Goosie” Guice
Doc Kennedy
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SAT. - 6:30 A.M. & 1:30 P.M.
SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.
• All tires from ATV to
Commercial Machinery
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires
• Emergency road service
assistance-Commercial Only
• Locally owned and operated
since 2004
• New used and retreads
• Great prices!
Locally Owned & Operated
by Oscar, Linda, Dean & Neal Mire
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hair forum
hair forum
to Healing
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6 2 2 . 2 1 8 3
24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service
This Month at Moran’s Marina in Port Fourchon
This Month at Moran’s Marina in Port Fourchon
Inshore Trips
Consist of leaving out at 6 am and fishing for specks and reds, occasionally drum and sheephead as well, arriving back at
the dock for 3pm. Trips consist of live bait and artificial techniques Live bait, ice, tackle, included. If you have a favorite
rod by all means bring it. Food and drinks available upon request.
Colder months we usually fish Leeville and Golden Meadow marshes.
Warmer months we typically fish Barataria and Timbalier bays, beaches, and the western barrier islands.
Offshore Trips
Consist of leaving out at 6 am and arriving back at the dock between 4-6pm. These trips are the most commonly booked
trips, we generally target bottom species, live bait mangrove fish , and troll the rip when in season. Fish you can expect
to catch on these trips include snapper, grouper, amberjack, wahoo, blackfin tuna, lemon fish, dolphin.
On these trips we generally travel up to 60 miles out.
For More Information or to Book a Charter Call Today (985) 396-2728
We Are Hooking Them Up in Fourchon
Moran's Marina • 27900 Hwy 1 • Golden Meadow, LA 70357
(985) 396-2728 • cmoransmarina@gmail.com
Captain Chad Reinhardt
Chad Reinhardt was born and
raised on the waters of South
Louisiana. He began deck
handing in high school on vari-
ous charter boats in Cocodrie,
Venice, Grand Isle and
Fouchon areas. Chad has
been fishing Inshore, Offshore
and Blue water trips for Cajun
Made since 2009. He enjoys
catching fish more than the
customers and will do what is
necessary to make your trip
with Cajun Made a memorable
Motel 985-396-3900 • Bar 985-396-2713 • Port Fourchon Marina 985-396-2792
Convenient Store/Deli 985-396-2727 • Restaurant 985-396-2729 • Office 985-396-2728
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
Ascension Rays Baseball “On Top of the World”
Ascension Rays Baseball is a non-profit youth baseball organization based in Gonzales. The organization consists of 3 teams that all compete
at the highest (Major) level in USSSA tournament baseball. The Rays recently completed their 2014 season by participated in the
USSSA Global World Series in Orange Beach, AL. The Rays-Gray (12U) were the tournament champions in the White Bracket.
The 10U Rays were the Champion Runners-Up in the White Bracket, and the Rays-Blue (12U) finished 3rd in the Red Bracket. These remarkable
accomplishments topped-off an already outstanding regular season – compiling a combined record of 93-47-8. Along the way, the Rays
Organization captured 8 tournament championships and 6 championship-runners up. The Rays would like to express our sincere appreciation
for the support and dedication of our coaches, sponsors, parents, families, and friends.
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is Kids having Fun.
These Kids Rock!
1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103
T h e K i d s o f S u m m e r
The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Four locations is Kids having Fun.
These Kids Rock!
T h e K i d s o f S u m m e r
The Difference
is in the Details
Grass Rangers is dedicated to making
your life easier by providing trained
crews to Design, Build and Maintain
almost any aspect of your landscape.
225. 622. 5115 •
www. g r a s s r a n g e r s . c o m
It is said that imitation is the
highest form of flattery. To
have the world appreciate
“you” to such a degree as to
model themselves in your
likeness with the same dress,
hair, walk, even talk. That
indeed is powerful flattery.
But who would admire
another “equal” human being
to such a degree as to alter
themselves to become
someone else? Most of us
would, it turns out.
As a culture, we celebrate
all those who celebrate
themselves. Many celebrities
on TV or in magazines have
lived a life with one
purpose- themselves. They
have forsaken the rigors of
day-to-day obligations and
responsibilities like car pools
and checkout lanes and
instead have focused entirely
on their own desires. And it
worked for them because the
world scampers to get a
glimpse or capture a photo or
two. We follow their every
move and hang on their every
word. Marketing companies
understand our fascination
with celebrities, too. They
oftentimes will use them as
spokespersons to move a
product or even sway our
political decisions. We
hold those who celebrate
themselves in extremely high
regard. “They must be
fantastic because they act
like they are. Oh to be
like them….”
Now, with social media we
can all be celebrities. Or at
least imitate the idea of being
a celebrity. We friend- request
and chalk up 500 friends or
more to prove we’re popular
and have a following.
Anything less could be
deemed a social loser. And
like real celebrities, we don’t
actually know most of these
people. We post every
random thought we have
because we insist the world
wants to hear our insight.
Publicists can quote our
thoughts when they write our
biography, which of course
will become a movie. We
take and post a million
photographs of ourselves
(selfies) because there’s not an
actual paparazzi following us
to do it. We post comments
of how fun and interesting is
our life, but in reality, it’d
probably be more believable if
we were actually out there
living it. We even neglect
some of our mundane
obligations like spending time
nurturing loved ones so that
we can check our fan-base
and answer their requests
for more.
Oh yes, we made it.
We are all celebrity superstars.
Just ask us.
For Comments:
There were plenty of
Smiles at the Festival
Krazy Kajun Cookware takes pride in the quality of their products.
Should you have questions regarding a product or service, please do not hesitate to
contact us. For a quicker response, please e-mail us at buffalo@eatel.net.
You may contact us through phone, "snail" mail or fax at:
Krazy Kajun Cookware
44341 Stringer Bridge Road • St. Amant, Louisiana 70774 • Customer Service: (225) 445-3636 • Fax: (225) 647-1981
- Cast Iron Jambalaya Pots
- Jambalaya Pot Stands
- Cast Iron Jambalaya Pot lids
- Jambalaya Combo Kits
- Jambalaya Hooks *new
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- Roll around Combo's
- Burners
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- Onion Chopper\French Fry Cutter
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Krazy Metal
Kustom Designs
Our Newset Products • Kustomize Pot Stands • Kustom Metal Wall Art
Publisher’s Note:
In last month’s issue I
had received the wrong
information describing the
Champ of Champs winner
Kevin Braud and his cook-
ing partner. Kevin’s
cooking partner for his
1998 World Championship,
in 2007 and in 2014
Champ of Champs was his
brother, Jason Braud.
Sorry for the mistake,
Congratulations Guys.
Jacorey gave up a Disney
trip for his puppy, he had
puppy therapy during his
treatment and fell in love
with having a dog
Little Addie is 3 years old and will be going to Disney;
she was interviewed by the founder of DCT, Mr. J L NeSmith
Connor's dream was to go to Disney and bring his family. Connor's
Dad is a State Tropper and his fellow troppers pitched in to give
Connor and his family a few gifts for his trip.
DJ just returned from his trip
to Melia Nassua Beach
Annabelle met Snow White
Little Ella is 3 years old and
will be going to Disney
Dreams Really
Can Come True
Dreams Come True
Fundraiser Dance will be
held at Lamar Dixon.
On Saturday, August 16th.
Celebrating Life and Family Days
“Azalea has been a big blessing in dealing with my
in-laws! The care my in-laws have received has gone
beyond our expectations. There is not a word that
describes our gratitude. Thank you.”
“My mom has been a resident for over five years and we
are very pleased with the facility, the people and the
whole experience. Thank God for Azalea Estates.”
The fun and caring employees at
The Azalea Estates retirement
/assisted living community in
Gonzales, LA makes living for
those in need of assistance
a true blessing.
2305 S. Pur per a Avenue,
Gonzal es, LA 70737
225. 644. 1028
Dawson chose for his dream to go to the mountains to fish,
water rafting who the State Police will be sponsoring for him.
Jesse enjoyed Epcot
Taylor graduated this year and was medically released
to experience her dream to snow ski.
Prep Time:
20 minutes
15 servings
• 1 pound fresh boiled gulf shrimp
(90/110 count)
• 1 medium red onion (diced)
• ½ cup dill weed (finely chopped)
• 2 cups mayonnaise
• 1 cup sour cream
• 4 ounces cream cheese (softened)
• 3 loaves French bread (10-12 inches)
• ¼ cup Olive oil
• Juice of 1 lemon
• Salt and Pepper to taste
Heat your oven to 400 degrees. Thinly slice French bread then
lay on baking pan. Drizzle the olive oil over the sliced bread,
then bake for 5 minutes or until bread is golden brown. Let
the bread cool for 10 minutes. In a mixing bowl combine the
shrimp, diced onion, chopped dill, mayonnaise, sour cream, and
cream cheese then mix well. Season the mixture with salt and
pepper. Squeeze in the lemon juice and mix well. Allow to sit
in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before serving. When you are
ready, generously spread the mixture on the toasted crostinis
and SERVE!!
Cooking Gourmet at Home
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau
• Competitive rates
• Commercial office cleaning
• Carpet & hard floor cleaning
• Weekly or as-needed
• Garbage removal
• Detail cleaning
41428 Glen Williams Rd.
Gonzales, LA 70737
Professional Cleaning
for Commercial Offices
Did You Clean Behind the Desk? ... I Will!
Contact Sarah Lieux
For a Free Estimate
Lic #: 081467
Dill Shrimp Crostinis