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Corporate Social Responsibility of ACI Limited

ACIs guiding principle in all its operations is to be a responsible corporate citizen. All of them
keep social responsibility on their priority in every work and step. Their endeavors toward
discharging our social responsibilities have become more focused since their adoption of the
principles of the lobal Compact. Initiatives that have shown significant contribution to societal
development are!
Continued Medical Education "C#$%! This program is specialized for medical
professionals. A dedicated team of medical graduates makes up the #edical &ervices 'epartment
"#&'% in ACI( which carries out C#$ programs termed Clinical #eetings all across
)angladesh. These are essentially non*advertised meets of medical professionals that serve as a
training and knowledge*sharing forum( often conducted by e+perts on the sub,ect. The partners
in development for these programs are doctors( medical associations and-or departments( and
various study groups.
Outcome: 'octors in )angladesh who are not living in the metropolitan cities have very limited
access to the Internet or any other sources of information. In order to keep them updated on the
developments in the medical practices regularly( the C#$ program has been proven highly
Childrens Education Prorams! ACI has also undertaken an Enlish Education
proram in .aridpur( one of the remotest districts of )angladesh. This program supports to teach
$nglish /anguage to school going children.
Outcome: ACI believes that by promoting education of children( we are contributing to societal
development by shaping the minds of our future leaders.
Educational Prorams for the farmers !focusin on En"ironment #riendly
Practices$: ACI has undertaken e+tensive programs to educate crop farmers all over rural
)angladesh in ood Agricultural 0ractices. They have a team of agricultural e+perts working at
the field level all across the country( holding a range of technical trainings and field
demonstrations. Their activities include!
.ield demonstrations on various methods of crop protection( that pose the least hazard for
the environment
Training on new technologies of cultivation( for higher yields and new crops
Training to channel partners "e.g. retailers and agricultural e+tension workers% and third
parties "e.g. 12 workers%
Outcome: .armers are learning various methods of crop protection to pose the least hazard for
the environment. They are getting new technologies of cultivation to increase their production on
the same size of land. They can build channels( partners to sell their crops easily at a time.
Animal and Poultry #armers Educational Prorams: ACI also provides
educational programs for animal and poultry farmers. These include!
Technical trainings on diverse aspects of farming( and on application of new
.armers group meeting for sharing of learning and e+perience.
.ree visits to farms by veterinarians( to identify problems and give advices to individual
Outcomes: 2ur farmers are mostly illiterate having learnt the art and science of farming by
assisting their family on the fields. 2ur continuous endeavors to educate farmers have given
significant benefits on three fronts!
3aising the level of awareness among farmers on improving their agricultural output
through application of new technology( encouraging them to share e+periences with
neighboring farmers and( in the long run( developing educated farmers.
3aising the educational level and technical knowledge of channel partners and third
parties who act as advisors to the farmers.
#ost importantly( making the farmers aware of ways to protect the environment from
hazardous uses of chemicals on their farms( allowing them the opportunity for informed