Capital Pride Festival / La fierté dans la capital
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Toronto Dominion Bank, 1600 James Naismith Drive, Ottawa, ON
The mission of the Capital Pride Committee is to present and entertain a professional Pride
Festival which will perpetuate the spirit of pride in our community’s identity and provide a
positive economic impact to the Ottawa-Gatineau region through tourism

Present: Jodie McNamara, Rob Swartz, Andrea Guibault, Ashley Blackwood, Daryle
Gardipy, Stephanie Lavergne, and Hannah Watt
Regrets: Luke Smith

Called to order at 6:32pm

1) Approval of Agenda
! Amended; Treasurer’s Report to become #5, Addition of 5A) Motion to Remove
Director (Revisit and Re-Approve), addition of 8B) Website

Motion to approve as amended
Moved: DG, Seconded: AG
Carried on consensus

2) Approval of Past Minutes
! Amended (Minutes from Wednesday, June 4, 2014); 10) Bullet was re-written for

Motion to approve amended past minutes
Moved: HW, Seconded: DG
Carried on consensus

3) Action Items List
! Read by JM

4) Acknowledgements
! Acknowledgements were made to Board Members and Coordinators for their
efforts over the last two weeks

5) Treasurer’s Report
A) Motion to Remove Director (Re-Visit and Re-Approve)
! DG suggested that the Motion to Remove a Director (Luke Smith) from the
Special Meeting held the previous night be re-visited, as it was voted on
and passed based on a misunderstanding of what the motion contained,
and did not contain.
! When the motion was amended to include the breach of confidentiality, it
thus provided for the removal of LS as a director since this was provided
for by the confidentiality agreement that he signed.
! Based on this new information, the motion was amended as follows:

I move that Luke Smith be removed as a director of the corporation, The Pride
Committee of Ottawa-Gatineau Inc. as provided by the terms of the confidentiality
agreement in which Luke Smith signed, and is on record.

Moved: DG, Seconded: SL
Carried on consesnus

B) Financial Update
! DG provided a Financial update

C) Pride Guide Update
! DG provided an update on the Pride Guide
! The Printer has been paid

D) Sponsorship Update
! DG provided a Sponsorship Update

6) Chair’s Report
! JM to arrange a meeting for the Human Rights Vigil between Amnesty
International, Ottawa Police LGBT Liaison Committee, and Mau Olivares
(Capital Pride Coordinator)
! Concerns were raised regarding some individuals may not feel comfortable
attending the Vigil as the Police are present. The Ottawa Police LGBT Liaison
Committee is not the Police Service, rather community members representing
the LGBT community to discuss issues/concerns relating to LGBT issues
! Amnesty International was not included in the Pride Guide as requested. This
has been noted
! The booth at WorldPride 2014 Toronto has been rectified
! ETC is waiting on music regarding the PSA’s
! HW/SL/JM to meet regarding fundraising for the PSA’s
! The Coordinator’s that previously reported to Luke Smith were discussed, and
Board Members added these portfolios/Coordinators to their current workload
! SL to report back to the Board regarding any events that Luke handled that still
require a Board contact

7) Secretary’s Report
A) Meeting Schedule
! The Meeting Schedule going forward was discussed

B) Website
! RS to communicate with Xander Conn (Website Coordinator) regarding
the concerns related to the website (i.e. registration, spelling errors)
! The French Portal was discussed. If it is feasible to place french content
on the website, it should be completed. This is a low priority at the
! The design of the ETC website is the current priority. This is needed for
the PSA Project. RS to communicate this to Xander

8) Vice-Chair’s Report (Operations)
! Operations Meetings to start in July
! AG to upload a task spreadsheet for all the events to Google Drive

9) Outreach Report
! A Merchandise Policy has been created for outside Merchants at the Community
Fair. No sunglasses, or anything with the logo “Free to Love’ is acceptable to be
sold by outside vendors
! Recently attended Perth Pride which was their first Pride.
! Recently attended Kingston Pride where 30 youth assisted in carrying the large
flag in the parade

10) Etcetera Report
! A Youth Meeting is approaching
! Event spaces for Pride events have been booked

11) Other Business
! Nothing to report

12) Adjournment

Motion to adjourn
Moved: AG, Seconded: HW

! Adjourned at 8:02pm
! Next meeting: Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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