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I have been doing my industrial training at Kreatif Apps Sdn. Bhd. in a period of three
months which had started from 17
March until
!une "1#. $uring my training period% my
company supervisor% Mr. Indra &osli has helped me a lot with his consistent advice and
guidance. 'hen I first started wor(ing here% I was assigned by my supervisor as a web
programmer to develop and maintain our company and client)s website but I was later assigned
as an i*S programmer to develop new mobile application. I have been motivated to do my best
since this company has a very good environment and the people around here are friendly.
Basically% Kreatif Apps is an application based company that consists of few groups of
people who love to develop solutions and services such as creative content and application
design services% augmented reality +A&, software technology and also advanced wireless and
mobile technology solutions. -here are varieties of pro.ect by this company that are still ongoing.
-he pro.ects that I have been involved are -rafficBu//% Augmented &eality% Indoor 0avigation
and i*S apps development.
I have gained a lot of e1perience by doing the entire tas( that has been assigned to me.
2or instance% I have never used 3code software previously which re4uired *b.ective56
programming language to develop mobile apps for i*S while I was studying but I was given the
opportunity to learn it here. It is a very different environment compared to when I was studying
in the 7niversity. 8ere I also had the chance to e1perience off5site wor( which helps me to build
my motivation to be involved in the I- business.
2or my first tas(% I was instructed to be involved with -rafficBu// pro.ect which is one of
the main products of the company which is to obtain real5time traffic information while
travelling in Malaysia. -he tas( is to create a search form in a -rafficBu// website in order to
display information captured by speed sensors located in highway and it will record the
information inside the database and display it in the form of table and graph.
After that% for the ne1t tas(% I was assigned directly by the 69*% Mr. Adi :a/id to create a
prototype for his clients% ;rasarana 6ompany. -his prototype or website application is to create a
business card contact management where the staff from ;rasarana can upload their own business
card and view others business card as well. It is not limited for that one purpose only% this
prototype also allows all the staff to communicate among each other via chat and email. It was
certainly better than traditional business card contact method.
2or the following tas(% it is my favorite which is creating a website for &eality <entures.
Mr. 2adil% which is my second supervisor% has assigned me to develop a website and we are still
currently wor(ing on it. -hroughout the .ourney% I can say that I am very satisfied with
everything since I have gained a great amount of e1perience and given the chance to learn a lot
of things related to my field.