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Getting to Know God

Norvel Hayes
Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations
are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.
Getting To Know God
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1 Getting to Know God
Good Will Come to You
In 3ob 44541 it sa&s5 Acquaint now thyself
with him 67od8, and be at peace.... 0lwa&s
remember that if &ou ha)e lost &our peace,
&ou are on the wron' road. 9hen that
happens to &ou, &ou need to 'et into a room
b& &ourself, with no one around, and spend
some time worshippin' the 1ord and praisin'
*is Name until &ou 'et &our perfect peace
/he 1ord 3esus %hrist has perfect peace
for e)er& belie)er. *e has perfect peace for
e)er& follower of *im.
/he Bible sa&s to acquaint now &ourself:
now, not after a while.
Acquaint now thyself with him,
and be at peace: thereby good shall
come unto thee.
ob !!:!"
7ood in e)er&thin' will come to &ou.
#ecei$e, % pray thee, the law
from his mouth, and lay up his
words in thine heart.
ob !!:!!
&he 'outh Agrees With the (eart
/he onl& reason that people don;t 'et
healed is because the& don;t ha)e healin'
)erses memori<ed. /he onl& reason people
don;t 'et blessed in certain wa&s is that the&
don;t ha)e the )erses that pertain to their need
memori<ed in their heart. *ow do I know
that= Because what a person has memori<ed
in his heart will come out of his mouth.
>our mouth onl& speaks what is in &our
heart. >ou can sa& in a 'eneral wa&, ?9ell, I
lo)e the 1ord, and I belie)e the Bible,? but that
won;t heal &ou. It ma& be true to a certain
de'ree. But &ou need to learn that 7od is a
specific 7od. *e;s not a 'eneral 7od.
>ou ma& sa&, ?9ell, I belie)e 7od can do
an&thin'.? 9ell, that;s a first-class si'n &ou
don;t belie)e an&thin'. >ou are tr&in' to pull
a cop-out on 7od, and *e won;t accept that.
If &ou belie)e the 1ord 3esus %hrist is
&our *ealer and &ou want to be healed, then
call 3esus &our *ealer. Be specific about it. Call
the 1ord 3esus %hrist &our *ealer.
Someone ma& sa&, ?Brother Nor)el, I ha)e
to ha)e a miracle.? 9ell, the 1ord 3esus %hrist
is a Airacle-workerB *e has miracle power,
and it is a free 'ift to the church.
Your 'ind and 'outh Can )e Your
Worst *nemy
0nd as a belie)er of the 1ord 3esus %hrist,
&ou ha)e a ri'ht to a miracle. But &ou ha)e to
take the miracle awa& from the de)il and
awa& from &our mind. 0s lon' as &ou li)e in
the world of &our mind, &ou are ne)er 'oin'
to recei)e a miracle from 7od. >our mind and
&our mouth are two of &our worst enemies.
/he reason that is true is that sometimes

&ou speak words out of &our mouth because

of the wa& &ou feel, and most of the time &our
feelin's will lie to &ou. >our mind can be a
cesspool to which the de)il makes
supernatural su''estions.
If the enem& is allowed to keep on
bombardin' &our mind with false
su''estions, &ou mi'ht Cust 'o ahead and act
on his lies. ?9ell, bless 7od, I;ll do whate)er I
want to do.? No, &ou can;t 'et an&where like
that. >ou ha)e to find out what the 1ord
wants &ou to do and obe& *im if &ou want to
be mi'htil& blessed.
You +eed the 'ind of Christ
/hat;s the reason the Bible plainl& tells
&ou that &ou need to ha)e the mind of %hrist
in &our mind all the time. 0nd don;t e)er let
7od;s 9ord depart from &our e&es. Deep it in
&our brain and keep it in &our spirit all the
time. It will also help &ou to memori<e some
specific )erses pertainin' to &our need, Efor
instance, healin' )erses, financial )erses,
wisdom )erses, miracle )erses, lo)e )erses,
'ifts of the Spirit )erses, and fruit of the spirit
If &ou will memori<e those )erses and 'et
them in &our heart, &our mind and &our
mouth will ha)e somethin' to work with. But
&ou ha)e to 'et 'rounded in 7od;s 9ord and
memori<e it, and 'et it down on the inside of
&ou. >ou ha)e to let it become branded on the
inside of &ou b& memori<in' it and then
quotin' it se)eral hundred times. /hat is how
it becomes a part of &ou.
'a,e the Word a -art of You
/he onl& part of the Bible that e)er works
for &ou permanentl& is the part that &ou ha)e
made a part of you. 9hen a scripture be'ins to
become a part of &ou like &our ri'ht arm, it
will work for &ouB But it onl& works for &ou
when &our mouth speaks it out.
/he Bible sa&s that out of the abundance
of the heart the mouth spea,eth EAatthew
145."F. 9hate)er is in &our heart, &our mouth
will speak out.
>ou ne)er ha)e to ask a person what kind
of shape the& are in spirituall& or otherwise.
3ust 'o ha)e lunch with them and let them
talk for a while, and &ou;ll find out e-actl&
what kind of shape the& are in. /heir mouth
will tell on them. 9hat the& ha)e in their
heart is what their mouth will speak out.
You Choose What Goes in Your
/he onl& thin' the mouth has to work
with is what &ou put in &our heart. 0nd &ou
put thin's in &our heart b& choice. G)er&
human bein' on earth has the same choice.
>ou can listen to the 1ord 3esus %hrist and
follow *im, or &ou can do &our own thin'.
>ou don;t ha)e to follow the 1ord.
Now if &ou do &our own thin', &ou are
'oin' to li)e a rou'h life, full of chuck holes,
climbin' mountains. But the Bible sa&s to 'et
acquainted with 7od and listen to *imH then
peace will come unto &ou.
#ecei$e, % pray thee, the law
from his mouth, and lay up his
words in thine heart.
ob !!:!!
>ou see, &ou receive when &ou la& up *is
words in &our heart.
%f thou return to the Almighty,
thou shalt be built up, thou shalt put
away iniquity .A# from thy
&hen shalt thou lay up gold as
dust, and the gold of /phir as the
stones of the broo,s.
Yea, the Almighty shall be thy
defence, and thou shalt ha$e plenty
of sil$er.
.or then shalt thou ha$e thy
delight in the Almighty, and shalt
lift up thy face unto God.
&hou shalt ma,e thy prayer unto
him, and he shall hear thee, and thou
shalt pay thy $ows.
ob !!:!01!2
/he Bible sa&s that an& man who cries out
to the 1ord or makes his pra&er unto *im da&
and ni'ht for somethin':askin' 7od for it,
belie)in' and thankin' *im for it, and
'lorif&in' *is name for it da& and ni'ht:
3esus said that the 7od who made us will 'i)e
the answer to a person like that.
/he Bible sa&s that a human bein' who
wants somethin' has to do one thin', and one
thin' onl&, and it doesn;t cost a dime5 ?1et th&
request be made known unto 7od.?
Whate$er You +eed, Go to God
Io &ou want a new kidne&= Io &ou want
to be blessed financiall&= Io &ou want the
fruit of the spirit to operate throu'h &ou
Ewhich is the 'reatest thin' in the world, to
'et alon' with peopleF. Io &ou want all of the
'ifts of the Spirit to operate throu'h &ou= Io
&ou want the *ol& 7host to 'i)e them to &ou=
9hate)er &ou ma& want, *e said, 34et thy
request be made ,nown unto God"nobod&
7od doesn;t like it when &ou 'o to a
human bein' and ask them for all kinds of
thin's. 7od is a Cealous 7od, and if &ou are
followin' the 1ord 3esus %hrist, 7od doesn;t
like it when &ou 'o to a human bein' and ask
them for an&thin'. *e wants &ou to come to
*im. 7od doesn;t like to be b&passed.
/he Bible sa&s that 7od is a Cealous 7od,
and *e doesn;t like it when &ou make a
request of somebod& else and start puttin'
pressure on other people to 'i)e &ou what
&ou need. ,ne of the worst thin's &ou can do
in life is 'o to people and tr& to make them
'i)e &ou what &ou need.
If the human bein's in the church world
could onl& understand that the 1ord loves it
when *e hears their )oice. *e is waitin' and
lon'in' to hear their )oice. /he Bible sa&s that
is what makes 7od happ&.
0 7od who can speak worlds into
e-istence wants to hear &ou:one of *is
children:cr&in' out to *ea)en, approachin'
*ea)en, lettin' &our request be made known
unto *im, thankin' *im before &ou e)er see
it, da& and ni'ht, for hours at a time.
-ass the &est of .aith
7od sa&s, ?/he thin' that makes Ae full
of Co& and happier than an&thin' else is when
one of m& children passes the test of faith and
refuses to accept defeat. I can hear them
belie)in' Ae in truth for somethin' before
the& e)er see it. /he thin' that makes Ae the
happiest is when I 'et to 'i)e to A& children
what the& request.?
1ook at the ne-t se)eral )erses from 3ob5
&hou shalt ma,e thy prayer unto
him, and he shall hear thee...
ob !!:!2
If &ou make a pra&er unto 7od, *e will
hear &ou. ,f course, &ou understand, it has to
be the pra&er of faithB I ha)e a book that tells
about ten thin's that causes &our faith to
work in perfection after &ou learn what faith
&hou shalt ma,e thy prayer unto
him, and he shall hear thee, and thou
shalt pay thy $ows.
ob !!:!2
If &ou;ll pa& &our )ows unto 7od Efor
instance, &ou reall& should tithe if &ou want
7od;s best blessin'F, look what *e sa&s in
)erse 4$5
&hou shalt also decree a thing,
and it shall be established unto thee:
and the light shall shine upon thy
ob !!:!5
Iecree somethin' that &ou want and
claim it in 3esus; Name. ?I decree that m& Uncle
3ohn is not 'oin' to 'o to hell. I decree that m&
sister who is not followin' the 1ord is not
'oin' to 'o to hell. I decree that m& dadd& will
ne)er 'o to hell in 3esus; nameB?
Iecree it and speak it out for the rest of
&our life, and somethin' will happen before
&our dadd& dies, and he will accept the 1ord.
Iecree it. Reuse to let an& of &our lo)ed
ones 'o to hell. 3ust decree it. 0nd don;t e)er
talk an& other wa&. I don;t care if the& are
mean to &ou or curse at &ouH Cust decree it
an&wa&. 1et;s look in +ro)erbs chapter 1..
A wise son heareth his father6s
instruction: but a scorner heareth not
A man shall eat good by the fruit
of his mouth: but the soul of the
transgressors shall eat $iolence.
(e that ,eepeth his mouth
,eepeth his life: but he that openeth
wide his lips shall ha$e destruction.
-ro$erbs "0:"10
3ust make sure that when &ou open up &our
lips and &our mouth, &ou don;t talk about
people and &ou don;t run them downH &ou Cust
speak 'ood thin's.
9hen &ou do that, 7od 0lmi'ht& will bless
&ou so much &ou can;t hardl& stand it. 7od sa&s
if &ou will do it, &ou will keep &our life. If &ou
don;t do it, destruction will come upon &our
finances and upon &our bod&.
)e 7iligent
(e that ,eepeth his mouth
,eepeth his life: but he that openeth
wide his lips shall ha$e destruction.
&he soul of the sluggard
desireth, and hath nothing: but the
soul of the diligent shall be made
-ro$erbs "0:0,8
1et me e-pound on )erse "5 /he soul of a
la<& person desires thin's, but he has nothin'.
0nd he won;t e)er ha)e an&thin'. If
somebod& 'i)es him somethin', he;ll lose that
7od will bless &ou when &ou are dili'ent.
1ook at )erse 5.
.ind &rue #iches
A righteous man hateth lying:
but a wic,ed man is loathsome, and
cometh to shame.
#ighteousness ,eepeth him that
is upright in the way: but
wic,edness o$erthroweth the sinner.
&here is that ma,eth himself
rich, yet hath nothing...
-ro$erbs "0:912
>ou ha)e a lot of knowled'e to make
mone&, but &ou don;t know the 1ord 3esus
%hrist and *is peace. >ou are rich, but &ou
ha)e nothin'.
...there is that ma,eth himself
poor, yet hath great riches.
-ro$erbs "0:2
I ha)e known people who didn;t ha)e
)er& much mone& at all, but the& knew 7od
real well. /he& wouldn;t talk about people:
&ou couldn;t hire them to. 0nd the& didn;t tell
liesH the& Cust knew 7od real well. /he& had
no knowled'e about how to make mone&, but
the& Cust knew 7od real well.
0nd I ha)e known people who 'i)e
e)er&thin' awa& to 7od. G)er& time the& 'et
somethin', the& 'o 'i)e it to the poor. /he&
Cust 'i)e awa& e)er&thin' the& ha)e. But the&
ha)e 'reat riches in their heart and in their
&he ransom of a man6s life are
his riches: but the poor heareth not
rebu,e. &he light of the righteous
re:oiceth: but the lamp of the wic,ed
shall be put out.
/nly by pride cometh
contention: but with the well
ad$ised is wisdom.
Wealth gotten by $anity shall be
diminished but he that gathereth
6wealth or income8 by labour shall
-ro$erbs "0:51""
If &ou 'et wealth the wron' wa&, &ou will
lose it. Aake &our mone& b& usin' &our mind,
and make &our mone& b& usin' &our labor.
Ji'ure thin's out, labor, work:and &ou will
(ope deferred ma,eth the heart
sic,: but when the desire cometh, it
is a tree of life. Whoso despiseth the
word shall be destroyed...
-ro$erbs "0:"!
If &ou despise to hear the Bible preached
or to hear it read, &ou will be destro&ed on
this earth. >ou will destro& &ourself.
Whoso despiseth the word 6or the
Bible8 shall be destroyed: but he that
feareth the commandment shall be
&he law of the wise is a fountain
of life, to depart from the snares of
-ro$erbs "0:"0,"8
9hat is the law of the wise= /he law of
the wise is the Bible. /he Bible is 7od;s law
(ow &o )rea, *$ery Chain of
Someone ma& ask, ?*ow can I 'et out of
all these troubles and all these burdens, and
the snares of death, and all these cra<& thin's
that tr& to come upon me= *as 7od 'i)en me
instructions about how I can 'et stron'
enou'h to o)ercome those thin's=?
,h, definitel&. 1et;s look at Isaiah chapter
5$. >ou are 'oin' to learn how to o)ercome
those thin's and to break the bands of
wickedness and the chains of unsuccess:an&
kind of chains of bonda'e.
%s not this is the fast that % ha$e
%saiah 95:<
Sometimes 7od doesn;t choose a lon' fast
for &ou. 0nd if I were &ou, I would ne)er 'o
on a lon' fast unless the 1ord told me to.
Brother Denneth *a'in told me one time,
?Nor)el, I;)e been in the ministr& o)er si-t&
&ears. 9hen I was on the field, I would fast
usuall& e)er& /uesda&, sometimes e)er&
/uesda& and e)er& /hursda&.
?But if somethin' came up where I had a
special need and I wanted to brin' a petition
before 7od, or if I wanted to break the power
of somethin' that was tr&in' to mess me up, I
would start fastin' and pra&in'.?
If &ou are 'oin' to fast, &ou need to pra&H
if &ou don;t, &ou mi'ht 'et a headache.
*e said, ?In more than fift& &ears of
ministr& when I did that, I alwa&s 'ot m&
answerH the attack of the enem& was alwa&s
broken. It would take one da&, two da&s, never
lon'er than three da&s, of fastin' to break the
power of an&thin' tr&in' to 'et )ictor& o)er
me. 0 lot of times I would 'et it in one da&.
Sometimes it took two da&s. But it ne)er
took more than three da&s in all those &ears.?
0 lot of times &ou Cust need to fast one
meal and pra& and take authorit& o)er the
problem, and &ou will 'et &our answer.
Sometimes it takes two meals, sometimes one
or two da&s. Aost of the time &ou won;t ha)e
to 'o to the third da&.
9hen &ou fast, &our spirit becomes stron'
enou'h to 'et )ictor& because it keeps &our
flesh under subCection. Unless &our spirit is
'rounded in 7od;s 9ord, unless &ou ha)e a
portion of the 0braham-kind of faith and the
3esus-kind of faith inside of &our own human
spirit:&our flesh and &our bod& and &our
mind will rule &ou in life.
But if &ou re'ularl& fast one or two da&s,
&ou keep &our flesh under subCection. >ou are
not feedin' &our fleshH &ou are takin' awa&
the power of &our flesh. >ou are buildin' up
&our spirit, which is on the inside of &our
flesh. 0nd &our spirit 'ets stron'er and
&he Condition of Your =pirit
#e$ealed by Your 'outh
/he onl& time a human bein' doesn;t 'et
)ictor& is when his human spirit is not stron'
enou'h spirituall& to 'et the )ictor&. 3esus
said, ?0ll thin's are possible to him that
>ou see, 7od is a Spirit, so &ou belie)e
7od with &our spirit. 0nd the condition of
&our spirit comes out of &our mouth. Unless
&ou rule &our flesh, sometimes &ou will Cust
do or sa& what &ou feel or what &ou want to.
9ell, &ou;re not 'oin' to 'et )er& much
)ictor& doin' that.
But &ou can fast one or two meals, or
whate)er it takes to keep &our flesh under
subCection, and pra& while &ou;re fastin'.
Someone ma& ask, ?Is that in the Bible=? >es,
it;s in the Bible. In fact, 7od chose that
ministr& Cust for &ou. Jastin' is a ministr&
from 7od to us.
&he .ast God Chooses
%s not this the fast that % ha$e
%saiah 95:<
7od is askin' &ou a question. ?Is not this
the fast that I ha)e chosen=? 0nd then &ou
come alon' with a problem and sa&, ?%hosen
for what, 1ord=?
0nd then 7od answers5 loose the
bands of wic,edness 6from around &ou or
others who are close to &ou8, to undo the
hea$y burdens 6that are tr&in' to burden &ou
down. 7od doesn;t want &ou burdened down
with hea)& burdens.8, and to let the oppressed
go free, and that you brea, e$ery yo,e; EIsaiah
Break e)er& &oke. >ou see, the de)il has
the &oke of po)ert& to put on &ou. /he de)il
has the &oke of disease to put on &ou. /he
de)il has the &oke of doubt to put on &ou so
&ou can;t recei)e &our miracle. /he de)il has
all kinds of &okes to put around &our neck to
let &ou know that &ou are not 'oin' to
/he de)il looks at conditions. *e will
point out e)er& condition he possibl& can to
con)ince &ou that &ou are not 'oin' to
But 7od sa&s, ?Kemember, I;m 7od and I
lo)e &ou. I;ll make a wa& where there is no
wa&.? So belie)e 7od for thin's when it looks
impossible to &ou. 9hen &ou hear, ?/here;s
no wa&B? that;s &our mind workin'. Ion;t sa&,
?/here;s no wa&,? that is a lie. 7od warns &ou
in the Bible not to lean to &our own
7od sa&s to lean on a 7od that can make a
door where there is no door. 1ean on a 7od
that can make a wa& where there is no wa&.
7od can 'i)e &ou )ictor& where there is no
)ictor&, where it looks desolate and dark and
lonel& and sad. 0s &ou lean on *im, the li'ht
of the mornin' will come upon &ou.
%s not this the fast that % ha$e
chosen;...that ye brea, e$ery yo,e;
%saiah 95:<
>ou break the &oke &ourselfB Someone
ma& sa&, ?Brother Nor)el, I;m not stron'
enou'h to break it.? I know &ou ma& not be
stron' enou'h to break it now, because &ou
are li)in' in natural conditionsH &ou ha)en;t
paid the price. But when &ou obe& the
instructions of the 1ord 3esus %hrist and pa&
the price, when &ou fast for a meal or two or
three and pra& and &our flesh 'ets weak and
&our spirit 'ets stron', t!en &ou can break that
7od sa&s, ?Is not this the fast I ha)e not
chosen for &ou, to break e)er& &oke=? Not
some of the &okes, every &oke.
1ook at )erse 5 ?0nd is it not to help
others also=? Jastin' also 'ets &our spirit into
shape to help others.
%s it not to deal thy bread to the
%saiah 95:2
Someone sa&s, ?Now Brother Nor)el, I
don;t want to 'i)e some of m& bread to a
hun'r& person. I don;t deli'ht in that.? 9ell, if
&ou fast for a da& or two and ask 7od to help
&ou 'et that wa&, &ou will 'et that wa&. 0nd
&ou will )oluntaril& and willin'l& deal &our
bread to a hun'r& person.
>ou will find 'reat fa)or with 7od
dealin' &our bread to a hun'r& person or
'i)in' to help feed the hun'r&.
%s it not to deal thy bread to the
hungry, and that thou bring the poor
that are cast out to thy house; when
thou seest the na,ed, that thou co$er
%saiah 95:2
Someone ma& sa&, ?I can;t do that.? >es,
&ou canB >ou ma& not be able to do that
toda&, but if &ou will fast a da& or two &ou
will be able to. Because 7od will 'i)e &ou that
kind of lo)e.
...that thou hide not thyself from
thine own flesh;
%saiah 95:2
No, don;t hide &ourself from &our own
flesh. +ut &our flesh under subCection in 3esus;
&he Glory of the 4ord as Your
If &ou will do these thin's, )erse $ tells
&ou what will happen to &ou.
&hen shall thy light brea, forth
as the morning, and thine health
shall spring forth speedily 6health
will return to &our bod&, and disease
will disappear85 and thy righteousness
shall go before thee> the glory of the
4ord shall be thy re1reward.
%saiah 95:5
/he 'lor& of the 1ord shall be th& rewardB
/hat promise is for &ou if &ou will fast for two
or three da&s until &ou put &our flesh under
subCection. 7et &our spirit stron' enou'h to
belie)e 7od and break e)er& &oke in &our life.
Kebuke those &okes in 3esus; name.
/he 'lor& of the 1ord will be &our reward
when &ou 'et &our heart and mind in a 'ood
shape, to the point where &ou )oluntaril& feed
the poor and help somebod& 'et some clothes,
to the point where &ou will sa&, ?I;ll help &ou.?
Ion;t put it on somebod& else. ?I;ll help &ou.?
>ou ma& sa&, ?I don;t ha)e an& mone&.
9hat happens if I meet a man with no shirt=?
9ell, 'i)e him one of &ours.
9hen &ou 'et &ourself in that kind of
shape, then this is what will happen5
&hen shalt thou call, and the
4ord shall answer> thou shalt cry,
and he shall say, (ere % am. %f thou
ta,e away from the midst of thee the
yo,e, the putting forth of the finger,
and spea,ing $anity.
And if thou draw out thy soul to
the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted
soul> then shall thy light rise in
obscurity, and thy dar,ness be as the
noon day.
%saiah 95:?,"@
/h& darkness turns into noonda& and the
sun shall shine so bri'htl&. Now look what
7od sa&s *e will do for &ou5 And the 4ord
shall guide thee continually... EIsaiah 5$511F.
/hose that are led b& the Spirit of 7od, the&
are the sons of 7od.
And the 4ord shall guide thee
continually, and satisfy thy soul in
drought, and ma,e fat thy bones:
and thou shalt be li,e a watered
garden, and li,e a spring of water,
whose waters fail not.
%saiah 95:""
If &ou are ha)in' trouble findin' a Cob,
fast for two or three meals and pra&, claimin'
a Cob. %laim the door of emplo&ment to swin'
wide open to &ou in 3esus; name. If &ou will
do that, &ou can 'et a Cob when nobod& else
can 'et one. 7od will make a wa& for &ou
where there is no wa&.
...and li,e a spring of water,
whose waters fail not.
And they that shall be of thee
shall build the old waste places: thou
shalt raise up the foundations of
many generations> and thou shalt be
called, &he repairer of the breach,
&he restorer of paths to dwell in.
%saiah 95:"","!
#espect the =abbath
>ou need to understand this if &ou are
'oin' to be successful in life5 If &ou will please
the 1ord on *is Sabbath da& and brin' to
*im some of what &ou made that week, the
1ord sa&s the blessin's of hea)en will fall on
&ou. 7od sa&s if &ou will keep the Sabbath
da& hol&, and 'o to church on the Sabbath
da&, and worship and praise *im, *e will
restore &ouH *e will keep &ou &oun'H *e will
preser)e &ou. 1ook at )erses 1. and 1"5
%f thou turn away thy foot from
the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure
on my holy day> and call the sabbath
a delight, the holy of the 4ord,
honourable> and shalt honour him,
not doing thine own ways, nor
finding thine own pleasure, nor
spea,ing thine own words.
%saiah 95:"0
>ou are to respect the Sabbath and come
into the house of the 1ord. 7od sa&s if &ou
will b&pass all the thin's &ou want to do, all
the words &ou want to speak, all the pleasure
&ou desire, if &ou will b&pass &our wa&s and
come on the Sabbath da& to the hol&
tabernacle of the 1ord and honor 7od *imself
with &our presence, then )erse 1" is &ours.
&hen shalt thou delight thyself
in the 4ord> and % will cause thee to
ride upon the high places of the
earth, and feed thee with the
heritage of acob thy father for the
mouth of the 4ord hath spo,en it.
%saiah 95:"8
7od lo)es for &ou to be in *is presence, in
*is house. /hat;s where *e wants &ou. 0nd
*e wants &ou to 'et to know *im intimatel&,
so &ou can break free of e)er& &oke.
7et &our mouth in a'reement with &our
heart, and walk in the fullness of *is
About the Author
Nor)el *a&es shares 7od;s 9ord boldl&
and simpl&, with an enthusiasm that captures
that heart of the hearer. *e has learned
throu'h personal e-perience that 7od;s word
can be effecti)e in e)er& area of life and that it
will work for an&one who will belie)e it and
appl& it.
Nor)el owns se)eral businesses which
function successfull& despite the fact that he
spends more than half his time awa& from the
office, ministerin' the 7ospel throu'hout the
countr&. *is obedience to 7od and his
willin'ness to share his faith ha)e taken him
to a )ariet& of places. *e ministers in
churches, seminars, con)entions, colle'es,
prisons:an&where the Spirit of 7od leads.