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anorganik fosfor:

Serum :
o Janin: 3,1 - 8,1 mg/dL
o 0-10 hari : 4,5-9.0 mg/dL
o 10 hari 24 bulan : 4,5 - 6,7 mg/dL
o 24 bulan 12 tahun : 4 7 mg/dL
o Setelah itu : 2,5 4,5 mg/dL
o > 60 tahun :
Laki-laki: 2,3 3,7 mg/dL
Perempuan: 2,8 4,1 mg/dL
Urine 24 jam:
o Dewasa dengan diet fosfat 0,9 1,5 g fosfat dam 10 mg Ca/kg: < 1,0 g/d
o Pada diet nonfosfat: 0,4 -1,3 g/d

Sekresi fosfat melalui ginjal, berawal dai filtrasi fosfat oleh lomerulus yang selanjutnya di
reabsorsi oleh tubulus proksimal dan kemudian bentukan fosfat HPO4
yang akan bereaksi
dengan ion H
dan Na
yang disekresikan oleh ion tubulus
Phosphorus and phosphate are closely related but are two different and distinct entities. Phosphorus is an element with the atomic
number of 15. It occurs naturally on earth and is widely distributed in combination with other elements and minerals. Phosphate is a
natural compound -- essentially salts containing phosphorus and other minerals.

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Phosphates used to be obtained from animal bones and from urine, but these sources were not sufficient so phosphate
was mined from phosphate-bearing rocks. The rocks are crushed and purified to produce phosphoric acid which can
then be reacted with sulphuric acid to produce purified phosphates. Phosphorus is highly reactive and is never found
as a free element on earth but is obtained from the mining of phosphate rocks.
Phosphorus exists in two main forms -- as white phosphorus and as red phosphorus. Phosphorus is an essential
element of life and exists in DNA and phospholipids that exist in all cell membranes. Phosphate is an inorganic
chemical and a salt of phosphoric acid. The phosphate ion consists of a central phosphorus atom surrounded by four
oxygen atoms in a tetrahedral arrangement. Phosphates are nutrients and are essential to plant, animal and human
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The most common form of use for phosphates and phosphorus is as fertilizer in agriculture. Phosphorus promotes
flowering and seed production in plants and is made available to them in the form of phosphate ions. The two main
types of fertilizers are superphosphate and triple phosphate. Phosphates and phosphorus are also an essential part of
a human diet and phosphorus is necessary to human cell's ability to store and convert energy. Phosphorus is also used
for its candescent qualities in flares and munitions.
Ingesting too much phosphorus is dangerous and can result in bone and tooth decay. The white phosphorus allotrope
is dangerous because it can ignite in the air and produces phosphoric acid residue. Phosphorus can also be used to
make precursor elements to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, which are classified by the DEA as dangerous drugs

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