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Alexei Beltyukov Explains Why Facebook Could Be The Best Thing For Upstart Entre

The sheer amount of tools and resources available to upstart entrepreneurs is mi
nd boggling. These days, you really can't fail as long as you're committed to m
aking the most of your opportunities. However, sometimes that really means havin
g the wherewithal to utilize the resources available to you, in a meaningful way
However, as Alexei Beltyukov is fond of pointing out, that doesn't mean that you
need to have a lot of money for things like advertising. In this day and age,
all the free advertising you will ever need is already out there, and it's calle
d Facebook.
Creating a Facebook page affords you several great opportunities. But in order
to be successful in that realm, you need to have a good idea about what makes ce
rtain Facebook pages more successful than others. Here are a few things to cons
ider when setting up yours:
Be a Facebook user
This one is deceptively obvious. In order to use Facebook, you need to be a Fac
ebook user yes. But in order to be successful, you have to understand what make
s certain Facebook pages more successful. Things like how you organize the page
, what you post, and how you communicate with your fans will have a massive impa
ct in this realm.
Utilize a mailing list.
The problem with social media, is that you're going to get left behind really fa
st if you advertise too much. I get that all entrepreneurs are basically here t
o advertise in the first place. However, you have to utilizing different market
ing tools. Develop a facebook page that features plenty of photos, information,
and fun posts. But utilize that as your tool to get their email address, where
advertising solicits are more acceptable and expected.
Make sure you add a call to action.
The only reason you want someone to go to your page, is so that they will like t
he page and you can continue to supply them with information as they will now be
following your start-up. That means making it obvious that you want them to li
ke your page, and that you will be providing them with something of value in ret
Never underestimate the value of images.
Everybody likes images. But on a social network they are even more important.
On Facebook you're not limited to 140 characters like Twitter. However, getting
too wordy is going to leave potential users feeling bored before they've even s
een what you have to offer. Images are the best possible way to keep people int
erested, and to continue to gain interest over time.