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1. Propeller ground clearance 11

2. Min. turning radius (Pivot point to outboard wingtip) 275
!. 1""## $olor %lue
&. 'a(p weig)t *or(al $at.+2&57lbs
5. ,uel additive s)ould not e-ceed 1. /or isopr0l alco)ol or .1". to .15. /or
4. 5ps (ust b carried out wit caution and onl0 in s(oot) air (0ellow arc 126+1!47ts)
7. 8)ite arc !!+95
9. Ma- window opening speed+ 14!
6. 5il pressure Min. 'ed line 2"psi
*or(al 3reen arc 5"+6"
Ma- 'ed line 115 psi
1". :brupt use o/ controls pro)ibited above 66 7ts
11. ;otal /uel< 29=>3?29=>3@ 54=> 3allons
=nusable 1.5 =>3 eac) tan7
12. Ma-. slip or s7id duration wit) one tan7 dr0< !"secs
1!. $alibration $ard Magnetic co(pass+ !"degree incre(ents
1&. Anadvertent icing ;urn bac7 or c)ange altitude
15. 8it) alternator side o/ t)e (aster switc) o//B co(pass deviations o/ as (uc) as
25degrees (a0 occur
14. Ma-. airspeed and alti(eter variation /ro( nor(al is &7ts and !"
17. ;)e alternator control unit includes an over voltage sensor w)ic) nor(all0 will
auto(aticall0 s)ut down t)e alternator i/ t)e c)arge voltage reac)es
appro-i(atel0 !1.5 volts
19. %est '5$BM># @ 76CA:>
16. Prior to /lig)tB c)ec7 t)at pitot )eater is war( to touc) wit)in !"sec wit) batter0
and pitot )eat switc)es 5*
2". 1o not operate wit) less t)an 5Dts. ,ill to 9Dts /or e-tended /lig)t
21. 'PM drop s)ould not e-ceed 15"'PM on eit)er (agneto or 5"'PM di//erential
between (agnetos
22. :/ter starting 5il pressure s)ould indicate pressure wit)in green arc in !"secs in
su((er and appro- 1(in. in ver0 cold w-.
2!. >tarter dut0 c0cle< $ran7 t)e starter /or 1"sec. /ollowed b0 a 2"sec. cool down
periodB t)is can be repeated two additional ti(es /ollowed b0 a 1"(in. cool down
period. :/ter cool downB cran7 t)e starter againB t)ree c0cles o/ 1"sec /ollowed
b0 2" secs o/ cool down.
2&. :lternator c)ec7+ a positive veri/ication can be (ade b0 loading electrical s0ste(
(o(entaril0 (!to 5sec) wit) t)e landing lig)t or operating t)e wing /laps during
engine run up (19""'PM)
25. *or(al enroute cli(b are per/or(ed wit) /laps up and /ull t)rottle and at speeds 5
to 1"7ts )ig)er t)an best '5$ speeds /or t)e best co(bination o/ per/or(anceB
visibilit0 and engine cooling.
24. *or(al cruising< 4"+9". power
27. =ntil a total o/ 52)rs )as accu(ulated or oil consu(ption )as stabiliEedB cruising
s)ould be done at 9". power
29. >tall warning )orn w)ic) sounds between 5 to 1"7ts above stall in all
26. 5perations in direct cross winds o/ 157ts )as been de(onstrated
!". Min. turning radius wit) di//erential bra7ing is appro-. 27
!1. *ose w)eel turns t)roug) an arc o/ 1"degree eac) side o/ centre b0 appl0ing
eit)er 'F# bra7e. ;)is arc can be increased up to !"degrees
!2. >ingle slot t0pe /lapsB (ec)anical stop provided at 1"B2" and !" degree positions
!!. ,lap s0ste( is protected b0 1"a(p $%
!&. #anding gear< Main tubular spring steelG *ose :irF5il s)oc7 strut
!5. %otto( edge o/ t)e /uel /iller tabB 17.5 gallons unusable in eac) tan7
!4. 5perating wit) one tan7 dr0 w)en /ull or less do not allow airplane to re(ain in
uncoordinated /lig)t /or periods in e-cess o/ !"secs
!7. Par7ing bra7es+ >et t)e bra7es wit) rudder pedalsB pull t)e )andle a/tB and rotate it
6"degree down
!9. Holtage I 2&.5 voltsB red annunciation volts will /las) /or appro-i(atel0 1"secs
be/ore beco(ing stead0.
!6. :ttitude indicator )as inde- (ar7s 1"B2"B!"B4" and 6"degrees.
&". 13+ lower le/t+ adJusts t)e co(pass card error to correct /or precisionB lower rig)t
is used to (ove t)e )eading bug.
&1. :vionics ,an operates w)en Master and :vionics switc)es are bot) 5*
&2. :void covering opening on bac7 side o/ (icrop)one /or opti(u( noise canceling.
&!. >tuc7 (icrop)one is 7ept continuousl0 /or greater t)an !!secsB t)e trans(itter
stops trans(itting.
&&. H>A indicated '5$F'51 in /eet per (in.
&5. $arburetor icing
&4. 2ngine /looding during start 0p
&7. $abin )eating ventilation s0ste(
&9. %est /uel econo(0+ Pea7 23;
&6. Holt(eterF5:; order in panel (2
5". %lac7 s(o7e /ro( e-)austK
51. :lternate static vent+ positioned at centre case o/ instru(ent panel
52. 2#; annunciator
5!. $loc7 can be tested b0 L(located on upper le/t o/ instru(ent panel)
5&. 8)en oil pressure is below 2"psiB 5A# P'2>> illu(inates