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McDonalds Large Coffee: Outdoor puzzle

Outdoor posters were turned into large interactive push puzzles that consumers could
solve in order to sort your head. This was done to promote McDonalds Large Coffee
for only 1 Euro.

McDonalds Crosswalk
Pedestrian crosswalk was decorated to look like McDonalds fries

McDonalds: Free Coffee Pole
To get the message out about a McDonalds free coffee promotin, a common streetlight
was transformed into giant crafe pouring a cup of coffee.

McDonalds Free Coffee Hourglass
Transit shelter in Vancouver has been turned into an hourglass in which coffee beans
gradually decrease in amount as time goes by

McDonalds Freshness Box Salad
This poster, with what appears to be fresh salad vegetables and condensation, changes a
bus shelter into a section in the refrigerator. The poster was placed in Wiener Platz, a
place known for its food markets, in Haidhausen, a district of Munich.

McDonalds: Wi-Fries
Love free wi-fi.

McDonalds: The Real Milkshake
I looked at the visual said in my head, what the hell?? then read the line and
laughed out loud. This is frigging funny and fresh approach. Even though it doesnt
have any typical McDonalds elements.

McDonalds: Sundial
The sundial shadow will point to different breakfast items from dawn to noon, and
therefore to recommend you a clever purchase.

McDonalds Bus Shelter
Bus stations used to promote Open All Night McDonalds in Australia.

McDonalds: Metro Giant Napkin
Economically its a great idea. Any time you can get someone to take the ad with them
and show it to their friends is great. Yes, this idea cost a little more then a regular poster
but it will generate ten times more attention

McDonalds Newspaper Sandwich
You could always enjoy hot breakfast at McDonalds.