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Volume 2 Issue 14 FREE October 31, 2008
I n s i d e T h e I s l a n d C o n n e c t i o n . . .
page 5 SINHG page 11 PETEXPO page 9 GREENBUILD
he year was 1948 and I was ten years old. I called him Mr.
Brown. Mr. Brown called me Mr. Sidi. Mr. Brown, somewhere
in his 90s, was an old black man and I was a young white boy.
We were friends. He was educated; Johns Island educated. Mr. Brown
told me one day, “If you know, you know and if you don’t know, well,
you just don’t know.” Mr. Brown felt it was his duty to teach me
everything I should know and Mr. Brown said I should know about
Brutus Garrett. It seems that Brutus, 100 years earlier, had panicked
in a hurricane and that Brutus was now a haint:
Brutus come bak each year in October when de full moon be high
and you can see the marsh shines all de way to Kiwah. In them day,
Mr. Legare had some kind o’ chine what him could look on and dis
ting tell de pression. Was October de last. Mr. Legare ping de bell and
say fo tell eby body must come to de big house. Him say de pression is
low and we must take care of eby ting. Was maybe it was a gale comin.
Eby animal, all de people must leave de creekside an go to Big Field
(Big Field is where Mullet Hall Equestrian Center is now located). Big
Field had a barn big enuf to hol eby body.
People say Brutus musta been liquored up. Brutus laugh and Mr.
Legare say de chine don know what him talkin bout. He take Gal;
Gal been e mule an him ride Gal out to Jemmy Ilant (Jemmy Island is
out in the marsh opposite Rhett’s Bluf). Say him fa pic last little bit o
cotton. When Mr. Legare hear what Brutus done, he jump on he horse
and take Laboard wit him to fetch Brutus. When dem get to de creek
de tide been comin fas and de wind blow and dem turn back. When
de people see em comin and ain’t got much as Gal wit dem, dey cuss
Brutus a while but den pray fo em. He get real dark and de wind blow.
De win blow so hard he ring de bell. Preacher Bishop say Brutus ring
de bell. De people start fo wailin and nashin dey teet. Mr. Legare say
fo eby body get in de lof of de barn and huddle up. Was a terruble
In de mawnin was real quiet. Mr. Legare say fo feed de critter and
take emback home. He send Laboard, the preacher and Boobie to look
for Brutus. Dey ain’t fnd hide nor hair.
I knows you gwynn ax bout Gal. Well a mule be smart, smartest
animal dey is. Mr. Bryan say when de storm obor, Gal been stannin
in he yard.
De buzzart fnd Brutus. Laboard take a bateau and look on himand
say he was too bad to bring to the hill so him bury him in de marsh.
Mr. Legare say it wasn’t right to leave Brutus in the marsh but eby body
he ax to fetch em come back say dey couldn’t fn him. He bin way in
de middle of de marsh and dey loose de place where he been. Brutus he
ain’t loose em. He know ain’t posed to be buried in de marsh. Every
A true tale from
Mullet Hall
Sidi LimehouSe, RoSebank FaRmS
bout this time last year, my wife, Jan and
I headed down the Chechessee River in
anticipation of this Harvest moonrise.
It was nearing sunset and high tide when we
anchored onto a small oyster bank. Tere was
just enough high ground to bring out my tripod,
chairs and a picnic basket with dinner. I mounted
my camera with a 500mm lens onto the tripod.
With all attention on the horizon, in this case
Parris Island, we awaited the emerging light to
the sounds of the tide washing against the oyster
Photographing the moon in the fall ofers a
distinct advantage. During autumn, the path of
the moon is shorter than usual with a decreased
period of darkness between sunset and moonrise.
What this means to the photographer is that you
have more to work with in creating an image.
In this case I had the tree line of Parris Island, a
twilight blue sky and the orange moon as it lifted
Shooting the moon
Eric Horan | novEmbEr / 2008
The Moon continued on page 4
True Tale continued on page 14
Folly Beach’s Newspaper Vol. 1 Issue 1 October 31, 2008 w FREE
E Clean Street on page 2 Art in the Park on page 5 Kayaks on page 11
Folly Beach now has its own newspaper
he Folly Current is a brand new publication from
Lucky Dog Publishing, the Lowcountry’s island
community newspaper company. Our focus will
be entirely on the issues and concerns that are most
relevant to the residents of Folly Beach. We will work
hard to be a non-partisan forum for open discussion
and will feature comprehensive coverage of Folly news
and events, from politics to island life as well as a civic
calendar, a general happenings calendar, surf and tide
reports, a concert calendar and more.
Te Folly Beach community is proud of its
commitment to local concerns and Te Folly Current
will strive to promote this idea in all of its content.
Please feel free to send us your photos and story ideas.
Tis is your paper, coverage will be refective of the
support you give it. Let us know what you think! Send
your letters, pictures, stories, calendar events and ideas
to If you would like to be a
regular contributor, send your column idea to the email
address above or call 886-NEWS (6397).
Te Folly Current is mailed every two weeks to every
active mailbox on Folly Island. Te Folly Current is
completely FREE OF CHARGE and relies entirely on
the generous support of our local advertisers to fund its
production. Please make sure and thank our advertisers
with your patronage.
We are excited to provide the residents of Folly Beach
with a news outlet that focuses entirely on their
community. We look forward to becoming a trusted
source of information for Folly Beach.
Folly boat painted by Janie Atkinson
Post and Courier circulation statistics from ABC Audit ending March 31, 2009. The total circulation for Johns Island, 29455, which includes Kiawah and Seabrook Islands, is 3672.
our papers
Demographics (Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal Market Facts 2007)
South Carolina’s Lowcountry islands continue to be a magnet for affuent residents and newcomers. Sullivan’s
Island, Seabrook Island, Kiawah Island and the Isle of Palms lead the way based on 2006 per capita income fgures of
households around $50,000. Isle of Palms, a bedroom community to Charleston with a population of 4579, tops the
“most affuent” list with a median household income of $87,806.
( 843) 886- NeWs (6397) www. LuckyDogNews. com fax: ( 843) 882- 8078
Locations Lucky Dog circulation Post and Courier circulation Comparable publications
Sullivan’s Island 1912 (Island Eye News) 455 800 (Moultrie News)
Isle of Palms 3185 (Island Eye News) 1352 1170 (Moultrie News)
Kiawah Island 1838 (Island connection) (see below) n/a
Seabrook Island 2822 (Island connection) (see below) n/a
Folly Beach 1571 (Folly current) 381 n/a
Total circulation: 11,328 5860
Paper Circulation
Rank Name 2005 population 2006 median
2006 per capita
1 Isle of Palms 4579 $87,806 $48,202
2 Kiawah Island 1128 $86,451 $50,127
3 Sullivan’s Island 1897 $82,653 $52,650
4 Seabrook Island 1213 $73,367 $52,307
5 Mount Pleasant 57,932 $68,476 $33,362
6 Folly Beach 2263 $55,020 $31,350
Charleston’s top 6 most affuent municipalities
Lucky Dog Publishing of South Carolina has been producing quality community newspapers for more than
fve years in Charleston’s Lowcounty. The Island Eye News is the company’s fagship newspaper, serving Sul-
livan’s Island and the Isle of Palms since May, 2005. After a successful two years and an amazing response from
the island communities, LDP launched its second bi-weekly publication, The Island Connection, serving the
islands of Kiawah and Seabrook and nearby Johns Island. Less than a year later, LDP was encouraged to bring
the same quality news service to Folly Beach and on October 31, 2008, The Folly Current made its debut.
Lucky Dog Publishing websites
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SIze 10”w x 14”h 10”w x 7”h 5”w x 14”h 5”w x 7”h 10”w x 3.5”h
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3 publications, 1 issue $1200 $750 $750 $450 $450
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Paper Size 11 3/8”w x 15 “h Printable Area 10”w x 14”h
( 843) 886- NeWs (6397) www. LuckyDogNews. com fax: ( 843) 882- 8078
aD format
Completed ads are to be sent in at correct size,
CMYK for color ads and grayscale for B&W ads,
200 dpi and in jpg or pdf format. For best results,
all black text must be at 100% black or true black
for clarity.
Lucky Dog Publishing or our printers are not responsible
for the look and legibility of camera ready ads.
A quality advertisement is one that gets results. Lucky Dog
Publishing’s in-house design staf has the knowledge and
experience to develop and produce an efective ad for
your company at no additional charge. You can also utilize
our graphics department for high quality design work at
a reasonable price. Posters, fiers, postcards, invitations,
logos; whatever you need to create a professional look for
your business. Contact Swan Richards at 814-5541/swan@
The online editions of the Lucky Dog publications
feature up-to-date events, activities and news
reports both from the printed editions of the
papers, as well as content which is only available
online. each site contains an active photo
gallery, a weekly fshing report, calendars, inter-
active comment forms and more. To get more
island coverage, visit:, and
Please ask for special rates for government and non-proft advertising, long term and seasonal contracts. These rates are for full color advertisements.
My wife Marla and I have been readers
of The Island Eye since it was frst
distributed on the Isle of Palms.
The Island Eye has an excellent handle on
the pulse of the island, the residents and
community. I like that the paper builds a
sense of community that other large
publications are not able to.
As a member of IOP City Council, I
fnd the paper’s political reporting to be
fair and balanced. Often, a voter will cite
information they found in the paper in
Mike Loftus
Isle of Palms Town Council
I have had 9 people want to rent my 3
offce spaces. they ALL learned of the
space from The Island Eye ad.
Aussie Greer
Ilderton Contractors

The Island Connection is one of the Town’s primary vehicles for disseminating information to our residents. The reporting on
monthly Town Council meetings, for example, is both comprehensive and accurate. More importantly, The Island Connection is
effective for us because it is read by our residents. The articles are timely, informative and pertinent.
Frank McNulty
Mayor of Seabrook Island
When Seabrook Island needed to get the word out about our $31 million dollar new amenities building program to the
other Charleston area island communities, we chose the newspapers of Lucky Dog Publishing as one of the primary vehicles.
Their creativity, consistency and reach to that specifc audience was exactly what we needed to spread the word.
Joe Salvo
Seabrook Real Estate
I can tell you, without hesitation, that citizens and visitors alike have really enjoyed The Folly Current. Before The Folly Current,
they only had The Post and Courier and a newsletter published by the Civic Club, which is good, but did not begin to cover all
the happenings on Folly.
Toni W. Connor-Rooks
City Administrator Folly Beach
As I walked into a meeting with a prospective new client, she declared, “ I read your article and saw your advertisement in
The Island Connection paper this morning.” Obviously I thought it was a good start to our meeting…
Bobby Cummings
Cummings Financial
( 843) 886- NeWs (6397) www. LuckyDogNews. com fax: ( 843) 882- 8078
Lucky Dog PubLishing, LLc
P.O. Box 837
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
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