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Academic Qualification

B E in Electronics and
Communication Engineering.

Certifications and Courses Attended:

ABAP, HCM at Germany
Erecruitment at SAP Labs
PMP Mumbai chapter
Agile Scrum Master Bangalore
Managerial Finance - Coursera

SAP Mobility Developer - Syclo Agentry Work
Manager, SMP 2.3, SAP HANA, Netweaver Gateway,
Odata Service.
Ability to work on Agentry Service Manager,
Inventory Manager.
Working Knowledge on Sybase SUP.
Good Experience in the field of SAP ABAP HR.
Worked on SAP HCM modules like PA, OM, E-
Recruitment, and Learning Solutions.
Worked on MicroStrategy BI Reporting.
Fair knowledge on Android Development.
Basic Knowledge of SAP UI5, HTML5, JavaScript,
Agile Scrum Master Activities for Project
Management and Execution with minimum


7 plus years of experience on SAP HCM ABAP systems.
Includes 3.6 years of SAP E-recruitment Experience.
Worked at for Bayer Internal clients.
SAP Mobility experience for about 1 year.
Working knowledge on SAP BO, MicroStrategy, BI Reporting and Dashboard Creations.
Worked for clients USA, Australia, Germany, UK, Belgium and Hong Kong.
Languages: English, Deutsch ( Level 2 )
Experience on Pre-Sales, Sales, RFPs, RFQs Capable enough to handle IT and non IT
Fair knowledge on Business Proposals, Financial Proposals, Price and Technical Bids,
Budgeting, Cost estimations, and SOPs.
Basic knowledge on Mobile Development like Android SDK, HTML5 and CSS3,

Project Experience

Project #1

Technologies : SAP UI5, SAP HANA, SAP SMP 2.3
Role : senior Technical Lead.

Description: Project Management into SAP Enterprise Finance Applications, Community based
Mobile Applications, SAP Warehouse Management, SAP Fiori, Netweaver Gateway and Odata
based front end integration with SAP ERP.

Project Description:
Entreprise Financial applications for month end activities, community applications for Events,
Warehouse management SAP integration on Ipad devices, alerts and notification applications for
critical tasks, reminders, meeting statuses etc.


Design the Odata model for financial application, Audit Management, Enterprise
Warehouse Management Applications
Building necessary backend components for Netweaver Gateway services in SICF,
creating necessary RFCs, initiating Bapi calls, Abap Object based Interfaces, Odata
services, Methods and respective components.
To create respective property sets, entity, entity sets, associations and their sets,
navigations, function import, complex and simple types, entity container.
Debugging the EDM schema, metadata model, data consumption, respective entity
linkages, data filterable and other manipulation options.
Perform Scrum Master activities for weekly project progress, Map As is To be
charts, formulate weekly progress status and graphs, Project deadline notifications,
speculate hindrances and delays, estimate manpower hours to finish time analysis,
Weekly Project changes and update Status discussion with Client.
Applications completed: Financial application for Invoice & Journal workflow based
document approval and parking, Exchange rates conversion mappings, Due date and
Aging analysis.
Applications in Progress: SAP Audit Management audit plan creation on Ipad, data
creation at backend SAP system via Odata services, Read and edit Audit Plan, Audits,
Audit Tasks, questionnaire, Questions, Audit Corrective and Preventive actions, Audit
Objects and Business Partner types, ISO audit components, respective PDF file to xml
transformations via Odata and Netweaver gateway services using Standard Bapis, RFCs
and other custom made RFC modules.
Identify UI5 and HTML5 components suited for FIORI standards, initiate xml data
parsing components, coordinate the UI and Javascript developers to meet the
respective frontend design practices and code optimizations.
Application unit and regression testing on various mobile devices like Ipad, iphone,
Nexus, Samsung and Blackberry 10 for compatibility issues, bugs, data load analysis
and performance monitoring.

Identify bug fix time estimations, priority based tasks and necessary resource
availability to create new Sprint cycles and close existing sprints with client approvals
and sign-offs.

Team Size: 12.
2 Front End designers.
4 SAP developers.
2 SAP Basis and Webservice engineers
4 Junior developers, testers, documentation and translation experts.

Project #2

HR Globalization and Mobility Roll Out Project.
Technologies : SAP HCM, SAP ABAP, MicroStrategy, Syclo Agentry Work Manager.
Role : SAP Senior Application Specialist

E-recruitment, ESS/MSS processes needs Managerial instant Approvals, Rejections, maintain
descriptions for leave approval processes, candidate selection processes, scheduling or updating
meeting calendar using mobile phones like Blackberry. View or edit Consolidated data from BI
systems for Managerial Analysis. MicroStrategy BI development for HR ScoreCards, Intranet
Portal integration and maintenance of Multi language OTR repository.

Responsibilities: (more specific to Syclo Agentry Work Manager 5.0)

Developing the Syclo Agentry HR Applications like Manager Approvals, Reasons for
Candidate Rejections, Delegating the task, Maintaining Requisition Information from
Mobile client and transmit to SAP HCM and ESS systems.
Building Complex tables, Data Tables, Fetch, Transaction and Transmit Configuration
in Agentry.
Designed Screensets, Screens, Navigations, Actions, Screen properties, validation on
fields, auto complete null fields for Candidate CV processing by Recruiting Specialists.
Creating POJO, Creating Java Connections between SAP and Agentry.
Worked little on Notifications, Push operations.
END to END enhancement using Bapi class, Bapi Wrapper SAP Object Factory.
Knowledge on END to END debugging scenario with Work Manager.
Assisted the Frontend design team for Layout configuration on Short term incentive
Microstrategy based HR Score Cards for Employee benefits, Employee training
expenses and other BI Report modifications and Dashboard development

Project #3

SAP Global E-recruitment Rollout

Technologies : SAP HCM, SAP ABAP, SAP E-Recruitment.
Role : SAP Application Specialist


Participate in technical Blueprint phase held at Germany (Customers site).
Estimate the resources required, negotiate project durations, assign & share tasks
among team mates.
Develop/ enhance/ modify the objects related to ABAP and HR configurations.
Customize employee and Applicant Master Data.
Test, debug and transport the objects to and fro among various systems for
consistency and hassle free service at production.
Consider dynamic changes & feedbacks from customers and update into the respective
systems and its corresponding applications.
Developed reports for Training & Event management on training catalog.
Developed reports, Enhanced BSP & WebDynpro Applications, Function Modules for E-
recruitment team.
Customize and configure OTRs for Global E-recruitment Bayer Job Portals.
Customize the HR system needs after implementing SAP for new plants, Companies
acquired through Mergers and Acquisitions.
Developed and modified various tasks for PA & OM team supporting UK, Germany and
US processes.
Developed reports and modified SAP Queries for BIW team supporting Argentina.
Preparing Technical Specifications for offshore teammates and co-ordinate with onsite

Project #4

Transforming Global HR
Employer: Technologies : SAP HCM, SAP ABAP.
Role : SAP Application Manager.

Global Roll in SAP HR Systems of Germany, USA, Australia, UK, and other European Countries
Unification of HR Business processes.


Joined the team during initialization phase of Implementation of THR to European
Large scale report migration to new system from local decentralized HR systems.
Large scale report migration, adaptability and corrections to suit Unicode
Develop/ enhance/ modify the objects related to ABAP and HR configurations.
Development of custom based reports and applications for integrating and adopting
global business processes across Europe and US.

Test, debug and transport the objects to and fro among various systems for
consistency and hassle free service at production.
Consider dynamic changes & feedbacks from customers and update into the respective
systems and its corresponding applications.
Developed reports for Pension for future/current retirees.
Developed report for OM to identify Hierarchy level based on Top-down / Bottom2up
managerial selections for selected Employee.
Display dynamic selection-view-download-Edit-PDF conversion report for Pensions.
Developed and modified various tasks for PA & OM team supporting UK, Germany and
US processes.

Project #5

SAP HCM ECC 6.0 - PA & OM Support
Technologies : SAP ABAP HR.
Role : SAP Application Manager.

Bayer Group of Company BMS, BCS, BHC - SAP HR Systems support and Development


Identification of 'CHANGED DOCUMENTS in HR documents and Infotypes.
Report to generate and list all Organizational units and display un-held managerial
Report to list an overview of average overtime worked by each employee in the
respective organization unit.
Worked on to generate a list of employees with recurring payments and deductions.
Preparing Technical Specifications for offshore teammates and co-ordinate with onsite
Generated a report to display the situations of open contracts with respect to a
purchasing group.
Generated a report to display the conformations of Purchase Orders with respect to
Purchasing Organization. It gives conformation details of purchase order items based
on conformation control key.
Generated a report to list out the delivery Performance of Vendors with respect to the
goods received. It gives details of purchase order items schedule lines, scheduled
quantity, items delivered dates, delivered quantity and calculates the difference
between scheduled and delivered dates.
Extended the materials, to new manufacturing plants set up, using MM01 transaction.
Designed and coded a batch input program to transfer customer master data from flat
file to SAP R/3 System.
Developed a report to find all material numbers, which have not been used and
transported material master data from flat file to SAP R/3 System.

People Management Skills:

Lead Business Excellence team of 6 members in India to formulate KPIs, monthly
evaluation with various Project Leads, Customer Feedbacks, Complaints, quarterly KPI
Reports, KPI improvement meetings and reviews with Project Teams.
Lead a team of 3 Microstrategy Dashboard developers giving them daily tasks,
monitoring report statuses, Analyzing interactive, user friendly, enhance Look and
Feel of the dashboards, widgets, Visualizations developed by the team.
Evaluate Quarterly performance for team size 26 working on various SAP and Non SAP
projects at Bayer BBS India.
Assist Global Project Manager in filing the PMP Performance Management Charts,
Objective Mappings, Targets, Customer Feedbacks, Project Deadlines, Entertainment
and Team Budget Expenses etc. from BBS India HRS IT team.
Lead a team of 2 Basis System Administration team from SAP, 2 Junior Microstrategy
Report Developers on the roles of Acting Team Lead.
Held internal trainings on Knowledge Transfers, Global Customer Interactions,
Internationalizations, Intercultural Differences and Behavioral expectations, German
Business customers, their expectations and consultants best practice to meets
Customer Satisfaction high.

Organizational Roles and Responsibilities:

Member of the Business Excellence team.
Frame internal KPIs Key Performance Indexes for various teams across the
Monitor the Quality aspects periodically collecting the KPI reports from respective
Team Leads.
Regulate, discuss and Inspect various factors affecting KPIs
Produce the Department KPIs to Quality and Business Excellence team.
Caliber the KPI measuring parameters every quarterly after reviewing the quarterly
Customer Satisfaction Surveys held across the globe.
Initiate Motivational, sensitizing activities in order to keep the employee motives high
and aim meeting the high ratings of customers.