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Review of the book Levels of Living Nature Conservation (transliteration of the Russian

title of the book: Urovni okhrany zhivoi prirody).

Yablokov A.V., Ostroumov S.A. Urovni okhrany zhivoi prirody.
Translation of the title: Levels of Nature Conservation. Co-authors: Yablokov A.V., Ostroumov S.A. [book
in Russian], published in Moscow (Russia), the publishers: Nauka.
Reference to cite this book, in English:
Yablokov A.V., Ostroumov S.A. Levels of Living Nature Conservation. 1985. Nauka Press.
Moscow. 176 p.
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The following is the text of the review, available at the web-site of World Catalog. At this catalog and
web-site, the reference to the book is: A. V. lAblokov. Urovni okhrany zhivoi prirody.

Urovni okhrany zhivoi prirody
by A V lAblokov

New ideas on nature conservation. By A.Yablokov, S.Ostroumov (seconds ago)

by Professor K.
Excellent book. New useful system of facts, ideas on nature conservation. The full and
more correct reference is:
Yablokov A.V., Ostroumov S.A. Levels of Living Nature Conservation. 1985. Nauka
Press. Moscow. 176 p. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1679.9366.
The book presented a fresh, unique and innovative approach to analysis of issues of
nature conservation. The authors invented a new productive conceptualization of the
new science of conservation biology. They proposed and used a very efficient
approach. This approach is based on the concept of levels of organization of living
systems. As a result, the authors, prominent biologists, transformed a huge mass of
facts on anthropogenic effects on nature (man-made impact on living organisms, the
biota, the biosphere) into a well-organized system of scientifically treated data.
The book presented also a unique system of axioms of nature conservation.
The book was translated into some other languages.
The citation of this book is excellent.
This unique, innovative book was ahead of its time, it will be useful to many who are
involved and interested in nature conservation and environmental protection. It is really
very useful and recommended to scientists, professors and students.
The full text of the book is
available: ;

I would like to give this book my very strong recommendations.
The key words: Nature Conservation, Conservation Biology, Biological
Conservation, biodiversity protection, Environment Protection, Biology, Wildlife
Conservation, Ecology, anthropogenic, man-made impact, Environmental Education


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