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Release date: 15
July 2014
Strategic partnership enables Coactia to continue to help
protect the public purse
Leading expert in counter-fraud and empty homes detection, Coactiva has
announced a strategic partnership with Civica, to help local authorities realise
signifcant fnancial savings.
The new partnership with Civica, the market leader in specialist systems and
business process services that help organisations across the public sector
transform the way they work, will combine Civicas !n"emand service, which the
organisation already provides to local authorities, with Coactivas Three#ixty
Council Tax $iew and Three#ixty %mpty &omes solutions.
'art of the Callcredit (nformation )roup, Coactivas solutions provide a natural
extension to Civicas o*ering, enabling local authorities to detect fraudulent
single persons discount at point of application and amongst existing claimants, it
will also monitor existing claimants for change of circumstances. Councils will
also be able to identify empty homes that can be brought back into use. The
money freed-up by both solutions can be used on vital front line services.
+ndrew "avis, "irector for 'ublic #ector, Coactiva said, -+t a time when budgets
and resources are stretched it is imperative that local authorities look at ways
they can maximise fnancial opportunities available to them. .e are delighted
that our partnership will make this easier to achieve.
-/y 0uickly assessing existing discount claimants for eligibility and preventing
false discount claims at point of application will help to make signifcant fnancial
savings. This, combined with identifying long-term empty properties that are
actually occupied, which can generate up to 1234,444 of 5ew &omes /onus
grants from the "epartment for Communities and Local )overnment over the
next six years, will help to protect the public purse further.6
)ary /ell, /'! "irector, Civica said, -Civica and Coactiva already have a strong
track record of working together in developing an in-depth understanding of how
the public sector can drive e7ciencies and make cost savings. .e have worked
on a number of pro8ects including risk based verifcation 9:/$; for the !pen
:evenues software. The combination of Civicas council tax and benefts
processing expertise and Coactivas robust data analysis will take the pain out of
identifying false claims and changes in circumstance, ensuring the tax base is
accurate, driving out fraud and error and maximising income to local
"or #ore in$or#ation contact:
"uncan /owker Lucy #mith +my /havra
': <anager 'ress !7cer 'ress !7cer
Callcredit (nformation
Callcredit (nformation
Callcredit (nformation
Tel, 4==2 2>> ?244 Tel, 4==2 2>> ?244 Tel, 4==2 2>> ?244
<obile, 4@33@ AB2 BB4 <obile, 4@>B @2C 3=4? <obile, 4@33 @=B ACC4
Cle#entine Stop$ord% Ciica &ress '(ce at )rands2*i$e% +0,20 -5.2 1200%
About Coactia part o$ the Callcredit in$or#ation 1roup 2
Leeds head-0uartered Callcredit (nformation )roup launched its public sector business in
A4== and ac0uired Coactiva in Eanuary A4=? further extending the range of innovative
products and services o*ered by Callcredit to the public sector.
%stablished in A44=, with o7ces in London and .ales, Coactiva is a pioneer in bringing
sophisticated, innovative F/ig "ata +nalytics G /usiness (ntelligence solutions into
everyday use within many public sector organisations.
Coactive combines Callcredits extensive public sector experience with technology
leadership, providing the uni0ue knowledge and insight to help make better, more
responsible decisions - and make a real di*erence to public services. Hocused on the
needs of local authorities and organisations within social housing, educational
establishments, the emergency services, health and leisure, central government,
communications and partnerships, Coactivas solutions are specifcally designed to
deliver real results for the public sector.
Coactivas leading edge approach to deploying consumer information can help plan
resources, connect with residents, increase revenues and fght fraud locally.
3hreeSi4ty Council 3a4 5iew
Three#ixty Council Tax $iew provides the most complete view of the household currently
available and can be used to detect fraud amongst existing claimants, monitor those
claimants for change of circumstances and prevent fraudulent applications before they
are claimed.
The service allows local authorities to integrate other in-house data sources, record
outcomes and baseline campaign performance.
3hreeSi4ty !#pty 6o#es
Three#ixty %mpty &omes has been specifcally designed to enable councils to establish if
a home is empty and, where applicable, take advantage of the 5ew &omes /onus.
The "epartment for Communities and Local )overnment 9"CL); incentivise Local
+uthorities in %ngland and .ales to increase the number of available
homes by allowing for new homes to be built or by bringing long-term
empty properties back into use. This incentive is called the 5ew
&omes /onus and is worth 1>,B3A per new property identifed.
About Ciica
Civica; is a market leader in specialist systems and business process
services for organisations across the public sector and around the world. Through
experienced people who understand service delivery, the )roup applies software, cloud-
based services and outsourcing to help customers transform the way they work. "rawing
on a uni0ue combination of people, technology and business process expertise, Civica
supplies more than A,344 organisations in the IJ, +ustralia, 5ew Kealand, #ingapore,
Canada and the I#+.