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Securing your property

Locking systems from ABUS

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What are the benefits
of a locking system
for my property?
A locking system is a decisive element in
ensuring a building has the highest levels
of security, comfort and fexibility. It
regulates who has access to your building,
and specifes each persons access rights.
An intelligent locking system is customised
to suit your individual needs and provides
an invisible structure that ensures your daily
routines run smoothly. You dont notice
a good locking system, it just works.
ABUS doesnt ofer an of-the-peg solution,
but rather a complete, well -designed unit
assembly system. This means you can select
the exact equipment you need. To help
you, we can advise on all aspects regarding
your buildings security, from planning the
locking system to selecting the right products
right up to implementation and installation.
In this brochure, we will take you on a
virtual tour of a building and show you how
you could beneft from its locking system.
ABUS locking systems
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ABUS locking systems
How can I reliably
secure my building?
An intelligent locking system welcomes its users and guests with
ease of use and perfect functionality. At the same time, it reliably
denies access to unwanted visitors. Innovative technology, the
highest product quality and the ABUS groups years of experience
in securing buildings all combine to give you additional security.
Dont worry. ABUS is there.
Protection from breakins and
manipulation attempts
ABUS locking systems guarantee the highest protection against
manipulation of the locking cylinder and break-in attempts. This
is ensured primarily by patent-protected technologies developed
by our engineers at the German ABUS sites. In addition, all
mechanical and electronic locking cylinders are efectively
protected from drilling and other physical damage. Extremely
high key copy protection prevents the production of illegal copies
of your locking equipment.
Protection according to insurance standards
An ABUS locking system will help you to meet high security
standards. The special design of the VdS-certifed ABUS cylinders
protects the cylinders from being opened by unauthorised
people, guaranteeing you optimum legal protection.
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With ABUS locking systems, opening and
closing the door becomes an enjoyable
experience and access control is a pleasure.
Everything fts perfectly into the hand and
is just asking to be used.
Think simple
A locking system opens doors for you every
day, so you shouldnt have to think hard
in order to use it. Rely on the simple, yet
secure, usability of your locking system.
Form follows function. Good design is
simple design.
One key for everything
Doors, lif, underground car park, cup-
boards, time trackers, canteen payment
systems. With an ABUS locking system, all
this can be operated with just one key. The
multiple cylinders integrated into your
locking system work together to achieve
this. The locking system covers everything
that is locked or needs access permissions.
When is a
locking system
ABUS locking systems
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Cost efective and fexible
With the unique unit assembly system from ABUS
you have great fexibility when it comes to planning
your locking system; even with a tight budget you
wont need to cut corners when it comes to security.
Keep long-term control over costs
At ABUS, we think beyond the installation of your
locking system, and know the costs of running it
over the years. The reliability and fexibility of the
products and the options to combine them, along
with our service packages mean that the locking
system quickly pays for itself and more, in the
long term.
Security for your investment
Flexibility means security: the security that your
locking system will be able to grow to meet all
future challenges. With the unique range of
products that the mechanical and electronics
specialists ABUS Pfafenhain and ABUS Seccor
can ofer, you will always be on the safe side.
Is there a
locking system to
fit my budget?
ABUS locking systems
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Professional installation
Professional implementation of your locking system
from planning to installation is just as important as
the products and solutions themselves. To make sure
that everything runs smoothly, we and our specialist
installation team will guide and advise you at every
stage of the project.
High-quality service
The ABUS specialist installation team will be at
your side throughout the process as a constant point
of contact for your questions and requests. The
close contact between ABUS installers and the ABUS
sales and technical support teams guarantees you
high quality and fast reaction times as part of your
service package.
This gives you: a well-designed plan taking into
account all individual requirements, swif, clean
installation and competent maintenance and care
during the entire project phase and beyond so you
can be sure that everything will run according to plan.

Who guarantees that
the implementation
will work?
ABUS locking systems
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ABUS locking systems
Future-proofing and expandability
The locking system is an investment in your
security and should be suitable for many years
of use. No building stays still. Buildings breathe,
grow, change. So stay fexible.
The future at a glance
To ensure that your locking system can grow
to meet all future demands, ABUS locking systems
can be expanded at any time and provide you
with maximum scope to develop and change,
for example if you choose to extend your building.
We can deliver expansion products for your locking
system for many years afer installation.

Ready for everything
With ABUS locking systems, you can create
specialised solutions such as remote access,
combined alarm arming or controlling access
to technical resources or electrical switches.
Combine mechanical and electronic cylinders
and operate everything with just one key. And
if something changes? Then your ABUS partner
is by your side.
How future-proof
should my locking
system be?
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Electronic access control,
mechanical locking systems
or a combination of both
Custom-made solutions
The ABUS unit assembly system of mechanical and electronic cylinders
and fttings as well as a wide range of additional modules provide
everything you need to secure your property perfectly, without leaving
any gaps. You will beneft from a large variety of combination options
as well as our many years of expertise in the two product areas.
The portfolio is well designed, complete and covers even the most
specialised requirements. This means that you can create an integrated
system, rather than an isolated solution.
ABUS locking systems
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Everything you need for intelligent
building security: always
suitable for retrofitting and expansion
Product portfolio
The ZL cylinder series and the
EL and ELT input units provide
secure access and simple control
over electronic switches.
1001 CodeLoxx: This cylinder series leaves no wish
unfulflled. It can be operated using chip keys, as well as
proximity media or number codes (keyboard or dial). The
cylinder can also be connected to alarm equipment and
remote controls. CodeLoxx is also available for panic doors.
Mechanical locking systems
However varied the requirements of a locking system,
the ABUS product range is just as wide. High security
system or functional solution, reversible or conventional
keys our portfolio of mechanical locking systems has
the right product for every need.
Combi Key Cap
With the Combi Key Cap both
mechanical and electronic
cylinders can be locked with
just one key. The alarm can also
be armed using this device.
The Bravus locking system with its convenient reversible
keys sets new security standards. It is equipped with the
patented Intellitec system and guarantees the highest
technical and legal key copy protection.
ABUS locking systems
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Intellitec system in Bravus
and Y14 Deltus
No chance of black keys! The patent-protected
Intellitec system is a recently developed control
unit for keys and cylinders to provide the highest
protection from illegal key copying and manipu-
lation of the cylinder. The Intellitec system stands
out from the crowd with its unique combination
of patent protection until 2030*, indefnite
trademark protection and the highest level
of technical key copy protection.
Mechanical and electronic
systems combined
Combining mechanical and electronic systems in
a single locking system is very easy with ABUS.
This is made possible by combining mechanical
keys with a key cap, into which up to two trans-
ponders can be integrated. The key caps can be
put in place directly afer installation, or retro-
ftted at any time in the future. This keeps your
options open to expand to other mechanical or
electronic components in future.
Cylinder variety
The great variety of cylinder types makes it
possible to create individual solutions to meet
the challenges of both small and very large
master key systems. From an underground car
park to entrance doors, through to cupboards
and letter boxes, every lock in the building can
be integrated into the locking system. The variety
of specialised equipment means that the lock-
ing system can grow to meet all possible future
Alarm arming
Combine your access control and alarm equipment
to create a perfectly coordinated unit. This means
you can always be sure that everything in your
property is running and the alarm equipment is
always in the right mode. Defne diferent secure
areas with up to four doors to reduce faults and
false alarms. As access to the building is only given
when the alarm is unarmed, you no longer need
to build in locking elements. You can also program
special codes for silent alarms and internally
armed conditions. System changes are confrmed
with an optical signal to the cylinder.
Made in Germany
At the ABUS sites in Germany, we make, test and produce high-quality locking systems for
commercial and private customers. ABUS has many years of experience in developing locking
systems both mechanical and electronic. The locking cylinders meet the relevant German
and European DIN and quality standards and can also be ftted to ensure compliance with
relevant insurance standards both in Germany and abroad.
Innovative products and patented technologies provide important advantages in protecting
and securing people and their property, both today and in the future. Outstanding
workmanship and dedication to quality are at the heart of what ABUS employees do.
You can rely on Security Tech Germany. With ABUS locking systems.
Your security advantage:
wellengineered, intelligent technologies
Intelligent technology
ABUS locking systems
* Patent applied for, max. duration to 2030
CodeLoxx extension system
The end of costly measuring errors! Thanks to the
unique modular assembly, the CodeLoxx double
knob cylinder can ft onto doors of almost any
thickness. This means that relocations and door
leaf replacements are less daunting.
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The ABUS promise
The ABUS promise covers more than the product and its functionality.
It stems from the trust that millions of customers around the world
place in us. This trust is both an obligation and incentive for all
members of the ABUS family to be an engaging and competent part-
ner. This is true both of the ABUS employees and the ABUS specialised
installation teams who ensure that the products and technologies
combine to create a strong security package for you.
The ABUS promise is about
more than just the product.
The ABUS Group is an internationally oriented group and is the
global ambassador for Security Tech Germany. Our portfolio
includes not only mechanical and electronic locking systems,
but also other products in the areas of home and mobile security,
video surveillance, hazard alarms and alarm equipment. The large
range of security solutions creates numerous synergies within the
group. As a result, we can create security systems for buildings with
products from a single source within well-planned concepts and
integrated solutions.
A strong group
for your security
Providing security since 1924: ABUS provides a valuable, responsible
contribution towards the protection of life and property and
boosts security in many areas of life. ABUS security solutions for
intelligent building security are widely used around the world and
range from mechanical and electronic locking systems to alarm
equipment and window security, right up to video surveillance
solutions. Our tradition enforces our passion for the highest quality
and a clear vision of future security requirements.
ABUS Tradition and future
ABUS Group
Trust and partnership
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Magdeburg Campus Tower,
Architecture Groupe 6, 2010
Burj Al Arab, UAE
Collge Paul Langevin,
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire,
Herdecke Gas Factory, Germany
Donauwrth Volkshochschule,
Ozeaneum, Germany
ABUS Group
German Clock Museum,
Elbe Ofce, Germany
ABUS locking systems have been tried and tested
all over the world and our many happy customers
are very satisfed with their security. This covers
everything from small projects to very large
properties. ABUS ofers a custom solution for every
building our global references support this.
Whether you choose a mechanical locking system,
electronic access control system or a hybrid locking
system ABUS solutions fulfl even the highest
requirements for fexibility, security and cost-
efectiveness. Try it out!
Proven: globally
and in every dimension
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