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Dear Reader,
A significant portion of all mail sent to CHIP solicits technical support. There are some who ask “Which is the best graphics card to buy?” while others want us to advise them on PC configurations. And then, there are some who encounter quirky performance, strange system behavior, and unexplained error messages. If your system is on a warranty, you’d naturally dial tech support. If it’s an Internet problem, there’s the service provider’s help line. And if you’re lucky, there’s a tech guru in the neighborhood. And then there’s Dr. CHIP. Who is Dr. CHIP? Is he a person in the CHIP team? What’s his real name? In the Dr. CHIP section within the magazine, you see a vector drawing of a young engineer in a lab coat. We have tried to keep the true identity of Dr. CHIP a secret. But you may already know him, as he sometimes replies directly to damsels (and lads) in distress. But for the rest of us, we have to wait a month to see the reply to our question in the magazine. And what if you missed an issue? We hit upon the idea of compiling a book on all Dr. CHIP’s prescriptions, antidotes, diagnoses and cures. You might think of it as a book of secret magic spells! So here it is, in an e-book format. We hope you enjoy reading this e-book and find a solution that suits you. Meanwhile, keep those queries coming to drchip@chip.in

– Team CHIP

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you will need a floppy drive and one floppy disk without any bad sectors. This floppy should be bootable too. The rest of the procedure is given in the driver CD. If the BIOS software is Windows-based, then all you have to do is install the software and run it in Windows over an active Internet connection. The software will automatically connect to the required website, check your current BIOS version, and download
Make sure you install the right frequency memory when pairing or clubbing with older modules.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. My system’s configuration is: Pentium 3 processor 866 MHz, 256 MB RAM, and a 40 GB hard disk. My motherboard is made by Intel. I bought the system in 1999. I have a broadband connection of 256 kbps. About a month back, I bought a 256 MB SD RAM module and now the total RAM is 512 MB. After adding the new RAM, the system started restarting at the point where the HP logo
Sachin Pandit

the latest version from the Internet. [Q] Whenever I start my PC, I get a

Use good quality CD/DVD cleaning kits to ensure smooth running of your optical drives.

All download managers are good enough. You can try ‘Internet Download Manager’, a free option, which is also good. It is also quite light on the memory and downloads faster too. [Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I have to upgrade my BIOS using Windows XP. How can I do it? Please guide me first on XP and then in DOS modes. I downloaded a new version of the BIOS but I don’t know how to upgrade it. I use Gigabyte Motherboard P4 -G85333 F4.
– Rakesh Dhawde

message that asks me to increase the ‘maximum registry size’. How can I do this? The OS of the PC is Windows 2000 and it has 128 MB of RAM.
– Lalit

The DVD drive seems to have a dirty or weak lens. Use a good lens cleaning kit to clean the DVD lens or just open it and clean the lens using a soft earbud dipped in alcohol or spirit. If this does not solve the problem, then you will have to repair or replace the DVD drive. [Q] Dear Dr. CHIP. I have a problem with my PC. Recently it seemed to be suffering from a spyware attack, but I did not fiddle with any config files in the Control Panel or registry. I used Ad-Aware to remove the spyware, but still an adware icon remains near the clock display and it keeps warning me. When I click on it, it takes me to the link: ‘http://winantivirus.com/ download/2007/index.php?aid=swp_ wa7p_mrt_wav-d2007&lid=6018&affi d=pp_915758844&ax=1&ex=1&h=10& j=1&ed=2&ax=1&ex=1&ed=1&purl=.’ When I click on the Windows security alert pop up, I get a message that says ‘This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator’. I used Hijackthis, but

appears on the screen. I sought the help of a computer engineer, but he did not give me a proper reason. He said that the two [Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, I have a problem with my boot loader. I have installed two operating systems on my PC. When I installed Fedora 7 it was booting properly but after I installed Windows XP SP2, it is not giving me the option for Fedora.
– Vallabh Bodhane

RAM modules are clashing with each other. What does that mean? My system has SD RAM slots and the OS is Windows XP Media Center. Also, which is the best free download manager? Download Accelerator Plus or Free Download Manager? Which is the best shareware, Mass Downloader or DAP Premium? I use Norton Antivirus 2007 and the computer engineer said that it is not a good antivirus. Is that true?
– Avinesh

Change the size of the registry maintained by Windows if it is needed.

Updating the BIOS is a very risky job. Make sure you won’t have any power problems while doing so. You should not even attempt it if you face frequent power cuts in your area. Having a UPS would be good. This is because while updating the BIOS, if there is a power failure, it doesn’t get flashed completely, and so your motherboard can be irreparably damaged. Your motherboard comes with a driver CD that contains the necessary software for updating the BIOS. The manual or the driver CD will give you the instructions to do it yourself. If it’s a DOS program, then To increase the maximum size of your registry when using Windows 2000, open the ‘System Properties’ dialog box on the Control Panel (click on ‘Start | Settings | Control Panel’, and then double-click on the ‘System’ icon). Click on the ‘Performance’ tab and then click on the ‘Change’ button under Virtual Memory. The Maximum Registry Size (MB) field is at the very bottom of the dialog box. You shouldn’t have to increase it too much to make enough room for new registry entries. Add about 5 MB to 10 MB to the current setting and enter the new number in the Maximum Registry Size (MB) field. Click on ‘OK’ and restart your system when Windows prompts you to do so. [Q] Hi CHIP. I have a Sony DVD writer. When I insert a DVD in this writer, the system does not detect it, but the same DVD works fine on another DVD drive. Please tell me how this problem can be
Make sure the BIOS flash program is correct and you have the right BIOS update.

You have installed the operating systems in the wrong sequence. Linux should be installed last. I assume that Windows is working properly now. To get Linux running on your machine, boot from the Linux CD and enter the Rescue mode. Reload GRUB and you should have Linux running on your system properly. You may seek the help of a Linux user group or a friend who is familiar with Linux.

Your new memory module is the culprit. The speed of does not match that of your old memory module. One may be 100 MHz and the other may be 133 MHz. Try using only the older module and see if Windows runs normally. Then try using only the new one and monitor what happens. You may have to install Windows again or repair it because of the OS crashes. It is also possible that the new module is faulty or the motherboard’s memory slots are dusty or faulty. Have these checked and you should have your system working fine again. Norton is a good antivirus program but definitely slows down your computer. You may want to use a lighter one such as AVG if you

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

Install Linux only after installing all Microsoft Operating systems and use GRUB to restore problems if any.

wish. Download it for free from ‘http://free. grisoft.com’.

– Arvind Kumar

Fake antivirus and antispyware programs like this one can cause a lot of damage to your data.

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the Winantivirus link is not displayed on it. Please help me. Thanks.
– Vijay Krishna

WapCHK.dll rpt.dll awvtr.dll yayyvsp.dll fcyxx.dll gebxyax.dll asmngr.dll fopnl.dll IEFWBHO.dll Scnkrnl.dll settings.dll sqlite3.dll WAV6COM.dll winpgi.dll BORLNDMM.dll SCANADWR.dll SCANBCDR.dll SCANLDR.DLL SCANDOS1.dll SCANEMUL.dll SCANFUNC.dll SCANMCRL.dll SCANOTHR.dll SCANSCR.dll SCANTOOL.dll SCANTROJ.dll SCANWIN1.dll UNACPU.dll UNADBX.dll unamscan.dll UNMIME.dll UNPACK.dll UNPACKS.dll UNPACKS2.dll UNPEPACK.dll Finally, restart your computer and check if the problem still exists. If yes, then you may have to do the procedure all over again. Please ensure that the Internet is disconnected when doing this. I would recommend following these steps while in Safe Mode. [Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I am using an HCL PC with Media Center Edition and a dual core processor. I have two problems. I hope you will help me in this context. Your Windows operating system seems to have been corrupted. Please make sure you have antivirus and antispyware programs installed with the latest updates. This is to rule out any virus/ malware interfering with your system performance. Follow these steps:

replace them. Make sure you have your Windows XP CD handy while the system performs this task.

 If you still don’t solve the problem, then
System File Checker (SFC) program in Windows can clear corrupted system files.

WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 is also known as WinFixer and WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 previously. It is a fake antispyware program, and is a nightmare for computer users. WinAntiVirus Pro 2007, the latest incarnation of this program, usually installs itself on your PC without your permission, through Trojans and viruses. It will greatly degrade PC performance, generate system errors, and also display fake system or security alerts. This is to trick the user into buying the paid version of WinAntiVirus Pro 2007. (If your homepage is hijacked, your browser might redirect you to Winantivirus.com)
Manual ReMoval InsTRuCTIons:

the final alternative would be to back up your hard drive and reinstall the operating system all over again. [Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I wrote to you recently that I had used my GeForce 8500GT card with a 120 Watt SMPS when a 350 Watt SMPS was required. The processor was running at high temperatures. You asked me to apply coolant paste. I have tried it but the problem still persists. Recently my system restarted suddenly and I got a message that said ‘The processor was shut down due to thermal overheating. Please service the unit immediately’. I restarted the system and it is running normally. Is there anything wrong with my processor? The average temperature of the processor ranges from 95 to 105 degrees Celsius. My computer has 1 GB RAM and uses a Pentium 4 processor.
– Kumar S

Windows system DLLs’.

Stop the following WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 processes running in the memory: mav_startupmon.exe uwa7pcw.exe rtasks.exe WinAv.exe wa7pinst.exe Search for and remove the following WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Registry values: 2178F3FB-2560-458f-BDEE631E2FE0DFE4 6F520BE0-9B54-4558-816F224E67997DF3 459F4226-1AAB-43B6-9DC1B6313EF83749 1AC5C88A-DEA7-462b-A23204AF5CA42E7E 723D54C7-7483-4EB8-8EEDCE5B2AEA534D Find and Delete these WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Files: WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 WinAv.exe uwa7pcw.exe mav_startupmon mav_startupmon.exe rtasks rtasks.exe wa7pinst.exe IH.exe WinAntiVirus Pro 2007.lnk Reinstall or Uninstall WinAntiVirus Pro 2007.lnk WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Manual.lnk

 soFTwaRe Is noT woRkIng: I bought a digital web camera from HCL last year. A CD was bundled with that camera. One of the programs on its CD is Ulead Photo Express 4.0 SE. Initially, it worked very well for photo editing. Now, when I click the icon I get no response. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this program many times. While reinstalling the software, I get no message. When the icon is clicked also I get no response. All the other programs on this CD such as Photo Explorer, Cam 6200, and Power Director are running properly. However, Ulead Photo Express 4.0 SE runs properly on my office system. Even my friends have installed this program without any problems. Please help me.
– Suresh Chauhan

Make use of better and bigger cooling fans if your processor needs more cooling.

The website ‘Filext.com’ informs you about the use of any file extension you may have.

find or buy additional fans, then you may keep the cabinet door open and keep a table fan facing the motherboard. This will give all the components sufficient cool air for operating.

If you do not know which program opens a file with a particular extension, check the extensions on ‘http://filext. com’. The ‘.uif’ is a Magic ISO Universal Image Format File and ‘.daa’ is a PowerISO Direct-Access Archive. You will need the respective programs to use these files.

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I have a few problems with my torrent downloads. Some downloads have extensions such as .uif and .daa. I have no knowledge about using these files. Is there a need for conversion of the extensions? Are special programs that read the extensions available? These files are eBooks that I need to refer to immediately. Some of the files are applications. I use µTorrent for downloads. The icon of µTorrent is shown in the system tray. The problem is that my brother and some of my friends use my system and sometimes they exit µTorrent, resulting in the download getting terminated. Is there any way to make the µtorrent icon disappear from the system tray without affecting my download? (I don’t want any other user to know that currently a download is in progress via µTorrent).
– Shankar

Try using the program Bitcomet for downloading torrents. As an example, in this program, when you press ‘ALT + ~’ the icon in the system tray will disappear. Press the same keys again and it will appear again. Try looking for more download applications which can hide the icon from the system tray and work in stealth mode. Most applications that can do this may need to be purchased or licensed.

Your computer CPU is working above the normal temperature. This can cause errors and can reduce the life of your processor and other components. If the CPU is heating too much, I think it is time to change your CPU cooler. Consider another fan (buy an original one) or install a third party fan from Cooler Master. Also, install additional cabinet fans to ensure adequate ventilation. This should keep the cabinet cool. Keep the cabinet in a proper place where there is sufficient air flow around it and none of the vents are blocked. Keep the inside of your cabinet clean all the time. If you cannot afford to

 CalCulaToR Is noT woRkIng: While clicking on the calculator icon, I get a message that says ‘The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll occupied an address range reserved for

 Make sure your computer is clean from the inside. Clean all the dust with a good blower and a brush. Clean the memory slots and memory modules thoroughly. Do this at your own risk.  Run scandisk and defrag your computer’s hard drive.  Delete any temp files found.  Install a registry cleaning utility and scan your registry for problems.  Reinstall any software that does not work.  If you still cannot solve the problem, click on ‘start | run’ and type ‘SFC / SCANNOW’ and press [Enter]. This will check your computer’s operating system files for any corrupted or deleted files and

Defragmenting tools like VoptXP can be used to monitor and efficiently defrag your hard drive.

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[Q] Hi CHIP. I have been facing a problem for a while now. The defragmenter (preloaded) is not responding. How do I fix this? However, I have installed another defragmenter from CHIP DVD. Yet, I would like to know how to fix the default one. My OS is XP Professional SP2.
– Gauranga B hattacharya

problems. When I connected his UPS to my PC, the same problem occurred again. What should I do now? Please help me. My CPU has an 865 Mercury motherboard, Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz Processor, 768 MB of RAM, 400 W SMPS, and I run design applications such as Pro E, AutoCAD, and Inventers.
– Manish Kumar

archive files, which have password security. But I have lost the password to extract the files stored in these archives. Please tell me how I can recover my files from these archives. Have I lost all my data in these archives?

[3] Recently My RAM (Transcend DDR2
Partition Magic can partition your drive without reinstalling your operating system.

Try installing the Windows XP SP2 again. This should replace the necessary files. Alternatively, you can do the following. You can reinstall all corrupted or missing files by using the command ‘SFC /SCANNOW’ in Windows XP. Just type the command in the ‘Start | Run’ dialog box. You will require the original Windows installation CD for the same. [Q] Hi CHIP. I have a problem with my computer’s monitor (HCL). My PC monitor desktop screen goes into a roll state but when I place my hand on the upper part of my monitor and then press it lightly or strongly, it returns to normal.
– Arnab Chatterjee

Keep your DVD writer in good shape by cleaning it regularly.

533 MHz 1 GB) got corrupted and I got a replacement from the manufacturer. After the replacement, the LED of HDD of my PC constantly shows the access state, which means that it comes ON when the power button of the PC is pressed and is OFF only when the power button is pressed to switch off the PC. I tried clearing RTC RAM by setting a jumper of the Motherboard from the manual but I can’t solve my problem. My motherboard is ASUS M2N SLI-Deluxe and HDD is a Seagate 250 GB SATA drive.
– Vaibhav B. Pandya

Your computer seems to have a faulty or weak SMPS (PSU or power supply unit). The UPS may not be an online UPS and the system restarts due to the small spikes in power supply that happen when the UPS switches from power mode to battery mode. These spikes cannot be handled by your SMPS. An online UPS powers the system continuously through the battery and does not have this switching problem. Please have your SMPS checked or replaced.

read scratched DVDs that can be read by my friend’s LG drive. It shows an error message that says ‘Unexpected DVD error’ or ‘Cannot read a portion of the disk, the playback may be affected’ and stops playing. Even disks with slight scratches are not read. Most of my DVD collection is at a standstill. How can I get them read by my DVD writer?
– Arun Raj

Ethernet ports, he gets 10 Mbps speed. However, both motherboards support 100 Mbps speed. I can say this because when we set ‘auto negotiation’ as the value of the Speed & Duplex Setting of his NIC Adapter, Windows XP SP2 automatically sets the connection speed at 100 Mbps and displays the status as ‘Local Area Network Connected at 100 Mbps’. But the status of the connection was ‘The Ethernet Cable is unplugged’. When we set the value of the above Speed & Duplex Setting as ‘10 Mbps, full duplex’, the status of the network connection suddenly changed to ‘You are connected to the network’. How is this possible? When the NIC can give 100 Mbps according to the operating system, how can the connection fail to connect to the network? Also, when the NIC’s speed is decreased, it connects successfully. When we told our computer engineer about this problem, he told us that the label ‘10’ displays the speed with a normal crossover cable, while the label ‘100’ displays the speed that we can achieve from a network connected through hubs and switches. Is it true?

You can make a cross cable by following the above diagram.

RAR password cracker from the Internet. Pay online and use it. If you use it for free, then there are limitations such as a maximum password length. Or it may not give you the whole password and prompt you to purchase a license to get the cracked password. You might have to purchase software to crack RAR archives properly. It will be costing you approximately Rs 1,200.

[Q] Hello CHIP. I want to know if The DVD writer’s lens is either dirty or has become weak. You may be able to have it replaced if it is still covered by the warranty. Or else, just go in for a new one as repairing makes no sense when a new one with a one year warranty is available for under Rs 1800. [Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I’m having a restarting problem with my PC. I have already installed a UPS. However, at times, my system restarts as soon as the power fails, although it works fine on other occasions. I am quite annoyed by this problem. To solve Formatting the hard drive will not cause problems. Changing the partition’s size without transferring any data can be done with the help of programs such as Partition Magic. But be careful because if there is a power problem or if the PC hangs while doing the resizing of the partition, there could be permanent data loss. You have to always take backups. constant formatting will damage the hard drive. I have six partitions (C, D, E, F, G, and H) on my hard drive. I also want to know if I can interchange spaces in drives C and D without interfering with the data in other drives. Please help me.
– Arvind Kumar

[3] Your operating system may be hiding
some software in the background or it could be a malware intrusion. Check your computer using antivirus and antispyware from companies such as AVG and Lavasoft which provide freeware or use the products from Norton or McAfee, which are paid versions. Use ‘process explorer’ to check which software is running in the background and kill it if you have not started the software yourself. If the problem is not solved, try cleaning the RAM module or changing it. But if the LED light is not causing any trouble and your system isn’t slowing down, then allow it to remain so. But you should change the RAM module. See if you can get a replacement from the manufacturer while it is still covered by the warranty.  If you have any computer related queries, write to Francis D’Sa (drchip@chip-india.com)

Hello Vaibhav,

[1] Hubs and switches rated 10/100 can
have a speed of 100 Mbps. Systems connected to each other with crosscables should reach 100 Mbps, provided all network cards, huns, switches and cables are 100 Mbps compatible. If any one is 10 Mbps, then all will operate at the speed of 10 Mbps. To solve your problem, try replacing the drivers for the network card. Try changing the network cable. Finally, add a separate PCI Ethernet card and then try with that. You do not need to change the speed of the card at the software level. The NIC should be able to switch speeds automatically depending on the network bandwidth.

Bad soldering, loose wiring, dust and over heating can cause electronic problems in the monitor.

this problem, I connected my UPS to my friend’s PC and we faced no

If you know how to repair electronic equipment, then you may open the monitor and check for loose cables and wires. Also, ensure there is no dry solder on the circuit board. If you do not know anything about repairing electronic equipment, then I would suggest calling the service center. [Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I’m having a problem with playing DVDs on my PC. I have a SONY DRU170c DVD writer and it can’t

[2] You will have to purchase software [Q] Hello, Dr. CHIP. I must say that the
solutions you suggest are to the point and easy to follow. I am facing the following problems. Please help me solve them.

[2] I have a huge collection of RAR

to crack the passwords. Download a

[1] My friend has two Intel-based
systems. One uses an Intel 945G original motherboard, and the other
Keep your computer safe from power failures and surges by using a good quality online UPS.

an Intel 915G. Network adapters are from Realtek (onboard). When he connects his PC through the RJ45
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

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on your system properly. You may seek the help of a Linux user group or a friend who is familiar with Linux. [Q] Dear Dr. CHIP, you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. My computer got infected by some virus and many of my system files became infected. I installed ‘AVG free edition’ antivirus [from the CHIP DVD] and found the viruses and the infected files.
Sachin Pandit

there any other alternate file recovery program that can help fix my PC? Please also tell me how to make my CD drive work. I am planning to install Fedora Core 6 from the CHIP DVD [December 2006]. Also, I would like learn programming. Can you tell me about the websites that teach programming for free? Do SUSE Linux and Damn Small Linux have the same features? Are they both the same?
– Nebu Philip

one costs around Rs 1500 and getting a new one will be better than repairing the older one. Linux is a broad term used for all operating system distributions based on the GNU/Linux kernel which is a derivative of Unix. SUSE, Mandrake, Red Hat, and Damn Small Linux are different distributions of Linux. Finally, there are not many websites that teach programming for free. You can try one of these websites (www. w3schools.com or www.codeguru.com) or search the Internet for e-books and free downloads. [Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I have created an account name under the name ‘n’ but now I want to delete that account. However, I am not able to delete it. I have gone to ‘User Accounts’ in the Control Panel but there I have not found any option to delete an account. Please send me the procedure required to delete that account.
– Amit Kumar Panjiyar

Use the Add / Remove Programs option from the control panel to uninstall any unnecessary programs. Don’t delete the folders directly.

Vista in one drive, which took about 12 GB of that drive. So, I thought of installing other programs in another drive so as to keep my Windows drive free. But unfortunately I installed Nero in the Windows drive. So I thought about changing the drive in which I installed Nero. I didn’t uninstall it, but deleted the files in the C: drive (in the Program Files folder). I again tried installing it but there was no installation option. There were only options to modify, remove, and repair. When I tried these options, I got an error message. I do not have any CD burning software right now. Can I know if there are any other CD/DVD burning programs or can I fix this problem? There is no corruption in the installation file. I am sure about it because I installed it on another drive—the Windows drive. I’m unable to install it again. Nero is still there

Hello Phillip, You seem to have tried many things to get rid of the virus. Now that the system files are corrupted, you will have to replace all the corrupted and deleted files. But your CD drive is not working and you cannot copy any files from your CD-ROM. In this case, follow these steps.  Make sure your computer is free from viruses. Update and scan with the antivirus program. If you cannot run Windows, request a friend to help you. Remove the hard drive from your computer and connect it as a slave to the friend’s computer. Update the antivirus software on his computer before you do so. Then scan your hard drive for viruses and repair it.  If you are able to clean the viruses from your machine then delete all restore points and temporary folders from your computer. These may include viruses that were backed up along with your data.  Ask a friend to let you use his computer for 10 minutes. Plug in a thumb drive into the USB port of his computer, insert your Windows Me CD into his drive, and copy all the contents of the Windows Me CD to the thumb drive.  Now unplug the thumb drive and plug it to your computer. Copy the contents to your computer.  Either choose to repair your computer using ‘SFC’ from ‘Start | Run’ or reinstall Windows over the current installation so that Windows can replace the damaged system files of your computer (recommended).  Finally, get your CD-ROM drive repaired or buy a new DVD writer. A new

All the infected files were dumped into the [Q] Hi Dr. CHIP, I am Vishal from New Delhi. I have a serious problem with my CD and DVD drives. I was previously running Windows XP SP2 and all was fine, but I recently installed windows Vista Ultimate Edition. For some time, the CD and DVD drives were working well, but my PC crashed once and when I restarted it, the CD and DVD drive icons had disappeared from ‘My Computer’. I checked the device manager and it showed the message, ‘Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (CODE 19)’. The location of the CD drive is ‘Location 1 (channel 1, target 1, LUN 0) and the location of the DVD drive is ‘Location 0 (channel 1, target 0, LUN 0)’. I do not have any antivirus software installed. Could the reason be malware? Should I reinstall Windows? But I do not want to format my C: drive. Can you please help me?
– Vishal Basra

‘Virus Vault’. Then I tried to clean those infected files, but the antivirus program couldn’t do it. Later, my younger brother deleted those files and restarted the computer. When the computer started, I tried to log into my user account. But the desktop wallpaper’s color looked as if it was scribbled on. Then I went to Control Panel to check the display properties. I set it to ‘High Color’ and restarted the computer. However, the desktop wallpaper still looked as if it was scribbled on. I started the computer in ‘Safe Mode’ and tried ‘Help and Support’ to solve my problem but I failed. My computer had made some ‘restore points’. But I couldn’t restore it because the virus had corrupted them. I used ‘PC Inspector File Recovery’ to restore the files but that also did not help solve the problem. Now the option left for me is to reinstall Windows. But to make the situation worse, the CD drive stopped working when an error occurred. I used ‘scandisk’ to fix the error. The error was fixed, but the CD drive is still not working. Is there any way to restore my PC back to the point where it was working fine? I even tried ‘System Restore’ but that did not help me. I am using Windows Me. Is

Delete a user from Windows using User accounts in the control panel.

on the All Programs list. When I try to uninstall Nero from there, it doesn’t work and shows the same messages.
– Vamsi Dasari

You will have to log in through an account that has administrator rights and permissions in order to delete the account. Once logged in, choose the account you want to delete, then choose the option to delete the account and then decide whether you want to save the files created in that account or not. [Q] Hi, Dr. CHIP. I’m having a serious problem with my Nero installation. I’m using a Pentium IV, 1.5 GB of RAM, and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. My 80 GB hard disk is divided into four partitions of 20 GB each. I installed

You have made a mistake while removing the application. You did not uninstall it, but deleted the folder, which means that many other components are still left behind and Windows has no way of knowing the program is meant to be removed. You have four options now. The first option is use other CD/DVD burning software such as Roxio, Deep Burner, or Fox DVD Creator. The second option is to reinstall your whole operating system. The third option is to use a Registry cleaner along with Windows install clean-up
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

You have installed the operating systems in the wrong sequence. Linux should be installed last. I assume that Windows is working properly now. To get Linux running on your machine, boot from the Linux CD and enter the Rescue mode. Reload GRUB and you should have Linux running

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

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software to remove the remnants of the old software. The fourth and best option is to install the same application on a friend’s computer which has the same operating system. Then copy the files you deleted from his computer to the same location on your computer. Make sure you install the software in the C: drive (where you had installed Nero on your computer) on his computer. Later, you may uninstall the software from both computers. Let me know what you did and which method worked best for you. [Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, I am big fan of CHIP. I have a problem with my PC. When I turned it on there was no booting (no beep sound, but the fan is moving). Later, I examined the motherboard and processor (P3) on a working rig, but they did not work. The motherboard and processor are totally damaged, I think. Is this so? Please tell me what I should do. It’s urgent. Thank you.
– Amiya Patra

Internet without any difficulty. After I bought a new PC (Pentium E2140, D945 MB, 160 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, DVD writer, Windows XP Professional, BIOS version/date-Intel corp. Nl94510 j.86a.0010.2007.0523.1650, 5/23/2007, SMBIOS version-2.4), I am trying to use the same handset to connect to the Internet. But the problem is, though the modem is found installed in my PC, when it comes to connecting to the Internet, the status message ‘connecting to the device’ shows on the dial-up window, but no such status is found on the screen of the mobile handset. After 5-7 seconds, the system (processing, keyboard & mouse) stops working and hangs. Then I have no choice but to press the ‘Reset’ button to restart. I have tried reinstalling the OS, cleaning the unwanted registry entries using Windows registry repair software, and scanning the system with Quick Heal Total Security antivirus. I am sure and have hope that you will get back to me with a solution. Thanking you.
– K. Anand

work, then there could be a problem with your motherboard. You can try using a PCI to USB card and disable the USB ports on the motherboard. You can also try using the handset on another computer to make sure that it is not faulty. Make sure that you have a virus-free operating system. We would appreciate it if you could reply with the details of the procedure that worked in your case. [Q] Hi Dr. CHIP, can you tell me if it is safe to insert an AGP card into a PCIe slot? Also when I am right clicking on any of my drives I see some different type of script/language instead of options. What could this be?
– Indrajit

and send me a screenshot of the problem if possible. [Q] I recently bought a Seagate 160 GB SATA HDD. I also have an old Seagate 40 GB PATA HDD. My problem is that I can’t install an OS on the 160 GB HDD. My motherboard doesn’t detect it. The motherboard is from MSI. Please help me out and give me a solution.
– Guneshwor Okram

website as the connection becomes unresponsive. I am then unable to disconnect even after switching off the router. I have to resort to restarting the machine. Please help me solve this problem. Also, I am unable to use the USB and headphone ports on the front of the CPU. Please let me know how to enable them. The ports at the back of my CPU work fine.
– Abhijeet

 HDD = Seagate Barracuda 160 GB

 Optical Drive = Liteon Superdrive
Multiwriter DVD RW.

 Monitor = LG Flatron 17’ TFT-LCD.  Speakers = Creative Inspire 5.1  UPS = APC 20min backUPS with
surge protection.

 Logitech keyboard and optical

 Floppy drive = Sony FDD  Cabinet = Zebronics mesh front
cabinet (120’ blue led fan in front, 2x80’ fans on side)+ 400 W SMPS. Kindly help me in this regard.
– Ashwin S

You need to give me details of the motherboard. This problem is a BIOSrelated one. You will have to update the BIOS from the MSI website. Make sure you know how to update the BIOS by flashing it. If you don’t know how to do it, then seek the help of an experienced computer engineer or else take your motherboard to an MSI service center near you. Flashing the BIOS is quite risky. If you flash it with the wrong BIOS version or if there is a power failure while flashing the BIOS, you could render the motherboard useless. Be careful if you are doing this on your own. If you want to do it on your own, follow this procedure: Download the latest BIOS from the motherboard manufacturer’s website. Double check if you have the right BIOS update file. Format a fresh new floppy disk and make it bootable. Make sure the floppy is in good condition and does not have any bad sectors. Copy the BIOS update file and the BIOS flash program from the website or the motherboard CD. Next, boot from the floppy drive, run the BIOS flash program, choose the BIOS file to be updated and execute the program. Do not touch any buttons at the time of the update. Once your BIOS is updated, you can continue with your new hard drive installation. [Q] Hi, I am facing a couple of problems with my PC. My configuration is: Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz, 256 MB RAM, and Windows XP SP2. While surfing the net, I get the error ‘Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close’. A few seconds after I close the pop-up, I’m unable to open any

It appears to be a worm attack on your computer. Please ensure that you are using antivirus and antispyware programs. Scan and clean the system thoroughly. Also run the programs ‘Hijackthis’ and ‘Stinger’ on your computer. After all that is done, run the system file checker to repair corrupted and changed system files on the operating system. To do this, click on ‘Start’ then on ‘Run’, and type ‘sfc /scannow’. The program will run and scan all system files and replace them when necessary. Do keep your Windows XP CD ready as the program will need it to replace the required files. Reboot the computer and check if all is working fine. Let me know if you need more help on this issue. [Q] Hi. I am from Bangalore and an ardent reader of your magazine. This is my first mail to you. I would be grateful if you could answer my two questions as below. A. The cabinet fans (not processor fan) in my PC make a lot of noise every time I switch it on. If I tap the cabinet lightly for some time, then the sound stops, kind of like resonance! How do I reduce the sound? Also, please recommend a good brand of silent fans (affordable ones). B. I am planning to buy a new system for myself and sell my current PC. So can you advise the price at which I can sell the following PC and also websites/ shops in Bangalore where I can sell?
My sysTeM ConFIguRaTIon:

Hi Amiya. If you say that you have tested the processor and the motherboard on a working rig, and there is still no response from the system, then it is for sure that the motherboard and/or processor have been damaged. Make sure that the processor and motherboard are compatible or supported by the test components you are using. If not, then your computer will not respond. If everything is compatible, then check the power supply for faults. The power supply might be the root cause for the damage to your motherboard and processor. Check it thoroughly. [Q] Dear Sir, I am a CHIP reader (and hardware engineer) from Bellary, Karnataka. I would like to share my problem with you and get the solution. I have a Reliance LG CDMA 5340 handset which can be used as dial-up modem (through USB cable with its own software) to connect to the Internet. I was using this handset with my office computer (P4, 845 motherboard, 80 GB, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP Professional). It was working fine and connecting to the

An AGP card cannot be connected to the PCIe slot and vice versa as the edge connectors are different from each other.

Keep the fans inside the computer chassis clean and oiled from time to time to avoid over heating.

I am unaware of computer prices in Bangalore. You will have to ask a local engineer or computer dealer. Try the CHIP-India forum. You may get some response from readers who are from the same area who are interested in buying a good second hand computer or can help you with prices. The cabinet fans are now getting old or have lost their lubrication, which is now making the fans vibrate, and hence the cabinet makes a noise. Tapping it would stop the noise for some time, but I would not recommend doing that as it could cause damage to the hard drive inside the chassis. It would be better if you change the fans as new ones are available for as little as Rs 100. Another recommendation is to use a fan controller such as the Wind Rider from Cooler Master (see the hardware reviews section of the October 2007 issue of CHIP) along with the required fans, so one can control the speeds of the fans.  Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Hello Indrajit. First of all, an AGP card will not fit into a PCIe slot. Secondly, an AGP card is not designed for a PCIe slot. You will have to buy a PCIe card to use in a PCIe slot. The slot configuration and technology of AGP differs from that of PCIe. About your second question,
Use the right data cable (preferably supplied by the phone manufacturer only).

you might have a virus or have corrupted system files. Please make sure you have a good antivirus program installed and updated to the latest release. Scan your computer and clean out all viruses. Also, install an antispyware program and do the same. Finally, make sure all the system files are not corrupted. To do this, click on ‘Start | Run’, and type ‘sfc /scannow’. Make sure you have your Windows XP CD available when you do this. The system file checker will then check each and every system file of your computer’s operating system and repair/ replace them as needed. In case you have not managed to solve this problem with the above solution, do write in again

You should try reinstalling your operating system and try again. First, try without using any drivers of the motherboard (just install the Windows operating system without any drivers for motherboard, VGA, or sound). Just install the handset drivers and check. If all goes fine, then load the rest of the drivers one by one and check between installations. If the system freezes, you know where the fault lies. Change or update the drivers that caused the conflict. If it still doesn’t work, then try using a different USB port. If this also doesn’t

 Processor = AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual
core processor 3600+ 2GHz

 Motherboard = Asus M2NPV-VM
(Nvidia GeForce 6150).

 RAM = Transcend DDR2 512 MB x2.

12 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 13



the motherboard for repairing. I want to know that whether the motherboard can get these kinds of problems? Can it be repaired? What should I do? I use a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 + 128 MB RAM, 80 GB hard disk. It is four years old. Thank you.
– Varun

problem, then it must be true. You say that you do not have a proper earthing for your computer. Earthing problems can cause motherboard failure, hard drive crashes and even power supply burnouts. I suggest that you get an electrician to get your house earthing wires checked and repaired immediately. Finally, get your motherboard repaired if you need to or else I suggest you to go in for a new motherboard.

I am working. Sometimes when I work on Paint or open any JPG file, the computer restarts automatically. It also restarts automatically without warning when I use the Internet (e-mail, Orkut). I have checked all the hardware connections. It also shows the message ‘Windows has recovered from a serious error’ when I use the Internet and the Internet Explorer shuts down automatically. It also shows the Blue Screen Of Death error message ‘Beginning dump of physical memory’. I am frustrated with all these errors. What should I do so that it does not restart without warning and show any such errors?
– Santoliya

problem by switching parts or reinstalling the operating system.

[Q] Hello, Dr. CHIP. I’m writing to you
as I’ve encountered a serious problem with my computer’s hardware. My system’s configuration is P4 2.66 GHz microprocessor with 256 MB DDR1 RAM and an 80 GB IDE hard disk. I had a Wipro UPS but no stabilizer. My house didn’t have an earth connection until August. But when I shifted my computer from unearthed switchboard to an earthed one, due to variable voltage which had gone as high as 350 V (even in the earthed circuit), it exploded with visible sparks near the motherboard. I know all this from what my local assembler has told me. Neither the local electrician nor the linesman know how to rectify it. High voltage has claimed many computers in our locality. Could you suggest any remedy on how to prevent the high voltage from causing any damage? Also, as the explosion rendered my motherboard & SMPS useless, I’m planning to reassemble & upgrade my computer. The configuration provided by the local assembler is: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz, 2 MB L2 Cache; Intel original 945 motherboard with 800 Mhz FSB, max memory 2 GB (2 slots), integrated graphics; 1 GB DDR2 RAM (667 MHz); LG DVD Writer and ATX PSU. According to him, this costs totally Rs.14,100. I am not an enthusiast gamer but I often use my computer for surfing, occasional gaming and watching movies and I run a few heavy applications (Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Corel etc). Could you please tell whether this configuration is good for me? Also, I have heard rumors of DVD DL writers not being too efficient. I have also heard that the drives develop problems after a year or so. Is it true?
– Srikrishna Holla

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, whenever I play
some 3D game or simply watch videos, my computer hangs. Is there any way out to stop this?
– Jerry Jhun

Hello Varun. I am glad you liked our article on RAID. You can look forward to a workshop on
Sachin Pandit

configuring hardware RAID using some old hard

[Q] Hello Dr. Chip, your 4th anniversary
issue was amazing. The Infographic told us a lot about RAID. I would like to know the step-by-step procedure for assembling hard drives in RAID. I have a few queries.

drives in the forthcoming issues.  If your friend does not want to format his machine, then I would suggest a good, updated antivirus application to scan and clean the computer. Cybercafes are known to be hotspots for viruses, so don’t let him take his hard drive to on. Instead you should ask him to download the free AVG from ‘http://free.grisoft.com’ and use it on his machine to get rid of the virus. Ask him to run it with Windows in Safe Mode. Also download ‘Stinger’ from ‘http://vil.nai.com/vil/ stinger/stinger.htm’ and scan the computer. Use Lavasoft AdAware antispyware, update and scan for malware/spyware. Finally, clean the registry startup using hijackthis.exe. And if possible, re-install Windows XP Service Pack 2.  If your engineer has checked your computer and found that your motherboard has the Hello Jerry. Please check the following possible solutions.  Check for updated drivers for your display card.  Check if you have the latest version of DirectX.  Clean the display card and the motherboard slots.  Clean the system’s memory sticks and the slots on the motherboard.  Check if the game or movie works fine at lower resolutions.  Check if the CPU is overheating. Clean the fans and apply fresh coolant paste between the CPU and the fan if necessary.  Check if the display card works fine on another computer. Hello Nitin, there seems to be a viral infection or a hardware problem here. Please make sure that your computer is virus free. Download and use a good antivirus program to make sure that the system is virus free. If there are no viruses, then it could be a hardware problem. Check if your power cord is firmly inserted into the power socket. Check if the power supply is heating. If you have a voltage stabilizer or a UPS, try disconnecting each one individually and check if the problem still persists. Check if the video card or the motherboard is dust free. There could be a problem with the memory modules. Clean or change them and check again. Also, check for newer versions of the drivers for all your hardware, as blue screen errors are usually associated with faulty drivers. You might need to reinstall your operating system if it is definitely not a hardware problem. Finally, if nothing works, call in an engineer and ask him to analyze the
Ensure that you install the latest versions of the drivers and DirectX. Check if the cables inside the cabinet are well attached and not loose.

 One of my friends has a mobile phone
shop and he downloads a lot of mobile software. Recently when he attached a memory card to his computer, a virus entered his system. This resulted in slow system speed and the OS is now not allowing him to restore the computer to an earlier date. He has very important data on the drive so he doesn’t want to format the hard drive. He uses McAfee or some similar antivirus program but from the time the virus infected the system, he has not been able to update it. Someone told him to take his hard drive to an Internet café and update the antivirus from there. Is this possible? If yes, then does he have to arrange the HD by RAID? He uses an Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, and a 120 GB hard disk.

 Recently my computer stopped working.
Whenever I boot up, the screen starts fading out after displaying the first booting menu, and the computer stops responding. When I contacted an engineer, he said that the problem is with the motherboard. He inquired whether I had proper earthing in my house but I don’t. He said that he will send
Use of an antivirus on a mobile phone at a small price can ensure data security.

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP! Please help me with
my computer (configuration Pentium IV 2.81 GHz, 480 MB RAM, 80 GB SATA hard disk). I have Windows XP SP2 installed with all updates and Quick Heal antivirus with updates. It restarts automatically without warning while

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

Hello Krishna, there is no way to predict when you are going to have a voltage fluctuation. But yes, you can defend your computer from such things
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

14 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 15



know what to do. Every time I boot my computer I have to run ‘chkdsk’ using the recovery console. Please suggest a way out of this problem. My computer’s specification are: Pentium 4 2.40 GHz, 512+128 MB RAM, Intel chipset, 80 GB hard disk, Windows XP with SP2. Thank you.
– Varun

after some time. One observation: when I run C++ from the command prompt, its window appears. Even the program in text mode executes very smoothly. But the problem arises while running it in graphics mode. I get a linker error reporting that the library functions of graphics are not defined
– Naman Jain

start Internet Explorer. Also click on the ‘Settings’ button in the ‘Tabs’ section and uncheck the option ‘Open home page for new tabs instead of a blank page’. Internet Explorer 7 is a little slow because it includes a lot of additional functionality such as a Phishing filter.  Windows firewall is sufficient for your basic browsing, but if you have important data on your computer and you browse
Re-install the drivers and/or check without the network card if the OS works fine.

cable and your computer will detect it as a removable drive. You can copy your data and then later plug it into another computer and copy it across without any problem. If you are using an iPod, you will have to check an option in iTunes on the player’s configuration screen which will enable disk mode (only the iPod touch cannot currently be used as a removable drive). You do not require any special software.

Use of voltage stabilizers can help to safeguard your computer from power problems.

through a lot of unknown, unsafe and adult related websites, then I would suggest a better firewall program. There is no way you can get rid of the firewall popups forever but they will reduce in time.  Shareware is basically “try before you buy” software. Once you have tried a shareware program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it.  Finally, the unknown device with

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have a couple of
problems: How can I enable the USB and headphone ports on the front of the CPU? The ports on the back of my CPU are working fine.  Is there any type of freeware or shareware utility available that enables us to capture (and save to hard disk) embedded Adobe Flash videos (used for streaming videos on many sites)? It would be great if you can help me.
– Abhijeet

by using a good quality voltage stabilizer coupled with a good quality on-line UPS. The voltage stabilizer will take care of the power dips and the UPS will make sure that your computer stays powered on without damaging your computer components. This is because an on-line UPS makes sure that the computer is continuously powered by the battery and not directly from the main power. So, the maximum damage that can occur from a power problem is the voltage stabilizer getting damaged. Replacing or repairing it will be no problem. Make sure that your stabilizer and spike guard have the correct fuses installed which can take care of voltage spikes. Additionally, make sure that the computer points are properly earthed and also have a circuit breaker (the main switch which can trip when it senses a power leak or voltage spike) installed in line to the power to the room or to the computer points. The computer configuration suggested here is quite OK for your use. Make sure the power supply is of good quality and rated at 450 Watts minimum. Add a graphics card to play games if you need. Hello Varun, Your computer’s hard drive seems to have a problem. It may have a bad sector or may be getting weaker. Get your data backed up and reinstall your operating system after thoroughly formatting the hard drive and running scandisk on it. If the hard drive is developing bad sectors, it is time to replace it. If it is still under warranty, get it replaced from the manufacturer. If not, buy yourself a new one. Hello Naman, Windows XP and 2000 both have a problem running DOS applications. You have no other option if you want to use Windows XP or 2000. If you want to run the application, use Windows 98 and run it in DOS mode. But if there are no drivers available for the motherboard, you cannot use Windows 98 either. Therefore, try using VMware in Windows XP or configure a dual boot operating system on your computer. Use Windows 98 (DOS mode only) to run your C++ application and Windows XP/2000 for other purposes. If you need to run both simultaneously, then use VMware.
Regular scanning for bad sectors can prevent data losses. Use hard disk tools regularly. VMware can make using DOS applications possible on systems running XP, Vista or LINUX.

Hello Achal. Please uninstall the driver of the network card and reinstall it again. Your problem should be solved. If not, remove the card physically and check your computer without the card. If it works fine, then the card may be faulty. If the card works fine under Windows 98, then the drivers are definitely faulty. Replace the drivers with a fresh new set.

[Q] Dr. CHIP, I am using Windows XP
SP2 (genuine) on my Compaq V3137TU laptop.  I have loaded Internet Explorer 7 from the CHIP DVD and kept my homepage blank. But when I open IE7, the default MSN site opens. I want IE7 to start with my homepage when I open the browser. Can you suggest how this can be done (about: blank). Also I find Internet Explorer 7 a bit slow in comparison to Internet Explorer 6.6. Is this observation correct?  Is Windows Firewall sufficient or should I use other firewall software? I find the popups in other firewalls really irritating.  What is shareware?  I have an unknown device with device id ‘ACPI/HPQ0006 and hardware id *HPQ006’. What is the function of this device?
– Satyakam

Phishing filter in Internet Explorer 7 can help you browse safely on the Internet.

device id ACPI/HPQ0006 and hardware id *HPQ006 is the row of HP Quick Launch Buttons on your laptop. You will have to provide the drivers for this device from the driver CD/DVD given to you by the manufacturer of the laptop. Hello Abhijeet. To enable the front USB and audio ports, you need to have a cabinet with the front ports available and also the motherboard should have headers for front panel connections (usually labeled “FPAUDIO” or something similar). Some cabinets do not need these headers from the motherboard. Instead, they connect the front ports directly to the back ports using normal extension cables. There is software available on the Internet to save
– Minsingn

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I am a student of
+2. I have C++ in my school course but I did not have a PC till now. I ordered an assembled PC, but I didn’t expect that there could be a problem in running C++. My PC has the following configuration: Microsoft Windows XP professional; AMD Sempron 3000+ processor; ASUS M2N8-VMX motherboard; 512 MB RAM (533 MHz). To solve the problem, the seller repeatedly reinstalled Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98. The different operating systems tested: Windows XP—no result; Windows 2000—no result; Windows 98—this time it worked. But unfortunately, the motherboard does not support Windows 98 as there are no drivers for it and the system hangs

Install plug-ins for your browsers to save flash videos from the Internet.

[Q] I am having a strange problem of a
BSOD “Machine Check Exception”. It happened when I changed my network settings to create a PC-to-PC (ad-hoc) network using a crossover cable. After changing the settings, when I restarted, i got the BSOD. The PC is set up with dual operating systems. When I using Win98 SE, no problem. But when I start Windows XP normally, it doesn’t work. However Windows XP works fine in Safe Mode. Please help me. My PC has: Asus K8V-MX motherboard, AMD Sempron 2500+ processor, 256 MB RAM, integrated graphics.
– Agrawal

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have a question.
Can an MP3 players such as iPods, flash memory based or hard disk based ones be used to back up data from my computer’s hard drive? Can I then copy the data to another computer? Will I require any special software in the iPod for that? Please help!

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. Recently I had some
problems with my PC. When I boot my computer, an error message is displayed “windows/system32/config/ system file is missing or corrupt, select ‘r’ at first screen to start repair from the setup CD-ROM”. I don’t know how to do that, so using the setup CD-ROM, I started the recovery console and ran ‘chkdsk’ on my local disk. The problem was solved for the moment but when I turned off my computer and rebooted it, it gave the same error. I don’t

Hello Satyakam.  To make the home page blank, do the following: click on ‘Tools | Options’, then delete everything typed in the homepage section. Add ‘about: blank’ or simply click the ‘Use Blank’ button and you shall have a blank page displayed next time you

Flash videos from the Internet directly to your hard drive. Check this website as one example: ‘http://www.browsertools.net/ Flash-Saving-Plugin/’  Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Hello. Yes, most MP3 players can be used as simple removable storage devices. In most cases, you can just connect them with the supplied USB

16 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 17



advisor. Run the application and it will analyze the complete system and inform you if your computer is compatible with Windows Vista on both the hardware and software fronts. It will also give you an incompatible hardware and software list that you may need to upgrade in case you need to install Windows Vista

I set wallpapers. Also my PC has 128 MB graphics memory but it uses only 64 MB of it. So when I play games, they either don’t work or run very slowly. I also want to know whether I can connect any graphics card to my PC (laptop) or not, if yes, please tell me how? My PC configuration is Pentium Dual Core 1.7, 120 GB SATA hard disk, 512 MB 533 MHz RAM. It is a Compaq V3239 TU running Windows Vista. What are AGP and IGP and for what are they are used? Please tell me where I can download a picture viewing tool for Windows. Regards.
– Nrupen

computer by almost 30–40 percent because the main memory is used for the system completely and not shared with the video card, like in case of an IGP motherboard. I would suggest you increase the RAM of your laptop from 512 MB to 1 GB or 2 GB if possible, to get better performance in Windows Vista.

Hello Alok. There is a bug-fix from Microsoft related to this issue with FoxproW which you can download from ‘http://support. microsoft.com/kb/240982’. I am sure this should fix your problem. Secondly, Dr Watson is an in-built problem
Sachin Pandit

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I am Himanshu
Sharma. I have a problem with my PC—whenever I shut it down, the Task Manager sends a program “WMS IDLE” which slows down my shutdown process and my computer speed. Also whenever I start my PC, it checks the hard disk as if the computer wasn’t shut down properly. Please help me out with a solution The configuration of my PC is 1 GB RAM, Windows XP SP2, graphics card memory 256 MB and CPU frequency is Pentium 4 1.6 GHz. Thank you.
– Himanshu Sharma

[Q] Hello sir. I am unable to install
Nero 8 since the time it has been launched. However, I am able to install the micro version. It has been giving me error messages whenever I try to install it. I am using Windows XP SP2 Home OEM with an up-to-date AutoPatcher applied. Please do help me for this situation. I hope to receive some positive reply from you. Regards.
– Chandan Kumar Mahato

detection utility in Microsoft Windows. This problem occurs due to a lot of reasons. Maybe your computer needs cleaning. Try

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I am a regular reader of
your magazine. My system configuration is as follows—384 MB RAM, Mercury 845GL Motherboard, Windows XP SP2 and an Intel Pentium 4 processor. Recently, I installed Foxpro 2.6 for Windows. Whenever I try to run it, a message is displayed: “System error: divide by zero or overflow error” and then it quits. How can I solve this problem? I also face another problem frequently. Whenever I try to cut or copy any files or folders on my hard disk, Windows Explorer gives a message “Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”—the same message appears for ‘Dr Watson’s postmortem debugger’. I have never installed this software. It creates a big nuisance for me. Please help!
– Alok Acharya

cleaning the motherboard slots, the memory modules etc. Also check if all the cables in your computer are firmly attached. Finally, check and ensure that your hard drive is not developing bad sectors. Run Scandisk on your hard drive to confirm that the drive is in good condition. Also, check for viruses.

IrfanView is the best and light software to view your pictures. It is free of cost.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I wan to install Windows
Vista and Office 2007. Can you please tell me the specifications required for these? I have a Pentium 4 Computer.
– Fenu Chopra

Hello Nrupen. If possible, reinstall Vista all over again after backing up your
Msconfig shows unwanted programs that start up automatically. Uncheck what you don’t need.

Turn on the automatic update feature of Windows so that Nero can install successfully.

files. Secondly, you can use IrfanView to view your images and pictures. It is a very capable software and it is free. You cannot add a graphics card to your laptop, but you can reduce the amount of memory your display card shares from the main memory. Enter the BIOS setup program of the laptop and change the display memory from 256 MB to 64 MB or 128 MB. IGP means Integrated Graphics Port, which means that the display card is built into the motherboard and shares the needed memory from the system’s main memory. AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port, where you can insert an AGP graphics card which has its own video memory and does not use the system’s memory. An AGP port is now outdated and PCI Express ports are currently used for PCIe cards which are faster than AGP. Adding a discrete graphics card enhances the performance of the

Hello Chandan, This issue could be caused by a compatibility problem between Nero and the Windows service ‘Automatic Updates’. Enable this service when installing Nero 8. Please follow the steps below:  Click on the Start button.  Click the ‘Run’ command.  Type ‘Services.msc’ in the ‘Open’ text field and click the ‘OK’ button.  The ‘Services’ window will open. Double click the ‘automatic updates’ entry.  The ‘Automatic Updates Properties’ window will open. In the drop down menu under ‘startup type’, you have to select the ‘Automatic’ option.  Confirm this change by clicking on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.  Start the installation of Nero 8 again.

Hello Himanshu. This problem is Hello Fenu. If you want to know whether your machine can support and run Windows Vista, then hit this link http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ products/windowsvista/buyorupgrade/ upgradeadvisor.mspx and download the more common with software such as Nero Essentials, Outlook, and some other similar ones. Please check the following site: ‘http://support.microsoft.com/ kb/921113’ or try the following: Click on ‘Start | Run’, type ‘msconfig’ and press Enter. Then go to the ‘Startup’ tab and disable ‘nmindexingservice’ and ‘nmbgmonitor’ from the list. Restart your computer and see if the error occurs again. Good luck.

[Q] Respected Dr. CHIP, a virus named
“Win32:Hidrag” infected my PC and

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my Windows photo viewing tool got automatically deleted. I scanned the
Explorer problems can be due to faulty or dusty hardware or viruses. Use ‘Upgrade Advisor’ to check if your computer’s hardware/software are enough to upgrade to Vista.

computer with Avast free edition. Now, I cannot view any picture nor can

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. The SMPS of my PC
makes a lot of noise. I have a Pentium
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

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connecting to the router from a room from where it used to connect previously. Also of late it doesn’t connect to the router from any room at all. It doesn’t even connect in the room which is closest to the router. In the Acer Enet management software on my laptop it shows the network strength is between 80-96 percent in different rooms but doesn’t connect. Also when I keep it almost next to the
Noisy power supplies mean bad or dusty fans. Clean them thoroughly and use some machine oil.

Windows boots). I have also tried reinstalling the drivers, but that didn’t work either. I have scanned my system for viruses using Avast Home Edition & AVG antivirus, but no threats were found. I cannot format the whole system as I have some important data that I cannot afford to lose. Is this a problem caused by some virus that these antivirus software can’t detect or is it something else? Please reply soon and help me out. Thank you.
– Vikas Gaurav

Validation and you have not yet resolved the problem” and two tabs saying “Resolve now” and “Resolve later” have appeared. I scanned my computer with Norton antivirus which has proved to be useless. Also my computer has slowed down drastically. Please help me solve this problem.
The Group Policy Editor can help block unwanted users from changing certain settings. A laptop memory module is physically smaller. We recommend upgrading from the manufacturer.
– Ravi Chandra

router, it still doesn’t connect. I have tried disabling the security and also enabling different security modes like WEP, WPA, etc but to no avail. Right now I can’t figure out what is faulty, the router or the laptop. Can you please suggest something to help me

Hello Ravi. Your brother seems to have a pirated copy of Windows installed on his computer or maybe he is a victim of counterfeit software. Please check with the computer dealer from where he purchased the copy of Windows. This problem is not a virus infection, but is a validity test from Microsoft to check if the copy of Windows being updated is genuine or not. Please ensure that you use a legal copy of Microsoft Windows to avail updates and support from Microsoft.

For better understanding I am sending a screenshot in which the menu is missing. Thanks and regards.
– Naresh Agrawal.

Dual Core with 512 MB RAM. What should I do to reduce this noise?
– Jayesh Kothari

Hello Naresh. Have you checked your computer for viruses properly? Please do so using a good antivirus and antispyware program. I would suggest AVG (as it is free and quite powerful). You can download it from ‘http://free.grisoft.com’.
Live operating systems such as Knoppix can help find solutions to hardware problems.

Hello Jayesh. If you know how to open the power supply and clean or replace the fan, then go ahead and do that. The fan seems to be old and wobbly and hence makes noise. You need to clean the fan thoroughly and apply a drop of machine oil or grease inside the fan (do this very carefully). If possible, I would recommend that you change the fan. Replacing the fan will hardly cost you much—just around Rs 100.

solve this problem?
– Flemingo Toscano

Hello Flemingo. Please reset your router to its default settings (factory default—by pressing the reset button) Also, if possible, upgrade the firmware to the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. Also you need to ensure that you do not have too many electrical appliances interfering in the path of the router (or even close to the router for that matter). Secondly, if there is anyone else using a router in your neighborhood, this problem can exist. Try changing the channel of the router from the default channel 6 to anything between channel 1 and channel 11. Do the same with the Wi-Fi adaptor on the laptop and see the results. Hello Vikas. Try using Knoppix or Ubuntu (Linux) live distributions. Just boot from the DVD and check if your keyboard and mouse work fine in Linux. If yes, then your Windows operating system needs to be reinstalled. You need not format your computer to reload Windows XP. Just enter Safe Mode and copy all documents to a separate folder or removable disk. Then you can delete the Windows, Program Files folders (if you want a comlpetely clean reinstall) from the Linux live CD and finally reinstall Windows all over again. Also try connecting an external keyboard and mouse and see if it functions properly.

After attempting this if it still doesn’t come back, try the following steps.  Click on ‘Start | Run’  Type ‘gpedit.msc’ and press [Enter]  Scroll down to ‘User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Explorer’ on the left pane.  Search for ‘Removes the Folder Options menu from the Tools menu’ and double click on it.  Change the option to ‘Enabled’ and save the settings. Restart your computer and check it out. Let us know if this solution has helped you.

Memory modules for desktop computers are longer and can be easily replaced by users.

a reply from that perspective. Also if you can suggest some good and safe place to upgrade the RAM, it will make things easier for me. Warm regards.
– Sandeep Porwal

[Q] Hello Team CHIP. For the past few
months whenever I close my Internet browser, and right after, when I try opening any file I get a message “The instruction at 0x6600accc referenced memory at 0x6600accc. The memory could not be “read”. Click on OK to terminate the program”. Kindly inform me how to solve this problem.
– Sanjeev Gupta

[Q] Hello, Dr. CHIP. I have strange
problem with my Linksys WRT54G [firmware version 7] router and my Acer Aspire 5572 AWXMI Wi-Fi enabled laptop. I have been using a router to connect to my laptop from the past three months. For the first two months it worked out fine. But since the past one month, I have been experiencing various problems. My laptop stopped

Hello Sandeep. Your laptop is pretty old and upgrading the RAM may be possible if it is available in the market. If the new RAM module is compatible with your computer, it would be great. I would suggest you to first write to the company to check out the type, compatibility and availability of the RAM and hard drive for your laptop model. Increasing the RAM and the hard disk capacity will surely improve the performance of your laptop to a certain extent, but be ready for possible disappointments.

Hi Sanjeev. If you are running Internet Explorer 7, try running it with the add-ons disabled and check if the problem persists after that. Click on ‘Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons)’ Try checking for the problem again. If it doesn’t appear again, one of your add-ons is causing the problem. To disable add-ons (applies for IE6 too), start Internet Explorer normally, click on ‘Tools | Manage Addons | Enable or Disable Add-ons’. Disable all the add-ons and enable them one by one till the problem appears and you find the culprit. Disable the interfering add-on and your problem will be solved. Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

[Q] Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 1640
laptop (Intel Centrino mobile processor 1.6 GHz - 400 MHz FSB, 256 MB DDR 2 RAM, 60 GB hard disk, OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2). The problem is that the integrated keyboard and touchpad stop functioning once Windows boots. But they work well in the BIOS setup. I tried reinstalling Windows but that did not solve the problem. Also usually the Task Manager shows more than 90 percent CPU usage. Now, the USB ports have also stopped functioning. Things work well when I run Windows

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP, I own a Dell Inspiron
8000S. I bought it from a local reseller. It works great but because I do not have the original owner information, Dell won’t provide customer assistance. What can one do about this? The RAM is only 256 MB which (according to my friends) makes my computer really slow. Is it possible to upgrade the RAM in this model? I am going to transfer all data from the present 20 GB hard disk to another 80 GB external one. Will this speed up the processes of my computer? I am truly a layman and hence would appreciate

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have a Pentium
III 850 MHz, 128 SD RAM, and Windows XP Professional SP2. My ‘Folder options’ from the explorer file menu is no longer displayed or it has been deleted. I checked for it in the Control Panel—it is not there either. I checked my PC for viruses with Avast antivirus and the results were negative (no viruses). How can I get that option back?

[Q] Hello, Dr. CHIP. I am a regular
reader of your magazine. I have a Pentium III computer. Recently my brother wanted to download some software and he went to the Microsoft website and tried to download the software. The next time I restarted the computer I encountered a message window saying “This copy of Windows didn’t pass the Genuine Windows

Press the reset button on the rear of the router and then power it on to restore factory defaults.

in safe mode (as the integrated keyboard and touchpad work before

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‘Msconfig’. If the problem doesn’t cease, use ’hijackthis.exe’ or manually find the line in the registry using ‘Regedit’. Do backup the registry before trying these stunts. Usually you should find the lines in the following paths in the registry:  Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run  Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\
Replace the DBX files from the previous backups to the same locations after creating new folders.

 Browse down to ‘User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Autoplay Policies’ in the left panel of the ‘Group Policy Object Editor’.  Double click on ‘Turn off Autoplay’ in the right panel and choose ‘Disabled’  Save all settings and exit. Restart you computer and your problem should be solved.

Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run\RunOnce  Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run  Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\RunOnce

ISPs (SIFY, Pacenet etc), have proprietary dialers. They should provide Vista compatible dialers.

you had backed up before re-installing the operating system. Now, simply overwrite the files. Make sure Outlook Express is not running in the background. Ensure that you have copy–pasted these files and not moved them. After you have done so, just open Outlook Express and you will find your e-mails back again. Make sure that Outlook Express is the same version that you were using before or else you may face some problems. Secondly, you can also try using the mail import option in Outlook Express, but you may face some hurdles as it may not be very easy to do so. In this option, take help from a friend who is well versed with doing such stuff.

Vista for your laptop. I suppose they should be providing you the drivers and software for Internet connectivity free of charge. Please contact the ISPs respectively. Why spend on another copy of Windows and get into the hassle of downloading the drivers for Windows XP for your laptop when you can solve the problem in Vista?

[Q] Dear Sir, I have purchased a
new laptop, HP Pavilion DV 2401 TU, which has onboard graphics Intel 945 GM Chipset and 1 GB RAM. It has Windows Vista premium as the operating system. The problem is that I use SIFY Broadband on my desktop which has Windows XP Media Center Edition and I also use an AIRTEL Data card. My desktop works fine but these Internet software (both SIFY and AIRTEL) won’t get installed on Windows Vista. I do not like Windows Vista. I want to install Windows XP SP2 on my new laptop. I want to know if it’s possible and how to install it. Secondly, what happens to the warranty if I do so?
– Sagar Mohanty

[Q] Dear Dr CHIP, I have an AMD XP 2400+
Processor on a ASUS 7N266 motherboard, 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB Samsung IDE HDD. Last week, my system did not boot up
Sachin Pandit

[Q] Dear Sir, I am Kasam from Rajkot
(Gujarat). I am a regular reader of CHIP. I have a problem in my IBM ThinkPad Laptop. Please help me. I have an IBM ThinkPad R40e. When I Power on the laptop, I receive an on screen error indicating: ‘ERROR 0189: Invalid RFID Configuration Information Area. PRESS (F1) to Setup.’ I load setup defaults in the BIOS but the problem is not solved. Please tell me how I can solve this. Regards.
– Kasam Mogal

and the message ‘Disk Boot failure, Enter

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. When I insert any CD
in the CD ROM drive, it does not play automatically and I have to use the ‘Open’ option by right clicking on CD icon in ‘My Computer’. Earlier, it played automatically with a graphical interface whenever I inserted my CD in the CD ROM drive. How can I solve this problem? Please help!
– Samir

System Disk’ continuously appeared. My PC service guy informed me that the OS had to be re-installed completely, and he did the needful. I lost most of the data, but all my mails were successfully saved, as I had a backup in another folder in my ‘D:’ drive. But now I do not know how to restore or import these saved mails back into my Outlook Express e-mail client. All the saved folders have a ‘.dbx’ extension, for example, Natasha.dbx; Anne.dbx; Bank.dbx, etc. Can you please help me restore them?
– Praveen Gupta

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, after Windows
starts up, a message pops up ‘Windows cannot find “C:\WINDOWS\ eksplorasi.exe”. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.’ How can I solve this problem?
– Vishal Bhatia

Hello Samir. You can enable or disable the feature of using autorun for removable devices like CD ROM or USB devices. Carry out the following steps to avail of the features.  Go to ‘Start | Run’.  Type ‘gpedit.msc’ and press enter.

This error indicates a missing file required by Windows to startup a particular program. Please delete it from

Hello Kasam, there seems to be a BIOS problem in your laptop which can be solved by the IBM service center. In order to restore your operating system to normal, you may have deleted some partition originally created on the hard

Hello Sagar. First of all, your laptop may not be compatible with Windows XP because the drivers of the motherboard may not be available for Windows XP. You will have to check with the manufacturer of the laptop for Windows XP drivers, if any. Secondly, you will have to use a licensed copy of Windows XP on your laptop (you may need to purchase another copy of Windows for the laptop). Your warranty will not cease because you are using a legal version of Windows XP. Secondly, you have to contact both ISP

Hello Praveen. The work you need to do to restore your mails is quite simple. Create the exact same folders in your Outlook Express (the new one that you are currently using). Now all you have to do is just click on each of these folders once to view the contents inside these folders. As the folders are newly created, they will show no mail or empty folders. Close the program (Outlook Express) and use Windows Explorer to find the new place where the Outlook Express e-mail client is currently storing these mails. You will find the .DBX files

the startup folder in the Start Menu and uncheck the line that specifies it in the

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Use the Group policy editor to enable or disable access to different security levels.

in the name of the folders that you created. Simply replace these ‘.dbx’ files with the ones

Disable unwanted/non-working entries in msconfig to cut off errors in Windows startup.

providers (SIFY and AIRTEL) to provide and configure the software for Windows

Contact the manufacturer’s helpdesk to solve issues when the laptop is under the warranty.

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drive by IBM. In the mean while, you can press the [ESC] key to continue booting regularly till you get the problem solved by IBM’s help center.

gives me an error message that I have another Norton Antivirus installed, and it then takes me to the Add/ Remove Programs option, where I cannot find Norton Internet Security. I had got Norton Internet Security installed earlier which I had got with my motherboard CD as free software. But now I am unable to remove it and install my new antivirus. I have even tried to delete the Norton folder which I saw in ‘C:/Program Files’. But I cannot delete it due to an error message. My system is infected with Trojan Horse—what is this and how do I get rid of this? I have sub folders of the same name inside almost all of my music folders. How do I get rid of this? My Phillips Go Gear MP3 player has stopped to respond in a folder view.

AVG Antispyware will do). Check if your computer works fine. Now format your MP3 player too to get rid of the virus. When all is working fine, copy your old data back to your computer. Clean up every virus that tries to enter your computer from the older data—do not ignore any error. Henceforth keep your antivirus completely updated on the Internet, almost every day.

get rid of the viruses. Run the antivirus in Windows Safe Mode after installing it in Windows Normal Mode. Do the same with the anti-spyware. Do take your data backups regularly. If you cannot access any programs, maybe your registry is corrupted. But this can be confirmed after your machine is scanned for viruses. To backup your data, make a Windows XP live CD using PEbuilder’s BART PE and start your computer using this CD and insert a USB drive before booting. Copy your data and finally format the computer if you need to. You may use a Knoppix or any Linux Live distribution, if you wish to backup your computer. Also run a thorough scandisk on your hard drive at least once a week.

 Backup your data for safe keeping. Install Partition Magic or any other similar partition utility software and resize your drive partitions. You can also convert the FAT32 partition to NTFS if you wish, using the same software.
Please noTe: In both the options above,

The problem is the interference caused by the electrical circuit of the room lighting with your telephone line. Have the telephone line separated from the electrical lines. Have a new cable installed and keep it at a distance of at least 5 to 12 inches from any electrical wiring. Finally, ensure that you have a proper spike buster or spike guard for your computer and check if your electrical sockets powering your computer have a proper earth line.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I want to configure
my system so that whenever I press ‘Turn off Computer’, it should not turn off normally, but it should run super fast shutdown. How is that possible?
– Prashant Tandon

you will need to backup your data, if any. When using Partition Magic, make sure you have enough battery life (keep it fully charged and running on AC power – Recommended) or else you may lose all data on the hard drive.

[Q] I have an IBM ThinkPad R60 laptop
(Core 2 duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset). It has Windows XP Home, SP2 installed on it. Recently when I switched it on, it did not recognize that I was logged on to it. i.e., when I opened Task Manager it did not show any user logged on under the User tab. Also my theme was getting reset to the default Windows theme at startup though the wallpaper remained the same. Thus, many programs also refused to work and AVG Antivirus did not update from the file given in the January issue of the CHIP DVD. I have a lot of important data in my HDD and would like to know if I can fix this problem (preferably) without reinstalling Windows. Please tell me if you require any more details.
– S. Jagannathan

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. My name is Sreeraj [Q] Hi Team CHIP, the Tips and Tricks
being published in the magazine has given me a lot of information and the Dr. CHIP section has helped me solve lots of problems. I am facing a problem with my broadband Internet connection. I have a 256 KBPS broadband connection provided by TouchTel. The problem could also be a bit weird to correctly explain. and I am facing a problem. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as my e-mail client. I have an account in Google mail. I set up the account in Thunderbird, but now I can’t send mail through Thunderbird, but I can receive all my e-mails through it. Please give me a solution as to where I may be going wrong.
– Sreeraj

[Q] Hello Dr. Chip, my tech guy has
made 3 partitions on my 60 GB Acer Laptop hard disk. But I wanted only 2 partitions (30 GB each). How do I get rid of the E drive and just have a simple C (System drive, 30 GB) and D (my Data drive, 30 GB)? The tech guy cannot seem to solve my problem. Another thing is that he configured C as Fat32 file system and D, E as NTFS. What format do you think I should retain henceforth? Thanks!
– Sachin Borawake

‘Super fast reboot’ or ‘Superfast Shutdown’ can cause data corruptions and system freezes.

It plays files from the root menu only but cannot detect a folder and play it. All the folders have subfolders of the same inside it, which I can see from My Computer, but I cannot delete. Whenever I try to delete it, a message “Make sure that the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use” pops up. Please help me with all these issues. Thank you.
– Srinath Varadarajan

I would suggest not using superfast shut down as it can damage certain data files. Some programs need to shut down slowly after saving all its files from the memory to the hard drive. Superfast shutdown forcefully kills the applications in the background, which may cause data corruption. If you still want to shutdown fast, then try this link - ‘http:// www.xp-smoker.com/installations/ superfast.zip’

Hello Sreeraj. Please make sure you have set the server settings and the port correctly in Thunderbird. Click on the following URL to confirm the settings of Gmail in your e-mail client. ‘Http:// mail.google.com/support/bin/topic. py?topic=12760’
Ensure that the telephone and power lines in your house do not run too close to each other.

Hello Srinath, your computer is infected with a virus. Please urgently backup all your data on a DVD or another hard drive and format the entire hard drive. Reload the operating system, install AVG free antivirus, and update it to the latest release. Finally install all the drivers and other software. Also install an antispyware (Lavasoft AdAware or
A virus/spyware issue can cause problems in the registry. Ensure that your system is virus free.

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. Can I lock the
Windows XP ‘Control Panel’ so that nobody can access it? Please help me with a solution.
– Virendra Pundir

Hello Sachin. You can adopt any of the following methods.  Firstly take a backup of all your data on the hard drive on DVDs or on an external storage device. Then re-partition the drive to create the necessary partitions as per your requirement. Then reload the OS and software and restore your data back.

The modem I use is a Beetel ADSL modem with three lights (The first light glows for power, the second for link and the third for data transfer) which is connected to PC via USB. The problem is that whenever I connect to the Internet, the link stays alive for 5 to 10 minutes and then disconnects. When I disconnect the modem wire from the USB (when the link is gone), my system crashes with the Blue Screen of Death. Later, I found that the link gets disconnected as soon as I switch on or off the ‘tube lights’ in my room or my adjacent room. Please help me with a solution for this problem. Because of this I am unable to download any files

[Q] Hello CHIP. I read your magazine
regularly but this is the first time I am writing to you. I have many problems, all of which need to be looked after urgently. You are the only hope I am left with. Whenever I open ‘Add/ Remove Programs’ from the Control Panel, it takes some time for the list to get populated, but once done it does not show all the programs, instead shows long black lines as you can see in the image I have attached here. I am using Pentium D Processor, Intel 945 GNT Motherboard, 1 GB Zion 667 RAM, 80 GB Seagate SATA Hard Disk. I have bought a Norton 2008 Antivirus program but cannot install it. Whenever I try to install, it

You can prohibit users from using the Control Panel.  Click ‘Start | Run’.  Type ‘GPEDIT.MSC’  When the group policy window opens, scroll to ‘User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Control Panel’.  On the right panel, double-click on ‘Prohibit access to the ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Disabled’ in the ‘Properties’ window that comes up next. Save all settings and the user will not be able to open the ‘Control Panel’.  Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Hello Jagannathan, your system may be infected with spyware or a virus. You will have to scan your computer using a good updated anti-spyware and antivirus. I would recommend that you use AVG, also as it is free. Download the
Install a good antivirus and keep it updated using the Internet to keep viruses at bay.

latest versions from ‘http://free.grisoft. com’ and install it on your computer to

Partition Magic can resize your hard drive’s partitions with ease.

which are big in size.
– Ramakrishnan Manoharan

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[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I’ve encountered a
serious virus problem in my computer. My system’s configuration is P4 3.4 GHz, 1 GB Corsair DDR2 RAM, 250 GB Hitachi SATA HDD, Asus P5B Motherboard and Nvidia 7300GT graphics card. The problems are: I use Avast Home Edition antivirus
Disable unwanted entries in ‘Msconfig’ to stop loading erratic or unnecessary programs. System File Checker or SFC can help restore corrupted and deleted system files.

on my PC and regularly update it. It works fine but it is not able to detect a virus named ‘music.exe’. I think the virus entered my system through a pen drive. Every time I manually delete it, it re-appears after the next boot. I use Vista Ultimate and XP dual booting on two separate hard drives. I use Trojan removers separately but they have been of no use. My friend who also uses Avast antivirus has a similar problem. He has a virus in his system but Avast can’t detect it. He formatted the hard disk & reinstalled Windows XP. But after 2-3 days, the system got infected with the virus again. When he double-clicks on any folder, its size becomes 37.0 KB and has an .EXE extension. The data inside the folder gets corrupted. Please suggest a solution as soon as possible. I use Vista Ultimate. Initially it worked fine and would detect everything I connect, for example, card readers, extra HDD, Bluetooth, etc. But for some time now, when I connect any of these things, it asks me for the driver, even for external hard drives. What’s the problem? I regularly update Windows with Windows Update. Please suggest a solution for these problems. Thanks!
– Ajay Vikrant

without any problems. Regular Windows updates can protect your computer from vulnerabilities caused due to viruses and Trojans. As for your third question, there seems to be some driver corruption with Vista. Use the command ‘sfc /scannow’ from ‘Run’ or from the DOS Prompt and make sure you have your Windows Vista DVD ready when needed by Windows. SFC (System File Checker) scans your entire operating system to find any corrupted and damaged files and replaces them accordingly. We suggest you download Windows SP1—it may help too. Keep your operating system updated at all times. The same applies to all antivirus and antispyware applications too.

Hello Nabeel. The problem seems

[Q] Hi, Dr. CHIP. I am Shuvankar from
Bhadreswar (W.B.). I am using a PC running
Sachin Pandit

to be a compatibility issue with the driver or software of the wireless LAN card. Check the latest driver updates on the Internet for your laptop, especially for your wireless network card and the motherboard chipset. If it does not help, try disabling the Wireless Zero Configuration service from the list in Msconfig, or just delete or rename the file ‘zcfgsvc.exe’ located in ‘C:\windows\ system32 folder’.

on Windows XP, with 512 MB RAM, Pentium

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. Whenever I start my
computer, right after the POST (Power On Self Test), the following error prompt is displayed: ‘Hard disk: S.M.A.R.T. command failed. <Press F4 to resume>.’ What should I do to solve this problem? Please help me.
– Naved Ahmed

IV 3.06 GHz CPU, 160 GB hard disk. My PC is running comparatively slower since last month. I used to maintain the hard disk using Windows tools. However, now the speed of my PC is not satisfactory. Can you suggest any software that can enhance the performance of my PC? Does defragmentation affect a hard disk’s life?
– Shuvankar Dey

[Q] When I open any drive, it brings up
the ‘Open With’ option and gives me a list of programs including Internet Explorer, Adobe, VLC, Word, etc. I have scanned the system and updated my antivirus but the problem persists. Please mail me a solution.
– Aliasger Kiranawala

[Q] Dear Sir, I would like your help and
advice on the following:  I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. The battery of the mouse gets drained in just 2-3 days because the light at the bottom of the mouse is always on. Is there any way to switch it off other than removing the batteries?  How can I convert content on a video cassette to a CD or DVD?  There are some video files on a DVD. When I try to copy them to the hard disk, all files gets copied except one which is about 1 GB. An error prompt

Hello Naved. The error means that your hard drive is on the verge of failing. Please back up your data and purchase a new hard drive. S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) is a monitoring system for computer hard drives. It helps detect and report various indicators of reliability, besides anticipating failures. Keep this option enabled in the motherboard’s BIOS to help detect hard drive failures well in advance. Defragmenting your hard drive doesn’t reduce its life. To increase the speed of your computer, you can add more memory (around 1 GB more) and if possible, use a dedicated graphics card. To clean unnecessary files on your hard drive, use Ccleaner.
Software like Ccleaner can help flushing junk files and also erase private information stored in browsers.

Hello Aliasger. Your drives have a hidden file called ‘Autorun.inf’ in the root directory. You have scanned the system with updated antivirus software, but you should also try scanning the hard drives with an antispyware tool. Delete the ‘Autorun.inf’ files from the root directories of the drives and reboot the computer. It should work fine.

Hello Ajay, please try using the following software along with your Avast antivirus on both operating systems: ‘AVG Antivirus’, ‘AVG Rootkit’, ‘AVG Spyware’, ‘Lavasoft Adaware’ and ‘Hijackthis.exe’. I am sure it will get rid of the Trojan. Also format your pen drive after removing the virus from your computer. The same applies to your friend. Make sure your friend and you also use legal operating
‘Autorun.inf’ is a file created by the virus in every partition or drive on your computer.

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I’m a major fan of CHIP.
I use a Toshiba Satellite E50 laptop. When I switch my laptop on, I get a message which says ‘Zerocfgsvcmfc - application has encountered a problem and needs to close’. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me why this happens and how I can fix it.
S.M.A.R.T is a feature which helps detect hard drive problems in the early stages so you don’t face data loss.

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

Thanking you in advance.
– Nabeel

systems. This will help in updating the operating system from the Internet

Save your searches to avoid wasting time looking for the same files on large volumes.

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appears saying that the DVD is not in good condition. Is it possible to retrieve the data?  I do embroidery designing work on my computer. My computer is also used by others. I am looking for a system or program which can help me disallow copying data to a CD or a USB drive without my permission.  I also have a problem with file renaming. I have file names, for instance, ‘1.abc’, ‘2.abc’, and ‘3.abc’ etc. Now I want to rename them to ‘1p. abc’, ‘2p.abc’, and ‘3p.abc’ and also as ‘1p_mn_1.abc’, ‘2p_mn_2.abc’ and so on. Is there any software or system which can help me do that?  I have one folder which contains about 40,000 design files which is located at ‘D:\files\’. I use Windows Search very frequently but it is very irritating. Every time I have to browse to My Computer, and go to D drive, then scroll down and so on. Is there any way that the system can remember this path?  Suggest some book (not a website) which can give me in-depth knowledge of Windows XP from the very basics to a very high level.  I want to understand the full tree structure which opens in ‘Device Manager’ in the ‘Hardware’ tab in ‘System Properties’ from the ‘Control Panel’. I want to know what each section and subsection means, what it represents in a computer system, why it is important, what if I delete it and also every other little or big detail.
– Amit Jain

shirt) between the battery terminals to cut off the power to the mouse. To convert a video cassette into a VCD or DVD, you need a video capture card, a VCP or VCR, and video capturing and CD/ DVD burning program. Pinnacle TV tuners are quite good for converting videos and burn them to DVD or VCDs. If the DVD is scratched, then it is not possible to retrieve data from it. There is some software that attempts to retrieve data from damaged CDs/DVDs but it may take hours and there is a possibility that your DVD writer/ROM may get burnt out. Also there is no guarantee of data retrieval. Try the application ‘ISObuster’ to check if it can solve your problem. A simple and easy method is to disable the CD/DVD writer and the USB ports from the BIOS of the motherboard and then lock the BIOS with a password. Whenever you need to use them, simply enable them before starting Windows. Another way is to use ‘Gpedit.msc’ (the Group Policy Object Editor) to disable the use of a CD/DVD or USB device. But if you forget to undo the same, you may land up with minor problems. BIOS tweaking is a secure way to do this. Try using ‘QuickFileRename’, ‘BetterFileRename’ or ‘Batch-FileRename’. Just Google these names and download the files. You can save your previous search strings. Simply, use the ‘Save Search’ option from the Search window. Try using ‘Windows XP for Dummies’ available at any local computer book store. To understand all that is displayed in the tree structure in the ‘Device Manager’, you will need to study advanced Windows. There is a whole lot of information available on the Internet which you can refer to.
By using Vmware, one can run multiple operating systems on the same computer.

to enable ‘Extend my desktop onto this monitor’ and you will be able to use both monitors. You will not be able to use two operating systems on one single computer at the same time. If you need to do the same, I would suggest you try ‘VMWARE’ as this will enable you to use two operating systems at the same time and on different monitors too. You can also share the same resources. If you need to install Linux without touching the hard drive’s MBR, you can install it on another hard drive. Physically disconnect the current hard drive and install the new hard drive on the secondary master IDE bus. If it is a SATA connection, then remove the older hard drive and connect the new hard drive with another SATA connector (e.g. use the old HDD on SATA1 and the new one on SATA2, remove the cable of SATA1 for now). Install Linux on the new hard drive with a regular installation procedure. Once the installation is complete, you can reconnect SATA1 (the old hard drive) and change the boot sequence in the BIOS to boot through your choice of the operating systems on the two drives by pressing the F8 button. It’s simple but can be a little confusing for new users. Take help of a friend who has dealt with hardware solutions before. Hello Niaz. If you solder a PCIe slot to the motherboard, there is a chance that it will work. But only a slot would not make any difference, as there are many more components that are needed to support PCIe graphics cards. The information you are getting from PCWorks is the BIOS information read off the CMOS chip. Your motherboard seems to support a PCIe slot, but the manufacturer has chosen not to have it soldered on, possibly for cost-cutting reasons or to sell a more expensive upgrade. If you do want to go ahead with physically soldering on a PCIe slot, I suggest you speak to a local motherboard repair outfit (find an expert who deals in chip-level repairs) to find out if the motherboard can in fact do what you are looking for. Alternatively you can also check with Intel or ASUS if this can be done. Just e-mail them using the links on their websites. I would recommend you don’t try soldering the slot on yourself, because if there is any problem, leave alone the expired warranty, you may land up with a dead motherboard and will have to purchase the upgrades which would cost you Rs 10,000 anyway.
Some motherboards installed in branded computers do not provide a PCIe slot.

I obviously need to insert the media every now and then. Since they are so many in number, I would like you to recommend the type of cloth I should use to wipe off dirt, thumb prints, and scratch marks on the disc surface. Also tell me what kind of cases are best to maintain discs—plastic, paper sleeve or glass cases? Of late, I’ve come to know of many products available in the market for CD/DVD cleaning. Please suggest a product pertaining to CD/DVD disc cleaning available in the market. In your September 2007 issue you had mentioned about using ‘SFC/ scannow’ to repair corrupted files in Windows XP. But the command doesn’t
– Niaz Ahmed

EISA Healthy preloaded IBM Rescue and Recovery. I don’t want to fiddle with this hard disk nor do I want to touch its MBR, since sometimes I feel helpless to some problems and I am forced to reformat the drive. By God’s grace it’s been almost a year and I haven’t needed to format the HDD. Now, I want to install Linux OS (RedHat and Ubuntu). Is it possible that I can install it on a new disk (in master mode) and then later attach it to my PC (in slave mode) and when I need to run Linux I press F8 for boot options? Will this protect my master HDD’s MBR? Also can I run different operating systems on 2 monitors? As in, on 1 monitor I run Windows XP and on other monitor, Linux. Can I do this while also sharing resources of the same PC. My PC configuration is: P4 3.0 GHz processor with 800 MHz FSB HT technology, 910G or GV motherboard with 1.5 GB DDR2 RAM running at 533 MHz, an 80 GB SATA HDD and no graphics card installed.
– Jagmeet Singh

me buy a decent graphics add-on. I am not worried about the HP guarantee (it has expired). Please help me in any way possible. The motherboard is only worth Rs 1,000 currently because its chipset is outdated.

run on my system. Please help.
– Navraj Shubham

Hello Navraj, you can use a good lint free cloth to wipe your CDs and DVDs. You can use a lens or spectacle lens cleaning cloth and liquid to clean the dirt off the CD/DVD, but make sure you wipe it in a circular manner from inside out of the media disk. Do not apply too much pressure. Alternatively, a micro fiber cloth from 3M, called Scotch Brite, is available in the market ranging from Rs 40-80. This cloth should give you best results. To store your discs, use a CD case which has jackets coated with plastic but where the inner surface is made from lint free, scratch proof cotton material, for safe keeping. It is available in all stationary stores and does not compromise on quality or price. Storing in plastic, paper or the jewel cases may damage your DVDs in the long run. Sony CD/DVD cleaners are supposedly the best. Hunt for 3M cleaners if available. As for the SFC command, make sure there is a space after the SFC command. Type in the command ‘sfc /scannow’ in the ‘Run’ field. If your machine does not have the SFC command, copy the SFC executable from some other machine which has Windows XP, to the Windows folder on your computer.  Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
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[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP, I am Niaz Ahmed from
Chennai. I have a serious problem with my motherboard. I have a branded PC, Compaq Presario 1425IL, with a PTGD-LA Goldfish2 motherboard from ASUS. Last month I decided to buy a graphics card for it, but I found out that there was no PCIe slot on it, but it does have pins with a label just above them that reads “PCIe x16”. I installed PCWorks 2008 and it detects the PCIe x16 bus. I don’t know if my motherboard is actually a case of error from Compaq! But please tell me whether I could solder a PCIe slot to it? Since upgrading the motherboard, processor and RAM would cost me around Rs 10,000. But making the provision of PCIe slot on my current motherboard would help

Hello Amit. First of all, try using a good brand of batteries (such as Duracell) and check how long they last in the mouse. If the problem persists, then the mouse is at fault. If you do not want to remove the batteries, then you can hack into the plastic shell and install a manual switch to turn off the power. This will void the warranty of the mouse, or you could end up making it look ugly. Alternatively you can insert a small firm plastic strip (from a visiting card or from the plastic used in the collar of a newly purchased

Hello Jagmeet. To use two monitors on one computer simultaneously you will need a graphics card with two VGA D-Sub or DVI ports. The display card should have two physical connections to attach two monitors at the same time. If your motherboard has two PCI-e slots, you can connect two display cards too. Alternatively, if you have an older motherboard, you can try installing a PCI graphics/3D card to run two monitors. Once the cards are set and the drivers are installed, just use the display properties

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP, I study at Guru Nanak
Dev University, Amritsar. I am trying to learn Linux using video tutorials. The problem is that I can’t watch and execute the videos simultaneously. I want to set 2 monitors to do this. Can you include any tutorial for this in the next CHIP issue? Also, I have one 80 GB HDD which has 2 partitions (a) NTFS C: and (b)

[Q] Hi Dr. Chip, I have a lot of original
game CDs and DVDs. To play games

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A broken blade on a CPU cooler fan might wobble and possibly break again if you try reattaching it. Click on the 'Show hidden devices' option to list all unused and non-connected devices. The virus creates hidden files called 'autorun.inf' on every hard drive or partition. Get rid of them.

that my system does not have any viruses. Two of my friends are also facing similar problems. I need an expert’s help. My PC’s configuration is as follows: Pentium 4 HT 3.0 GHz, Intel 915GL motherboard, 512 MB DDR 400, 80 GB HDD (7200rpm, SATA 2), Sony CD-RW 48x and Sony DVD-RW 20X, OS: Windows XP SP2, Antivirus: AVG 7.5
Sachin Pandit

rpm. Please tell me if it is safe to use this cooler. I just bought it a couple of months ago and can’t afford another one for at least another year or so.
– Arun Prasath

Hello Rakesh. This problem is quite common when you change the network card or use a motherboard with an onboard LAN card. Windows remembers that you had earlier assigned an IP address to a particular LAN card and hence will not allow you to use it with another one. To solve this issue, you first need to delete the older network card that exists in the Windows database. Follow these steps:  Click ‘Start | Run’, type ‘cmd’ and press [Enter].  When the command prompt opens, type ‘set devmgr_show_nonpresent_ devices=1’ and press [Enter].  Close the command prompt by typing ‘Exit’ and pressing [Enter].  Right click on ‘My computer’ and click on ‘Properties’.  Click on ‘Hardware’ and then on ‘Device manager’  Click ‘View’ and then on ‘Show hidden devices’  Under ‘Network adapters’ you should find the older network card that does not physically exist anymore. Right click on it and select ‘Uninstall’.  Restart your computer and then assign the IP address to the new network card as usual. The next time you replace your network adapter with a new one, ensure that you remove the assigned IP address before shutting down your computer.s

installed QuickHeal Antivirus Plus 2008 Evaluation Version which detected the said Trojan and repaired the system files. Since then, the system has been working properly but I am unable to open my local drives C: and D:. On double clicking the drives, an ‘Open With’ dialog box opens, instead of the drive folder. What is the problem and how can I access the local drives C: and D:? Windows XP is installed on C: drive. Thanks.
– Dr. S.K. Das

Hi Arun, It is not safe to use a cooler with a glued fan blade. The glue might not be of much help as the speed you mentioned is too much for it to stay attached. It might wobble and possibly break again, causing either a noisy or an overheated system. You will need to continue using the stock cooler till you can afford another one.

and Spyware Doctor 5.5 (Registered), Nero 8.1 (Registered), Diskeeper 9 (professional

[Q] Hello, I am a regular reader of CHIP.
Your solutions are simply great as they are easy to follow. I am facing a problem with my new Sony DVD RW drive (DRU-190A). I bought it in October 2007 and the problem has existed from the very day I bought it.

version) for defragmenting.
– Chinmay Das

Hello Chinmay. Try changing the IDE cable from the motherboard to the writer and check your drive again to rule out any cable issues. Also ensure that the writer is not sharing its IDE cable with any other device (hard drives or any other writers). If all is fine and the writer still gives you problems, then the lens may be weak or the writer has come with a factory defect. Replace the writer if it’s under warranty. If your friend who has the same problem has brought the writer at the same time and from the same dealer as you have, then either the whole batch could be faulty or the entire consignment might have been damaged or mishandled during shipping to India. Check the writer thoroughly on another computer before you approach the dealer for a replacement.

Hello Dr. Das. If you right click on each drive and click ‘Open’, you will find that there is a hidden file called ‘autorun. inf’ in it. Delete this file from the root directory of each drive and restart your computer. They should now open properly with a double-click.

 It takes about two minutes to read a
data CD (MP3, JPG, etc), 5-6 minutes to read a DVD, but it is unable to read an CD-RW. The same disk which my Sony DVD writer cannot read is detected normally by another Sony CDRW drive and also on my laptop.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. My system runs on
Windows XP. I have only one LAN card and I checked in my network settings to find that the IP I use cannot be used any more. My LAN card has an IP address provided by Sify Broadband but when I try to type this IP in the same LAN card, the following error appears: “The IP address xxx.xxx.xxx. xxx you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter <name of adapter>. The name of the adapter is hidden from the network and dial-up connections folder because it is not physically in the computer or is a legacy adapter that is not working. If the same address is assigned to both adapters and they become active, only one of them will use this address. This may result in incorrect system configuration. Do you want to enter a different IP address for this adapter in the list of IP addresses in the advanced dialog box?” Please help!
– Rakesh Dhawde

 While writing a DVD, it stops writing
when the progress is 87 percent complete, and displays “Aborted by User”.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP! I am facing a really
annoying problem. My Windows XP Pro (with SP2) shows that my 56 kbps dial-up modem is removed even though I installed it correctly many times. The same problem is happening with the TV Tuner Card. Are my motherboard’s PCI slots the reason

 It is also unable to detect/read any dual
layer DVD; even new movie DVDs.

 My PC hangs when I insert the CHIP
DVD, showing 100 percent CPU usage. I exchanged my DVD writer for a new one around 15 days ago. But now it’s showing another problem along with above problems. The new drive is unable to burn DVDs at higher speeds. It burns only within the range of 1x-1.5x. It takes around 55-57 minutes to complete the burning process. I am using Nero 8.1 (licensed version) as the burning software. I also tried using a new Philips DVD lens cleaner to solve this problem, and checked the driver and disk speed etc. It also shows speeds between 1x-1.5x. I am very sure

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP, my Cooler Master TX2
CPU cooler’s fan has one broken blade. I contacted my hardware vendor but he said that this cooler’s warranty does not cover such damage to the unit (only internal damage, as if that is more likely!) For now, I am using the stock CPU cooler that came with my processor, an Intel Pentium D 805. I managed to stick the broken blade of the fan with super glue but I am not sure it will hold for long as the fan runs at around 1800

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have a Lenovo
ThinkPad laptop. I had Avast Free Edition antivirus installed, which detected one Trojan in my Windows XP system files, but was unable to delete it. Hence I uninstalled Avast and
Carefully clean the cabinet from inside, and ensure that the expansion slots are free of dust.

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

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for this problem or are the cards damaged? This is unlikely since my Pinnacle TV Tuner Card shows no signs of damage. I urgently need your help. Thank you!
– WarBustOn Sangma

[Q} Hello Dr. CHIP. I bought an 18x
Samsung DVD writer a year ago. It was working fine but I still wanted to clean it, so as instructed in the supplement of the December 2007 issue of CHIP, (optical drive cleaning workshop), I opened and cleaned the drive, then reassembled it. But as soon as I turned on the computer, the drive was unable to read or detect any DVDs. Now it’s reading and writing only CDs. Please help me with a solution. Also, I got a digital and an audio cable bundled with my writer, so please do tell me how to connect and use them. Thank you.
– Jamie

another? Let’s say 5 GB from D: drive to C: drive.
– Rohith Chinna

| Desktop’ and click ‘Active Desktop’. Double-click ‘Active Desktop Wallpaper’ on the right panel and on the ‘Setting’ tab, click ‘Enabled’. Here type the path to the Desktop wallpaper that you want to be used all the time (this could be a JPG file on another computer or the same computer itself) in the ‘Wallpaper Name’ and click ‘OK’. You would also have to use the ‘Enable Active Desktop’ policy which
Partition magic can be used to effectively resize your disk partitions. A setting change using Administrator mode can ban users from changing desktop wallpapers.

Just copy and paste the data. If the data has transferred successfully, then delete the data from the D drive.

The PCI bus on your motherboard is possibly the problem. Try removing the cards and cleaning the slots thoroughly with Isopropyl alcohol. Also clean the edge connectors on the cards. Then reinstall the cards and try again. Also reinstall the drivers. If this effort fails, check whether the cards work on a friend’s computer before making a decision on changing your motherboard.

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP. I have a used
computer which uses a Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, and a 40 GB hard drive with two partitions, C: and D:. The problem is that the guy who sold this computer to me had made really inconvenient partition sizes. He assigned 7.95 GB to the C: drive and 25.9 GB to D:. My system shows that I have a shortage of hard drive space, which refers to the C: drive. I tried to gather information about this problem but everyone only advises me to format my drive, which I don’t want to do. One of my friends told me about Partition Magic but it doesn’t seem to combine two partitions into one. Please help me with this matter.
noTe: I certainly don’t want to format

is found by navigating to ‘Local Computer Policy | User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Desktop | Active Desktop’. This is available only on computers running Windows XP Professional version and is not available in Windows XP Home.

drives have any errors by running Scandisk on them. If all is fine, copy your backed up data to the new partitions as required. Your work is done without having to reinstall the operating system.
noTe: If your computer previously had

have divided workgroup based on the departments. For example: ‘AccDept’, ‘Gap-Inc’, ‘Non-Gap’, etc. We don’t have any domain controllers. It is a workgroup-based network. In some departments, users change their desktop wallpaper on a daily basis. My senior administrator ordered me to restrict this and instructed me that they should not set any personal wallpaper on their desktops. I have tried some registry-based restrictions for users so that they cannot access the Control Panel, right click on the desktop and right click on My Computer. I have tried ‘gpedit.msc’ but in a workgroup model it sets the restriction to the ‘Administrator’ account also. In my case, I need full control for the Administrator only, and all other users should be restricted. That’s why I used a registry tweak. I have found another loophole: Users are opening the JPG file and right clicking on the image and then using the ‘Set as Background’ option to set wallpapers. I want to restrict this option also if possible through a registry tweak. I request you to help me out. Please post a registry tweak to disable this option for users. I hope I get a positive answer from the CHIP technical team. Thank you.
– Jitendra

[Q] Hello Dr. Chip, my problem is that
I have selected a scheduled time to run Windows Update, but whenever I connect to Internet, the tool starts downloading updates. Is there any way I can update Windows at a particular time only? Thanks,
– Rahul Choudhary

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP, I am Himanshu from
Jaipur. Whenever I start my computer, a prompt appears saying that my Windows is not validated (I have a pirated copy of Windows). It pops up randomly whenever I watch movies, play games or do anything else on my computer. Please help me resolve this problem.
– Himanshu Sharma

applications that were installed to the D: drive rather than the usual ‘C:\Program Files’ location, you may have to install them again. Partition Magic also helps in transferring applications from the D: drive to the C: drive and makes the necessary changes to the Windows registry for you, but only if there is enough space on the C: drive to accommodate them. Check your data and back up everything important before attempting such changes. Also note that the lesser the data on D: drive, the faster Partition Magic will do its work. If there is more data on the D: drive, Partition Magic will take longer, since it first needs to transfer all data from D: to C: and then changes the partition table to resize the partitions. There should be no power outages while undertaking this procedure.
Please noTe: Use Partition Magic at your

Applying too much pressure while cleaning the CD/DVD lens can permanently damage it.

my hard drive. If there are any programs required please put them on the CHIP DVD. Thank you.
– David Park

Hello Jamie. While cleaning, you might have dislodged the lens from its position. Your drive’s lens may not have been cleaned properly. Open it and carefully clean it again, or else you might have to repair or replace the drive. Secondly, your drive comes bundled with a digital data cable and an audio
Use legal software, especially the operating system, to be eligible for updates and patches.

Dear David, Using Partition Magic will be risky but it could be the best solution for you. Follow these instructions: Take a complete backup of the C: and D: drives on DVDs, an external hard drive or a networked computer. Confirm that the data is copied properly. Delete the contents of the D: drive, and then install and run Partition Magic. Use the program to delete the D: partition and increase the space of the C drive so that it extends into all the free space formerly occupied by the D: drive, or increase it only as much as you need, and then create a smaller D: drive from the rest of the space. Save the changes and restart your computer. Partition Magic will take over and carry out the necessary changes and then start Windows normally. Your drives will now be changed exactly as you specified. Once this is done, you can uninstall Partition Magic from your computer. Check if the

Schedule Windows Update to download important updates only when you want it to.

cable. You can use the digital cable to connect the drive to the IDE port of the motherboard, but since you already have an internal cable connected to the drive, keep this one as a spare. The audio cable is of no use—keep it if you want to, or dispose it. The audio cable is an analog cable (only for audio output) which connects the left and right audio channel to the sound card. All media player programs today get their data from an audio CD directly, hence, an analog audio cable is not necessary anymore.

Hello Rahul. If an Internet connection is unavailable at the time you specify, Windows Update will wait till you connect and start downloading immediately. You can schedule Windows to update at specific times during the day. Click on ‘Start | Settings | Control Panel’ and double click on ‘Automatic updates’. Here, you can choose the first option ‘Automatic’ (Update Interval) and select the day and time you would like Windows updates to be installed. You need to be connected to the Internet at the time you specify here.  Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

own risk. Back up all your important data before using it.

Hello Himanshu. This is an anti-piracy measure which cannot be circumvented. Once the Windows Genuine Advantage application is installed on your computer, it cannot be removed, but the irritating warnings will go away when you buy a legal license. I would suggest you get rid of the pirated version of Windows and buy a legal copy. This will also entitle you to receive updates and online support. Pirated copies could put your data at risk and also cause legal trouble for you.

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP. My name is Jitendra
and I am a regular reader. The articles and Tips and Tricks provided by CHIP are very good and informative and I like the Dr. CHIP section. I am working as a desktop support engineer in Bangalore. I have one problem and I hope you will help me with it. There are about 350 desktop users in my company. Based on the department, we have configured the network. We

Hello Jitendra. Do what is described here. It is possible to prevent users from changing desktop backgrounds. To do this, click on ‘Start | Run’ type ‘Gpedit.msc’ and press [Enter]. Navigate to ‘Local Computer Policy | User Configuration | Administrative Templates

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. What should I do to
transfer some data from one drive to

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[Q] Hi Dr CHIP, I'm a regular reader

[Q] Respected Sir, I have an AMD
Athlon XP 2800 XP+ machine, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 80 GB hard drive and a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card with 256 MB VRAM. The machine runs on Windows XP Genuine Version. I can’t find the disk defragmentation utility under system tools, whenever I right click on the drive and click the defrag button, 'Windows' pops up a message ‘The program is not installed please go to Add/Remove programs under Control Panel and try

all the Windows updates are lost. Is there a way to restore the updates and how can I save them onto the hard disk? Please help me to enhance my ideas to use the PC.
– Anshul Mehta

Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\ Advanced’. On the right hand side, you will find the value ‘Hidden’. Right click and modify it to ‘1’. Then go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\
Sachin Pandit

of your magazine. I have a problem. While surfing the internet, on a friend's PC, I accidently clicked on ‘remember me on this computer’. Now, he is able to access my account without my password. Please help.
– Srikant Kala

again’. How can I get back the disk defragmentation utility into the system tools or how can it be reinstalled.
– Anand Nayyar

Windows Update Downloader stores downloads if you constantly keep re-installing your OS.

Hidden\SHOWALL’ find the ‘Checked all’ key to the right, change it to ‘1’ from ‘2’. This will enable ‘Show hidden files and folders’ in the ‘Folder Option’ menu. Now open the ‘Windows Task

Clear out all the usernames, passwords and forms before exiting the Internet on a public computer .

Hello Anshul. It's difficult to copy updates of Windows XP or Windows Vista as Windows installs the updates and does not store the executables anywhere. But try this solution. There is a third-party software that you can download from ‘http://wud.jcarle.com/’ called ‘Windows Updates Downloader’.
Use the Msconfig utility to restore any corrupted or deleted file from your computer.

Hello Srikant. Always remember, whenever you are at a Cybercafé or any shared computer, it's dangerous to enter your username and password, as there can either be a key logger software installed to grab your keystrokes (such as usernames and passwords) or your details can get saved in the browser via the ‘remember my username and password’ feature of the Internet Explorer. Therefore, whenever you use a public computer to browse the Internet, make sure to follow these steps, after you have completed your work and before you log out of your account.  Start Internet Explorer.  Click 'Tools | Internet options'.  Click on the ‘General’ tab.  Click ‘Delete files’ and ‘Delete cookies’ button under ‘Temporary internet files’.  Click on ‘OK’ when asked in the upcoming screens.  Then select the ‘Content’ tab.  Click on ‘AutoComplete’ button under ‘Personal Information’.  Uncheck all the listed options on the settings page and then click ‘Clear forms’ and ‘Clear passwords’ buttons. This will clear out all your saved passwords (if any). Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera have similar options, to clear out your details. To safeguard your e-mail account Hello Anand. To get back the defragmenting tool, follow these steps.  Click on ‘Start | Run’.  Type ‘msconfig’ and press [Enter].  Select the ‘General’ tab.  Click the ‘Expand file’ button.  In ‘File to restore’ select your Windows CD from the cdrom drive (insert the Windows CD in the ROM).  Browse to the ‘i386 folder’ and select the file ‘defrag.ex_’ and restore it to your ‘C:\windows\system32’ folder.  Repeat the same procedure for files ‘defrag.hl_’ and defragp.ch_’ cnd restore them to ‘C:\windows\help’. Your system should now have the defrag software enabled. You can also copy the defrag.exe file from some other computer located in ‘C:\windows\ system32’ folder to the same location in your computer.

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP. I have a Laptop loaded with
the Windows XP Operating System, it has 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk with a Celeron 1.7 GHz Processor. It's infected by the "Microsoftpowerpoint.exe" virus. The Norton Antivirus check shows the virus. This virus has also infected my pen drive. Its attribute is hidden, and whenever I delete it, it regenerates itself. How should I get rid of this virus? Please help me out.
– Gaurav Sharma

Manager’ and end the process named ‘svchost. exe’ that runs under your user name. Then delete the folder ‘C:\heap41a’ and go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\policies\Explorer\Run’ and now clear the entry that says ‘heap41a’. To ensure that the computer is free from all infections, search the entire computer system and check to see whether there are any files with the same name as the ‘.exe’ file mentioned earlier. If found, delete them. Now your computer system should be completely free from worm infection. Make sure that you also format the USB drive before you reuse it. This will prevent the virus, if present in the USB drive, from infecting other computers.

This software once installed, gives you options to download current updates from the Microsoft update server for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003—directly to the folder of your choice. Once downloaded, just keep installing each update manually. This is the best way to keep your Windows installation up-to-date if you constantly keep re-installing your operating system. Note: These updates will not install on a pirated Windows copy. Download and burn the updates onto a DVD and use them to update any computer which needs updates. Alternatively, you can slip-stream the updates into your Windows installation CD by using the ‘nLite’ program to avoid installing the updates every time.

Hello Gaurav. Your machine is certainly infected with the virus and is infecting all the other drives. After deleting the files, the virus continues to copy itself onto other drives. Once the program runs, your computer system is infected. However, this virus does not destroy any of your system files. Instead, it hides all the hidden folders and disables the ‘Show hidden folders’ option in the ‘Folder Options’ menu. It runs its process in the memory. The virus, after affecting your computer, creates a folder named ‘heap41a’ in your root drive i.e. C: drive, where it resides, and therefore, it is not easy to locate. To rectify this, you will have to change these keys in the registry, back to the actual value. To open the registry editor, go to ‘Start Menu | Run’ and type 'regedit'. Browse to find the following entries and change them. Go to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP. I am from Bangalore.
I own a laptop (HP Compaq Presario V 4000) with a configuration of P-4 2 GHz processer, 512 MB RAM & 100 GB HDD. I've hidden a folder on my hard drive (with five partitions) and have named it ‘MG’. But it’s not visible. I have tried all sorts of methods to retrieve it; I even tried to repair my OS (Windows XP)
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have Windows
Vista Home Basic OS installed on my laptop. Whenever I format my laptop

Clean up the restore points in Windows XP and Vista before attempting any virus cleaning to ensure the virus.

do apply these steps before and after you have browsed through the Internet.

34 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 35



checksum bad. Press F4 to run setup’. I selected ‘Load optimal settings’ and restarted. The computer booted without a hitch. The next time I booted, I faced the same problem. Thinking that the CMOS battery was weak, I replaced it with a new one, and even cleared the BIOS. But the problem still exists. Help!
Check the attribute of each file by running the 'attrib' command before making changes to it.
– Kumar S

Hello Vaibhav. The problem occurs when AVG definitions are not updated prior to the new updates. Therefore AVG does not recognize the new files and requires the older updates to recognize the new ones. To solve this issue, copy all the files from the AVG update bank, onto the machine which has an updated AVG antivirus, to a folder of your choice on the required computer. Then feed the update to the AVG which requires to be updated. The update bank folder will be located in these locations listed below.  For Windows XP: ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Grisoft\Avg7Data\upd7bin’.  For Windows Vista: ‘C:\ProgramData\ Grisoft\Avg7Data\upd7bin’
Check for the compatibility options before upgrading from your older Operating System.

 Click Next.  Follow the on-screen instructions to finish updating the driver.  Restart your computer if prompted.
noTe: If Windows is unable to locate the

driver for your device, the device may not be supported by Windows XP. To see the list of supported devices, checkout the most recent Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) at the Microsoft Web site: http://www.microsoft.com/ whdc/hcl/default.mspx
Place packets of silica gel inside the computer cabinet. This helps absorb excessive moisture.

though without much success. I am a regular reader of CHIP magazine, and you are my last hope.
– Navalgund

Windows attempts to use device drivers that are incompatible with Windows XP. To resolve this issue, verify that each device in your computer uses a driver that is compatible with Windows XP. To do so, follow these steps:  Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.  In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.  For each device, use the following steps to verify that it is using a Windows XP-compatible driver. NOTE: To narrow down the search, begin with devices that have been disabled. A disabled device has its icon overlaid with a red X.  Double-click the device name to open the device Properties dialog box, and then click the Driver tab.  Examine the driver version. All
– Dr. Pancholi

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have a 120
GB V6000 series Compaq Laptop. Whenever I click on the hard drive it does not open directly. But on double clicking, an ‘open with’ window pops up. I have scanned my laptop twice, with the latest Avast version; the problem still persist. Please advice.
– Manish Agarwal

Hello Ayush. What you need to remember is that a computer can act in an unexpected manner during the monsoon. The reason is that damp atmospheric conditions tend to invite a set of problems induced by moisture. Please ensure that your computer is placed far away from open doors or windows, and is safely tucked away in a dry corner. If you use an air conditioner, keep the temperature above 22 degrees. If your computer is placed in the same room as the air conditioner, and if you have the air conditioner running throughout the night, do not switch on the computer immediately. First, turn off the air conditioner, wait at least an hour or so, for the room to get to room temperature and then start the computer.

We are not clear what you mean by ‘I have hidden a folder on my hard drive (with five partitions), with the name of MG’? Is there a folder on all 5 partitions? The problem, as I understand it, is listed below. You may have a folder ‘abc’ (for instance), which is hidden in drive (partition) C, D and E. (Example: C:\ mydata\mystuff\abc). You cannot see it in Windows Explorer, yet you would like to see it there. Follow these simple steps:  ‘Start | Run’ – type ‘cmd’ and press [Enter].  Go to the folder and drive where this hidden folder exists. (c:\mydata\mystuff).  Type ‘DIR’ and press [Enter]. See if you can find the folder.  Type ‘DIR /AH’ and press [Enter]. See if your folder is listed. If yes, then do the next step.  Type ‘attrib <folder name>’ (for example: attrib abc’.  This command will show you the attributes of your folder if it is hidden, read only or a system file by using the codes ‘S H R’.  As you say your folder is hidden, then type the command ‘attrib abc –h’ to unhide your folder. Do the same command with ‘-s’ for the folder.  Now type exit and return to Windows. Your folder will be seen there.  Do the same for all the other partitions. Hello Kumar. The problem seems to be with the motherboard itself. The only way to resolve this issue is to have it either repaired or replaced, if under warranty. Replace the motherboard if the warranty is still available or else I would suggest that you live with the problem rather than repair it. The cost of repairing it would be marginal, but there is a possibility of your motherboard giving other problems if the board is not serviced by a good professional.
The CMOS battery should be replaced at least once a year to avoid losing the BIOS settings.

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP. Every time I log onto
my computer, an error message pops up. ‘The system has recovered from a serious problem. A log of this error has been created. Serious error: Error signature: BCCode: A, BCP1: EB532A8, BCP2:000000FF, BCP3: 00000000, BCP4: 806BB1BE, OSVer: 5_1_2600, SP: 0_0, Product: 768_1. ‘ Please help. Why does this happen? What can I do?

Windows XP drivers should be version 5.1.2600 or later.  If you are not sure about the displayed version, examine the driver date. Drivers created before the year 2001 may not be compatible with Windows XP.  After you identify an outdated device driver that may be causing the problem, follow these steps to update the driver:  Insert your Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM drive. If Setup starts automatically, quit it.  In the device Properties dialog box, click Update Driver to start the Hardware Update Wizard.  Click Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), and then click Next.  Click to select then include this location in the search box, and then type your

Periodic computer scans using updated virus definations will prevent viruses from breeding.

The reason is that moisture in the air condenses onto the computer's warm internal components and forms dew, which can ruin the complete circuit inside the cabinet or monitor. Take some precautions. Place plenty of silica gel packets inside the cabinet (these can be purchased from a medical store). This will help absorb moisture if any, and will keep the computer dry. At times, when the your computer does not boot or there is no display, leave it switched on for around half an hour and restart it. The heat generated inside helps to drive out the moist air. In your case, clean all the parts inside the cabinet as dust retains moisture. This can also lead to corrosion of copper tracks on all the parts. Keep your computer clean, dry, and use it often.  Send in your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Hello Dr. Pancholi. You have upgraded your Operating System. After you upgrade your operating system from Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) to Windows XP, you may receive an error message similar to the following. You may receive this error message when

Hello Manish. To begin with, please ensure that you clear out all the restore points that have been saved by Windows till date, as this may contain the virus. Next, scan the hard drive thoroughly using the latest updated version of antispyware and antivirus. After this is done, delete all the hidden files called 'autorun.inf' from all the drives and partitions (including your external storage drives and flash drives). Now, reboot your computer and confirm.

[Q] Hi, Dr. CHIP, I have installed the
AVG Antivirus 7.5, on my computers at the office and also at home. Whenever I download the definitions update file from the location ‘http://free.grisoft. com/doc/update/us/frt/0’ and try to update AVG by selecting the folder option from the update dialog box, I sometimes receive an error message ‘No New update file could be found at the selected location’ despite the fact that the downloaded files are available (on the Desktop in my case). I tried to download that file again, without much luck. Why does AVG not recognize its definitions update file?
– Vaibhav Pandya

[Q] Hi, Dr. CHIP, I have encountered
a problem. Whenever I switch on my computer, it remains on for about 5-6 minutes and then it reboots itself. I have tried to fix this problem a couple of times, but failed. Please help!
– Ayush

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP. Whenever I start my
computer, it shows a message - ‘CMOS

Pick up updates of AVG from one computer and update the antivirus program on other computers.

CD-ROM drive letter in the space below. For example, type D:

36 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 37



In the next window, drop down the list

and Windows will not let you use it again, as this is now allocated to another LAN card. To resolve this, open a Command Prompt window and type ‘set devmgr_ show_nonpresent_devices=1’ and press [Enter]. Then start the Device Manager or run the command ‘devmgmt.msc’ from Start | Run. Now, click on ‘View’ and select ‘Show hidden devices’. Delete all LAN cards listed here (uninstall them) and then reinstall your LAN card drivers.

Run the 'Attrib' command to see the attributes of each file or folder before deleting it.

to choose Use proxy server. Fill in the fields for the proxy server IP address and port number. If your proxy needs authentication, then fill in the username and password too. Save and update. Updates for AVG version 7.0 might not be available anymore, since version 7.5 is currently being phased out and 8.0 has been launched. It will not recognize the update files if they are for a newer version than you are using. You can upgrade to AVG 8.0, and then enter the proxy settings under ‘Tools | Advanced Settings… | Proxy’.

[Q] Hi, doctor. Thanks for the solution
to my previous problems, but I have another query. I have an Asus P5RD1-VM Series motherboard, does it have an AGP graphics card slot or PCI express?
– Rudresh Ved

Hello Ukul. Here’s what you Hello Anurag. Thank you for being a regular reader. I am glad that CHIP has helped you grow. Now that you have credited me and our magazine for turning you into a PC Guru in your locality, I think we should sit together and discuss my commission. Just kidding!
Sachin Pandit

need to do. Start the command prompt. Change to the desktop directory. Run the command ‘attrib <folder name to be deleted> -s -h -r’ and then run the command ‘del <folder name to be deleted>’ this should delete the folder with ease. Exit from the command prompt.

[Q] I have been having a problem
since for the last two months. I use SIFY broadband on my home PC, and when the IP address is entered into the LAN card, a message appears “Your IP address already exits” (the IP address is provided by SIFY). The service provider’s solution to this was to format the PC. My friend advised me to go into safe mode and uninstall all LAN card drivers. I tried, but my Realtek LAN driver and others did not uninstall (my PC now has only a LAN card). When uninstalling and installing, new local area network connections (Local Area Network 3, 4, 5) are created. Can this be solved without a fresh Windows installation?

Well, many motherboards allow you to

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. First of all, it's because
of you, that I have turned into a PC Guru at home and within my locality. Now, everybody comes to me to resolve their PC problems but the credit actually goes to you. I have two questions to ask: (1) The [F8] key prompts me to select any bootable medium, i.e. the HDD and DVD writer etc. So how can I reboot my PC in safe mode? What is the method to reboot it in the ‘command prompt’ or ‘safe mode’? (2) I no longer use a floppy drive. But to burn a bootable XP SP2 or any OS CD, Nero asks for a floppy drive. I currently use Nero 7 Premium and have downloaded Magic ISO to make ‘boot.iso’. Was it the wrong decision to have discarded the floppy drive? Is there an alternative method to make a bootable CD? I look forward to your guidance.
– Anurag Kapil

select the boot device priority when you press the [F8] button when booting. You will get a list of detected storage media to boot from and you need to choose the hard drive option (since this is where your operating system is installed) and press [Enter]. As soon as you press the [Enter] key, immediately press the [F8] key again to get the menu from Windows XP that allows you to choose Safe Mode. To make bootable CD/DVDs, you will need to use an image of a bootable disk or have a bootable disk in the floppy drive. Since you don't have a floppy drive, you can substitute just use a bootable image which can be downloaded from the Internet. Go to the website www.bootdisk.com and download the bootable image of your choice. Save it to the hard drive and select the location to this image file in Nero. Other websites also offer bootable images to help make bootable CD/DVDs. Just search for them on the Internet. Hope this answers your queries. All the best!

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP. I use an Internet
connection via a proxy. Therefore, it is not possible to update my AVG Free Edition 7.0. I couldn't find any proxy settings in AVG to update from the Internet. Manual updates create a problem as AVG cannot identify the update file as an update. Could you please help?
– Vaibhav Pandya

VmWare is good for running multiple operating systems, and can support full screen mode too.

Hello Rudesh. Your motherboard has a PCI express x16 slot.

Hello Vaibhav. If you are using a proxy server for the Internet, you will have to specify the name of the proxy server and its port for the AVG update settings. For this, double click on the AVG icon in the system tray, click on the Update Manager link and click Settings.

– Rakesh Dhawde

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, I have been reading
Hello Rakesh. The problem is that your LAN card is listed as an unused or disabled device in the Device Manager. You will have to delete the older LAN card from there, as it is using the IP address your magazine since 2004 and like the magazine very much as it provides me with lots of information on computers and gadgets. This is the first time I am writing to you. I am learning Basic and Qbasic, but they do not work on my Windows Vista Ultimate edition. Please help!
– Adarsh

[Q] Dear Sir, I urgently need your help. I
downloaded some files and put them in a folder on the desktop, and these were later deleted after I had finished working on them. Now for some reason, I cannot delete the folder. The folder shows that it is empty but it cannot be opened. I think it is a virus.
Download the appropriate image and use it to create a bootable CD / DVD.

Hello Adarsh. You can use Microsoft’s Virtual PC or VMware to create your own virtual machine on Windows Vista or XP. Just download, install and create a virtual machine which runs an older version of Windows, and
If you use a proxy server, the settings need to be entered in your antivirus software as well. You can view devices that are currently not connected in the Device Manager.

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

How can I delete the folder?
– Ukul Kulu

then run your old software on it. Similarly try using DosBox (download and install it).
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

38 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 39



because repairing the drive might or might not solve your problem.

product key? I would be grateful if you reply as soon as possible, as you are my last hope.
– Aman Saini

Also, your system is infected with a worm. Please have your system scanned with good updated antivirus and antispyware software. Use AVG if needed. As for your last question, there is an application that runs when Windows starts up and stays resident in the memory. You will have to scan the system in safe mode. Press [F8] when the system is booting, select ‘Safe mode’ and then scan your PC with the same tools. Restart the computer and use it.

[Q] I'm using Windows XP SP2 and
recently defragmented my hard disk. After this, I found that some of the folders were detected as .exe files with the 'system' attribute, and I could not access the contents of these folders. I'm sure that the defragmentation has
Use a good registry cleaning and repair tool for an error-free registry. To get rid of dust, use lens cleaning kits on a regular basis.

Hello Aman. If you have forgotten your product key, you will need to call Microsoft and get the key. State your bill number when asked for proof of purchase.

nothing to do with this. The PC has been scanned with Kaspersky provided on the CHIP DVD and it detected Trojans. I don’t want to lose my files or reinstall my operating system. Please tell me how to get rid of this problem. I wrote it on the CHIP forum but only a few replied.
– Gune 30

Clear all past restore points, as a virus might be backed up along with your system settings.

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP, I have a couple of
problems. (1) My PC doesn't sound a beep, can you tell me where to connect the internal speaker wire on the motherboard? I have an Intel original 945 motherboard. (2) A file named ‘cookies’ appears in my Mozilla folder (C:\Documents and Settings\ Administrator\ Application Data\ Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5oa0x3vk. default). When scanned it was found to be a virus so I removed it using AVG Anti-Spyware and Ad-Aware 2007. But it still reappears after a minute. Please help. (3) The net speed slows down when I try to browse www.filefront. com or www.moddb.com. After 2 hours of use, it stops responding and when rebooted, everything returns to normal. Please help.
– Adil Darbar

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. For the past few
months my PC has been facing a peculiar problem. The ‘Add or remove’ option in the Control Panel doesn't seem to work. The list does not show a single currently installed program. I face a problem uninstalling any program on the PC. Yet another problem is that whenever the PC boots and the desktop screen appears, a message pops up saying “This application failed to start because Telecalib_logging.dll was not found”. Though this error does not cause any problem, I want to fix it. I have a 2.40Ghz Celeron CPU, 256 MB of RAM and Microsoft Windows XP SP2. Please help.
– Subhayan Bhattacharya

watch the CeBIT videos supplied on the disc!) and the Mega Software DVD and a disc I burned (this disc reads as an empty disc). These run fine on a friend's computer (he has the same DVD writer). Other DVDs read fine on my drive. I installed the latest firmware (version MYS6) but it didn’t solve the problem. I also uninstalled the drive from Device Manager and restarted the PC but the problem still persists. I have Windows XP Professional SP2 installed on my machine and a Samsung CD writer connected as slave to this Sony DVD writer. Another strange thing is that the drive was able to read the Mega Software DVD once. My drive is one and a half years old. Please help!
– Sounava Ghosh

you have removed the virus from the computer, follow these steps:  Temporarily disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).  Update the virus definitions.  Reboot the computer in Safe Mode  Run a full system scan and clean/delete all infected files  Modify the value added to the registry. Or Restore the following registry entry to its previous value, if required: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\ SHOWALL\’CheckedValue’ = ‘0’  Exit the registry editor and restart the computer.  In order to make sure that the threat has been completely eliminated from your computer, scan your computer thoroughly using antivirus and antispyware software.

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP. My PC has 1GB RAM,
an Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz processor, and an Intel 82915G/GV/910GL express chipset-based motherboard. I have been longing to buy a graphics card but my computer assembler told me that there was no slot for a graphics card on my motherboard. I opened my PC to check but could not find it. Is there any solution to my problem? Could I solder an AGP/PCIex16 slot onto the motherboard? Please help! Buying a new motherboard along with all new components might become too costly.
– P Jerrin Jacob

Hello there. Please use a good antivirus and antispyware updated to the latest definitions from the Internet and scan your full computer. If the problem is not resolved, your might need to back up your data and format the computer. Install Windows XP Service Pack 3 and check if it makes a difference. Ensure that you use a legal version of Windows XP before you attempt to install Service Pack 3.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, I am a regular
subscriber of your magazine. Recently, my PC was infected by the virus ‘W32.Popwin’. The PC has Norton Antivirus installed on it. Every time I start the machine, Norton pops up a message saying the file ‘C:\Windows\ System32\78FD9CC2.dll’ was infected and thus deleted. If scanned, the machine doesn’t show the virus. But if it is rebooted, the message reappears. Also, the option for ‘Show hidden files and folders’ is missing in my PC. There is only one option seen ‘Do not show hidden files and folders’. I look forward to your solution to this problem.
– Rohit Mehta

Hello Adil. If you look closely at the motherboard where the HDD LED and power/reset switches are plugged in, you will find a 4-pin header. This is where you can connect the speaker wire. It does not matter which way you plug it in. Alternatively, check the manual of the motherboard. Check for a diagram of the front panel connectors.
A motherboard might be able to support a PCIe slot, but it isn't actually soldered on.

Hello Subhayan. Was your machine infected or attacked by a worm or virus? If yes, it has corrupted the registry of your computer’s operating system. You will have trouble trying to solve the registry problem, and the chances of setting it right are remote. I suggest that you back up all your important data and reformat the computer. Then reinstall your operating system and all your software. Ensure that you have an active and updated antivirus program installed on your computer before you use the Internet for the first time.

Hello Sounava. The lens of the DVD writer might have dust particles on it or could be damaged. Try cleaning the lens thoroughly, either with a good lens cleaner or by opening the drive and cleaning the lens using a clean earbud dipped in isopropyl alcohol. If this does not work, I suggest that you just buy a new drive

[Q] Dear Sir, I am a regular reader of
CHIP magazine and I have problem. I have a bootable Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2) CD. I’ve forgotten its product key. Is there any software which will help me to find its

There is no way you can add/solder a card or slot to your motherboard. You can buy a PCI graphics accelerator card, but the performance will not be anywhere near an AGP or PCIe card. The only option is to buy a new/second hand 915 motherboard with a PCIe slot and also a PCIe graphics card.

[Q] Dear Dr. CHIP, I have a Sony
DW-G120A DVD writer. These days, it simply refuses to read some DVDs. When I insert certain DVDs, it does not detect anything. This includes the CHIP DVDs of the March and April issues (really frustrating, as I can't even
Use genuine software and operating systems to lower the risk of a virus infection.

Hello Rohit. Your system is definitely infected with a worm. Make sure that you clean the computer thoroughly using good antivirus and antispyware software. Try out AVG (freeware). After
If you reinstall Windows, you can activate your copy by calling the Microsoft Help Line. The speaker, HDD LED, power LED, and power/ reset switch headers are located together .

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP, I have a serious
problem with my Lenovo laptop. Its configuration is: 120 GB hard disk, 1
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

40 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 41



GB RAM, and genuine Windows Vista Basic. I have now installed Windows 98 but it is not working properly. Vista’s System Restore function does not load and the one-touch doesn’t work either. The system shows only the C drive with 2 GB space. No other drive is visible. When I try to open other drives by typing the drive letter, it pops up a message saying “your drive is either moved or removed”. I have very valuable data that I can’t lose and I need to get it all back. Help me in this regard. 1) Is there any possibility of getting all the data back to my laptop? (2) If possible what is the process to transfer the data to another PC?
– Supriya T

Please help me configure my desktop email client. Thanks.
– Pankaj Pathak

latest definitions for your antivirus and antispyware programs and scan your computer. Also download and use Hijaskthis to clean unwanted entries which might be hijacking your registry.

Check if the email provider offers free POP access for this email ID. Most sites like Yahoo and Hotmail give you POP access for a price per year. Gmail offers it for free; check if live.com has the same offer. If it is free, you can get the POP and
Most monitors' power LEDs glow orange if no video signal is detected.

[Q] I have a HCL L19- L1908 notebook.
The specifications are: Intel Celeron M 440, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 15.4Ensure that there is adequate airflow inside your PC to keep the components from overheating.

SMTP server addresses from the website itself. Use these settings to configure Outlook Express.

inch widescreen TFT, combo drive, and Free DOS. The problem is that when I play any video or movie, the audio output is distorted and after few minutes there is no audio output and the system hangs. The system has been formatted but the problem persists. Please help.
– Tribhuvan Rathore

Check the hard drive manual for jumper settings. An incorrect setting can cause data loss.

Sony floppy drive. The problem is I brought an XFX 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 graphics card. When I inserted the card into the PCie slot and connected the monitor to the card's DVI port, the monitor remained blank, saying ‘no signal’. I’ve even changed the settings in the BIOS, (like initial display first to PCie) and have disabled the onboard graphics, but the problem still persists. I know the card is powered, because its fan starts running as soon as the power is switched on. What do I have to do to make sure the card is detected? Please help me!

3.0 GHz processor and a new power

it in My Computer or Disk Management. I plugged it into my PC the normal way and all I got was 31.4 GB. I posted this on the CHIP hardware forum and got a reply asking me to forward this message to this mail address. Thank you
– Maheswaran M

[Q] Dear Sir, I am Kasam Mogal from
Rajkot, Gujarat. I have a desktop PC with an Intel 945GCNL motherboard, Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of DDR2 667 MHz RAM, and a 250 GB SATA HDD with Windows Vista Home Basic.

supply. The system heats up very quickly even though I open the cabinet, and it restarts automatically. Please suggest some solution. Thank you!
– Sangma

Hello there. Make sure your cabinet has enough cooling fans. Also ensure the CPU fans are not clogged with dust and are spinning at full speed. Try replacing the CPU’s thermal paste (the paste between the CPU and heatsink) and see if it helps.

Hello Maheswaran. Please check if the hard drives jumpers located next to the IDE / PATA cable connector (see attached image) are positioned properly. The drive should be set to primary master mode. Also study the jumper values given on the label of the hard drive. If all is fine, then
Live operating systems such as Knoppix and Ubuntu can help identify hardware faults.

[Q] Dear Sir, my PC has a dual core
– Adithya

An external casing for a laptop hard drive can be helpful when transferring or backing up data.

processor, 512 MB of RAM, and Windows XP. Whenever the PC boots Windows, instead of the user names, an error message appears, saying “lass.dll is missing, go to safe mode, see the log file and then restasrt”. But the safe mode also shows the same message. Please tell me what to do now.
– Sapan Doshi

your drive should be checked on another computer or another hard drive should be connected to the external casing to determine the culprit.

Hello Adithya. Please check the Hello Supriya. I am sorry but you might already have lost all the data on your hard drive. The only option you have is to remove the hard drive from the laptop, plug it into another computer using an external casing (or directly to a desktop computer if it is a SATA hard drive) and try using file recovery software. Please note: doing this could void your laptop’s warranty. Check with the manufacturer’s website before attempting any data recovery on the laptop. monitor’s settings and the cables. See if the monitor is works with another card. Finally have the XFX card tested on another computer. It is possible that the PCIe slot is faulty or the XFX card itself is the problem.

Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare, etc can run your DOS applications in full screen mode.

Hello there. You can check the sound card and the computer hardware by using a Linux live CD like Knoppix or Ubuntu. If the distortion and hanging still occur, then the hardware should be repaired. If the problem does not arise, then the drivers of your motherboard might be faulty or need to be updated. There could also be a virus issue on your operating system.

I recently installed Turbo C++ (DOS based) and when I try to run it full screen ([ALT] + [Enter]), an error message appears on screen: “This system does not support full screen mode”. How can I run DOS programs full screen in Windows Vista? Can I try to install a Windows XP display driver?
– Kasam Mogal

[Q] Hello Sir, I have a problem
with Windows 98. I use 10 PCs in a workgroup, running either Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. One Windows 2000 computer has an HP Laserjet 1018 printer installed. This printer can be accessed from all the operating systems, but when I tried Tally 5.4 on Windows 98, it does not accept the print command. Word documents print just fine on both Windows 98 and 2000 but Tally 5.4 does not. Can you help me?
– Rakesh

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have created an
email ID (say xyz@live.com) but I’m not able to configure it in Outlook Express.

Your computer is infected with a virus. Please download the

Hello Kasam. Windows Vista does

[Q] I purchased an 80 GB Seagate
Barracuda hard drive (ultra ATA) in 2005. I used it for some time and put it away for about a year. When I tried to convert it into an external hard disk using a casing, it was not detected by XP. It showed the 'Detected new hardware’ message and called it a 'USB to IDE' something. When I open
HijackThis.exe can get rid of unwanted registry entries that are created by viruses or spyware.

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I have a PC with
the following configuration: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processor, Biostar TA690G AM2 motherboard, Transcend 2x1 GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM, Viewsonic A1912WB monitor, Zebronics 400W PSU (stock), Hitachi HDS728080PLA380 80GB hard disk, Maxtor 6L080M0 80GB hard disk, Sony DVD-RW AWG170A DVD writer and a
Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, etc have paid POP3 email access while Gmail offers it for free.

not support full screen DOS mode. You can either use VMware or Virtual PC to get DOS on your computer with Windows Vista and run it in full screen. Or else you can try the program DosBox to do the same.

Hello Rakesh. Are you are using a pirated copy of TALLY? If not, please report the situation to Tally's helpline.  Send your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP! I am facing a
problem. I purchased a new Jetway motherboard along with a Pentium IV

the Device Manager it shows a 'USB Mass Storage device'. But I can’t find

42 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 43



CDrLabel can gather and print information from a CD or DVD to make jewel case covers.

quality of the video in the process. Use Nero which comes bundled with most DVD writers.

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP, I don’t know if my
problem is big enough to worry about. My HCL notebook has an AMD Turion X2 CPU and Geforce Go 6100 graphics. It runs Windows XP. Recently, I had an LCD problem for which the notebook was sent to the HCL service center. They changed my motherboard and updated my BIOS. Now when I open the Nvidia display properties dialog box, it tells me that the GPU temperature is 100 degrees. Due to this I’m unable to play games or videos
– Chandan

Keep your drivers updated by checking manufacturers' websites and getting upgrades.

there any software which can save a catalogued/indexed report to a text or Excel file? Please guide me. that has been changed. Category: UserSachin Pandit

button. I encounter this problem every time I play these games. But when I uninstalled the audio drivers that came with my motherboard and use a Bluetooth audio device instead, then it works fine. I use a Bluetooth device because I can’t play movies or games without audio. I also tried updating my audio driver from Intel’s website but it doesn't works. I have two versions of the audio driver, both of which are creating problems. The old driver is named SigmaTel 5.10.5208.0, and the newly downloaded driver is AUD_ allOS_x5511_v5511_PV_IDTGUI_v005. exe Please help me. Thanks
– Dushyant Chaudhary

as they run very sluggish and slow. Is it a hardware problem or a BIOS problem? Please help me. Attached is a photograph of the display panel.
– Tarun

specific browser toolbar. Change value

Hi Chandan, You can use a program called ‘cdrLabel’ which is available at ‘www.cdrlabel.com’. This will index your discs’ contents and save the index to text or Excel format as well as print jewel case inlay cards if you want.

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP, I have several entries
in my computer’s “hosts” file created by Spybot Search & Destroy. But there should not be any entry apart from localhost. I am sending the file as an attachment, please examine it and advise me. I have AVG Free Antivirus version 8, ZoneAlarm firewall and Spybot Search & Destroy with all the latest updates installed. On scanning no virus, spyware or adware is detected. Also I have given the hosts file read-only permission after reading the September 2007 issue of CHIP. How were those entries written? My system is running absolutely fine, but I am worried about the entries. I have not created any users with restricted permission, and connect to net from an administrator account. Is that safe? When I open Internet Explorer 7, the resident tea timer of Spybot flashes this message: “Spybot Search & Destroy has detected an important registry entry

deleted. Entry {F0D4B239-DA4B-4DAF-81E4DFEE4931A4AA} Old data hex: 39,B2,D4,F0,4 B,DA,AF,4D,81,E4,Df,EE,49,31,A4,AA” I deny the change, but I am confused whether to allow it or not.
– Satyakam Mohanty

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP, Can you please tell
Hello Satyakam. SpyBot has inserted these entries on its own. These entries are the websites that you have denied access to using SpyBot. If you delete the entries, you will be allowed to browse the blocked websites and could be infected by a worm. I would suggest that you let the file be as it is. You can also block any website from opening in your browser by adding the entry ‘ www.<website-tobe-blocked>.com’ to the last line of the ‘Hosts’ file. You can edit it using Notepad. Using an administrator account can be dangerous, especially if you have a virus infection. You could be locked out of your own computer. I suggest you add a user with limited rights and use that profile for your daily work. Also keep the administrator account password protected. Regarding the Internet Explorer 7 message, your machine seems to be infected already. Deny all changes and scan your computer thoroughly. Download and use the program Hijackthis to resolve any registry startup issues. Hello Sachin. If you burn the file on the CD or DVD as a data CD/DVD, the quality will be as good as the original. But if you need to burn the file as a Video CD or Video DVD, you will need to convert it to that format. You may lose the original me how to burn a downloaded AVI format file onto a CD/DVD retaining its original quality, and the best software for doing this? If I burn the .AVI file onto a data CD will it retain its original quality? Is it necessary to convert the file before burning it onto a DVD?
– Sachin Goswami

Laptops heat up after a while. Ensure that the air vents are clean.

Hello Dushyant. The problem seems to be with the motherboard, since you have installed new drivers for the audio chip. Check whether the sound card is sharing an IRQ with another device on the motherboard. This could be the cause of the hanging and sound problems. But I suggest you use another hard drive and install the operating system all over again and check if the problem still persists. If the problem is still the same, try to have the motherboard replaced under warranty, or else buy a new PCI sound card which will solve your problem.

Hi Tarun, Please get the notebook serviced as soon as possible. The cooling mechanism on your GPU might not have been fitted properly, or there could also be a malfunction in the sensors.

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I am a regular
reader of your magazine. My PC configuration is: Intel DG965RY original motherboard, 3.0 GHz dual-core 4 MB cache CPU, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 RAM, 160 GB HDD (SATA), 17-inch monitor, and Windows XP Professional SP2. I face a strange problem. Whenever I try to play games like GTA San Andreas, NFS Carbon or GTA Vice City or play a movie in Real Player 11, the speakers produce a rattling sound and the

[Q] Dear sir, I recently started reading
your magazine and am impressed by it. I have a problem. I want to block users from accessing some websites, as some of my friends open obscene things, I can't tell them not to open those sites.
– Eshwar Sirse

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

[Q] Respected sir, I need software for
indexing the contents of my various CDs
The Hosts file located deep in the Windows directory can be tweaked to block out unwanted websites.

and DVDs because I have to search through many of them before I find what I need. Is

Use Nero Recode to convert regular video files to DVD format and later use Nero to create a DVD.

keyboard and mouse freeze. I have to reboot the PC using the power

44 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 45



It is quite simple. Just add the website name along with the local host IP address to the hosts file in your Windows directory. Let me explain: Suppose you do not want your friends to access the website ‘www.some-adultwebsite.com’, just add the line ‘ www.some-adult-website.com’ at the end of the file ‘hosts’ found in ‘C:\Windows\ system32\drivers\etc\’. You can open the file using Notepad. If you ever need to access that website later, just delete the line or add a semicolon to the beginning of the line. Similarly, you can add as many websites as you want to block your computer from accessing.

option to show hidden files and folders doesn't work. It automatically resets to the first option. Is this also due to a virus? I can’t open the Group Policy Editor to configure it. A lot of people face this problem.

the system. Can you tell me what the reason for this problem is?

You might not have uninstalled the transformation pack correctly. Install it again and then remove it using the Add/ Remove Programs box or the program’s own Uninstall shortcut. If this does not work, use the command ‘SFC /scannow’ from the DOS prompt. Be sure you have the original Windows XP installation CD ready with you.

 I cannot install Windows Media
Player 11. Please help.
– Sriram

 When I use a pen drive, I can’t open
it by double clicking/right clicking. I have to autorun it every time. What is the reason for this? I hope you will reply to me via email or publish my problem.
– Rohan Patel

Hi Sriram. Your DVD writer might have a a dirty or misaligned lens. To solve this problem, use a clean earbud dipped in isopropyl alcohol or spirit and gently clean
Chkdsk should be used at least once every week to get rid of hard drive allocation errors.

the surface of the lens without applying pressure. Then, using the dry end of the earbud, wipe the lens surface dry. To do this you will have to open the drive. But if your drive is under warranty, I suggest you send it back to the dealer you purchased it from for replacement. If the problem is not solved after cleaning the lens, then your drive may need repairs. You can buy a new one instead of spending on the repairs. As far as the graphics card is concerned, I would like to know your budget and the motherboard you use. An iPod may be expensive the quality is more than adequate. If you want a cheaper alternative, try Sony or Creative. They are good too. Finally with regards to Service Pack 3 for Windows XP and Media Player 11, please check if you are using genuine Windows. If your copy of Windows is pirated, these will not install.

[Q] I have a PATA HDD of 80 GB with
five partitions on my PC running under Windows XP Pro. Someone might have accidentally deleted three partitions on my HDD, and now whenever I try to access the deleted partition it prevents access to it and says that the partition is corrupted. Windows Explorer still displays the deleted partitions, and when I view the properties of each one it shows that it is in RAW format. I don’t want to lose any of my files in the deleted partitions so please recommend the best free or paid software for recovering my files.
– Uttam Thapa

UndeletPlus can be used to recover accidentally deleted data or from corrupted drive partitions.

on the 'C' drive and Vista on 'D' drive. The problem is when I use Vista the Windows logo appears on the 'C' drive icon. The other problem is that in My Computer, the used space on 'C' and 'D' is blue as it should be, but the bar for drive 'E' is red. Also, the system shows an unallocated space of 9 GB which I can't use. Waiting for your reply.
– Abdullah

Hello Sukrit. Your computer’s hard Hello Rohan, All these symptoms mean your computer is definitely infected with a worm. Please back up the data from all your hard drives and USB drives and reformat the entire computer. Download and update good antivirus and antispyware programs such as AVG Free and Spybot Search & Destroy, and then scan all your older data before copying it back to your computer drive seems to be in bad shape. Run ‘chkdsk /f’ on all drives at the command prompt. Should you receive the same message (cannot lock drive and check when it restarts), select ‘Y’ and restart the computer. Chkdsk or scandisk will automatically scan your hard drive and fix all errors. You should do this regularly to keep your hard drive and data safe.

[Q] Hello, Dr. CHIP, I’m from Surat, and
a regular reader of your magazine, this is the first time I am writing to you about my problems.

 In the April 2008 issue you wrote
about ‘gpedit.msc’ for user settings configuration. I have a laptop (HP NX6110), 256 MB RAM, 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor, and Genuine Windows XP SP2. But whenever I try to run this program an error appears, saying “Windows cannot find gpedit. msc. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and try again.” I am quite confused. I reinstalled Windows XP but this hasn't solved the problem. What can I do? Is it due to a virus?

[Q] Hello sir, My name is Sriram. I have [Q] How can I delete more than one
macro in MS Word?
– Bhavna

a few queries.

 There is a problem with my DVD
writer, it writes DVDs but not CDs. It shows some error after some percent of burning. I have wasted over 15 CDs so far. I use Nero. Can you help rectify this?

Hello Uttam, Your hard drive may have been infected with a virus and the partitions could have been deleted. Also, there could be bad sectors causing the disappearance. There are many possibilities. I suggest that you plug in an external storage drive (not lesser than the size of the partition data to be recovered) or install another hard drive inside the computer cabinet. When you try to recover files from a hard drive, you need another place to recreate the files on. You can use the software 'Undelete Plus' from 'http:// undelete-plus.com/', 'RecoverMyFiles' from 'http://www.RecoverMyFiles. com' or 'Smart NTFS Recovery 3.9' from 'http://www.download3000.com' to recover the data. Alternatively you can create an image of the hard drive and then recover the data later from the image file with the help of the software 'Raid2Raid' from 'http://www.raid2raid.com'. Please do scan for viruses and spyware too. Hello Abdullah. Windows Vista shows the logo on drive C because that partition contains the boot loader and system files of Windows Vista. The other problem is not actually anything wrong. Windows Vista shows each drive's used space in blue, but it will appear in red if space is running out. It is an indication that the drive is filling up. Delete unnecessary files or just move them to other partitions. Finally, the system shows an unallocated partition of 9 GB because there may be some space remaining in the drive which was not used when partitioning the drive. You can use it by formatting that space using the built in Disk Management tool ‘diskmgmt.msc’.  Send your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Hello Bhavna, It is quite simple to delete a macro in MS Word. Click on ‘Tools | Macro | Macros’, click on the one you wish to delete and click the ‘Delete’ button.

 I also wish to buy a graphics card.
Which is the cheapest one?

[Q] Dear Dr CHIP, I am a regular
reader. I had transformed Windows XP into Mac OS X with the help of a transformation pack. When I wanted to restore Windows XP, I uninstalled it, but the Windows icons, toolbars and styles have not been restored.How can I get these back?
– Sudeep

Windows System files of a particular drive are have the Windows icon in the drive icon.

 Sometimes the Task Manager is
disabled. I’ve scanned the system with Avast 4.8 Free Edition. There were some Trojans which it removed, but the problem persisted. Which antivirus program should I use?

 I have enough money to buy an [Q] Hello, Dr CHIP. I have a strange
problem. I have recently bought a new computer, and whenever I try to defragment the drive D which is a hard disk partition, it gives me an error: “Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume: Software (D:) Please run Chkdsk /f”. When I go to the Start menu, click 'Run' and type Chkdsk/f it says “The type of the file system is NTFS. Cannot lock the current drive. Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts <Y/N>”. Could you tell me how Apple iPod Nano. Should I buy that or are there any alternatives for better music?

 I have problems with SP3. I have
Windows XP Media Center edition. When I install SP3, my computer keeps restarting again and again. Then I have to recover it again only by reformatting

 In ‘Tools | Folder Options’, the

[Q] Hi sir, I have Windows Vista
Use Genuine Windows XP in order to upgrade to new service packs, updates and patches. Repair the icon cache file if corrupted when uninstalling the transformation pack using 'SFC' .

Use a good antivirus or internet security suite to keep viruses and spyware at bay.

to solve this problem?
– Sukrit Kalra

Ultimate on my PC and dual boot it with Windows XP. XP was installed

46 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 47



[Q] Hi Dr CHIP, I have had an Orkut
account for the last 6 months. Everything was fine, but now I am facing a problem. Whenever anyone sends me a friend request and I accept it, the person is not added to my friends list. But when I visit the person's profile, I see my picture updated. The same thing happens when I send someone a request. It is really annoying as I am unable to the properties window of DVD drive, under Device Manager). For a few days I observed that I could only burn CDs and not DVDs. Though it reads all type of CDs and DVDs (like DVD-DL, etc) and I have used many brands of media, the result is the same. I have used many burning programs including Nero and Roxio, and I have even tried burning through Windows. While burning through Nero, it aborted the process and asked to save the log. I’ve burned DVDs in the past and they have worked well without any problem. In ‘My Computer’ it shows a DVD-RW drive but in its properties window it shows up as a CD drive. I have changed my DVD region to 5. But
Delete all unnecessary cookies and temp files from the Internet Explorer options. You can re-activate Windows installations over the phone. Call the Microsoft help desk. The remnants of deleted viruses can affect the registry. Remove them using HijackThis.

Sachin Pandit

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. My system configuration
is 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, Intel Desktop Board DG33FB, GeForce 8400GS 512 MB graphics card, 160 GB SATA hard drive, 4 GB of DDR2 RAM and Windows XP SP2. Three of the RAM modules are Kingston and one is Elixir. When I put in any three modules on the board it shows 2.99 GB of memory installed, but when I put in the fourth it shows 3.50 GB. 500 MB of RAM seems to be lost somewhere. The computer works smoothly with 3 GB installed. I checked all four modules separately and all are working well. I checked the BIOS too but it shows the full capacity of the memory. Is there a problem with the RAM slots or is there anything else the matter? Please help me.
– Avinash Sharma.

access the profiles of some of my friends and have to search for them. What should I do? Please help.
– Sachin Mishra

other files and programs too. When I run the application, it logs in as 'Administrator', it gave me an error "Something bad happened in the application. Error diagnostics saved to". It also gives another message at startup: ‘rundll32.exe not found’ and it also wanted some file called regsvr. exe. I tried using Revo uninstaller to remove it the unwanted programs, but Revo itself doesn't work. Flash, Google Earth and Firefox are also amongst the programs that don't work. The Control Panel cannot find 'Add/Remove Programs'. When I used 'chkdsk' in ‘Run’ it again gave the dialog box ’Open With’. System File Checker (SFC) also does not function anymore. I cannot even give you my system’s specifications as the system gives an error ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32\ rundll32.exe - Application not found’. Is there any alternative to reinstalling the OS, because I do not want to spend Rs 6,000 for it. Again, is it possible to reuse the same OS which I purchased last year? It is working fine on my desktop. Please help urgently.
– Jason Mariadas

plugged in, Windows would read only 3.5 GB. If you need to use 4 GB of RAM, you can install a 64-bit version which can handle up to 128 GB of RAM.

[Q] Dear Dr CHIP, the ‘Connections’ tab has
suddenly disappeared from the ‘Internet Options’ dialog box on my PC. How can I get it back?
– Sameer Deorukhkar

I don’t think this could have created any problem. I need my drive working very urgently and seek some valuable advice form you.
- Siddhartha Shukla

Hello Sachin, try first clearing your Hello Sameer, to enable the tab, type ‘gpedit.msc’ in the ‘Start | Run…’ dialog box and press [Enter]. In the left pane of the Group Policy Editor, scroll down to ‘Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Explorer | Internet Control Panel’. Here the 'Internet Explorer' options are listed. Double click on ‘Disable the Connections Page’ and select ‘Disable’ or ‘Not configured’. It will now be listed after you restart the computer. browser’s cache, history and cookies. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser altogether. If the problem is not resolved, try another computer or use one at a cybercafé. If the problem still persists you will have to contact an administrator at Google or Orkut by writing an email which states the problem. I am sure they will be able to take care of the bug.

Hello Siddhartha. The problem is with your DVD writer. Every DVD writer has two burning lenses, one for the CD and one for the DVD. It is possible that one of them is malfunctioning. Either have the drive repaired or replaced, depending on the warranty.

Hello Avinash. 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and XP can address only 3.5 GB of RAM. So even if you have 4 GB of RAM

[Q] Hello Sir, I have been reading
your magazine for past one and half years, and it is the best computer and technology based magazine. This is the second time I am asking you for a solution. I use an HP Pavilion DV6314TX laptop. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo T5300 processor, 1 GB RAM, genuine Windows Vista Ultimate Edition with SP1 and all the latest updates installed. I also use Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 which is fully updated.

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP. I have an IBM ThinkPad
Z60M, which was bought from Hong Kong around two years ago. It came with Windows XP Professional pre-installed, and worked smoothly. Last year I reinstalled Windows XP (a genuine copy) with SP2. It has worked without a hitch until now. Recently, my notebook stopped detecting files properly, and when I run AVG antivirus, a box pops up stating ‘Open With: Choose the program you want to open this file with’. It does the same with a lot of

Considering that your operating system is original, you should have the original Windows XP disk with you which came bundled with the laptop. You can reinstall the operating system completely without having to pay again, and it will automatically update to SP2 (or SP3 now). Use the same CD and install Windows XP. You might need to activate it over the phone. You will need to call the Microsoft helpline and explain your reason for
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

32-bit Windows XP can support up to 3.5 GB of system memory. A 64-bit version can handle more RAM.

Settings in the Group Policy Editor can reenable the connections tab in Internet Explorer.

My laptop has a slim type DVD drive (DS8AZH SATA device, as shown in

48 | IntellIgent computIng cHIp

| 49



reinstalling the OS. They will give you a code number which will activate it. However, you cannot use the same copy of Windows you installed on your desktop computer as the license for the OS is for single PC only and not multiple PCs. The reason for your problems is that your system is infected with a virus. Install an antivirus program and check your computer thoroughly. You might even have a problem running the antivirus program, in which case you could use a live distribution of Linux or Windows (BartPE), or back up all your data on an external drive and then reformat your computer. Install an antivirus program and then restore the backed up data. Alternatively, you can remove the hard drive from your laptop, connect it to another computer using an external casing and remove the virus from it. You would get better results by simply reformatting the laptop, but it is worth a try. Once the virus is removed, you might have to install your software again.
The FixBoot and FixMBR commands can repair the master boot record of the hard drive. HijackThis.exe can be used to prevent unwanted programs from starting up automatically. Chkdsk can help rectify problems that crop up in the hard drive. Run it every few weeks.

on the same partition, the directory for Program Files would be the same for both operating systems and either or both the operating systems could crash. It is not recommended to install two operating systems on the same partition. Also you should check if the laptop is compatible with Windows 98 and the necessary drivers for your laptop are available.

[Q] Hi, My system configuration is:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, Asus P5E3 Deluxe motherboard, 2 x 1 GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz RAM, Seagate 320 GB hard drive, HD EVGA 9800 GTX graphics card, Razer Barracuda AC1 sound card, and Tagan BZ1100 power supply, all assembled in a Cosmos 1000 cabinet. When I turn on my PC, an Nvidia message pops up on the welcome screen of Windows XP stating that my graphics card is not receiving enough power and that the performance is being lowered to prevent system crashes. I am using a 1,100 watt power supply and still the system claims that there is not enough power for it. Is it true? Also, the graphics card requires two 6-pin PCIe power connectors, both of which are correctly connected to the graphics card. The power socket for in the card is present on the right hand side of the graphics card. What do you think the problem is?
– Vignesh Babu

Check the PCIe power connectors. They should supply 12V DC on all the yellow wires.

any Windows XP CD would do). Choose 'Rescue mode' when asked, and get to the command prompt from the rescue mode. Execute the following commands one after the other.

when using your antivirus software. Don't worry, it’s nothing to panic about.

processor. I have two partitions, C: and D:. C is the active partition on which Windows XP is installed. Now I want to know a couple of things. Firstly, if I install Windows 98 on the D: drive, what will it result in? Will my previous boot.ini be replaced with a newer one? If yes, how can I recover it? Will this command ’bootcfg /rebuild’ (used in the recovery console of Windows XP) work in recovering the boot.ini file? And will it show both the operating systems? Secondly, if I install Windows 98 on the same partition as that of Windows XP (C:) after Windows XP is already installed, what will be the consequences? Please help! Thanks.
– Jayesh

are common when using the Internet. Having basic systems, he cannot afford to install any antivirus software as his customers often complain that their systems are very slow. He tried using Norton Ghost but the systems are still slow and the image consumes lots of space. Also some people tend to delete the backup files unknowingly or just for fun. He wants to know whether he can create a kind of ‘recovery’ CD or DVD through which he can boot and restore his operating system back to how it was when first installed.
– Sriram

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP, I am a regular
reader of CHIP magazine. I have a problem that has been persisting for too long. I have four partitions of 40 GB each on my 160 GB hard disk. I have Windows XP as my operating system. Now, whenever I boot my system, scandisk is performed on the E: and F: drives. I let Scandisk run, and then Windows works properly, but this increases my booting time. Also I want to know how to increase the speed of my computer without any major alterations to the system.
– Kartik

FIXMBR [Enter] FIXBOOT [Enter]

Once you’re done, reboot your

computer and everything should be fine.

[Q] Hi Dr. CHIP, I’ve been reading your
magazine for the past three years. My computer was infected by a strange virus and I removed it using the trial version of Kaspersky 8. After that, to create more disk space on my ‘C:’ drive I deleted the temporary files from ‘C:\ users\arun\appdata\local\temp’. Now I have an error message ‘Error loading C:\Users\arun\ AppData\Local\Temp\ ssqRLDUL.dll’ whenever I log in. Is it a virus problem? I am using Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. My system uses a Pentium 4 processor, an Intel original Motherboard and a 160 GB hard drive.
– Arun

[Q] Sir, I am a regular reader of CHIP.
I have Windows XP (pre-installed) and Ubuntu 8.04 from the CHIP DVD of June 2008 on my computer, but I do not know how to uninstall Ubuntu and restore the disk partitions. Please give me guidance as soon as possible.
– Chitta Biswas

Hello Sriram. Norton Ghost is a good option. I cannot think of any better solution for creating an image of the original state of the PC and restoring it whenever necessary. Also as far as the virus problems are concerned, use AVG Free edition on all the computers. It is light on the system and also free of cost. To protect the computers from troublemakers, log in as the Administrator and set the permissions such that users can only create files and not delete them. Click on ‘Start | Run’ and type ‘gpedit.msc’. Under ‘Administrative templates’, there are a lot of options where one can enable and disable rights to the computer's functions. Go through each one of them and choose what you need to increase the security of your machine.
CauTIon: Remember the settings so that

Hello Kartik. Your hard drive seems to have one or more bad sectors. These bad sectors may be physical or logical. You need to back up your data and reformat your entire hard drive after removing all existing partitions. If the problem was logical bad sectors, then your hard drive can be reused without any worry. If Scandisk keeps running again and again, you may need to replace your hard drive. Physical bad sectors cannot be repaired and can spread, causing data loss and system crashes. Check the warranty of your hard drive and replace it if the warranty still covers it. Scan the hard drive every two or three weeks using Scandisk to keep it in shape. Hello Jayesh. It is not possible to install any operating system older than the one currently installed on your laptop. To install both Windows 98 and Windows XP on your laptop, you need to first install Windows 98 on one partition and then Windows XP on the other. If you install Windows XP and Windows 98

Hello Chitta, after you have installed Ubuntu on your computer, removing it is actually very easy. You only need to go through two steps.
sTeP 1: Right click ‘My Computer’. Select

Hello Vignesh, Your power supply seems good enough for the configuration you are using. There could be a problem with one or both the 6-pin power cables connected to the graphics card. Check the connections, when the power is running through them, by using a multi-meter. It should be 12 volts DC. If all is fine, then there could be a problem with the card itself. Have the card checked on another computer or have it replaced under warranty if any.

‘Manage’. Scroll down the left pane to choose ‘Disk Management’ under ‘Storage’. This will list all the partitions present on your hard drive. Carefully select the partition(s) created while installing Ubuntu and delete them. Then create a new volume from the unassigned disk space available. Format it by right-clicking on the partition and choosing ‘Format’.
sTeP 2: Once you have successfully deleted

Hello Arun. Download ‘HijackThis. exe’ from ‘www.download.com’ or from one of the CHIP DVDs and run it. Scan and choose the entry in the registry that corresponds to the file in the error message and delete it. The error is generated by an unwanted or deleted file from the system whose entry still exists in the registry. The system is trying to find the file and is generating the error upon failing to find it. According to the error it seems like a worm which has been eliminated or removed from the system

you can enable them again when you need

Ubuntu, you need to restore the Master Boot Record (MBR). To do this, boot your machine using the original Windows XP CD that came with your computer (or

[Q] Hello Dr. CHIP. I am using a laptop
which has a 40 GB SATA hard drive, 384 MB RAM (256 MB + 128 MB) and a mobile Intel Pentium IV 1.8 GHz
Install the older OS first and then the newer ones on different drives.

[Q] Dear CHIP, I am a regular reader of
your magazine. Recently my father’s friend started a small Web surfing centre. As you are aware, virus attacks

to undo the changes. Write down each one, if required.  Send your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

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'Uninstall XP Antivirus 2008.lnk’ Just search for these files using the 'Start | Search’ tool and delete them. Also empty the Recycle Bin.  Finally, manually remove this XP Antivirus 2008 registry value 'HKEY_USERS\Software\ XP antivirus’ To do this, start 'Regedit’ from the 'Start | Run...’ prompt. Search for the line and delete the entry. Now restart the computer and the software should be gone. Follow these

Opera's plugin folder (C:\Program Files\ Opera\Program\Plugins by default). Once this file has been copied, restart Opera, and make sure that the plugin is properly installed by going to ‘Tools | Advanced | Plug-ins’ to see whether it is listed. After the plugin has been installed, you need to specify the file types to be downloaded with DAP. To do this, open ‘Tools | Preferences | Advanced | Downloads’, change the default action to ‘Use Plug-in’, and select the DAP plugin from the drop down menu of each common file type.
'Raid2Raid' creates an image of the entire hard drive and stores it safely.

Sachin Pandit

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I have a problem with
my computer. Windows Update has

all the malware and trojans that might have been installed with it. These could have names such as zlob.trojan, trojan.vundo and trojan. downloader. Try the following steps.  Unregister the following XP Antivirus 2008 DLL files ‘shlwapi.dll’ ‘wininet.dll’ To do this, run the following command at the command prompt for each file in turn: ‘regsvr32 /u <filename.dll>’  Stop the following processes: 'vav.exe' 'XPAntivirus.exe' 'XPAntivirusUpdate.exe' 'Xpa.exe' 'Xpa2008.exe' To do this, launch the task manager instantly by pressing the [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [ESC] keys simultaneously. Select the process that you want to stop and then click on ‘End Process’.  Find and delete these files, if they exist 'xpa.exe’ 'vav.exe’ 'xpa2008.exe’ 'XPAntivirus.exe’ 'XPAntivirusUpdate.exe’ 'Shlwapi.dll’ 'wininet.dll’ 'XP antivirus’ 'XPAntivirus.lnk’ 'Uninstall XPAntivirus.lnk’ 'XPAntivirus on the Web.lnk’

steps at your own risk. Do take backups in case anything goes wrong. If these steps work, disable and re-enable System Restore at least once to clear any backups which might have the virus backed up inside them.

have to go ahead and format the disk.

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP, I am a regular reader of
CHIP and I am writing to you as a last resort. I have an external 160 GB hard disk (which connects to the PC via USB). I have been using it for the last year and I didn’t have any problems with it. The file system of the hard disk is NTFS while my PC’s file system is FAT32. A few days back while I was using it, Windows XP suddenly gave an error message ‘System Volume Information corrupted, please run chkdsk’. I was worried and so I restarted the system immediately. Now when I plug in the hard drive, it is detected by Windows (confirmed because the USB device detection sign appeared in the lower right hand corner). It also shows as a drive in ‘My Computer’. But when I double click, it gives ‘Disc not found error’. Also it does not run ‘chkdsk’. When I checked the properties, the disk size and space reported are zero. Also in the ‘Computer Management’ window, it shows as a drive but under the file system column where there should be "NTFS", it is blank. I am using Windows XP with Service Pack 2. I checked the drive on two other PCs with Windows XP, but got the same result. I have shown the drive to the hardware vendor from whom I had purchased it, and he told me either to format the disk (in which case I will lose all data) or to go for data recovery (which is very costly). Please advise me as to what may be the problem

I have some very important data on it and I would prefer not losing any of it. Thank you.
– Suman G.

[Q] Dear Dr CHIP, I have a question
for which I need your help. I am using Opera version 9.50 build 10063 and I also use DAP 8.1 (Download Accelerator Plus - Free Version) for accelerating my downloads. My problem arises whenever I browse through Opera and click 'Download'; it starts downloading with Opera, but I want to use DAP for my downloads. How do I set DAP as the default download accelerator for Opera? Please find me a solution to this problem as soon as possible. Awaiting your advice. Thank you.
– Anupam Angel

Hello Suman. Your drive has a problem either logically or physically. You will have to remove the drive from the case and physically install it on your desktop system. Download and use the program ‘Raid2Raid’ from DiskInternals and create an image of the entire drive on your C or D drive (make sure you have more than 160GB of space to create the image file). Once done, you can format the hard drive to find the fault with it. After the image is prepared and copied to the C or D drive, use the Raid2Raid program to mount the image as a drive and use any data recovery software to recover your data from the image. You can use 'GetDataBack', 'Unerase' or 'RecoverMyFiles' to recover your data. If the drive has a physical problem (like the drive motor or data platter problems), then data recovery would be impossible without professional help. And if the data is really very important to you, you might have to spend some money to get it recovered professionally. Remember to take regular backups in the future.

automatically downloaded and installed an antivirus named ‘Antivirus XP 2008’. I want to remove it, but I am not able to do so. Please help me as soon as possible because it does not get uninstalled. I think that this software is causing a problem with my computer. Thanks.
– Adarsh Pathak

Hello Adarsh. Programs named 'XP Antivirus 2008', 'Vista Antivirus 2008', or 'Antivirus XP 2008' are malicious programs disguised as antispyware utilities that are spreading through the Internet. 'XP Antivirus 2008' usually comes up after you install a video codec (especially from a pirate or warez site) and can include trojans, malware and viruses. 'XP Antivirus 2008' normally generates fake and misleading system popup error messages so end users are actually tricked into paying money for it. It is very important to remove all the components of 'XP Antivirus 2008' and

Hello Anupam. In order to get Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) to work with Opera, you need to copy the file ‘dapop.dll’ from DAP's installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\DAP) into

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP. I am Ayush, a
regular reader of your magazine. I have very serious problems in my computer. It was working fine for three years. But eight months ago I took out the internal hard disk to transfer some data from my friend's computer and then I put it back into my computer.
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

Got a computer problem? Write to Dr. Chip at

Programs called 'XP' or 'Vista Antivirus 2008' are worms that should be gotten rid of immediately.

'XPAntivirus.url’ 'XP Antivirus 2008.lnk’

Configure Opera to use the DAP plugin so it can manage downloads automatically.

and how it can be rectified. As I said, you are my last resort otherwise I

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the old CPU thermal grease. Then apply some new thermal grease and remount the fan. Also clean the CPU fan properly before remounting it. Check if the problem goes away. Check if all the cables to and from the motherboard and all the internal peripherals including the hard drive and optical drives are firmly fitted and not loose in any way, especially the SATA cable to the hard drive. A SATA cable that
Make sure you keep your computer clean at all times to avoid system failures and data loss.

Pack 2 and for a few days now, whenever I use my computer and browse on the Internet for a few minutes, Windows Firewall keeps alerting me about a serious threat to my computer. I have attached a screenshot to this email for your reference. The message indicates "Windows Security Alert – the firewall has detected activity of a
The fans are mechanical and will eventually wear out. Clean or replace them if the need arises.

kill the process. Then, download a good antispyware program such as Lavasoft AdAware and update it. Boot into Safe Mode and follow these steps:  Delete all temporary files on your system.  Delete the system restore points.  Delete any files with the word 'Greenscreen' on your system. Search for and destroy the files.  Scan your computer and clean it using the antispyware program.  Use HijackThis' to prevent the spyware from being installed again using registry values.  Run a virus scan on your whole computer using a good antivirus program updated with the latest definitions.  Disable any fields in 'Msconfig' that may allow untrusted programs to run. Finally, restart your computer and check if all is fine.
Keep Windows Update enabled so that the latest security updates are downloaded for you.

is not properly connected could indirectly be triggering the problem. Change the cable if needed. Finally if everything is fine and the problem still occurs, try using the entire rig without the cabinet. Carefully unscrew the motherboard, power supply and hard drive and assemble them on a table. Place some antistatic foam between the motherboard and the table. If the problem is solved, your cabinet is the issue. Check for loose screws and uneven surfaces inside the cabinet which may cause shorting problems. Clean the cabinet thoroughly too. If the problem still persists, then try reinstalling the operating system. Finding a fault in such scenarios can be quite painful and time-consuming. Be patient and you will get to the root of the problem.

harmful software – Trojan-Spy.Win32. GreenScreen with a security risk level of critical value." I am asked to click to enable protection, but the firewall is already activated and my antivirus program does not detect any such problem. When I click the 'Enable' button, a web page opens for me to download some antispyware utility. Also the error screen does not close and refuses to go away. I have to reboot the computer, but it comes up again after some time. How do I solve this problem? Please answer my email at the earliest. Thanks in advance.
– Shukla

of the past CHIP DVDs to update all patches and update the system again. If all these actions do not solve the problem, try repairing or reinstalling your operating system. Do take a data backup before you do so.

On that day my computer was working fine, but then a problem occurred. Whenever I switch on my UPS, the computer automatically switches on, but there is no display on my monitor. When I tapped my computer cabinet on the sides and then retried, it worked. Also when I am working on my computer it automatically hangs and the same problem occurs. Then I tap my computer again and it works. After that, other problems have just started occurring. Sometimes a blue screen comes up for less than a second and my computer restarts. I showed my system to many engineers and they said that the RAM is bad. I changed to 1 GB RAM, and then someone else said the SMPS was defective. I changed that and all the data cables too, but the problem still persists. Please Dr CHIP, help me solve this problem. I am very frustrated. You are my only hope. My computer configuration is: Intel D82865GBF motherboard, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB Samsung hard disk, 80 GB Seagate external hard disk, Sony DVD writer, Samsung DVD/CD-RW Combo drive, and D-Link 56K internal fax modem.
– Chintu Saxena

components like the hard disk, RAM, motherboard, etc. My PC is a branded HP computer and hence no vendor is willing to purchase it. Can I use the hard disk and connect it to my new computer using USB? If yes, then how can I do it? Kindly, let me know how I can utilize my old PC in the best possible manner rather than disposing of it at a scrap yard. Thank you.
– Saurabh Tripathi

[Q] Hi Dr CHIP, I used to buy original
CDs and DVDs of the games I like to play, and also of other software. But one of my close friends recommends buying pirated CDs, because he thinks pirated CDs are cheap and provide the same content anyway. I have nothing to answer him with. Please tell me what could go wrong by using pirated CDs/DVDs.
– Shwetabh Shekhar

[Q] Dear Dr CHIP, I am a regular
reader of CHIP magazine. I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 on my computer which has the following configuration: Intel Pentium D CPU at 2.80GHz, 1.49 GB of RAM and 160 GB hard disk. My problem is an error message: "svcchost.exe-Application Error. The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x5b86a510." After I got this message, whenever I play a video, song or any other media file, there is no sound at all from my system speakers. What can the problem be? Your help here is urgently required.
– Adarsh Mahapatra

You can use the old hard drive by removing it carefully from the old cabinet and using an IDE to USB connector. You can also use an external 3.5-inch hard drive case that converts a regular internal hard drive into an external USB hard drive. It should cost you around Rs 600. If your old system is working, you can use it to just play music or surf the Internet. Let other people at home practice or learn about computers on it. If you have an internet connection, you can network it with your new computer and two people can surf the Internet simultaneously. You can also use the older computer for only downloading data. Why don’t you consider giving it away as charity? There are a lot of organizations that deal with underprivileged children or schools which are in need of computers. Also you can check if somebody you know requires a PC but cannot afford to have one. Ensure your private data is deleted or format the hard drive before you give it away. Hello Shukla. Your system is infected with a trojan. The popup

messages are fake even though they look very much like genuine Windows Firewall prompts. Their aim is to fool users into downloading another virus and opening ports to let hackers monitor your computer remotely. Do not click on any button. Instead, use the program Process Explorer to kill the application in the background. You will also notice that the Task Manager does not work. Download Process Explorer from 'http://technet.microsoft. com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx' and run the program. Search for the virus program running in the background and

[Q] Hello Dr CHIP, my problem is that
while my computer is on a lot of noise comes from the system cabinet. Is it the noise of the hard drive, SMPS or the internal fans? I am unable to understand it. Please help in getting my problem solved. Thanks.
– Vishal S Pophali

Hello Shwetabh. Pirated CDs and DVDs are definitely cheap to buy, but let me tell you about the problems that can arise. Pirated software and games are often used to spread viruses, trojans and spyware. You might not be able to update the software or use additional online resources like manuals or tutorials. Apart from that, you could also be arrested and/ or fined. In rare cases, you could damage your optical drive because pirated CDs/ DVDs are not made of very good quality plastic. Paying once for your original CD/DVD, be it movies, software or games, can give you peace of mind. You will also be covered by a warranty and can use aftersales support over the phone or Internet if the product is not working or if you are facing any problems with it. I always advise and recommend buying original products.  Send your queries to Francis D’Sa at drchip@chip.in
IntellIgent computIng cHIp

The CPU or SMPS fans need to be serviced or changed. They might be dusty or the oil and/or grease from the fan motor might have dried out. Sometimes the shaft of the fan loses its alignment and causes the fan blades to vibrate. This the cabinet body to vibrate. Remove the fans, clean them thoroughly and apply a drop of oil to each one. Another option is simply to replace the fans. Keep your computer clean at all times to avoid future problems.

Hello Adarsh. The error states that your system's sound drivers are the cause of the trouble. Try uninstalling the drivers completely. Download the latest version of the driver for your sound card (or motherboard chipset if it is integrated) from the manufacturer’s website. Install the same and check if it works properly. Also, try keeping Windows XP updated as much as possible. This would patch

Hello Chintu. Your computer problem is strange but very common. You have changed the SMPS and RAM as well as all the cables inside the cabinet. So the only problem areas remaining are the motherboard and hard drive. Please try cleaning all the connectors, slots and components (carefully) using a soft brush. Remove the CPU fan and wipe off

[Q] Dear Dr CHIP. I am Shukla from [Q] Respected Sir, I have an old
computer and I am planning to dispose of it, but I don’t want to waste its Andhra Pradesh. I have a serious and urgent problem with my computer. I am using Windows XP with Service
Use your own judgement when you see warning messages like this. They might just be fake.

or update any drivers needed by your computer. Use Service Pack 3 from one

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