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Bharath Bhushan Sreeravindra

4025 G, Gaelic Lane, Glen Allen, VA 23060 6106204791

Graduated from North Carolina State University with Masters in Computer Science.

Motivated and dedicated individual with an acumen for software design and development. I take pride in my work and am
always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the desired results.

Working with Java/J2EE technologies for the past 3 years. Skilled in designing, prototying and implementing
features/requirements in an atmosphere of evolving project requirements. Experience working in an Agile Environment,
including Scrum Methodologies. Excellent team player with good communication skills.

Technical Skills:
Programming Languages: Java. Familiar with C++, Python
Servers: Glassfish, Tomcat
Databases: LDAP, MemcacheDB, Hbase
Repositories: SVN, Git
Memory Management Tools: JConsole, VirtualVM, MAT
OS: Linux/Unix
SMS/MMS Technologies: SMPP, MM7, Diameter
Other Tools: SoapUI, Mvn, Eclipse, Netbeans

Recently familiar technologies: Hadoop, Spring Framework, PostGreSQL, ActiveMQ, Jersey, Android SDK

Professional Experience:
Acision, Software Engineer 2011 Present

At Acision, I have been designing and developing APIs for the next generation platform with SMS, Voice and IP messaging
capabilities. Developed and maintained web services for Value Added Services portfolio, along with improving and
handling change requests for the underlying application framework. Currently working on APIs for enterprises which can
send, receive messages, schedule messages, authorization tokens for mobile verification.

Dynamic Services Platform:
Designed and implemented of Send Message API, Callback and Message Forwarding features.
Implemented Authorization feature for the APIs.

Message Application Framework:
Implemented Transparent Billing feature which introduces a layer of abstraction and enables the use of multiple
billing points with configurability.
Worked on the maintenance of SMPP, MM7 and ADMI connectors.
Fixed critical bugs like memory leaks, connection mishandling in the SMPP connector which improved
performance of the product significantly.

Message Plus:
Maintained service features, service orchestrations using BPELs.
Delivered change requests for customers on time/ahead of the delivery dates.
Functional testing with Soap UI and homegrown simulators like SoapSmppSim and SoapAdmiSim.

Implemented changes to support delivery receipt of messages sent via Forge APIs.
Provided valuable design inputs and system tested AuthTokens REST API.

Intro to interactive programming in python
Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems