CusLomer uevelopmenL

ÞroducL/MarkeL llL
1he lounder lnsuLuLe

Alexander 8lnk
key Cuesuons
• WhaL research can you do Lo valldaLe or Lo klll an ldea?
• uoes Lhe markeL LhaL you choose mauer?
• WhaL are good markeLs, and whaL are bad markeLs?
• uo compeuLors mauer and why?
• Pow do you deñne your compeuuve landscape?
• Pow do you deLermlne Lhe key assumpuons of your buslness?
• Can key assumpuons be LesLed?
• 1acucs Lo LesL key assumpuons when you [usL have an ldea?
• Pow do you ldenufy and lnLervlew poLenual cusLomers?
• WhaL are some Lacucs for eñecuve surveylng?
ldea vs CpporLunlLy
Ceneraung ldeas
CusLomer uevelopmenL
• WhaL are Lhey hlrlng Lhe producL Lo do?
• uo you have Lhe rlghL producL for Lhe lnlual need?
• WhaL more do Lhey need/wanL?
• WhaL more can you sell Lhem? Same person or new
• lLerauve vs quanLum leap
• 8elnvenung/dlsrupung yourself - whaL does Lhe
cusLomer need, noL whaL do Lhey Lell you
Lxamples - Core Cñerlngs
Lxamples - 8oadmap
key 1akeaways
• ldeas
• lllLer / screen
• valldaLe
– lnLeresung vs useful vs valuable
– user, lnßuencer, champlon, declslon maker
– Cuanufy!
• 8epeaL
• lour SLeps Lo Lhe Lplphany - SLeven 8lank
• 1he Lean SLarLup - Lrlc 8les
• 1he lnnovaLor’s ullemma / Soluuon - ClayLon ChrlsLensen
• Crosslng Lhe Chasm - Ceoñrey Moore
• klSS MeLrlcs
• A?1M
• Coogle Analyucs
War SLorles
• lnfoLrlever - sLarLup
• lnfoLrlever - house of cards
• ÞubllvaLe - ñrsL engagemenL
• Cazaro/360pl - plvoL from 82C Lo 828
• 360pl - Lhe nexL level
1hank ?ou!
C & A
Alexander 8lnk
CLC, 360pl
anrlnk[ | [alexrlnk | 613 878 8433
Sample 1able
!"# %&'()*)# !"# +)"#,'
-./.,.0#,1# lounder LqulLy Þool,
8oLaung Worklng Croups
lounder Compeuuon,
Admlsslon, Pazlng
!,.1&1&2 Crowd-sourced Currlculum,
3 CLC Sesslon Leaders
3#&)4,'"15 23+ Seasoned SLarLup CLCs,
Compensauon on Þerformance
%&6#')/#&) MeeL 1op-raLed vCs & Angels,
MarkeL 8aLe 1erms
8elow MarkeL
7#,618#' 33+ 1op Þrovlder ÞarLnershlps,
lree or ulscounLed Cñers
ln-house 8esources

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