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CAJ Report
And the things you have heard me say in the presenceof many witnesses entrusted to reliable
men who willalso be qualified to teach others. II Timothy 2:2
Christinas program at a hospital there,
Members of the Christian Church where Christmas at the hospital,
dad preaches take part in relating the
Christmas message through song and
Scriptures to one small group ot patients and staff,. It would bo wonderful if more patients
in the hospital could be reached during the season. God takes small seeming efforts,
however, and makes them into great results in His way.
It is very appropriate t.o seek God's will first as we look ahead in planning activities
of the year. I am confident that it is God's Will that I ser've Kirn here in Japan. However.
I know that there is a Jong way for me to go to be the servant He wants me to be. During ten
years of ministry in Japan, I have been taught a lot of things. Yet, I know that my tools
in ministry need to be sharpened and (-:xt:ended. One year of study in Bible Seminarv will
allow me to reflect on iny ministry as I fellowship wi.tli Christians being equipped to minister to needs around us and also being trained i.o et|uip others for ministry, Reading
books will never by itself be enough. Active disci.issicm with fellow Christians who
themselves are working and striving to be more eifective is neccssar> for nie. Therefore, in
my opinion, a year in Bible Seminary now is a worthwhile endeavor. Then, continuing ministry
in Japan will be enhanced.
At present, I am sharing the Joel Home pulpit with Mr. Oka. an elder at a sister
congregaticm. I ain teabhiiui d of EiiKlisli Bible df liht^ Joel HodiH also. Tbi^^
preaching and teaching responsibility will continue until furlough this suiiuner and resume
.-.iieii returning to Japan. Mr. Oka will assume-' leadership preaching most of the time and
iii.iLriJo utiiei's Lo assist occasionally. The classes will resume after furlougli. But fvr
now, I am concentrating on sermon and lesson preparation.
I am looking forward to July, when I hope to begin a year of sojourn in the U.S.A. I
intend first to visit Laurel Avenue Church of Christ in Chesapeake, Virginia and be in the
area for several weeks to get adjusted to time change and taking care of some business. Then
I will see some family on the way to the Cincinnati Bible Seminary where I will reside and
study for the school year. A full load of classes will keep me busy during the week. I will
be available for speaking on some weekends, needing some to be refreshed with dynamic sermons
in American English for a change. Speaking in Japanese is quite taxing, although it is an
interesting challenge.
There are some specific needs during furlough. I will be in the market for a reliable
used car for traveling to speaking points. I will appreciate any contribution designated
"travel fund." Continuing living link support will also be greatly appreciated, as I
consider this "study furlough" to be a "retooling" for further ministry in Japan.
Thank you for your prayers and continued support. I greatly appreciate your concerns
for the Gospel being proclaimed in Japan. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Jonathan Sims
Forwarding Agent:
P.O. Box 13277
Chesapeake, Va. 23325
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Yokohama-Shi 221 Japan Missions Services Association
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CAJ Report
Ami the things you have heard me .vurin the presence ofmany witnesses entrusted to reliahie
men who will also he qualijied to teach others. II Timothy 2:2
CAJ REPORT (Volume 12,Number 3,Third Quarter 1992)
Preparation for furlough began in the midst of a full
schedule of activities. I continued to teach at American
Christian College in Tokyo until the Friday before departure to
the U.S. English classes were finished in May. Preaching at the
Joel Home continued until the fifth of July. Mr. Oka preached on
the twelfth, when the people graciously sent me off with a
catered meal of sushi. The Japanese couple who are presently
maintaining the Joel Home facilities moved in at the end of June.
I pray that the Lord will sustain the Joel Home activities during
my sojourn in the U.S.
In addition to ministry there was the necessary work of
packing, sending boxes of books and clothes and correspondence
with' friends in many places. One unanticipated problem was an
infected tooth. I have had root canal infections before, but this
time the solution involved operating surgically at the root of
the tooth. The gum was cut and the infected area at the root of
the tooth was removed and treated. It was painful, but Japanese
health insurance covered most of the expense so that I only had
to pay about $40.00 for the operation. The pain had entirely
subsided when I was ready to leave.
I left'Tokyo in the evening of Tuesday, July 14, and arrived
in the U.S. at lunch time of the very same day. After unloading
my luggage at my brother's place, I endeavored to stay awake with
a cup of coffee. Then, with his family and his wife's sisters
family, attended the opening session of the North American
Christian Convention. Thursday was also spent at the convention,
but the rest of the time I was struggling to get over jet lag
with a house-full of energetic children and two homemakers with
piles of work to do.
When I felt like I knew wliat time it was, I flew to Virginia
to adjust to another three hour time difference. There was
important business to take care of, such as renewing my driver's
license, purchasing a car and making confirmations of speaking
appointments while visiting friends I hadn't seen in a while. I
am very grateful for the hospitality of many wonderful Christians
who treated me to sumptuous meals. I don't miss Japanese food.
The portions served seemed really large at first, but I am
getting used to American size meals.
So far, my speaking schedule has been as follows:
July 26 Laurel Avenue Church of Christ, Chesapeake, Virginia
August 2 Plymouth Church of Christ, Plymouth, North Carolina
Old Ford Church of Christ, Washington, North Carolina
August 9 Denbigh Christian Church, Newport News, Virginia
August 16 Bethany Christian Church, Bumpass, Virginia
Three Japanese visitors came to the U.S. from American
Christian College in Tokyo to study this summer at Milligan
College in Tennessee. They enjoyed their study but still feel
inadequate in their English language ability. I am encouraging
them to continue their study and pursue more education at an
American college such as Milligan.
Joel Home Group Japanese Visitors
The three visitors came to Laurel Avenue on Sunday, August 9
for the evening service. They all were welcomed and will have
fond memories of their trip here. We went together to see
Colonial Williamsburg and Washington, D.C. Apart from the rain in
Washington, it was a good opportunity to see some of the famous
sites of our country.
T'want to express my gratitude to all of my dear friends in
Virginia and North Carolina for their warm hospitality to me and
my guests from Japan. I want to apologize for trying to mimic a
southern accent. I am sorry if I have offended anyone from North
Carolina or anywhere else through my occasional imitations of
different kinds of pronunciation. Everywhere I go I will need to
be careful as I hear new and different expressions.
I am now at the Cincinnati Bible Seminary, getting back into
•the bocks after-tv.'elvs years <^f experience .in miri-istry- Dorm life
is wonderful in some ways. There is a wonderful feeling to be
known on a first name basis with many other fellow students. I am
honored to be looked up to as a graduate student, but there is a
gap I need to strive to cross to develop friendships. I see a lot
of budding romances, but with a different perspective. Everyone
seems like a niece or nephew. I suppose the most noticeable
change in dorm life is that there is hardly a typewriter to be
found and everyone has a personal computer. Instead of "boom
boxes" there are stereos with CD players. And everyone is
listening to Christian Rock, most of which I haven't heard.
I ask for your continued support as I learn at school. I am
travelling on the weekends to supporting churches relatively
dose to Cincinnati and am visiting area churches when able. I
hope to gain a lot of insights through conversations with people,
to make new friendships and to be challenged and prepared for
more effective ministry. Thank you for all of your support and
especially for your prayers.
laurel avenue church of CHRIST
1126 Laurel Avenue
Chesapeake, Virginia
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CAJ Report
And the thingsyou have heard mesay in thepresenceof many witnesses entrusted to reliable
men whowill also be qualifiedto teach others. Ji Timothv 2:2
CAJ REPORT (Volume 12, Number 4, Fourth Quarter 1992)
It has been a real pleasure to be able to see many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ as I
visit congregations here in the U.S.A. 1 would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to
speak about the Lord's work in Japan at these churches during the past few months:
September 20
October 2-4
November 15
Kenwood Church of Christ, Livonia, Michigan
First Christian Church, Big Run, Pennsylvania
Madeira Church of Christ, Madeira, Ohio
When I have not been presenting a message about the work in Japan, I have been attending
congregations near the college to establish new friendships and see activities of sister congregations. I
have been able to fellowship with some new friends, studying in Sunday school and participating in
friendly games of volleyball and other activities.
In the Spring I will be continuing my studies at the Cincinnati Bible Seminary, but will be glad
to arrange a time for speaking. During the school year I will be able to drive a short distance irom
Cincinnati, but after my Summer school classes are finished at the end of June, I will be able to travel
further. I will appreciate anysuggestions as to additional congregations or Bible classes to approach.
Every furlough I look forward to seeing family I am not able to see while ministering in Japan.
Thanksgiving season was an appropriate time to visit my sister in Indiana. I learned "hands on" how
difficult farm life is by helping with some small tasks for several hours here and there. I learned that
what consumers take for granted is not always easy for farmers. Consumers think of com being in
abundance and inexpensive. Yet, we do not realize the costs involved in production and the averse
alfcct on crops due to weather. Many corn farmers, including my brother-in-law. were hard up to get
the corn crops to the mills because of the excess of rain during October and November. I learned to
be more grateful for the diligence of farmers, who have to work long hard hours with no significant
profit because of high interest rates for equipment and high interest loans to be paid while receiving
the same price for crops as they have for more than twenty years. Anyway, Thanksgiving was still
evident on the farm even though the times are hard. God continues to bless those who love Him and
diligently serve Him.
Classes have been very challenging in graduate school during this semester of study. The
subjects are very interesting, but the load seems very heavy. Usually for every class there are a number
of books to be read, analyzed, reported on and twenty-page term papers to be written. Study for tests
makes the burden about as heavy as possible. But, the benefits outweigh the load. Efforts are
rewarded with good grades. The final exams have been completed and the grades will soon be in. I
am hoping to receive a few A's and a B or two. Next semester will be just as difficult and the load a
little heavier, but with diligence I will make the effort to finish the course objectives I am aiming for.
Bible college is not all book work, though I enjoy reading and learning, chapeiand an informal
modern Worship time called "family reunion" have been helpful in adding spiritual life to the campus.
There have been a number of guest speaker, mainly from large congregations which support C.B.C.
and S., but there have been several missionaries mining to encourage students to go to Africa or to the
cold North where there is an open door for Christianity where communism used to hold people in
slavery. One guest came from Russia to speak about the growth of Christianity in Russia and the
study of the science of Creation as the theory of evolution is considered the basis of communism which
for years has destroyed people rather than building up people. Dr. Kouznetsov came to believe in
creation through his study of empirical data and eight years later came to believe in the Bible and
become a Christian. It is interesting to note that in Russia, Bible study and prayer is encouraged in
every school at every level throughout the association of newly independent states whereas in the land
of the free and home of the brave, it is no longer acceptable for Bible study or prayer to be done in
any "public" school. But ironically, in the U.S. it is allowed to learn anything other than Christianity,
such as Buddhism, without fear of harassment.
College life is not complete without sports and other events. Basketball is the main sport at
C.B.C. and S. and it is good at times to cheer the Eagles to victory. It is important for all Christians to
learn sportsmanship and to be a good example at all times, even when the chips are down. Chess
games with tellow students have been interesting, although not very often at midterm or times when
papers arc due.
Participation in the school orchestra during the entire school year is a welcome variation
variation from study and a game or two. During the fall, our cighteen-piecc band was augmented by
ten players from community churches. Wc practiced on Monday evenings and on October 23,
performed a concert of Christian songs, the core group, of which I am the clarinet player, took part in
a "Christmas Dinner Theater" from December 2 to 5. We accompanied the choirs and singing in the
play "Mr. Scrooge" as well as played a few numbers of our own. Spring promises to be as entertaining
with new selections to learn. Tlicrc will be a new round of performances to look forward to.
Thank you all for your support during this year. It seems like limes arc difficult for the sake of
the Gospel and for finances. Yet we should always remember that God is watching all of us and
providingfor us. Let us all be grateful during this Christmas season. '
Finally, one request. Because of the increasing costs of maintaining a post office box, it has
been decided to discontinue use of the box in Chesapeake. Please do not send any more mail to be
box. Instead, plcasc scnd. coiTCSpondcncc directly t Laurel Avenue Churcii uf^Chiist, .n26 I^urc^
Aveme^ jLhesapeakc, Virginia 23325. Until the end of June, personal correspondence can be sent to
me do C.B.S, 2700 Glcnway Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45204.
1126 Laurel Avenue
Chesapeake, VA 23325
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