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Time i\llou.wl: Thre(' Hours Aioximum Marh: 200
The question paper c•tmsisls of three Sections.
Candidate.-; should attempt EIGHT parts of' the
question in Section I, TEN questions from
Section II ancl TWO lJUeslion.'l from Section lll.
Candidates should attempt questions as per the
instructions given in each Section.
The number of marks carried by each question
is indicated in each Section.
Answers must be written only in ENGLISH.
Any a.o;sumptions made for answering a
question mu.o;t be mentioned clearly.
All parts/,o;ub-parts of a que.'ltion being
attempted must be completed before
moving on to the next question.
B-JFT- M-HFD [Contd.J
I. Answer any eight parts of the following question.
Answer to each part should be of about 50 words. 5x8=A0
(a) In quantitative terms, bring out how far the
di sinvestment policy has been successful in
India ?
(bl What policy instruments are used in fiscal
reforms in Indi a and for what effect '?
(c) Highlight t he nature of the land reforms still
needed in the indian economy.
(d) What are the governmentall y run schemes f(>r
providing gainful employment in rural areas ?
(e l Wha t are the 'invisible itenn;' in the balance of
payments and why are they so called ?
( f) How a re micro enterprises different from small
scale industries '?
(gl How are non-banking financial institutions
important in Indi a n economy '? Quantify.
(h l What problems ar e faced in the implementa tion
of Urba n Development strategies '?
(i) How is the Consumer Price Index prepared m
Indi a ?
2 [Contd . ]
Answer any ten of the following quest iuns. Jt;w:h
question should be ansu.wred in about 150 words.
12x!O= 1:20
2. What arc the measures adopted since 1991 for
structural adjustment of the Indian economy'>
3. What arc the changes which have been incorporated in
the National Population Policy   2000, to improve t.hc
qua lity of population?
4. Discuss t he role of share marke t in maximising
resources for investment in Indi an industry .
...,._ 5. How is the global financial market impacting upon the
Indi a n financial sector?
6. Exa mine the causes of fi scal de ficit. In India and
hi ghlight feasibl e mitigation strategies.
7. Wha t , in your view, arc the causes for the continual
flu ctu ations/fa ll in the value of the Indi an Rupee in
Dollar terms in recent times ? Suggest possibl e
mi tiga t.ion strategies.
8. !low is agricultural price policy dete rmined in Tndin ?
Docs t he proces s take note of agricultural subsidies .,
8-JFT-M-HFD 3 IContd. )
9. I low are foreign hanks J'egulated in India ? Do you
think such regulation is required in the Indi an
10. Critically assess the role of' FDI in   and
pension funds .
11. Tn what way is the direction of India's foreign trade
changing '? Is this a lso influencing the composition of
trade ?
12. Comment on the findi ngs ol' the latest report of the
National Commisl:;ion on Labour regardi ng informa l
sector employment.
B-J FT -M-HFD 4 [Contd.)
Answer any two of the following questions m about
250 words each. 20><2=40
18. What do you mean by vert ical and horizontal
inequa lities ? How has the Thirteenth Financ:e
Commiss ion helped in meeting the fiscal needs of
States in India to solve this problem ? Comment on
the scheme of special grants-in-aid.
14. Explain the nature and process of publi c sector
reforms in India. What additional measures arc
15. What were t he components of the ':\cw Agricultural
Strategy' adopted in late sixties? Narrate the positi ve
and negative impacts of the Green Revoluti on. At
present, what measures should l.Je adopted to l.Jring
Second Green Revolution in Indian agri culture '>