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Meeting Minutes

Lake Villas – July 8, 2014– 6PM
1. Call Meeting Order/Establish Quorum
Meeting called to order at 5:59 with a quorum
Board members in attendance: Rand Gilberd !ason Goet" #egg$ %hite
Eli"abeth &ar'e$ (eno Maedgen
2. &omeowner )o*ics +or (iscussion
,nnie &orrobin E- came to the meeting to discuss her units *lumbing
/ath$ &ughes 01 came to the meeting to discuss e2tra garbage in the
building container and the$ ha'e a garbage can that is crac3ed. , reminder to
all home owners noti+$ing them o+ the additional large bins that are located on
the *ro*ert$ will be shared with the communit$.
Burt Bur3holder C4 came to the meeting as3ing that the board abo'e his slider
be *ainted. Burt also mentioned that *eo*le with boats should be
conscious as to how the$ are tied to *re'ent damage to the doc3 and boats.
Burt also mentioned that a *ool rules reminder should be made.
4. ,**ro'al o+ #rior Meeting Minutes
#re'ious minutes a**ro'ed
1. )reasurer5s Re*ort
#egg$ co'ered the +inancials and the in+ormation will be *osted on the
5. Committee Re*orts
6andsca*e Committee: )rees ha'e been trimmed and remo'ed. , *lan to
re*lace some o+ the remo'ed trees is being loo3ed at.
, *ath that has been resurrected near ( building will be remo'ed and new
bushes or shrubs will be *lanted as a wa$ to control the access to that area.
7. Old Business
Re'iew o+ ,s*halt Bids: Clari+ication is being sought on one bid.
#egg$ and Galen ha'e been wor3ing on the website and conducting
inter'iews with board members and residents to hel* understand the user
inter+ace o+ the website and its ease o+ +unctionalit$. 8+ $ou are
interested in an inter'iew to hel* with the website content
*lease email la3e'
Comcast Cable 'ersus 08O: discussion: , re'iew o+ the current Comcast
contract and an assessment o+ the 'iabilit$ o+ switching to 08O: is
under wa$.
)he gate loo*s were re*laced on the -;
and that did not re*air the
s*oradic o*eration. %e are wor3ing on a warrant$ re*lacement o+ the
controller boards with the gate com*an$.
;. <ew Business
6a* swim time has been requested and is being considered b$ the board
+or 'iabilit$ and en+orcement re'iew.
(r$er 'ent cleaning was com*leted in o'er 9=> o+ the units. &ow to
schedule and ensure all units are in com*liance is being discussed
with /a**es Miller.
, water heater ins*ection was conducted at the same time as the dr$ers.
&ow to ensure all units are in com*liance and meet the CC and R?s is being
discussed with /a**es Miller.
8. 6ocation and )ime o+ <e2t Meeting/,d@ournment
)he ne2t meeting will onl$ be held i+ necessar$ and enough board
members are a'ailable due to 'acations. 8+ a meeting is not held in ,ugust
a meeting on :e*tember 9
will be held.

Reminders: Due to problems and complaints please read carefully.
Please ask children playing on the property to not throw rocks from the
landscaping into the grass or the lake. This creates an unsafe environment in
the lawn and on the sidewalks. The landscape crew cannot pick up all of the
rocks in the grass prior to cutting and can lead to rocks being thrown from
the mowers that may cause serious injury or property damage. The rocks on
the shoreline are there to help prevent erosion.
Overfilling garbage and recycling bins located near each building can result in
a fine. Please take overflow garbage and recycling to the additional large
bins that are located on the property. On the south side it is the driveway side
of the clubhouse; on the north side it is across the driveway from uilding !.
e sure to collapse cardboard bo"es to provide as much room as possible.
People with boats should be conscious as to how they are tied up to prevent
damage to the dock and boats.
Please review and adhere to the pool rules. This includes but not limited to
the hours and the cleanliness of the pool itself and the deck surrounding it.
Return all toys to the storage bo" that has been placed on the pool deck. # full
listing of the pool rules is located on the website.
#n alarm has been installed by the spa pump to prevent damage to the pump
and to the clubhouse. Please do not turn the alarm off. $f the alarm is
sounding please notify %appes &iller.
The Lake Villas website is The password is lake !""".
#ou will find there $abana %ental $alendar& Lake Villas $ontacts List& Lake Villas
'ome (wner)s *nformation& +inutes& etc.

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