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Statement by Pistorius Family
Leo Pistorius (Uncle)

15 July 2014

We have taken note of the media coverage of the so-called “nightclub incident” over the past 24
hours and feel compelled to issue this statement as some of the outrageous claims simply
cannot stand uncorrected.

Whilst Oscar venturing out into a public space with his cousin, in the current climate and whilst
his court case is still underway, was unwise.

Those of us closest to him have been witness to his escalating sense of loneliness and alienation.
This, we believe, is underlying some of his self-harming behaviour.

As a family we are counselling Oscar to find ways to deal with his feelings of isolation.

At the same time however, we cannot allow one man’s untrue version of what happened to
stand unchallenged.

Mr Mortimer, who has been unknown to Oscar and our family until he approached the press
with his story of the so-called “altercation” in which he has cast himself as the victim, is a man
peddling untruths designed for maximum attention and maximum damage.

We wish to categorically state that there is absolutely no truth to this man’s assertions that
Oscar, for instance, insulted the President of South Africa or boasted about our family’s so-called
influence. Nor is the bizarre statement that our family “owns the SANDF”.

Oscar was at school with one of President Zuma’s sons and liked him a lot. Oscar also has great
appreciation of President’s Zuma’s extraordinary support of the paralympians.

Both Oscar and his cousin were equally taken aback by Mr Mortimer’s accusations relating to the

My investigations indicate that Mortimer was the aggressor and eyewitnesses confirm this.

Being in a public space such as this, and thereby putting himself in a place where this kind of
confrontation could take place, was ill considered.

We do however believe that Oscar is grappling with an extreme level of emotional pain that is
manifesting itself in some of his recent unwise actions and choices.

 This statement is issued on behalf of the Pistorius Family by Leo Pistorius, another of
Oscar’s uncles. Arnold is currently away.

 We consider this our final word on this matter and do not wish to engage any further
media enquiries on this issue.

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Anneliese Burgess