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Terrorist group ISIS has taken over big parts of Iraq and Iraq’s
president Jalal Talabani has asked the U.S government to help
restore the peace . U.S president Obama has agreed to send troops
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World News Weekly
Court in Europe has made google delete records of people if

If any personnel wanted to delete records about them they would have to ask
google to delete it for them and be European. Google has to delete it, but can
refuse if personnel has a criminal background. On the first day of operation,
google received over 12,000 requests.

Phones-good or bad?
Police has had an increase of accidents on the road because of
people-drivers and pedestrians have been using cell phones. They
say that because of this we are having more accidents and to stay
safe you should not listen to music or turn it down low when you are
in public, turn off all technology; iPhones, iPads, earplugs etc. when
crossing roads.

Protest on train tracks at platform 16 Southern Cross
A protest held on the 2/07/14 held up on train tracks “I was very
upset because it made my train late and a lot of people had to stand
on the way home” says Darren Brown, resident of Geelong. The
protest was about a train conductor called Mr D’Costa who has
worked for V/line for 40 years. He was sacked after a fight with two
youths and was forced to defend himself. He said that the two
youths had abused passengers before starting to punch Mr D’Costa.
About 15 people were on the tracks causing the 5.21pm Marshal
Train to be delayed because the protesters were on the tracks. The
protesters were chanting, “when they say sack, we say fight back”.

Islamic Terrorist Group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also
known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant))) has taken over
big parts of Iraq. They have also invaded Syria and has some Turkish
activity. Some people want armed forces to go into Iraq. Some of the
reasons are that because we went in 2003 and left it the way it is
now, it is our responsibility to put it right. They are also worried that
ISIS or ISIL is really dangerous and should be stopped before it can do
damage to other countries. But some people against the plan say
that going last time didn’t do much so why go in again. Also Iraq
should be left to sort out its own problems. But there are some
people in the middle. They say that we should help Iraq, but do air
strikes instead of risking the lives of soldiers on the ground.

Splash Dance
GPAC gets ready for a concert held in Geelong called Splash Dance. It
is held for all dance schools over Geelong and is a chance for
everybody to share their knowledge as some people in every dance
school practices there dance for the concert. It is an exciting event
and has something for everyone of all ages, there being workshops
and crafts.