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Lesson Plan Instructor: Joseph Masciopinto

Field of study: social studies

Grade: 6
Period: 7
Time: 2 full class periods (2
class period used to model and write paragraphs).

Students: 20 Students
Topic in the Curriculum: The Development of Civilizations
Subset of the Curriculum: (Mesopotamia) Sumer and the Epic of Gilgamesh
Key Vocabulary and Concepts
Epic Superhero Gilgamesh Enkidu Immortality
Essential Question
To what degree is world history a story of progress?
Unit Questions
To what degree does the development from early settlements to civilizations exhibit

Geography: What impact did agriculture have on the development of civilizations?

Political: What factors contributed to the rise of a centralized political system?

Economic: What factors led to the growth of trade?

Social: What factors led to the development of social classes?

Beliefs: What role did religion have in peoples everyday lives?

To introduce the topic of Gilgamesh in a meaningful way and give students an experience that
will help them interpret information and connect it to their own lives.

Student Objectives
Students will be able to identify the term Gilgamesh.
Students will be able to show an understanding of how a civilizations art and literature
reflect its culture and history.
Teaching Strategies
Warm Up
Students will Identify a superhero and explain why you think that superhero was created.
Assessment and Data: Students will briefly share their answers. This will allow the teacher to
get a sense of how students see their world and culture and whether they understand that the
creation of literary characters is influenced by environment and culture.
Activity 1: Lecture, Notes and Textbook Reading.
Students will sit in groups and view a presentation on Gilgamesh. Students will read
aloud and discuss the topic together. Throughout the activity the teacher will ask
questions and guide the students towards an understanding of what these stories tell us
about a civilization.
Activity 2: Video
Students will view a short film clip about Gilgamesh from the Discovery Channel.
Activity 3: Lecture/Discussion
Students will be introduced to modern superheroes and explain what these characters tell
us about the time period in which they were created.
Activity 4: Understanding the Lesson
The teacher will explain what influenced the creation of these superheroes and how the
stories about them can be used to view the culture of a civilization or time period.
Assessment: Exit Slip
The teacher will use a formal assessment check list to make sure students can identify the
term Gilgamesh.
Students will be given an exit slip and rubric (the writing process will occur during the
next class period). Students will be asked to create their own personal superhero using the
technology application Pixton, Comic Life 3, or Sumopaint. Then, students will create a
comic strip that describes their character and explains his or her powers and abilities.
Students will be asked to connect their superhero to their own lives demonstrating their
understanding that the stories of Gilgamesh can be used to study the culture of
Mesopotamia and the Sumerians.
The exit slip will be collected, read, and filed. Data will be used to identify concepts that
need to be re-taught, students who need extra help, and evaluate whether the class is
ready to move on.