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XOPS labs

Company Profile
Accel erate your busi ness potential with innovative IT Services

Some clients says we are
crazy, others says we are
perfectionist. We call ourselves
Xopians. We are eXtra ordinary
peoples who look to the entire
world in a different angle to make
extraordinary innovations to
simplify the technology for the
mankind. Xops Labs is been named
after eXtra Ordinary Programing

What we do
We craft beautiful mobile
technology solutions that hide the
technology complexity from the user.
We think of ourselves of creators of
great user experiences not only
through visual design but through
the combination of technology and
simple user interface design.
We like to help our clients to
build apps and websites that have
an impact. We dont build useless
apps. We build apps that have a
purpose and will make the user
think, interact and generally enrich
their life.

About Us
XOPS Labs was
conceptualized by two entrepreneurs
in the year 2013. There were very few
firms serving 'Total Solutions' right
from the concept to completion of
web-based projects. We started from
offering web development and mobile
application services for small and
medium enterprises and soon eXtra
Ordinary Programming Solutions
became one of the premium
organizations in the field of website
We provide inclusive range of
services concerning your web
presence. We specialize in the fields of
web designing & maintenance,
website redesigning, web
programming, e-Commerce solutions,
mobile application development and
online marketing for businesses.

I nnovat i ve websi t e desi gn f r om Xops Labs has
empower ed our busi ness - .

Sajith A, Managing Director ,Alsaj
Hotel and Convention Centre

Passion for new technology is
deeply ingrained in Xopians DNA. Our
office is filled with gadgets, hardware,
mobile and integrated devices that are
on the brink of entering the
mainstream market. We like a
challenge and this is why we are
always on the outlook for complex
client problems.
Our developers are all based
in India and work from our Co-
App development process
We understand the app
development process well. We
subscribe to the agile approach
when we work on large projects.
Our clients appreciate the way we
work and our deep technical
No project is too small for us as
long as it offers us a technical
challenge. If you have any of those
challenges then you should talk to
us .
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Advance Innovation
whi l e cont rol l i ng cost s
Why we do? What we do
working office in the centre of
Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram.
Xops India created the co-
working space (Xops Labs) in 2014
and with this we created an
environment we like to work in, share
with other startups and thrive in this
energetic environment. The diversity
of employees who work at the Xops
Labs add to the culture of Xops and
the way we do things.

High quality websites and apps
We produce high quality
websites and apps and will need to
be rewarded accordingly. Working
with us will not result in something
done on the cheap instead it will
be an app or a website that looks,
feels and behaves like an expensive
one. We can only create a highly
polished mobile solution with highly
skilled team members and we will
need to charge slightly above
market for this. If the app is simpler
you will find that your budget will
be respected and carefully used to
create a solution that matches your
budget. (how much does it cost to
develop websites or app?)

We dont follow best practices in
the industry, we create them.

Rosh J Antony, CEO Xops Labs

Our Consulting brings extensive experience to help businesses and
governments align technology strategy with organizational value.
CEOs frequently ask us to validate technology planning and
architecture strategy to ensure optimal ROI from technical
expenditures. Additionally CIOs know that over time decisions are
made across organizations which lead to escalating technology costs
due to inefficiencies and redundant systems.
Developing for the web means so much more than a mere website.
Constantly emerging technologies have made web development
faster, more secure and more scalable than ever before. Our team
experienced Programmers are capable of handling every kind of web
based applications.
Mobile devices are an integral part of our society, custom mobile
development is in high demand by businesses that want to join the
mobile market. Our real skilled xopians are ready with the challenges
ahead on mobile app development.
Now a days bugs and attacks cause more trouble to the clients , The
team of best testers and hackers at Xops Labs has opened their eagle
eyes to find and fix the trouble makers to see the smile on our clients
Our work culture
doesnt imprison the
employees in a cubicle
& kill the innovator in
Our Next-generation IT support and services
Technology We Expertise
Websi t e Desi gni ng
App Devel opment
Test i ng and Secur i t y

AkhilRaj ,R S
CTO at Xops Labs

Our Cl i ents
Put our servi ces to the test,
contact us for a free consul tati on today.
Why should you choose us?
When you work with Xops Labs, you'll
deal with the people who are actually building
your solution. There's no middle-man, and no
project management firewall. Our agile, test-
driven development process is completely
When you work with Xops Labs, you'll
deal with the people who are actually building
your solution. There's no middle-man, and no
project management firewall. Our agile, test-
driven development process is completely
This open approach lets us deliver
intelligent mobile solutions swiftly and cost-
effectively to every one of our clients.
Our team has the technical expertise to
work with clients' existing data, no matter how it's
captured or stored.
And we have the business sense to anticipate the
needs of our clients and their customers.
That's how we create mobile solutions that deliver
real results.


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XOPS labs,
Floor, MH Plaza,
Opp IOC pump, NH 47,
Kazhakuttom PO,
Kerala ,India .Pin
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