North Highline Fire District King County Fire District #11

Ballots Due August 5, 2014 - Proposition No. 1
In the 2014 King County Primary Election, there is a ballot measure for a Beneft Charge for the North High-
line Fire District, Proposition No. 1. This fact sheet is intended to help the people in our district understand what
a Beneft Charge is, how it will affect us and why our commissioners unanimously approved it.
What Is A Beneft Charge?
A Beneft Charge restructures the way the fre district collects money from property owners. It is a fee that is
based on specifc attributes of a structure (like building size and use) and it‘s risk of fre. The Beneft Charge
is not a tax and is not tied to assessed values of property like traditional property taxes that are paid to the
fre district.
How Will A Beneft Charge Affect You?
Currently in our district, property owners pay $1.50 tax per $1,000 of assessed value to the fre district
(except for exempt properties which pay $0). With a Beneft Charge, property taxes would be reduced to
$1.00 per $1,000 and then a beneft charge is added to calculate the total payment to the fre district.
Under a Beneft Charge, owners of homes and small structures pay less than owners of large buildings.
Property taxes are reduced by 1/3 and replaced by the Fire Beneft Charge. Exemptions remain in effect for
low-income senior citizens and disabled persons.
2014 King County Primary Election
Proposition No. 1 - Beneft Charge
The North Highline Fire District is bordered by Seattle to the North
and West, Burien to the South and the Duwamish River to the East. If
you live in this area, the proposed Beneft Charge will apply to you.
The North Highline Fire District serves the citizens of Beverly Park,
Boulevard Park, Mt. View, North Shorewood, South Park, Top Hat and
White Center.
$1.00 per
Due to the
North Highline Fire District
King County Fire District #11
Why Did Our Fire Commissioners Approve It For The Ballot?
There are many factors that continue to contribute to the inadequate revenue stream to our district:
Lower property values
Our shrinking district size (due to multiple annexations)
A large number of tax exempt properties
In order to continue to provide the level of service our community needs, the district has been using its re-
serves. At the current rate, our reserves are projected to run out in 2015.
Many other local fre districts and fre authorities have added Beneft Charges to stabilize revenues.
Having a funding source that is not tied to property values affords them the opportunity to plan better for
the future. The Beneft Charge will allow us to better equip our frefghters and emergency responders while
securing a stable future at a reasonable cost to tax payers. For example:
The Beneft Charge is a stable and reasonable way to fund fre and emergency services. Because
the Beneft Charge is not tied to property values, it gives our fre district more fnancial stability.
With the Beneft Charge, our district will be able to purchase much needed life-saving equipment
like defbrillators, fre hoses, thermal imaging cameras, body armor, etc.
With the Beneft Charge, every property owner has the right to appeal their assessment and
reauthorize the Beneft Charge every six years.

The Beneft Charge can not be more than 60% of the total operating budget.
If you have questions or would like more information visit or
give us a call at 206-243-0330 or come to the public hearing set for
Monday , July 21, 2014 at 7:00pm at 1243 SW 112th St, Seattle, WA 98146.
Ballots Due August 5, 2014 - Proposition No. 1
2014 King County Primary Election
Proposition No. 1 - Beneft Charge
Serving Our
Community Since 1942
Today, for a 2,000 square foot home that is assessed at $250,000,
the property owner pays $31.26 per month. For that same property
we anticipate a net increase between $6.42-$8.93 per month.

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