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Role & Responsibility of the Indian Youth in building up India {based on ideas of Vivekananda}

Before embarking on a blueprint of India, shaped by the youth power of the country, as conceptualized by Vivekananda, it is worthwhile to make a stocktaking of the prevailing socio-political scenario of India. Aptly, the expression that this is the best of time and this is the worst of time, is applicable in the context of present day India or for that matter the world. The mind-blowing achievements made in the sphere of science and technology has etched a paradigm shift in the life of human beings, both in a physical and mental level. Certain defining moments that occurred, subsequent to the premature demise of Vivekananda need to be mentioned which might be viewed as the catastrophes, otherwise avoidable had any body paid attention to the grand conception of “man making” as the ultimate purpose of life, as visualized by the modern day monk. The man made heinous crimes that has marred the recent history of mankind are not a few to be counted on finger tips, however the prominent among them that left their scar permanently are the curse of two world wars, the great American depression & its world-wide economic impact (another one is on the making) holocaust of hydrogen bomb, Nazi carnage of Jews, incidence of AIDS the modern day variant of plague, the 9/11 etc.. The political developments like the demise of colonialism and the collapse of communism are worth mentioning. On the other hand, the incredible advancement of science & technology has shrunk the earth to a global village. The litany of malaise that has afflicted, concurrently, the world in general and India in particular hardly need a detailed portrayal. The media gives the vivid depiction and sometimes the running commentary of various forms of savagery committed on a daily basis with monotonous predictability. Now is the time for introspection and time for course correction. Salvation constitutes in the admission of the wrongdoing in the one hand and mending the same in the other. We the inheritors of the Waste Land, when did we go astray? The principles of education, which was the basis of Vivekananda’s vision of a vibrant India, free from the scourge of ignorance and poverty, would sound like hollow platitude in the backdrop of a reality-check. If the roles and responsibilities of the today’s youth are delineated on the path indicated by the great seer the best response that would be generated is a tongue-in-cheek chuckle. Without being unduly cynical it may be safely assumed that on making attempts to imbibe the ideas of a holistic life that consummates in the total bliss at a personal level and harmonized existence at a social level the almost universal response would hover between an anachronistic view of an unpragmatic guru or that of a present day version of Rip Van Winkle. Without any predilection towards pessimism let us face the writing in the wall that the youth has reached the point of no return or the doubting Thomases are being pushed by their so-called well wishers(themselves, victims of the same crash

materialism) towards a life that is diametrically opposed to that idyllic utopia imagined by Vivekananda. The vicious circle will continue unabated till the ideological vacuum is filled up, which is highly unlikely in the foreseeable future. What follows is an academic exercise with the least expectation of its materialization even to an infinitesimally small extent. The silver lining is that human civilization has taken a U turn on several occasions that would otherwise have ended in its extinction. Youth is the blossoming phase of human life cycle that is biologically structured to manifest the embedded creativity inherent in the persona of the being. The path to redemption lies in nurturing a mind that will reclaim its original mission in life and in the course of it the nation will reap the benefits as well. The basic tenets of a sound education are to expose the individual to the various opportunities available to cultivate the inner craving that one is uniquely bestowed with. This is contrary to the popular concept of careerism, being practiced as a rule rather than the exception. Education happens to be a means to pander to the atavistic desire for avariciousness and self-aggrandizement. The proponents of so called advanced education have just been able to scratch the superficial facets of nature. Newtonian pebble collection is still going on. Indubitably, the attempts to decipher the manifold mystery of nature must continue in true scientific temperament. The onset of industrialization with its all out worship of mammon has changed the scenario. The deviation occurred when from pure scientific enquiry the mind was devoted to the applied science with the purpose of inventing new technology as an appendage to consumerism. So far, reducing the burden of menial labour was concerned it was all right, but the megalomaniac aspiration to rule the fellow humans lead to creation of arms and ammunition with devastating potentiality that can obliterate the planet earth several times in one go. In a nutshell the creation of this evil genius has become the ugliest contribution of the western quest for power and policy of education was an accomplice by default, to crystallize this objective. Western way of life with its preoccupation on material growth, and the longing for a perpetually sensually pleasurable life overshadowed the soul that remained unexplored for ever in the deepest fathom of the human spirit. Man became oblivious of the other being and assumed the physical level as the only state of being. Accumulation of infinite purchasing power became the summum bonum of life. And the blind following of the western pattern of life style by us has estranged us to the extent of forgetting our real purpose of living. The syndrome of stressful existence in everyday rat race has manifested itself in happenings like school shootout, cannibalism, papal-pedophilia, rave party, suicidal squads, addiction to drugs and orgies of different types committed by persons with high academic tag that underline the utter futility of the system of education. Inculcation of right values in the process of educating the mind should be the most coveted aim of education. The formation of a full man well developed in heart, head and hand. A matured person, in all respect, i.e physically, intellectually and emotionally. Some where to emphasize the importance of

physical strength Vivekananda had said “I would like the young people to play football rather than read the Gita”. Initially the cultural values and traditional ethos of India that is all-encompassing, professes a total wellness of being individually and communally. The modern youth is at a cross road, literally & figuratively. To choose the path of existence, knowledge & bliss, that is uniquely self evolving or to opt for a life of alienation. The estranged individual stand apart from the country, community, family and himself and very often unintentionally and unknowingly, almost unconsciously engulfed by the process and values of education. The myriad problems facing the country are daunting in dimension. The aim of the young should be to become physically and mentally strong and committed to the goal of personal happiness and collective liberation of India from the curse of illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, lack of medical facility, absence of social security, communalism, fear of terrorism, to sum a few. It would be politically and morally correct to have a healthy aversion towards the cunning self-serving politicians, a feeling almost akin to that nurtured by the erstwhile freedom fighters towards the foreign invaders. To spare no efforts in revamping the existing political set-up that is rotten to the core. This may not be misconstrued as sympathy with the outfits believing in violent means to overthrow the political machinery. By all means the instrument of terror is to be eschewed to achieve any end, however noble it may be. To endeavour towards emancipation of the fellow brothers & sisters of India from the clutches of superstition and dogmas infesting their day to day life is of paramount importance. A contrast of the Indian philosophy of life i.e a simple living & high thinking with the Western way of living, which is alluring the modern youth with a magical magnetism, need a brief sketching. The mad chase for American apple has proved to be mirage. The dream that is being aspired by the youth en masse is found to be an ephemeral rainbow. The fundamental premises of the American way a synonym for western way of living was based on the unbridled individualism unmindful of its impact on the community, society or for that matter on the world as a whole. Their alleged free expression has resulted in devastating consequences. American promiscuity is being accounted as one of the singularly responsible factor in the cause & spread of the lethal disease of AIDS, their gas guzzling habits has become one of the most important reasons for climate change and ozone layer depletion. The economic bubble has burst. The paranoia of the father son duo had brought the world to the verge of the world war. The merchants of death are selling billions of dollars worth of weapon to pervert countries of the third world including India. The scope of alternative cost of defense can single handedly obliterate the scourge of poverty & diseases due to malnutrition from the face of the planet.