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Standard 3

Alternative Experience: AVID Demonstration Site Visits

AVID Mission: To close the achievement gap by preparing all students for
college readiness and success in a global society.

Notes from Classroom visitations of AVID Demonstration Schools
Santiago High School and Doig Middle School

Instructional TechniquesWriting
Annotation for prep for Socratic seminar
Mobile computer lab for AVID only
Learning logs -> tutorials
GS template watching tutorial
Research paper
Leadership paper in 11 & 12
Cornell notes
Timed writing
ABC attack the prompt
TRF forms
DII techniques
Short time given for discussions
Instructional TechniquesInquiry
Posters of possible questions
Sentence frames
Academic language scripts
Sentence starters
Peer editing (2 times) for Jr. Hero papers
and Sr. Indiv. Hero
Teacher led inquiry
Avid Excel (long term EL students ) group
request form
Teacher modeling Costas levels
Guided dialogue
Instructional TechniquesCollaboration
AVID classes same pacing/lessons
Teacher collaboration & planning time in trios or quads
Team collaboration
Research paper collaboration
Front/back and side/side partners
Students/team selector
Peer editing
Fishbowl discussion groups
Instructional TechniquesOrganization
Essential question of the day copies down as
a warm-up
Binders/routines on boards
Modeling annotation of text
Strong routines
Notebooks for AVID
Essential Questions
EQ turned into a reference point for the
Cornell points EQ
Posted SWBAT w/recitation
Predesigned agenda pages that relate to
school wide AVIDused during advisement
Drop in reading
Tutorials due before schoolfor tutor grade
Instructional TechniquesReading
Claims vs. evidence consistently
Focus on critical reading
Highlighting academic vocabulary
Repetition on CN (i.e. Highlight, circle,
Pair share
Peer editing
drop in reading
AVID Excel (long term ELL) Scholar Group
request Formreading/interacting with
Referring to notes

Learning Environment Evidence of AVID
Cornell notes
School-wide goal setting based on grades
Individual students set their own goals
during 1
Socratic Seminar prep
TRF at Doig was turned in before school
Content support in AVID class
10 step process on the wall
Collaboration consistent throughout
AVID only teachersstrength of program
Supportive/academic risks
Learning EnvironmentCollege Readiness
Organized note taking techniques
CtPA discussion Honors classes
College acceptances on stars so younger
students could see
Deliberate grave check/goal setting
quarterly for all students
College walls include maps, banners,
Grade reflection
College apps in AVID class
CSU/UC fieldtrips in 11
Other Observations
Academy class used as a stepping stone to
Doig scaffolds levels of AVID classes
Tutorial classroom
Excel classes
Separate class for tutorials
Academic Goal Setting
AVID council joint meetings
Activities/curriculum is consistent across
the grade levels
Shorter duration for pair-share /share out
Small class sizes <30
Jr. Hero (Chavez)
TD lessons->TPS-notes
District support $$$
All site support and buy in
School wide themes (quarterly
Questions I still have
AVID release days for PD
If we expand, can we get more tutors?
1 mobile computer lab?
Can we get any of the handouts we saw?
How can we get more content teachers to
use effective AVID strategies?
Can we institute Academy & Excel AVID
classes for students not ready for traditional
Where can we find more $ for AVID?
Why arent we tag-teaming CCSS & AVID?
And $ accordingly
Collab. between Jr. High & H.S. to help