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Dr. T.K. Jain. AFTERSCHOOOL M: 9414430763 social entrepreneurship for better society

• To help people get jobs • To enable people to get the best possible career opportunities • To enable organisations to get the most talented persons

Focus areas
• • • • • Recruitment Training Selection Placement Career guidance

About promotors
• The promotors are PGPSE from afterschoool with specialisation in HRD and organisational transformation • The promotors have read over 100 articles and research papers on HR and related aspects and have writtend and published 4 articles in reputed journals on HR and related aspects.

• Promotors have extensively participated in HR related activities in different organisations during their course at AFTERSCHOOOL. • Promotors have sound understanding of HR requirements of different organisations

• Promotors will approach MNCs, who are willing to spread their operations in Rajasthan or nearby areas. • Promotors will approach overseas companies, who are looking for competent persons

• Since promotors belong to Rajasthan, they have good understanding of manpower in Rajasthan and they understand how to get the best manpower from Rajasthan and nearby areas. Manpower from Rajasthan are generally considered to be loyal, stable, committed and sincere – but have drawback – like poor communication skill,lack of focus on career, absenteeism, lack of work culture etc.


• Promotors will set up a website targetting youth from Rajasthan and nearby areas • Promotors will conduct detailed career counselling sessions with the youth of Rajasthan to know more about them and prepare an inventory of their biodata.

Approaching the companies
• Promotors will approach the companies with a good presentation. • They will prepare their action plan for companies and put those before the companies.

• All the figures are in lacks • Business plan consists of some assumptions • Business plan consists of assumptions that all promotors will work together to achieve the common goals

Rev receipts

Financial plan
Expenses Salary Camp & tour expen. brochure etc. Publicity, commission Advt. Website management profit 480


4.8 12 12 3 48 96 9.6 5 290 480

Assumptions the organisation charges one month salary from company and candidate We will be able to get the most talented persons and they are willing to move out. We are able to contact 1000 persons per month through various media. out of a profile of 1000 persons, the company will be able to get placement for 10% We will be able to get enough response from companies We will be able to establish contact with companies All the promotors will work unitedly and get the project succeed.

Projected Balance Sheet loan from relatives creditors profit 10furnitures 19equipments 290computers etc cash investments etc. TOTAL 319TOTAL 5 5 2 144 163 319

Next six years projections
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014















Future plans
• As you can see, the company expects to have an asset base of over 14 crore Rs. In next five years. The company will open its branches in leading business centres of the world including Tokyo, New york, London and will have a continued growth rate of over 20%.

• We can expect the company to play an important role in providing jobs and opportunities to the youth of the region and to the copanies to grow and establish their presence in Rajasthan and nearby areas and to be able to hire the most talented person in the industry.

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