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Featuring Exclusive Tips
From Over 40 Industry Experts.
Rob sits on the dark leather sofa underneath the huge wall-mounted TV
blasting out the latest chart hits. He surveys the water coolers, adverts for
personal training and Zumba classes, and empty sports drinks containers
around him while he peruses his ftness magazine.
Sweat still dripping off his forehead and hands still shaking slightly following
his 35-set biceps workout, he thumbs the pages while taking sips from his
protein shaker.
Hes reading the latest article on fat-burning supplements, and thinking about
dinner tonight grass-fed beef cooked in organic extra virgin coconut oil,
accompanied by sweet potatoes, avocados, broccoli and green beans. This will
be followed by a giant bowl of mixed berries from the local farm shop with
cream made from raw milk.

Hes on that new paleo diet. All the research seems to suggest its the best
thing ever for torching the fat but, despite sticking to it religiously, his weight
hasnt shifted in weeks and if anything his trousers feel tighter. Still, he
thinks, once I get that new extreme strength fat burner Ill be on the right
Meanwhile, on the other side of the gym .
Cheryl is coming to the end of her workout.
45 minutes on the treadmill, another 30 on the bike, 300 reps for abs, 10
minutes of rowing, rounded off with a quick leg machine circuit. According to
her brand new heart rate monitor that will be 950 calories burned.
Awesome, I can have a skinny latte and one of those low-fat blueberry
muffns from the deli, she thinks as she knocks out rep number 40 on the leg

Shes even more excited about her weekly cheat meal coming up tomorrow.
After three gym sessions in the last fve days shes earned her night out with
the girls pre-drinks at hers, followed by all you can eat Chinese, and rounded
off with cocktails.

This has been the pattern for Cheryl for the last year and a bit. According to
the magazines shes doing everything right burning loads of calories, choosing
low-fat foods, working out regularly and having cheat meals to boost her
metabolism. Yet her before and after pictures from this last year could have
been taken fve minutes apart.

Does Cheryls situation sound familiar to you?
Perhaps youre Rob, under a different name? Or maybe you are actually called
Rob, in which case Hi, nice to meet you.
These situations arent uncommon we all think we know exactly what we
need to do to burn fat, get lean and look better naked.

Trouble is, though, the industry is a minefeld of false information and whats
worse is that everything seems to contradict everything else.

This is why I compiled Fat Loss Fixes 101.
101 tips guaranteed to work and make the fat fall off.
How can I be so sure?

Well, they come from some of the best damn trainers in the entire ftness
industry. Between them, they have hundreds of years of experience, have
trained thousands of clients for tens of thousands of sessions and know what
works and what doesnt.
Theres more than one way to skin a cat, and theres more than one way to lose
Thats what is so cool about this book everyone has a different stance on the
best way to lose fat, and every single one of these tips will get you the results
you want if you implement them, so you can follow the advice that suits you
If you feel like giving me a shout you can contact me here:
Lift some heavy ass shit with
consistency and intensity and
be macro mindful!
Lifting heavy promotes greater testosterone levels and
expends the most calories. The combination of macro
conscious dieting and heavy lifting is a powerful regime for
fat loss IN-DEED!
Oliver Grizzly Cowlishaw
Head MMA Coach // MMA Fighter // Personal Trainer
Reduce unhealthy
carbohydrate intake (lots of
breads, pastas, cereals) and
increase healthy fat intake
(nuts, avocados, fsh)
Healthy fats can actually help you lose weight, lower
cholesterol, absorb vitamins and prevent heart disease
Phil Green
Personal Trainer // Nutrionist // Owner of Bounce Personal Training Studio in Ottawa, Ontario, CA
Avoid restraint
Restraint from certain foods, will prevent you from forming
habits. At worst will promote binging, and when you go back
to eating normal you will regain.
Pat Koch
Former CP Intern, Fitness Manager, Strong Dude
Limit Carbohydrate intake to
30g for any meal or snack.
Helps to manage total carbohydrate intake over the day
whilst simultaneously avoiding the blood sugar peaks and
troughs that come from having too much carbohydrate in
one go. This helps reduce cravings and makes sticking to
your nutrition plan easier.
Nathan Garnham
Personal Trainer // Corrective Exercise Specialist at B-Physical Personal Training, Harrogate, UK
Eat slowly
Most of us are busy and distracted. Our physiological
satiety depends -- in part -- on awareness. Look. Sniff. Chew.
Swallow. Pause. Our bodies need these cues to help it know
its full.
Krista Scott-Dixon
Lean Eating Program Director, Precision Nutrition; creator of
Learn to cook
Making favorful food, can help curb cravings, and enhance
the appeal of reasonable food choices.
Pat Koch
Former CP Intern, Fitness Manager, Strong Dude
Veggies and Protein never go out of a style.
Shaun Spare
NASM CPT // Powerlifter
Prepare healthy meals/foods
in advance for the coming
work week
Having food readily available to make lunches and dinners
prevents that want for fast food or unhealthy foods because
of laziness
Phil Green
Personal Trainer // Nutrionist // Owner of Bounce Personal Training Studio in Ottawa, Ontario, CA
Get back in touch with your
bodys hunger and fullness
Forcing down the remains of a meal just because its within
your calorie or macro allowance even though you feel
physically full is counterintuitive. Conversely, waiting for
a scheduled meal time when your stomach is screaming
out for food will likely make you overeat when the time
eventually comes. If 0 is starving hungry and 10 is absolutely
stuffed, eat when at a 3-4 out of 10, and stop at 5-6.
Georgina Spenceley
Health and Fitness Coach and Sports Therapist in the UK.
Make food fun (become a
Developing an interest in how our food is produced is a great
way keep motivated, talk to local producers, hit up some
farmers markets, just get involved! Having a genuine interest
in something means motivation is less likely to wane and the
more you know, the greater the chance you will make good
Andy Shaw
UK based training and nutrition consultant
Never go completely clean on
Going completely clean on your diet can lead to unhealthy
cravings and we all know that its inevitable that we will give
in to them. The key is to eat clean most of the time but if you
body says eat something naughty then do it! Chances are
that will curb the likelihood of constant binging and will mean
that a healthier diet is easier to maintain as part of your
lifestyle. Cue fat loss!
Sam Charlton
Owner and Personal Trainer of Adrenaline Fitness
Diet the fat away, train to
preseve muscle.
Forget about how many calories you burn in a workout.
This is arbitrary. Sure, throw in a short fnisher here and
there for a metabolic boost, but prioritise the maintainence
of strength and muscle while in a calorie defcit. Losing a
signifcant amount of lean body mass through a dieting
phase is one of the worst things you can do for your
metabolism long term.
Will Levy
Emperor at Melbourne Strength & Conditioning, bacon lover.
Calories matter.
Low carb isnt magic. Neither is low fat. Nor intermittent
fasting. These can all work, and fnding a diet that fts your
lifestyle for sustainability is key. But the fact remains, if you
want to lose fat you need to be in a calorie defcit. If youre
losing fat now, great, youre there. But if not, despite eating
perfectly Clean, then you might just have to suck it up
and do a little calorie math for a week or so to ensure your
numbers add up.
Will Levy
Emperor at Melbourne Strength & Conditioning, DBZ fanboy.
Work on the ** mental ** side
of fat loss.
Read Judith Becks The Beck Diet Book for Life to learn how
to think like a thin person. You learn how to weigh yourself
daily, to practice living happily with hunger, and to motivate
yourself to want to lose fat more than to overeat.
Jeannette Belliveau
Fitness writer and editor
Find 25 to 30 minutes a day
for a kettlebells workout.
DVDs such as those by Paul Katami provide timed intervals
of just 30 seconds each for swings, cleans and presses,
and windmills that provide tremendous fat-burning results
compared to less-intense activities such as walking on a
treadmill or swimming.
Jeannette Belliveau
Fitness writer and editor
Know your calories
Know how many calories your body burns and how many
calories you consume on an avg day. So many people tell
me how shocked they are that the salad they buy at lunch
everyday is 700 calories...
Antony Taylor
Personal Trainer at Antony Taylor personal trainer
Eat more protein
Protein promotes muscle growth which in turn promotes
fat loss and also suppresses hunger and tastes great, and
pretty much everyone that I come across (unless they lift or
are a trainer) doesnt eat enough.
Antony Taylor
Personal Trainer at Antony Taylor personal trainer.
Track your progress.
Measuring your progress (weight, circumferences, photos)
will help you fgure out if your diet and training are working
Maciej Orczykowski
Health and ftness coach
Eat natural Unprocessed
Natural unprocessed foods have enzymes which help your
body to digest that food. Processed foods on the other hand
may be lacking in these enzymes which in turn your body
cannot readily digest.
Seral Mehmet
Optift Personal Training
Eat enough fbre.
Fibre swells in the stomach keeping you fuller. It slows the
speed sugar is released into your bloodstream so will reduce
the sugar spikes and crashes. It improves gut health also.
Shoot for 14g per 1000 calories.
Edwin Griffths
Personal trainer in London.
Drink more water
Drinking more water might not sounds sexy, but being de-
hydrated slows the fat burning process down. Plus, if you
are feeling hungry and drink some water instead of reaching
for whatever yummy treat you can fnd in your cupboard,
you will usually fnd that you arent hungry anymore and
were simply going to boredom eat, there you have it water
can be sexy too.
Zamir Hussein
Manchester based Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, FItness Dude
Sprint like Usain.
Sprinting elevates testosterone, doesnt take long and wont
cause loss of muscle mass. It creates signifcant epoc
Increasing metabolism and energy use post workout.
Edwin Griffths
Personal Trainer in London
Learn your true hunger.
Learn when you are truly physically hungry. Not I want to
eat or I feel like eating but rather I need to eat. Get to
know YOUR bodys unique physical cues that tell you when
the engine actually needs fuel.
Krista Scott-Dixon
Lean Eating Program Director, Precision Nutrition; creator of
Get a Goal
Nothing helps Fat Loss like having something to aim for, ever
notice how when a girlfriend breaks up with her boyfriend,
suddenly the weight fies off when you want to make
someone jealous! So, plan a goal that you have in mind for
something a few weeks in the future eg, Going on holiday or
even doing a photo shoot. With the goal in mind you should
fnd its suddenly easier to get them workouts in.
Zamir Hussein
Manchester based Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, FItness Dude.
Get enough quality sleep.
Lack of sleep will reduce performance in the gym and will
increase cortisol which will cause belly fat. It will also
increase your appetite and especially sweet things. Aim for
at least 8 hours and take a nap if you feel like it in the day.
Edwin Griffths
Personal trainer based in London.
Be Positive
Fat loss is a war, and some days after working hard all week
you might step on the scales and check, nothing. No weight...
even after avoiding all the little treats and doing everything
perfect, fat loss is not linear. So dont give up if you lose
nothing this week just simply keep going, theres still always
next week. Believe me it will come off, you just have to stay
Zamir Hussein
Manchester based Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, FItness Dude
Eat (Dark) Chocolate
This provides a great natural caffeine kick speeding up
metabolic functions and is packed with powerful
Anti-Oxidant which aids in the recovery process, helping you
to recover faster, and its chocolate which is Awesome!
Joel Richardson
Health and Fitness Coach based in Adelaide, Australia
Get watered
Dont underestimate the role of proper hydration in your
exercise routine. Being adequately hydrated has been
positively linked to increased metabolic rate, excess appetite
suppression, a reduction in fatigue and a host of other
benefts. Drink more water, and your fat percentage will
thank you.
Jeff Nowak
Professional sports writer and editor, as well as a ftness enthusiast and editor. Very hydrated.
Dont have any cheat food
at home/in your car/at your
Youll be tempted thousand times. Walking near bakery.
Co-workers birthday. Your moms cake. You cant control
this, but you can and should do your best to NOT surround
yourself with temtping food. If you have cheat meals (or
whatever you call it), only buy an amount you eat at once.
No leftovers.
Alyona Stavrova
FPA-certifed personal trainer, blogger, strength training enthusiast and foodie
Keep yourself busy and dont
look at the marshmallow
Kids who did best on marshmallow test (go google it if you
dont know) kept themselves distracted. So should you.
Dont get obsessed over food or your diet, and try to keep
things simple. Find some time to prepare your meals and to
eat them and spend you rest time doing other things. Youll
be more productive in both your diet and your professional
and personal life - whats not to love?
Alyona Stavrova
FPA-certifed personal trainer, blogger, strength training enthusiast and foodie
Realise it will be hard
Some peope may not understand you or, even worse, make
jokes. You might get hungry, tired or have a craving. You
might even want to give it up. Embrace this, because it
always happens when people try to change their behaviour.
Keep in mind your goal and dont let other peoples opinion
destroy it
Alyona Stavrova
FPA-certifed personal trainer, blogger, strength training enthusiast and foodie
Go to bed!
The later you stay up, the more the ice cream in the
frigerator will call your name. Take yourself to bed and get a
good nights sleep so you arent eating for energy tomorrow.
Ruth de Jauregui
Fitness Writer
Be kind.
Many people try to lose fat because they dont like
themselves. Or they beat themselves up for doing it
wrong. Neither of these approaches work. Start from
a place of self-care and self-love. Be patient, brutally yet
lovingly honest, compassionate, and kind with yourself as
you go through this process. You only get one container.
Lose fat because you love that container and want to take
excellent care of it.
Krista Scott-Dixon
Lean Eating Program Director, Precision Nutrition; creator of
Beware of Saboteurs
People you know and love, and that love you, dont want to
see you change. Sometimes its fear of their own need to
change, othertimes its fear that you will move beyond them
and leave them behind. Be prepared for these people and
accept that its their failing, not yours. Have strategies in
place to prevent them from sabotaging your efforts. (Polite
ways to say no, thanks. Alternate foods you can eat. Write
your goals clearly where you can see them often. And the
biggest tip of all, ask them straight up to support you.
Jasmin Newman
Writer / Personal Trainer / Coach
Try something called HIIT-
High Intensity Interval Training.
This is guaranteed to be one
of the most time effective
workouts youll ever do!.
The coolest thing about this is your not actually burning
fat whilst working. The fat is burning whilst yourre
actually resting and will continue to burn for hours and
hours afterwards. Why? Because it induces a very High
Oxygen Debt, EPOC value- Excess Post Exercise Oxygen
Consumption. So give it a try and reap the benefts! Its so
much better and a lot more fun then doing boring steady
state cardio.
Joel Richardson
Health and Fitness Coach based in Adelaide, Australia
Use more muscle to burn
more fat.
Hitting and stimulating the biggest muscles in the body will
jack up the metabolism and give your body a reason to
Shannan Maciejewski
Coach and general all round nice guy.
Seek out the correct advice
Dont follow the latest fad seek out a professionals opinion
Greg Small
Personal Trainer Southampton
Realise that there isnt a quick
fx and it takes patience and
persistence to lose fat
Be honest with where you are, where you want to get and
how much you want to get there.
Greg Small
Personal Trainer Southampton
Increase if Needed
Sometimes adding in a SMALL number of calories can help
break through a fat loss plateau. Its not always about
cutting them.
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
The most important thing is
to identify what needs fxing
is it your diet, your exercise
choice, a lack of motivation or
all of the above?
Once you have identifed what needs to change positive
change will occur
Greg Small
Personal Trainer Southampton
Find a way of eating that is
Eating well shouldnt be a short-term diet. It should be
a way of life. If its a way of life, you never have to worry
about being on or off of your diet. If you go on vacation
and you feel like indulging in foods you dont normally
indulge in, then do it. It doesnt matter, because you know
that youll be back to eating better foods in no time.
Molly Galbraith
CSCS, Co-Owner, J&M Strength and Condtioning; Co-Founder, Girls Gone Strong
When youre hungry, drink a
large glass of water. If youre
still hungry, eat.
Hunger is often emotional
Jonathan Goodman
PTDC guy
Write down everything you
eat for 3 days (2 weekday and
1 weekend). Circle everything
you want to eliminate or
change and give a priority.
Change one habit a week
starting with your #1 priority.
Helps to organize a persons thoughts and keep them focused
on one thing as opposed to confused or overwhelmed by the
entire process
Jonathan Goodman
PTDC dude -- and handsome guy.
Be diligent with tracking your
calories and macros!
80% of our results will come from our eating habits. If
youre just eating clean and not keeping track of your
calories and macronutrients your selling yourself short!
Would you drive across the country with no GPS? No, so why
would you diet without tracking your daily food? Logging
your food will help you fgure out whats working and whats
Anthony Bevilacqua
Online Personal Trainer. I specialize in Online coaching to help you get to your goals!
When we keep on comparing ourselves to others we expend
a tonne of negative energy and thoughts which couldve
been lovely happy ones and upliftng thoughts to spur you
on. This can be anywhere from how much someone is liftng
compared to you or how big his calves are compared to
yours, it doesnt matter! Focus on being the BEST you that
you can be each and every day as your biggest competitor
really is YOURSELF!
Angus Fairbairn
Trainer/ Director of Boss Fitness & expert online Personal Trainer @ Quantum Online Personal Training
Unless youre preparing for a specifc event where your
weight actually matters who cares?! Instead shift your
focus from what number the scale says (simply the force of
gravity against your body) and focus on how your clothes
are ftting, the changes youre seeing in the mirror and the
compliments of others! Change is going on inside and out
so trust the process and be consistent. If youre super keen
then pull out your measuring tape and body fat callipers
and track your progress each week but there isnt a lot of
enjoyment in getting it done this way. YOU CAN DO IT!
Angus Fairbairn
Trainer/ Director of Boss Fitness & expert online Personal Trainer @ Quantum Online Personal Training
Be Accountable
This means you track your weight, your food and your
progress in the gym. Set goals and tell others, then they
can help keep you on track and you have something to be
marked upon.
Stephen Hall
Dont drink your calories
When it comes to many drinks they are often full of sugars,
this will lead to visceral fat (belly fat) the best drink is
fitered water, if you add a good unrefned sea salt to the
water it will boost the trace mineral content.
Ross Mitchell
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Save Some Carbs for Bed
It doesnt matter what time you eat your carbs, so save
some of them for right before hitting the sheets. Youll
sleep better and it gives you something to look forward to
throughout the day.
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Compound Moves are
essential in your workouts
Make sure you have these great compound exercises in your
workout program. Squat, Press, Deadlift, Farmers Walk.
These exercises hit multiple muscles in your body which will
help burn more fat for less effort.
Ross Mitchell
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Keep Cardio Intense
Now this is a different take on cardio and some will say
thats not cardio (try it and trust me) grab a barbell and put
90lb on the bar (these are example weights) do 20 seconds
work, 10 seconds rest 8 times. Yes this is a tabata set. this
will burn lots of fat, build muscle and keep things short
giving you more time for the rest of your life.
Ross Mitchell
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Starvation does not end well
Dont starve yourself. Starvation is one of the worst ways
to try and lose weight. Not only will you lose valuable
muscle, but once the starvation plan is over you risk gaining
substantial amounts of bounce back weight. Men should
not eat under 2200 calories per day, and women no fewer
than 1800 calories per day of real foods Meats, Veg, Nuts,
Seeds, Oils, Fruit (1-2 bits a day).
Ross Mitchell
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Ignore the Naysayers
People will try to derail your progress with negative
comments. Tell them where to go.
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Track Your Macros
Rule number one of fat loss -- Count your protein, carbs and
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Dont Forget Fibre
Keeping an eye on your fbre intake ensures youll be getting
plenty of healthy, micronutrient-dense foods. Men should
aim for 30-50g per day and women 25-40g per day.
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Continuously elevated stress levels can lead to weight gain
through various means - insulin resistance craving calorifc
Matt Ashbolt
Personal Trainer, PN nutrition coach, BSc in sports science, owner of Revolution Lifestyles
Realise there are No Bad
Theres no way to categorise good or bad foods - look at
foods in the context of diet overall, not as singular items
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Make Small Changes
When you hit a plateau, lower your carbs by 5-15 grams and/
or fat by 1-3 grams. Huge caloric changes will screw your
metabolism in the long run
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Be spontaneous
Exercise does not have to be planned. Perform exercise
whenever you feel like it. You will be in a better mood and
increase calorie expenditure.
Matt Ashbolt
Personal Trainer, PN nutrition coach, BSc in sports science, owner of Revolution Lifestyles
Do your research
Dont just follow a diet or training plan because a certain
guru, or even a friend said its the best thing since sliced
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Diet drinks are a life-saver
Seriously. If youve got that killer sweet craving, get on the
Coke Zero my friend. People may diss artifcial sweeteners,
but theyre safe and a cure all for cravings.
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Do not rely on exercise
Some people use exercise as a buffer to burn excess calories
from food binges. Treat nutrition as your real fast loss pay of
Matt Ashbolt
Personal Trainer, PN nutrition coach, BSc in sports science, owner of Revolution Lifestyles
Take pictures every 6 weeks
The scales and mirrors will lie to you daily. Pictures taken a
good while apart will give you a better idea of how you are
progressing. Make sure you strip down to your undies and
take the pictures under the same lighting conditions.
Matt Ashbolt
Personal Trainer, PN nutrition coach, BSc in sports science, owner of Revolution Lifestyles
Attack one habit at a time
Rather than completely overhauling your diet at once, make
small, incremental changes. For example, instead of trying
to eat more vegetables make it your goal to eat two cups of
veggies with each dinner. Do it daily for two weeks, and add
another habit on for another two weeks. Small, incremental
changes will yield better adherance and create lasting
Eric Bach
Denver based writer, Strength Coach, and head Commander of Bach Performance
Do Barbell Complexes
Barbell Complexes are a great tool for fat loss. They are
a high intensity training method based around compound,
multijoint exercises circuited together for high workout
density. Add barbell complexes in for 10 minutes at the end
of your workout to strip body blubber and preserve your
hard earned muscle.
Eric Bach
Denver based writer, Strength Coach, and head Commander of Bach Performance
Get Friendly with the Farm
Walden Farms that is. Awesome zero-cal, zero-carb, zero-fat
dressings, sauces and syrups -
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Eat Vegetables First in each
Eating vegetables frst in each meal ensures you consume
nutrient dense, low calorie foods early in your meal.
Consuming vegetables jump-starts digestion by flling the
body up with important nutrients,phytochemicals, and fber.
Eric Bach
Denver based writer, Strength Coach, and head Commander of Bach Performance
Do exercises you suck at
Fat loss is about effciency. Your body doesnt want to
change, it must be forced. By doing exercises that you are
profcient at, such as steady state cardio, the body fghts to
hold onto as much fuel as possible. Change things up with
high intensity circuits, high rep compound exercises such as
squats, and hill sprints to keep the body guessing and fat
burning away.
Eric Bach
Denver based writer, Strength Coach, and head Commander of Bach Performance
Fast until your workout
When fat loss is your primary goal, try fasting until your
postworkout meal. By fasting you can increase growth
hormone secretion while using stored fuel (aka body fat) for
your workout. Sound good? Thats what I thought.
Eric Bach
Denver based writer, Strength Coach, and head Commander of Bach Performance
Low fat doesnt mean less
Often foods that have been labeled fat free have additional
sugar added for favor, which in turn increases total calories.
Watch out for these products when low carb dieting.
Galen Lundin
Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer
Put your health and ftness
goals on the fridge
Since diet is the biggest part of the equation whether it is
losing or gaining weight, this friendly reminder will help you
stsay to true to your mission.
Galen Lundin
Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer
Make Exercise Fun
Does exercise have to be jogging on a treadmill for 30 mins?
Hell No! Get a few friends or family, play some sports. Or
just do stuff you did when you were young, notice you were
a bit slimmer then? Well thats because usually you will
be moving more. So get to the park, play some fun sports
you love, or get some friends in a small hall and play tag.
Seriously. Itll be the most fun youve had for ages and itll
burn fat.
Zamir Hussein
Manchester based Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, FItness Dude
Train as many muscles or
muscle groups as you can!!
The more muscles you train the more calories you burn,
train upper body then lower body then upper body as this is
also great for your heart!!
James Waggitt
Personal Trainer, Boxercise instructor and sports performance nutrition!!
Set yourself a positive ftness
target, not a fat loss target.
by focusing on a specifc goal that ISNT fat loss, you work
harder by trying to achieve a positive outcome. It could be
30 squats with bodyweight on the bar, or to complete 50
hill sprints in one session. Either way once you reach your
ftness goal you will fnd you lost of a signifcant amount of
fat anyway!
Reece Mander
Personal Trainer, Writer, Online Coach
Omega 3 oil and hit the
Omega 3 turns off the lipogenic genes in your body ,
increases focus in training and have a positive effect on
many diseases. Weight training - as muscle mass increases
you increase the bodys ability to burn fat.
Andy Mckenzie
Personal trainer, nutritional coach , sports masseur
Eat whole, unprocessed food
80-90% of the time
If it doesnt expire within 7-10 days, you probably shouldnt
be eating it. There are exceptions of course, but in general,
the majority of your food should be perishable. 10-20% of
the time, eat whatever you want and dont stress about it.
Molly Galbraith
CSCS, Co-Owner, J&M Strength and Condtioning; Co-Founder, Girls Gone Strong
Adjust your mindset
Stop thinking short term and begin thinking long term.
Dave Baker
Fitness Filmmaker
Surround yourself with
Load up your Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with
motivation and inspiration by following people who have a
ft and healthy lifestyle. Limit your time/contact with people
who dont support or even sabotage your goals.
Sage Marie
Owner, Sage Wellness
Ask for help
Seek out others whove had success and dont be afraid to
ask questions.
Dave Baker
Fitness Filmmaker
Watch your portion size
Instead of eating fewer, larger meals, focus on eating more
frequent meals. Eating meals with smaller portions helps to
stabilize blood sugar. This in tern helps to limit fat storage,
and will lessen the chance of fat gain. Eat until you feel
good and not stuffed. This change alone may make big
changes in your efforts to lose weight!
Kevin Phillips
Get a good support network
around you
Having negative people around you who dont support your
goal and believe in your vision will always lead to you failing.
You need positive people who believe in you and can pick
you up when times get tough and keep you focused and
motivated! If your 5 closest friends and family dont have
your back you are destined to fail
Daniel James
Personal Trainer & Writer
Make your goals hard but
Dont set yourself up for dissapointment, start with small
goals to buid confdence then start to push your limits as
you realize your bodies potential!
Daniel James
Personal Trainer & Writer
Change what you are cooking
Cooking in Olive Oil and Sunfower oil leads to huge
infammation, something which causes alot of health
problems and will stunt your fat loss progress at some
point. Best to sort it early, coconut oil is my prefered choice
Daniel James
Personal Trainer & Writer
Learn satiety...and use it to
your advantage.
Healthy,clean, nutrient dense foods such as healthy fats,
protein etc give more to the body, so keep you fuller for
longer as the body has what it needs. Refned carbs and
grains burn off quicker which means we reach for something
sooner. Nutrient dense, natural food is like large logs on a
fre and refned carbs is like adding fash and the
petrol is gone, whereas a log burns for hours!
James Chandler
Personal Trainer and joint owner of Eat Well and Work Out.
Ask Yourself How Much Do I
Want It?
Whats worth more to you -- that third, fourth and ffth trip
to the buffet, or your six pack?
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Take time to chill and just be
when you eat
Eating on the run is so common, however, its actually
stopping you from getting to your goals. On the run and
stressed eating leaves your body in its sympathetic nervous
system activity or fght or fight. Stopping, relaxing and
practicing purely just being in the moment of eating wil allow
a switch to your parasympathetic nervous system or rest
and digest which will actually allow your body to digest and
absorb the food youre eating. Thus you get the nutrients
you need to burn fat and increase muscle.
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alpha
Suck it up
Sometimes dieting is going to suck. A fexible approach
makes it easier, but youll still be low on energy at times.
This is mind over matter - get used to it.
Mike Samuels
Writer and Coach at Healthy Living Heavy Lifting
Learn how to set goals
Setting a goal of losing xkg/lbs by x date is all well and
good. However, it is important to note that this is an outcome
goal, so in order for it to happen you have to chnage and
exhibit certain behaviours on a regular basis. Setting
behavioural goals is vital. So you might set behavioural goals
such as 6 alcohol free days per weel and 5 cups of veggies
per day. Constant behavioural goals are paramount to
achieving longer term outcome fat loss goals.
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alpha
Recovery is key
In order to be able to train hard and often you need to
recover well. This means sleep and rest, but it also means
looking after any niggles and ensuring you get your
nutrient timing bang on. If youve lifted have some quick
acting sugars- say fruit- and protein in the 30-45mins post
workout. Then, make your next meal a large one containing
veggies, protein and good starchy carbs, like sweet potato.
If you have a quick turn arund for sessions you might even
beneft from including a 10 minute ice bath- fll the bath with
cold water and throw a bag of ice in- locate your hard pants
and get in!
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alpha
Learn to fall off the wagon
If you cant get your food prepared at home for whatever
reason, then have a list of places near work/gym/home that
you know you can go to for quality food. Getting caught out
with no options, where there might be something great just
around the corner, can end up costing your progress. Same
goes for dinner, if you dont have time to cook, know places
near yours that you can go to for quality options. Keep some
plan B up your sleeve
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alpha
Ditch the booze
It goes without saying if you want to lose fat, you dont
want to be hammering the alcohol. The best way to
limit alcohol consumption is to go cold turkey for a few
weeks in particular before the reason your trying to lose
weight eg. going on holiday, then only have drinks on
special occasions(Friday and Saturday nights aret special
occasions). That way when you have made a commitment
not to drink you will not be consuming all them calories
every week, plus you can tell your friends you are cutting
down for a bit, and youll begin to notice you dont need to
drink as much as you thought
Zamir Hussein
Manchester based Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, FItness Dude
Learn how to de-stress
Unnecessary stress is a fat loss killer. If you suffer from too
much of it you have to concsiously practice de-stressing.
Leave work at work, or shut it off at least an hour before
bed. Keep a gratitude journal and get into the habit of
practicing being grateful for the awesome things in your
life regularly, especialy if things are getting on top of you.
Practce just being- if things are getting too much, step
outside, close your eyes and focus on the small things you
would never normally notice- the wind, sounds, clothes on
your skin, feet in your shoes.
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alpha
Source some external
No one can do it all themselves. It is very easy to drop off
from your goals or plans, however, with someone to hold
you accountable you will have much more to keep you on
task. One person or a group can help to share some of the
burden as well as encourage and keep you on track. Make
sure you share what your goals are, short term long term,
outcome and behavoural, and acknowledge and celebrate
your wins. Accountability will make things real and its not
just you, you have others in your team.
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alpha
Finish off your workout
Whatever your workout or program, fnish the workout
with something intense. Aim to promote a heavy lactate
environment through high intensity and fast movements.
This will act to stimulate a positive hormonal environment
and activate your fast twitch muscle fbers- all good things
to help burn fat and build muscle. A fnisher can be many
things, just make sure it fnishes you off!
Mike Campbell
Trainer & nutritional lifestyle coach, creator and boss at Unleash Your Alphas
No food is inherently good
or bad.
Dont villify any particular food or food group. Make an
effort to eat whole, unprocessed foods most of the time,
but dont deny yourself a treat every now and then because
it is unhealthy. As long as you are eating less calories than
you are burning, you will lose fat, regardless of where those
calories come from. Thinking of food as good and bad
can also lead to binging and other unhealthy eating habits
that will ultimately undermine your fat loss efforts.
Kent McCann
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach at Kent McCann Fitness
Find your ideal meal
Some people do well with one or two large meals per day.
Some people prefer more small meals spaced evenly. Both
methods are equally viable if fat loss is your goal. Feel free
to experiment with your meal frequency and meal timing to
fnd out where to put your meals to best combat hunger and
Kent McCann
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach at Kent McCann Fitness
Take it slow
Its not the sexiest advice when it comes to weight loss,
especially in a world that tries to sell 7 day fat loss fushes
and other ridiculous fat loss trends, but it is so important to
go slow with your weight loss. A defcit of 200-300 calories,
created by diet, exercise, or some combination of the two,
will result in a weight loss of approximately three pounds
a month. While this might sound slow, it is sustainable.
Instead of crash dieting and then regaining some (or all)
of the weight you lose, you will learn to eat and move in a
sustainable way that creates dramatic changes that last a
Kent McCann
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach at Kent McCann Fitness
Take responsibility
Remember nobody feeds you and nobody dictates your
training but you. To succeed in fat loss you have to
remember that everything stopping you comes down to
how you react to situations and every reason is actually an
excuse. This also means that no one but YOU is responsible
when you become successful, and pride tastes better than
Tom Bainbridge
Nutritionist and product developer, Gladiator Muscle
Stop exercising
Exercising for calorie burn is fruitless and wont get you
what you want. Eat for fat loss, TRAIN for improvement.
Tom Bainbridge
Nutritionist/Product developer, Gladiator Muscle
Make sure you are eating
Sounds contradictory but so many people fear food and
massively miss their daily needs. While a calorie defecit can
lead to fat loss, too big a defecit wont. Your bodys main
goal is to make you survive and in order to do that you dont
need to look good or feel good, you just need to be living.
A massive calorie defecit will lead to you storing fat, losing
muscle and just for kicks losing your libido and motivation
too. Look after your metabolism and workout your macro
Karl Williams
Trainer and Boss at Kommitted
Chill the F**k out.
Training to look good naked is fun. You have other stuff
that stresses you out like a job, traffc and you in laws.
Dont let the gym be on that list. Find a plan that suits you
and enables you to be consistent. Stress isnt conducive to
fat loss so to keep it to a minimum. The optimal plan is no
longer optimal if it interferes with your life and stress you
out. Enjoy the process, get the results.
Karl Williams
Trainer and Boss at Kommitted
That pretty much sums it up.
What more do you need? Theres a whole 101 tidbits here you can use to get
you where you want to be.
I couldnt fnish this book without a tiny plug (come on, its free, I gotta get my
pitch in at some point!) Here it is

No one needs a coach. People have got ripped, lean and sexy completely on
their own using the advice in this book without any help from anyone else.
But having a coach is freaking sweet. I have been working with a nutrition
and training coach for two years and I dont think Id ever go it alone again.
Having a coach takes all the stress away because the coach does most of the
planning and provides an objective assessment of progress left to our own
devices we tend to be too hard or too easy on ourselves.
With that in mind, heres a no pressure link to my online coaching page
Ill leave it at that. I do hope youve enjoyed reading 101 Fat Loss Fixes. Now
you have all the tools at your disposal to get into better shape than you ever
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