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Program in
Course Objectives

Even if we gain the knowledge about java also its not enough for the future
Enhancements in the IT-World, so in order to achieve the complete knowledge
about the java we have to catch out the new frame works. The Pre Knowledge
for learning this Advanced Course is core java fundamentals and advance web
application Development in java.
Course Benefits

Business level Applications we can develop by using the java, but in order to
achieve the all requirements we will use all technologies which will support to
java. Like..

EJB: - Enterprise Java Bean architecture is the component architecture for the
development and deployment of robust, world class component-based
distributed application using the java language

After the Completion of this course what the people are going to get is, Superset
knowledge about the all kinds of concepts and applications that are related to

IGS Labs Pvt Ltd.,, +91-9739066172
Advance Program in JAVA COURSE will help each one of you to perform well
on technical rounds and gain entry in to the company as JAVA SOFTWARE

Master in WEB Application Development:
Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Architecture
o Understanding the Enterprise
o What is J2EE?
o The need for J2EE?
o Advantages of using J2EE
o J2EE architecture
Understanding tiered architecture
Understanding MVC architecture
o When to use J2EE
o Understanding J2EE Jargons
o J2EE Timeline
o J2EE constituents
o Overview of J2EE APIs
Java Server Pages
o What is a JSP?
o Why JSP?
o JSP architecture
o Advantages of JSP
o JSP History
o Glimpse of JSP tools
o Comparing JSP
o JSP Life cycle
o Demo code
o Deploying JSP on Tomcat
o Deploying JSP on J2EE RI Server
o Deploying JSP on Web logic
o Understanding JSP API
o JSP Tag conventions
o Understanding JSP components
JSP Tags
Declaration tags
Expression Tags
Script lets
Standard Actions
o Defining variables and methods
o Implicit Objects
o Including other documents
o JSP actions
IGS Labs Pvt Ltd.,, +91-9739066172
JSPs and JavaBeans
Including and forwarding
o Creating custom Tags
Using taglib directive
Writing a TLD
Writing a simple custom tag
Writing a custom tag with attributes
Writing a custom tag with body
Writing a custom tag with scripting variables
Writing a cooperative custom tag
Writing an iterative custom tag
Extensible Markup Language(XML)
o What is XML?
o Why use XML?
o XML History/background
o Advantages and features of XML
o Comparing XML
o How XML is used
o XML conventions/rules
o XML comments
o Elements
o Entities
Predefined entities
Character entities
Custom entities
o Processing instructions
o Whitespace
o CData
o XML Error types
o Sample Programs
Document Type Definitions (DTD)
o What are DTDs?
o Internal and external DTDs
o Defining elements
o Element qualifiers
o Defining attributes
o Attribute qualifiers
o Defining entities
o Internal and external entities
Cascading Style sheets
o What is CSS?
o Advantages of CSS
o Writing a CSS
o Using CSS in HTML
o Using CSS XML
The extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
o What is XSL?
o Why use XSL
o Comparing CSS and XSL
o Advantages of XSL
o Stylesheets and transformations
IGS Labs Pvt Ltd.,, +91-9739066172
o Namespaces
o Extracting elements and attributes
o Handling iterations
o Decision making
o XSL example
Parsing XML documents
o What is a parser
o Parser types
o List of available XML Parsing tools and APIs
o Understanding SAX API
o Comparing SAX
o Disadvantages of SAX
o Setting SAX parser
o Sample applications
Extracting Elements
Extracting attributes
Extracting characters
Handling events
Design Patterns
o About Design Patterns
o Creational Patterns
Abstract Factory
o Structural Patterns
o J2EE Patterns
Business Delegate
Data Access Object
Front Controller
Service Locator
Transfer Object

Struts 2.0
o Introduction to Struts
o Why Struts?
o Overview of Struts Framework Components
o ActionServlet and ActionMapping
o ActionForm classes and Action Classes
o Automatic Form Validation
o Your first Struts Application
o Struts Installation & Test
o Struts HTML Tag Libraries
o Using Struts HTML Tag Libraries
o Using Forms - Submission, Navigation and Prepopulation
o Logging in Struts Applications
o Struts integration with Hibernate
IGS Labs Pvt Ltd.,, +91-9739066172
o Introduction to Hibernate
o Introduction to O-R Mapping
o Hibernate Basics
o Configuring Hibernate
The Hibernate Distribution
Required Libraries
Configuration Files
Hibernate. Properties
Programmatic Configuration.
o Hibernate Persistence
The SessionFactory Interface
Object States
The Session Interface
o Hibernate Mapping Types
Basic Mapping
Collection Mapping
Inheritance Mapping
Association Mapping
o Hibernate Query Language
o Hibernate in Web Application.
This Course will help you NOT GETTING ELIMINATED in initial rounds of
Technical Rounds of interview.