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Indications of Ketu when occupying 12 houses

Kethu acts as a strong and influencing agent to the planet with which it is conj
oined or exalted by a planet. Let's have a look what Ketu indicates when it occu
pies twelve houses in a horoscope.
Ketu in 1: Kethu in house 1 indicates bad health, short life, diseases, and mark
s in face. But if connected with benefics it gives a long life and richness.
Ketu in 2: Kethu in house 2 signifies over expenditures, no savings, tense about
family, especially about children, unhealthy conditions, and dark complexion. P
ositive results of Ketu in house 2 make the person lucky.
Ketu in 3: If Kethu is visible in 3rd house in one's chart, it shows success in
profession. The person can become more successful and rich if he goes in occupat
ion like contractor, agriculturist.
Ketu in 4: Kethu in house 4 also indicates abundant money and ornaments but the
person will have feelings of hate towards family members or may be inauspicious
for mother and can marry two times.
Ketu in 5: Ketu in house 5 in a horoscope makes a person immoral or indecent. Th
e person can become unfortunate for family especially for children and can face
punishment given by Government. The person will also have fear or phobia from wa
Ketu in 6: Kethu in house 6 makes person courageous, studious, claver, and famou
s. But Moon in conjunction with Ketu in house 6 indicates loss.
Ketu in 7: Ketu in house 7 signify loss or death of first wife or second marriag
e. Second wife can also face chronic disease. Malefic effect of Ketu in house 7
unveils problems or dissatisfaction in marriage life or love life, and it makes
the person cruel, he will also like sleeping always.
Ketu in 8: Benefic effect of Ketu gives a long life and enormous wealth. But mal
efic effect of Ketu in house 8 in horoscope stimulates the person to enjoy other
's things or belongings like other's wife, other's house.
Ketu in 9: Ketu in house 9 affects the person to become unsympathetic, indecent,
sweet speaker but ire from inside, cruel, angry, and influences him to take ple
asure from backward or lower class women.
Ketu in 10: Ketu in house 10 in horoscope influence the person to enjoy company
of widows. The person will leave in dirty places. Benefic influence makes the pe
rson honest or faithful.
Ketu in 11: Ketu in house 11 also denotes success, achievements, and abundant we
alth like Rahu in the same house. The person gets admirable social image and aim
s to achieve mountainous deeds. Ketu in this house also indicates many children.
Ketu in 12: Ketu in house 12 indicates defective vision, loss of forefather's pr
operty, narrow-minded, undisciplined and immorality.