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"Which structure theorem is used n a computer program or algorithm
to determine which particular step or set of steps is to be executed?"




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Which of the following corresponds to Process 1, when representing the following procedure in the
flowchart below?

A.Indicate as Odd number

B.Indicate as Even number

C.Indicate value of m

D.Indicate value of n

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Which of the following lines of code comes from a first generation computer language?

B.set total to sum of totals

C.00010 1010 1101 0001 1010

D.this Total=TotalA + TotalC

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"The test data about the part of a program shown in the flowchart is specified by decision condition
coverage (branch coverage). If this test data is specified by multiple condition coverage, which of the
following is the appropriate data to add? Here, the part enclosed in parentheses indicates the pair of test
data elements. The test data used by decision condition coverage
(branch coverage): (A=4, B=1), (A=5, B=0)"
A.(A=7, B=0), (A=8, B=2)

B.(A=3, B=2), (A=8, B=0)

C.(A=3, B=0), (A=7, B=2)

D.(A=4, B=0), (A=8, B=0)

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There are two important operations on a stack: PUSH and POP. PUSH adds the new data to the top of
the stack leaving previous data below, and POP removes and returns the current top data of the stack.
When the operations shown below are sequentially executed, which of the following is the correct
combination of the values x and y? Here, the size of the stack is big enough to hold the entire data.
PUSH(a) inserts the data a into the stack, and POP(b) removes the data b from the stack.

[Operations] PUSH (5); PUSH (3); PUSH (6); PUSH (1); x= POP ( ); PUSH (7); y= POP ( );
A.x=5, y=7

B.x=1, y=6

C.x=5, y=3

D.x=1, y=7

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Which is not one of 3 basic structure when design an algorithm?




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Which of the following statements describes the flowchart symbol shown below?

A.Indicates input and output of data

B.Indicates the start and end of a loop

C.Indicates the start and end of a flowchart

D.Indicates processing such as an operation

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Which item is not a recommendation when writing pseudo codes?
A.Each set of instructions is written from top to bottom, with only one entry and one exit

B.Keywords and indentation are used to signify particular control structures

C.Each instruction/step is written on a separate line

D.Try to keep each instruction/step as short as possible

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Which of the following variable name is the most retable and maintainable


C.last name


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"Which of the following is the appropriate basic structure in a flowchart for working out the sum from 1 to
10 using the sequence below?
Assign the initial value 0 to x
Assign the initial value 1 to i
End when i is greater that 10
If i is 10 or smaller, add i to x, and substitute that value for x
Add 1 to i, and substitute that value for i
Return to "
A.d) Repetition structure

B.a) Sequence structure

C.c) Conditional branch

D.b) Selection structure

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As much as __________ percent of the total lifetime cost for an application program is for maintenance




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The flowchart below shows a binary search algorithm to find the index m of the array element A(m), such
that the equation A(m) = k holds, from the array elements A(1), A(2), , A(n) already sorted in
ascending order. In case of m= 0 at the end, there is no element such that the equation A(m) = k
holds. Which of the following is inserted in the process box X in the flowchart? Here, the slash ( / )
indicates division that truncates all digits after the decimal point.

A.(x+ y) m

B.(x+ y) / 2 m

C.(y x) / 2 m

D.(x y) / 2 m

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In the course of creating program specifications, the end-user should sketch out the desired


C.splash logo


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What is incorrect function of the parameter using in communicating between modules?
A.To store the reference data

B."To pass information from a calling module to a subordinate module

C."To pass information from a subordinate module to its calling module

D.To fulfil a two-way communication role

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__________ refers to testing by a select group of potential users in the final stage of testing a program
A.Manual testing

B.Beta testing

C.Desk checking

D.Attempt at translation

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What can we do with the Circle symbol when drawing the flowchart to represent the algorithm?
A.Use it to represent a decision point in the process. Typically, the statement in the
symbol will require a `yes' or `no' response and branch to different parts of the flowchart

B.Use it to represent an event which occurs automatically. Such an event will trigger a
subsequent action, for example `receive telephone call, or describe a new state of affairs.

C.Use it to represent an event which is controlled within the process. Typically this will be
a step or action which is taken. In most flowcharts this will be the most frequently used

D.Use it to represent a point at which the flowchart connects with another process. The
name or reference for the other process should appear within the symbol

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The function f(x) has real arguments and returned values. Consider the procedure consisting of steps 1
~5 as shown below using this function. After starting execution and repeating the procedure a sufficient
number of times, y in step 3 stops changing. Which of the following expressions holds at this point?




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________ language is made up only of binary digits




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The programs processing steps are grouped into logically-related programming statements called




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A(n) __________ error could be the result of the programmer making an incorrect calculation

B.general protection