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Albert T Wong, atwong@alumni.uci.

edu, 949-870-9664

Professional experience
Co-author of the IBM Redbook "SOA Retail Business Patterns" and co-author of several IBM
DeveloperWorks best practices articles, Mr. Wong is a certified IT Architect with 11 years of
experience working with Fortune 500 companies designing and implementing innovative business
centric, technology focused solutions that consist of multiple hardware and software products in a
technical leadership role. His background in enterprise IT solutions provides him with the ability to
not only to design, implement and deploy, but also instruct, on the whole spectrum of the IT
lifecycle across application, integration, infrastructure and operations domains. His ability to
effectively realize proven design concepts has also furthered his experience in the procurement
of customer requirements, managing relationships, project management, and technical
mentorship. He has extensive knowledge and experience in 1) business process execution
excellence using technology and programming language agnostic tools, 2) Java Enterprise
Edition (JEE/J2EE) application development using open source frameworks and libraries 3)
process/application/data integration using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) techniques, 4)
designing and deploying geographically dispersed, high availability SOA infrastructures in a
private and public cloud and traditional data center environment 5) leading the development of IT
roadmaps, IT business value assessments and IT maturity models and 6) implementing IT
architecture design, IT lifecycle management and IT Service Management using Rational Unified
Process (RUP), IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other industry-wide recognized methodologies.
He is certified in ITIL, SOA and RUP, and is a US Patent Inventor.

Not at work, Mr. Wong is an ACM Distinguished Speaker and was a past president of the
University of California Irvine Alumni Association Information and Computer Science Chapter. He
enjoys traveling all over the world, eating at local restaurants, shopping, learning about anything
and everything, and donating time to noble causes.

Employer History

05/2010 – present ScoreBig, California, United States of America

IT Architect
Mr. Wong is working at venture-backed e-commerce company building the first, opaque channel
specifically for the liquidation and sale of “undersold” ticket inventory in the $26B live-event ticket
category. As one of the IT architects and one of the first 10 IT staff members on the team, he
leads and develops key e-commerce, merchandising and partner integration modules in Microsoft
.Net 4.0 using C# and ASP.NET and the Scrum Agile methodology.

05/2009 - 05/2010 Blue Shield of California, California, United States of America

IT Architect
Mr. Wong is working at Blue Shield of California as one of their senior technical leads on creating
and executing a multi-year SOA and ESB Roadmap in collaboration with the Applications
Architecture Services Group, Enterprise Architecture Group and other IT and Business
stakeholders to support the core health benefits application for 4.1+ million Californians. As their
ESB Application Integration team lead and ESB Infrastructure team lead and Application
Monitoring team lead, he leads the strategy, design, development, operations and ongoing
management for the ESB and application monitoring components including break-fix,
maintenance, enhancements and project implementations while managing and holding Blue
Shield teams and 3rd party vendors to SLAs.

As the ESB Integration team lead, he is in charge of gathering requirements, designing and
integrating EDI and trading partner data to the health benefits application for 4.1+ million
Californians. As the ESB Infrastructure team lead, he is responsible for standing up the software
and building the IT roadmap to meet the nonfunctional and operational requirements to support
data integration for millions of transactions that goes across the ESB. As the team lead for
application monitoring, he is responsible for monitoring and generating dashboards/reports on
availability, performance, capacity planning and exception metrics on the 9 different applications
that makes up the health care benefits business processes.

04/2009 - present Appliance Foundry, California, United States of America

Founder of a company to deliver production-ready software appliances of IBM Software. It is our
belief that there is a need in the marketplace for appliances that allows IBM Software customers
to deploy business process infrastructure more quickly with reduced risk to the organization and
project. With that said, our goal is to configure the IBM Software to meet 90%+ of the typical
requirements that customers have of IBM Software. Our appliances are available on Amazon
EC2 and on the VMWARE platform. Mr. Wong is currently responsible for the sales, marketing
and technical development the offerings that Appliance Foundry provides. Appliance Foundry is a
registered IBM Business Partner.

02/2009 - present VetAnyware, California, United States of America

Founder of a Veterinary Business Software Solutions company. Our main goal is to enable
veterinarians the ability to better manage their practice and provide better service through
business software. Our first offering is commercial services and support around OpenVPMS, an
open source veterinary practice management software providing electronic health records,
customer relationship management, appointment scheduling management and pharmaceutical
inventory management to veterinary clinics (see more at VetAnyware believes that by focusing and optimizing
on the most important business aspects of a veterinary practice and providing technology
features that enhance flexibility, ease of use and freedom to users of the software, we can
remove the largest barrier for veterinarians to adopt practice management software and an
electronic animal health records system and improve the financial and operational fitness of the
veterinary practice. VetAnware OpenVPMS is available in a SasS or appliance configuration. Mr.
Wong is currently responsible for the sales, marketing and technical development the
VetAnyware OpenVPMS product.

01/2006 - 02/2009 IBM, California, United States of America

IT Architect
Mr. Wong is an IT Architect with IBM Industry Solutions organization focusing on the Retail and
IBM Retail Integration Framework, an enterprise-level SOA framework to help you better manage
your business and to help you integrate and unleash business capability across your IT
environment. The main solution offerings he supports are Total Store (Point of Sales, Loss
Prevention, RFID, Digital Media, Workforce Management), Multi-channel retailing, Supply Chain
and Merchandising, and Retail Business Intelligence. His primary responsibility is the design and
implementation of the offerings he support in accordance with the client’s requirements and
global and local IBM standards. Due to the dynamic nature of the IBM Industry Solutions
organization, his skills span the whole spectrum of I/T business and technical development from
technical pre-sales, business IT value assessments, solution design and implementation, to
ecosystem enablement. Notable achievements during this period were: designed and launched
the largest IBM SOA middleware infrastructure deployment in South America (500+ locations,
multiple applications on 500+ instances of IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, IBM
WebSphere MQ on 500+ servers), co-authored an IBM white paper on SOA Retail Business
Patterns explaining the benefits and use of using SOA in a Retail environment, managed a multi-
million dollar store level RFID pilot for a 3,000+ store chain to reduce costs in their supply chain
(multiple applications on 3000+ instances of IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, IBM
WebSphere MQ on 3000+ servers), designed a multi-million dollar loss prevention solution for a
3,500+ store chain to reduce customer theft (multiple applications on 3500+ instances of IBM
WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere MQ on 3500+ servers), designed a
multi-million dollar point of sale solution for one of the top 5 retailers in Mexico, conducted
numerous IT roadmaps, IT business value assessments and IT maturity models for Fortune 500
companies and wrote several IBM software best practices articles.

07/2004 - 12/2005 IBM, California, United States of America

IT Architect
Mr. Wong is an IT Architect with IBM Linux and Grid Computing Emerging Business Opportunities
(EBO), the IBM skunkworks organization missioned to develop solutions based on Linux for the
IT marketplace. His specialization is JEE/J2EE application development and application
development on Linux, Linux system management, LAMP and multi-platform Grid Computing.
Due to the dynamic nature of the EBO, his skills span the whole spectrum of I/T business and
technical development from technical pre-sales, solution design and implementation, to offering
development. Lead the IBM Open Source Software Review Board in IBM Global Services,
Americas geography. IBM Open Source Software Review Board is part of the IGS Quality
Assurance Process that reviews IGS engagements/projects with Open Source licenses for risk
assessment and mitigation. Notable achievements during this period were: Lead knowledge
sharing and intellectual capital management activities for 7,000 IBMers as the IBM Open Source
Community leader and development of the IBM Grid and Grow offering, a mid-market offering
that allows companies to purchase a pre-configured compute Grid.

06/1999 - 06/2004 IBM, California, United States of America

IT Specialist
Mr. Wong is an IT Professional with IBM Global Services (IGS), the consulting arm of IBM, with
five years experience specializing in business-to-business and Enterprise Information Portal
solution design/implementation for the Manufacturing, Health Care, Government industries. His
background in enterprise-wide web-based solutions provides him with the ability to not only
implement, but also instruct, on the whole spectrum of IT development. His ability to effectively
realize proven design concepts has also furthered his experience in the procurement of customer
requirements, software application construction, customer relationship development, and
technical mentorship. He has extensive knowledge and experience in object-oriented design
principles, n-tier architecture, Sun JEE/J2EE, web application servers, open source/closed source
frameworks/libraries like Apache Struts and IBM's EAD4J framework. Notable achievements
during this period were: Part of the team that migrated the website for one of the major
automotive manufactures in North American to IBM Software, worked on developing a portal for a
100,000 user, 2,000 co-current user supply chain for the United States government and lead the
design and development of a consumer portal for one of the major automotive part manufacturers
in North America.

01/1998 - 06/1999 University of California Irvine, California, United States of America

Undergraduate Researcher
Mr. Wong was a member of University of California Irvine NetGroup Research Team under the
direction of Professor Tatsuya Suda from 1997 to 1999. He spent two years of undergraduate
research dealing with autonomous mobile agents in a peer-to-peer architecture and edge server
architecture and design. Paper submitted for publication titled, "Real World Applications with
Mobile Agents" co-authored with University of California, Irvine Computer Science Netgroup
research team.

09/1997 - 06/1999 University of California Irvine, California, United States of America

Lead Residential Computing Support
Founded and managed the University of California Irvine Residential Computing organization at
University of California Irvine. With a staff of 20+, Residential Computing provides computer
technical support and services for 8,000+ on campus residents.
Key Skills
Experience in design, implementation and deployment of the following: Service Oriented
Architecture. IT Service Management. IBM WebSphere runtime and (EAI) integration portfolio.
Rational IT lifecycle and software construction portfolio. Tivoli services management portfolio.
IBM Information Management (ETL) data integration portfolio. Community development.
Practitioner Knowledge Management. Practitioner Education/Skills development. Open Source
technology. Linux. Sun Enterprise Java. Business process execution language (BPEL).
Enterprise application integration (EAI). Extract, transform, load (ETL) technology. Industry key
performance indicators. Rational Unified Process and Unified Modeling Language. IT Maturity
Models. Industry body organizations. IT Service Management. Collaboration tools.

Key Courses and Training

IT Architect Introduction, ICM Asset Web / Knowledge Portal, Foundation of the IT Architect
Profession, Client Consulting for IT Architects, IBM Unified Method Framework, Architectural
Thinking, Systems Engineering and Architecture: Introduction, Performance Engineering, Use
Case Modeling, Project Management Orientation, Project Management Fundamentals, Process
and functional modeling, IBM Global Services Proposal Development Seminar, Solution
Optimization (SOP) Technique, Systems Engineering and Architecture: Foundation, Component
Modeling, Operational Modeling Workshop, Architecting for Performance.

Key Courses and Training

ITIL v3 Foundation, IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer, IBM Certified Solution Designer - IBM
Rational Unified Process, IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server,
Network Deployment V6.1

Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine, United States of America, 2001

English Fluent
Chinese (Traditional) Basic

Other relevant information

Kulvir Bhogal, Sunil Dube, Rashmi Kaushik, Geert Van De Putte, Albert Wong, Sravan
Yallapragada: Case Study: SOA Retail Business Pattern, in: White paper, IBM, 2008
Albert T. Wong, Andrew R. Freed, Tian Wang, Yashodhara Patnaik: Step-by-step guide on how
to integrate and manage your old and new Retail devices, in: Website, IBM DeveloperWorks,
Andrew R. Freed, Anhdao Nguyen, Vinod Bijlani, Albert Wong: Step by step how-to on
integrating your application with IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.1, in: Website, IBM
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Ruth Willenborg, Kyle Brown, Keys Botzum, Albert Wong: The top Java EE best practices, in:
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Byron Braswell, Marc Siegel, Le Gang Wu: Enabling the On Demand Store with IBM Store
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Byron Braswell, Marc Siegel, Le Gang Wu: High Availability Architectures & Capacity
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Whei-Jen Chen, Andreas Blank, Michael Hoeller, Rakesh Midha, Klaus Subtil: MySQL to DB2
UDB B2 UDB Conversion Guide, in: Book, IBM, 2004

Membership in professional organizations

Association for Computing Machinery, Distinguished ACM Speaker
Other job-related activities
Taught week long classroom classes to IBM customers and IBM business partners on the
following IBM products: IBM WebSphere Remote Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server,
IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM DB2, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager, IBM
Tivoli Provisioning Manger for Software, IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console, IBM Retail Environment
for SUSE Linux, IBM Remote Management Agent, IBM Director

Served 2005 to 2008 as a chapter officer within the Organization of Chinese Americans, the
largest Chinese American civil rights organization in United States.

Served 2002 to 2006 as President of University of California, Irvine Information and Computer
Science Alumni Chapter where he coordinated alumni, college and community events and
mentored students that attend the University of California, Irvine.

Submitted 2 Patents to the United States Patent Office dealing with Voice over IP and social
networking technology (20080294724 METHOD AND TOOL FOR COMMUNITY-BASED

Industries: Retail
Project Domains: Application Development & Design, Web Design, Database Design, Systems
Integration, Project Management, Network Infrastructure, Use Case and Test
Case Documentation, User Documentation and Training, Testing, Practitioner education,
Knowledge Management
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, SUSE Linux, Redhat Linux
Languages: Sun Java
Scripting Languages: Sun Java Server Pages, Sun Java Servlets, Shell scripting
Frameworks: Apache Struts, JUnit, Spring, Hibernate
Technology Standards: Web Services / SOAP, JMS, JDBC
Methodologies: IBM Global Services Method, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Tivoli Unified
Process (ITUP)
Industry Standards bodies: W3C, OASIS, OpenGroup, Java Community Process, Association of
Retail Technology Standards
Datastore Software: IBM DB2, Sun MySQL
Development/Support Software: Rational Software Architect, WebSphere Business Modeler, IBM
Support Assistant, IBM Rational Portfolio Manager, IBM Rational RequisitePro, CVS, Eclipse IDE
Runtime Software: WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2
database, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere MQ, IBM InfoSphere Information Server, IBM
InfoSphere Datastage, Redhat JBoss, Apache Tomcat
System Management Software: Tivoli Monitoring, Tivoli Composite Application Manager for
WebSphere (ITCAM for WebSphere), Tivoli Omegamon XE for Messaging (TOXE for
Messaging), Tivoli Monitoring for Databases, Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software, Tivoli
Enterprise Console, IBM Systems Director, Nagios, Heartbeat, DRDB, Symantec Veritas Cluster
Provider; Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2)

Served 2007 to 2008 as a public speaker for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Distinguished Speakers Program. The ACM Distinguished Speakers Program is an outreach
program of ACM that brings distinguished leaders from academia, industry, and government to
give presentations to ACM chapters, members, and the greater IT community in a variety of
venues and formats.

Keywords: Problem-solving and decision making skills, oral and written communication, customer
service, performance and productivity improvement, leadership, technology, team-building,
project management and bilingual, operations, performance, problem determination
Recommendations (from LinkedIn)
IT Architect at IBM
“I am truly lucky to be colleague and friend to Albert from our years at IBM’s Retail Emerging
Business Opportunity Group. In an age of increasing commoditization and competitiveness, I am
just blown away with the way Albert’s passion matches his intelligence and technical ability. His
passion drives his curiosity, entrepreneurialism, continuous self-improvement, proactiveness, and
his ability to think laterally. Read his blog, have a drink with him, ask him to jump in when you
need help, work with him….then you will know he’s a unique man of skill and substance. A true
leader.” September 23, 2008
Jeffery To , Management Consultant (band 9), Presales Strategy Consulting,
Industry Business Value , IBM, Software Group
worked directly with Albert at IBM
“Albert is a visionary, a thought leader, a team builder, and a great mentor. The years that I
worked with Albert at IBM where the best of my career. He helped to inspire drive and energy
everywhere he went. A good friend, and a great colleague. I know he will be successful anywhere
he goes.” April 23, 2009
Mike Bonar , IT Architect/Innovation Catalyst , IBM Global Business Services
worked directly with Albert at IBM Global Services
“Albert and I were colleagues with a shared goal to transform IBM into a peak-performance
knowledge-based organization. Whenever he contacted me, I sat on the edge of my chair and
gave him 100% of my attention and energy, to make sure that I got it right. I did this because he
expected it. This expectation motivated me to reach the same standard that he set through his
own example.” February 11, 2009
Matt Simpson , Business Architect and Senior Program Manager , IBM
worked with Albert at IBM Global Services
“Albert's ability to create community is a huge asset to any organization. Albert is not only a deep
technical expert in open source software development, but he also has the charisma to create
enthusiasm in an emerging concept. I saw this first hand at IBM when Albert created a global
community comprised of over 7000 IBM practitioners who found community built on the vision
that open source software such as Linux can and will generate revenue for IBM while reducing
costs for IBM clients. Albert is the perfect breed for IBM’s emerging business opportunity division;
he’s the kind of wild duck that shakes up a company the size of IBM – the mark of a true
corporate entrepreneur.” December 7, 2006
Ryan Bagnulo , IBM Grid Computing Community Leader , IBM Global Services
worked with Albert at IBM Global Services
“Having worked with Albert on several projects around Linux and Open Source software and
services I was very impressed with the fresh perspective and methodical thinking Albert brought
to our projects. He brought a great deal of enthusiasm and ideas on how we could harness open
source to real world business solutions.” April 20, 2009
Alan Fishman , Product Manager - Infrastructure Services , IBM
managed Albert indirectly at IBM
“Albert's dedication to customer success and technical expertise are only two of many reasons
that separates him as a leader. His professional attitude and willingness to help his colleagues
makes him a valuable asset to any organization. It has been a pleasure to have known Albert for
over five years and would love the opportunity to work with him again.” February 11, 2009
Krishnan Hariharan , Senior Managing Consultant - Portal and Content
Management , IBM
managed Albert indirectly at IBM
“I have known Albert and worked closely with him for some time. Albert is quite simply one of the
very best. He has the rare ability to combine his excellent technical skills with a real business
sense, strong leadership and communication skills. On top of all this, Albert is an outstanding
team player - he has led some of the most successful communities within IBM, and his
enthusiasm and energy are infectious. He is liked and highly regarded by all know him, and I too
hold him in the highest regard.” February 11, 2009
Clive Harris , DE , IBM
worked with Albert at IBM
“When Albert first joined IBM as a college intern in the late 90s, he brought with him the smarts,
the positive energy, abundant enthusiasm and most importantly, he brought the creative ideas
with him since day one. IBM on a corporate level and I at the personal level have been benefited
by his presence ever since. I still maintain contact with this young man and would highly
recommend to anyone who is looking for a natural technology leader in the IT field. Fong F. Hsu”
July 14, 2007
F Hsu , CTO - IGS Innovation Center - Los Angeles , IBM Global Business
managed Albert at IBM

Distinguished ACM Speaker at Association for Computing Machinery

“Albert has been a wonderful mentor and supporter of Management Information Systems
Association at Sacramento State University. As a guest speaker he gave an excellent
presentation on how to build a business around open source software. As a mentor he helped me
understand the role of a System Architect and gave me advice on my career. He has helped
MISA prepare for an IT Competition with valuable insight into business processes and IT
technology by helping us understand concepts in IT portfolio management and Service Oriented
Architecture.” April 21, 2009
Carl Plummer , President of Management Information Systems Association ,
California State University, Sacramento
was with another company when working with Albert at Association for
Computing Machinery

Director of Technology at Organization of Chinese Americans

“Smart, dynamic, innovative, and extremely energetic. His forte is of course technology solutions -
and in general, he's process-oriented - as in, what is the best sustainable process going forward
for tackling the problem at hand? An original thinker with lots of style (and a snappy dresser to
boot!).” July 31, 2007
Jhemon Lee , President , Organization of Chinese Americans - Orange County
managed Albert at Organization of Chinese Americans - Orange County Chapter