The Scottish Actor's Instant Family Chapter 1 Oh My God, Ceri thought.

How could he do this, Ceri replayed that scene out over & over again. She had just came back from work, when she saw her husband James in bed with his blonde PA, Daniella. Hurt & angry she hauled her engagement ring & her wedding ring in his face. “Babe, I didn't mean it”, he said. “Oh, of course you didn't, but you did”, she said. “Come on, I need you”, he said hauling her in his arms & kissing her. Pulling free from his grasp, she packed a bag, whilst Daniella was getting dressed. Pulling everything of hers & her two kids into a bag. He tried stopping her but she suceeded. “Hello, Ceri, earth to calling Ceri”, said her best friend in the entire world Fiona. “Sorry honey”, she said. “That's OK, James was a prick to do that to you”, she said. “Don't mention the bastard”, she said. “Well, I won't, I feel like punching Daniella anyway babes”, she said. “You & me both”, she said. Just then, Ceri's two gorgeous kids came in. Jack, who was eight & a loving kid & Alicia, who was five & had just started school. “Auntie Fiona, what's happened to your hair?” asked Alicia. “I've had it cut sweetheart, do you like it?” she said. “I love it”, she said smiling. Alicia went playing outside whilst Jack was feeling a bit down in the dumps. “Jack Honey, what's wrong?” Ceri asked. “Dad”, he said. “What about dad?” she asked concerned.

“He wants me & Alicia to go & live with him permenantly with Daniella & the new baby, cos he said you were a very unfit mother”, he said. “The cheeky little...”, she said just realising Jack was in the room. “He can't, he hasn't seen his kids in two years, only once has he ever saw them was today”, said Fiona. “I know”, Ceri said on a sigh. “Ceri, your not letting him getting away with this are you?”, she said. “Of course not, I love my kids to distraction & you know that, but James can be a bit demanding like he rules the world”, Ceri said. “Daddy's here with that spiteful Daniella”, said Alicia running into the house & hugging Ceri. “Hello, Ceri”, he said. “Hello, James”, she said. “Long time, no see”, he said. “I'm glad we've separated, do you want to know why, cos your a fucking bastard to these kids, they are your own felsh & blood & you have decided not to see them for two years, oh yes, father your new baby, but not the kids you already have...”, she said, the next thing she knew, she got slapped in the face by James. “That's assualt!” shouted Fiona. “Shut up, bitch”, he said. “No, I have a right to speak up, you don't rule the fucking world, James”, she said. “No, you don't”, Ceri said. “Jack, Alicia, go in the living room & watch cartoons or something”, she continued. “OK, mum”, Jack said glaring at James. “Aren't you going to give your daddy a hug?” he asked the kids. “No, cos of what you did to mummy”, said Jack walking into the living room with Alicia. “You bitch, you made them turn on me, didn't you?” he said angrily.

“No”, she said. ************************************** David was driving on the M4, near the St Mellons area of Cardiff, visiting the new make-up artist. He read on the piece of paper that he had in his hands, that she was a divorced, single mother with two kids under the age of ten. He got by the house when he heard all the commotion. “Sometimes Ceri, I wish you were dead”, he heard a mans voice booming. “Yeah, sometimes I wish you were dead too, you cheated on me & broke my heart. As I said earlier, you don't even give a shit about your kids, but you give a shit about the baby you've got now, so just piss off out of my house, now, the pair of you!” a woman's voice said. As David was about to go closer to the house, he saw a man & a woman with blonde hair & a baby, coming out of the house. “Sorry”, David muttered. David knocked the door & a boy around seven or eight answered the door. “Hello, I am looking for a woman named Ceri Jones”, he said. “Mum, it's for you”, he said. “Alright, sweetheart, mummy's coming”, she said. “Hello”, she said. The woman standing in front of him was beautiful, she had short dark brown hair, brown eyes & freckles. “Hi, I am here about the job you applied for, about the make-up artist job on Doctor Who”, he said. “Oh yeah”, she said. “Well, come in then”, she said politely. As soon as he stepped through the threshold, he saw the room was a bit messy. “Excuse the mess, you know what kids are like”, she said. “Jack, give me back my teddy, please?” wailed a little girl. “Jack, give Alicia's teddy back”, she said. “Ok”, he sighed.

“You have wonderful, kids Ceri”, he said. “Thanks”, she said. He kept looking at the woman who was sorting her little girl out, she was a wonderful mother, he thought.

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