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DATE: July 16, 2014

TO: Mayor and Council FROM: Councilmember Richard Fimbres

Ward 5

SUBJECT: Meetings in Washington D.C. (Postal Reform)

During my vacation, I had meetings with administration officials, congressional staff and
consultants about immigration, postal reform and defense issues involving Tucson and Southern

I met with staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the status of
discussion on postal reform and the Postmaster Generals recent announcement that in January
2015, USPS will proceed with the consolidation of 82 processing and distribution centers,
including Tucsons P&DC/Cherrybell.

The prognosis for Congress to complete postal reform is not good, with the message delivered
that a bill is highly unlikely to be taken up this year. With that in mind, the best approach for
combatting USPSs latest announcement to consolidate the Tucson P&DC is through direct
appeals to USPS and the Congressional appropriations process.

Since the announcement was made last week, our federal lobbyists have been working with the
Arizona Congressional offices on a letter to the Postmaster General advocating a reversal of the
decision. (Attached). Our lobbyists are also discussing amendment language to include in the
appropriations process.

Our federal lobbyists met with Senator McCains staff and are sitting down with Senator Flakes
office to continue to express the Citys opposition to the consolidation. Senator McCains staff
reiterated that he voted for the postal reform bill in Committee, and they are happy to pose our
questions and concerns to the USPS. However, they reiterated that it is policy not to put
preferential treatment of one facility over another.

As this proceeds, it is urged that the City to reconvene the working group that so effectively
made the case for Tucson and Southern Arizona over the past few years, including the City of
Tucson, the Tucson Chamber of Commerce, the Tohono Oodham and Pascua Yaqui Tribes, the
regional governments and the Pima County Recorders Office. We are happy to lead the effort
with IGR.
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The joint efforts in the past helped turn the situation from an immediate threat of closure to a
phased approach that has kept these important jobs in Tucson. The business community of
Tucson and Southern Arizona, with more than 25,000 businesses, needs to step up as well and
have their voices heard on this issue since this could affect their bottom line operations. By
invigorating the effort collectively, we can continue to make the strongest appeal for Tucsons
facility, as we have done since December 2011 when the first announcement of closure was made
by the United States Postal Service.

I want to thank Tracy Tucker and Terry Bracy for setting up these meetings for me while I was in
Washington, D.C.