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Saturday 26th July Yiros Day at
We would like to "close of"
our Chocolate fundraiser.
Please get your envelope to us as
soon as possible.
Finals weeksOfcials required!!!
Semi Finals- Fri 22nd & Sat 23rd
Prelim Finals- Fri 29th and Sat
30th August
Grand Finals- Fri 5th and Sat 6th
It is absolutely essental that ENC
provide tme keepers and scorers
for these three fnals weekends.
Closer to the dates we will pro-
vide you with more informaton
about numbers and tmes but if
you are able to help please con-
tact me asap. Failure to fll these
positons may result in us being
disqualifed from fnals match-
- Junior Presentaton, Sunday 7th
September, 2.00pm, Echunga Pri-
mary School Hall (TBC)
- Senior Presentaton, Friday 12th
September, 6.30pm - Hahndorf Inn
It only seems like yesterday we were training & trialling, eagerly waitng for
the season to get underway. All of a sudden here we are at the School Holi-
day break & there are "only" 5 matches lef before fnals. You've all been
busy holding sizzle nights, doing canteen, selling chocolates, training umpires,
general maintenance & just playing netball which all ensure that our Club
runs efciently & successfully. We've had one partcularly wet & wild night
but netball is a winter sport so we just get on with it. If the situaton ever
arises that matches are cancelled, which would be a very, very rare phenom-
enon, the Coaches will be advised who in turn will let all the players
know. Mid Hills would also post it onto the website as soon as the decision is
made. Unless you hear from the Coach or the website, netball contnues.

The Commitee set you all a challenge at the start of the season to raise
funds for new "dress" style uniforms which we aim to play in in season 2015.
The chocolates, sizzles, upcoming Yiros day & any other fundraisers we are
having will all see this happen but only with your ongoing support. We dis-
cuss this regularly at our meetngs & are currently having designs done by a
manufacturer with the aim of having them at our end of season functons for
you all to make comment on.

Congratulatons & well done to all the girls that have been selected
in SAPSASA, School Knockout, Mid Hills or Mt. Lofy teams. You will gain so
much experience, make new friends & have happy memories from your tme
in these teams. The Club wishes Jess Bell "Good Luck" as she plays for
South Australia as a member of the State Schoolgirls team. Jess leaves for
Melbourne on the 19th July with matches all week culminatng in fnals on
Thursday & Friday. Well done & keep up the good work to all of you, our
players, coaches, umpires, managers, commitee & all our silent helpers.
Finals approach & our Club will proudly play as they have all season, with
heart, respect & spirit.
Echunga Netball
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Echunga 9 and Under Report 2014 Coach Di Gray
Firstly thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome to Echunga. I am enjoying my tme at the club enormously
and want to say I appreciate the opportunity to coach these youngest players and impart my knowledge and passion
for the game.
Breaking down the skills of the game so we can give the girls a great base to contnue their netball is so important and
learning the basics thoroughly, intently and repettvely is part of this process. Learning how to be a part of a team
and support each other, follow the rules and be members of a club so many things to learn in a frst year!
The girls are a chaty lot but are practcing listening and working hard most of the tme, and trying new ideas. There
are 9 in the team and so it gives us the luxury of having spares when we need them and also some rotaton of players
during the games. The girls are building on their skills week by week and revisitng the frst weeks learning as we in-
crease the knowledge of the game. With just over half the games gone there is stll much to learn as we contnue
through the season.
Thank you to all the parents/carers for getng the girls to training and games and for all your support and enthusiasm
Also I greatly appreciate that Nick Schaefer is doing our umpiring and that the club has gifed us with someone so
talented to guide our young players.
Thanks again,
Coach Disey J
The Echunga Netball Club has an ofcial facebook page. Like for weekly updates,
scores and netball related posts. The facebook page is interactve and we encourage
members to post, likes and comments.
The Echunga Netball Club supports the appropriate and acceptable use of Face-
book, (Club or your own personal page) and other social media, as well as the bene-
fts it provides to you.
We do however recognise that inappropriate use can lead to ant-social, or even ille-
gal behaviour. Facebook or any other social media is not to be used in a way which
negatvity refects on the game, or in a manner that is derogatory to any player, um-
pire, clubs or the Associaton.
11 Div 3
Our season has being going very well. We have won every game so far apart from one
which was a draw and this has put us on top of the ladder.

We are very happy with how the girls are improving every week. Indigo, Georgia Taylor
and Imogen Ryan, our defenders, have really been developing their defensive skills. Our
centre court players, Javre, Imogen Wesley, Millie and Charlote all work very well to
efciently get the ball down to our goalies, Sophie and Georgia Crowder, who are doing
a great job and shootng very well.

We are looking forward to the games ahead and watching the girls develop their skills
even further throughout the rest of the season.

Sienna & Georgia

13 Div 1

Along with my 15s these girls also sit at 4th on the ladder two games clear of 5th place. This team in-
cludes Jade Brimage, Grace Crowder, Briella Dufeld, Anais Falzon, Jenny Gray, Kaitlin Roberts, Sophie
Tickner & Holly Wyat. The draw saw a tough start to the season but the combinatons are coming to-
gether well as the players start working together as a team. The girls are versatle which allows move-
ment as some weeks a conaton mbiis working well together & on other nights theyre not which can
come down to the strength & weaknesses of an oppositon team. Its great to see things we work on at
training being tried in match situatons & it is a mater of persistng with them & gaining confdence in
what we as individuals & then as a team can do. Pushing each other to be beter at training will see
that confdence & belief in each other grow in matches. Thanks to Phil & the parents who support us
each week & get your girls to training. Its been good to have quality umpires on our games & thanks to
those of you who have picked up the whistle for us. Keep up the positvity girls & keep trying new

Good Luck to all teams for the
rest of the season!!
13 Div 2
The Echunga 13 2s are currently sitng 4th on the ladder, having won 3
and lost 4 games. The girls have learnt many skills in their Thursday training
sessions, which have greatly aided their gameplay on the cold, wintry Fri-
day nights. Annika Tobin and Emma Leach have proven invaluable as shoot-
ers with Annikas confdent and sometmes unbelievable shootng and Em-
mas strong hands and accurate passing. The midcourt, comprising of Mad-
dy Jones, Poppy Kentsh, Tilly King and Caitlin Cearns, are developing into a
force to be reckoned with, driving the ball down the court and pressuring
every pass. Maddy is always present as an opton down the court, ofen
working with Poppy who is tenacious and hard-working, always tght on her
player. Tilly has been extremely valuable to the team, with her valiant inter-
cepts and her never-give-up attude. Caitlin has been a strong and tough
player, with her efciency all over the court. Talia Smith and Maddi Broad-
bent are the defending duo with their many rebounds, intercepts and
forced errors being the undoing of many teams. Talia is keen to learn and
ready to fght, and teams up very well with tall Maddi, with her long arms
and encouraging voice. A few injuries threw the team around early in the
season, but now the girls are setling very nicely and are looking forward to
giving it their all in the rest of the season.
Bron and Jess

13 & Under Division 4
This amazing team is made up of the following players:- Eden Berger, Eva Falzon, Tahni Leach, Breah
Marston, Hannah Murrell, Georgie Reuther, Riley Schaefer & Alannah Taylor.
We started as a mix of some players with many years of experience, some players with very litle Netball
knowledge & we are also a very young team as half could stll be playing 11 & Under.
We started the season slowly on a cold Friday night, it was the frst tme playing in a bodysuit for most and
it seemed to take a while for the girls to adjust to the cold night air & also the lights. However, by half way
through the game we started to fnd our rhythm and ended up winning by 7 goals. Afer a good win
against Nairne, we were pushed by Woodside and had to play some really good Netball to win by 6, this
was followed by another good win against Hahndorf.
Afer regrading, the girls were a litle disappointed at not being put up but to their credit they have contn-
ued to improve their movement & skills, improving their concentraton is something we are stll working
We have won the last 4 games quite easily & I would like to say a big Thank You to Georgia Crowder for
flling in the last few games while Hannah has been overseas, you have done an amazing job & fted into
the team extremely well.
We stll have a lot to work on, but if the girls improve as much in the second half of the season as they
have in the frst half, we have some great Netball to look forward to.
It is a pleasure to Coach this team & Im excited about the rest of the season, keep working hard girls &
hopefully we can go all the way!
Nick Schaefer

15s Div 3 Report
Brooke Crystal - Elise Emma Felicity -
Georgia Jade - Jess Leilani Tayah
This team is a great bunch of girls all coming together for
the frst tme this season. 8 of the 10 girls all moved to
Echunga this season so much of the frst half of the season
has been spent getng to know each other both on and of
the netball court.chatng, interactng and socializing is an
art the girls seem to have now mastered admirably without
too much coach encouragement!!! This rich interacton
between all the girls has led to the creaton of a team with
a great sense of cohesion on the court with all girls working
well together, contnually supportng and encouraging as
they rise to the challenge of sometmes new positons. As
we move into the second half of the season most of the
girls are beginning to play in setled areas of the court lead-
ing to us now being able to focus more on court play rou-
tnes and positonal strategies. Sitng comfortably 2nd on
the premiership table is a great place to be as we head to
the run into fnals. The girls are proving to themselves each
week they have the ability, confdence, courage and skills
to be team worthy of a successful fnals series.
Good luck for the remainder of the season girls, Bec and I
are really enjoying coaching you and seeing the way you
are all developing and refning your netball skills.
Cathy and Bec J
15 Div 1
At the half way mark in the season the 15 1s sit at 4th in
a very tough competton. The team consists of Shayla
Burns, Tamika Cearns, Hannah Graetz (Co Captain), Rosie
Hayhurst, Holli Kemp, Claire Pitchford, Annie Reuther,
Chloe Schaefer (Co Captain) & Emily Tickner. From the
frst training the focus has been on improving toughness
at the ball, our passing skills & then slowly incorporatng
positoning & awareness. There is always improvement in
a player no mater what age or grade they play & learning
to push yourself further is also important. Training has
been well atended, mostly focused & questons are
always good. Improvement against the top 3 teams with
the focus then on using that improvement against the
other teams will be our aim for the rest of the season.
Weve had our share of injury & illness already but the
team have coped well with that & sloted into positons
when needed. Thanks to Athalee & our parents for your
help & support as well as our umpires, mainly Di Gray, for
giving us your tme & experience each week. Keep it up
girls & challenge yourselves.
Afer much discussion and juggling at trials, it was decided to have one 17s team in 2014.
While having 10 in any team is difcult, so far with injury, illness and missed matches due
to being away, we are managing well.
The team consists of Lucy Northcot (Captain), Millie Vears (V Captain), Rebecca Rice,
Lauryn Bradley, Milly Cummings, Gabrielle Nielsen, Isabelle Sheehan, Renee Ward, Allison
Buckley and Sienna Buchecker.
The girls are enthusiastc and numbers at training have been great, which means lots of
learning opportunity as well as lots of laughter. Currently sitng 4th on the ladder, were
yet to beat the teams ahead of us. However as the girls showed in their last game turning a
1st round loss of 20 goals into a 5 goal loss 2nd tme round, it is a very achievable goal.
The girls all contnue to improve which is what I as a coach like to see. The litle individual
skill wins is what will translate into game wins down the track. All the girls have adapted
well to team changes on court and its pleasing to see all of them contribute, no mater the
court tme and put their best out there at all tmes. It may be one defecton, one superb
passage of atacking play or chasing down the loose ball, but combined it not only looks
good, it means the team have opportunity to score.

Im expectng contnued improvement untl the girls have as much faith in themselves as I
do to be a strong and cohesive unit on court and that they back themselves to have a go at
the ball every tme.

The B3 team started with the following players:- Rebecca Carrat, Kelly Chadbourne, Tammi
Cliford, Di Gray, Lucille Lot, Kate Nielsen, Emily Pitchford, Jaye Smith, Jody Whitaker & Emily
The frst hurdle we faced was simply getng to know each other as some were new the Club,
some were coming up from juniors & some were unable to train. Unfortunately we lost Jody
Whitaker afer the frst game due to a recurring injury, so our next hurdle to overcome was a
short supply of Goalies in the team.
This is where I would like to say a big Thank You to 17s players Millie Vears & Lauryn Bradley
for flling in most weeks & also Leslie Vears for coming out of retrement & providing amazing
leadership both on Court & of when I am unable to be there.
Whilst we have only won 1 game, it was great to see Di come back last week from a broken
wrist and Kate shootng some amazing goals determinaton is a wonderful thing!
This team is a great mix of Youth and Experience, and I look forward to the challenge of
winning some more games in the second half of the Season.

2014 A Grade Team
This years A grade are proving to be a very solid, well-oiled machine, that have their sights frmly fxated on the ultmate
prize by taking one game at a tme. The cohesion within the team unit is a credit to each and every player, as they support,
encourage and congratulate each other, positvely afrming each others role within the team.
The A grade has 9 players this season, therefore plenty of positon changes are expected, which can ofen cause disrupton to
the fow of the game, however, all team members are working to overcome this by doing exactly the above; supportng, en-
couraging and helping each other. With 9 players who are all exceptonally skilled, all playing more than one positon and are
all willing to give anything a go, we are proving to be an incredibly versatle unit. No mater what combinatons we put to-
gether, all partcipants are commited to making things work, simply by being tenacious in their approach to the ball and
their desire to support their fellow team member.
Our A grade consists of: Captain, Felicity (Flick, Mort) Dufeld; Vice-Captain, Kristy Newman; Jess Bell; Emily (Emmy, Brad)
Bradley; Wendy (Wen) Paech; Bridget (Bridge, Digit) Sheehan; Luci (Luce, Lu) Steyn, Jade Vanzo, Tifany (Tif) Vears and Assis-
tant Coach Narelle (Nick) Schaefer.
The A grade competton ladder has 2 signifcant stand outs at the top, followed by 6 very capable and very compettve
teams, meaning the A grade competton this year is very even and a delight to partcipate in. So far afer 8 games we are
sitng 2nd on the ladder behind Lobethal who are the only team to have beaten us, though it was a very even game with us
winning the frst half by 6, losing the second half by 9 and hence the game by 3. This only proves that Lobethal, being our
very next opponent are not invincible and if we play 4 full quarters of our game we will be victorious.
A close call against 5th placed Mt Barker United on the Weekend will also step this team up a notch and was a fantastc com-
pettve tussle to have mid-season. Lobethal Lutheran have 2 teams in the comp this year (Maroon-7th and Gold 4th) and we
have beaten both, Gold being the team we played indoors a couple of weeks ago. This being a fantastc spectacle for all
those who came along.
Litlehampton are sitng 6th and are always an even tussle for us, knowing we can never drop our heads against them.
Woodside bring up the botom of the table but are also sure to improve on this as they had their frst win over LL Gold on the
weekend. Nairne are sitng 3rd and are contnuing on from their Giant Killer status of last year, they also gave us a run for
our money when last we met, leading us at by 5 but our girls rallied, and to their credit they fought back in the fnal term
to win by 3 (the quarter by 8). Well done!
If I had to describe this team in a few words, those words would be: tenacious, persistent, patent, encouraging, dynamic,
cohesive, happy, supportve, aggressive and most importantly A TEAM.
Its an absolute pleasure to be a part of this team and I congratulate and thank each and every one of the members for show-
ing their commitment to each other and to our club.
Id also like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters who come out even in the pouring rain to support the girls,
I cant menton all of you but you know who you are! A special thank you to Annete Bradley, Bron Bell and Chris Sheehan
who are always ready to put their hands up to help whether it be as Primary Carer, tmer, scorer or supportng at afer game
functons Thank You!
Noel Vears has also jumped on the opportunity to come out and capture the season on his Camera, so thank you to him also.
With 6 games to go untl fnals are preparatons now turn to tweaking all the things weve put in place so far. Play Hard girls
Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.
Leslie Vears