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I am seeking a responsible and challenging position in the feld of Network and
Security, where I can make signifcant contributions towards a company’s
immediate and future goals, I am a highly motivated Network Specialist with
experience in Network & Security
Profle summary –
Around 4+ years of Experience in Data Network. Working with core network, ! "outing
#$%!&,E'"!,"!,'"!(, %ubnetting, backup and up gradation of $%, work with )* and )+ switches, ,)AN
routing protoco- .%"!, nter/-an "outing, %0!, ,0!, %witch !ort %ecurity, A1), 1D!, tunne-, !%ec, !oE
%witch, %tack %witch, , know-edge about A%A &irewa-- 2234 5 22*4
CMS Info system pvt. Ltd.
Site:- Citi Bank
Designation:-Sr. Network Engineer Duration:- De !"## to $i%% Now
Major Roles and Resonsibility-
 !esponsible for managing relationships and coordinating work between
vendors, sub"contractors, and di#erent teams at di#erent locations and
training the team on new deployments, processes and auditing their work and
corresponding pro$ects
 %oordination with IS& and 'scalate issue with their seniors
 !esponsible to prepare link uptime and (tili)ation !eport & Network
*owntime !eport
 De-egating work to and super/ising the acti/ities of 0ea6 Me6ber.
 !esponsible to planning and executing network related pro$ect
 +orking with *ynamic &rotocols 'I,!&, -S&., /,&
 +orking with !edundancy &rotocol 0S!& 1nowledge about 2!!& & ,3/&
 !aising !.% for New Implementation or change in network
 +orking with 4icket assigns to our group and provide resolution before S35
 !esponsible to maintain *ocument and generate +eekly, 6onthly and
7uarterly !eport
!ave comleted di"erent tyes on Net#or$ Project-
 Installing new !outers and Switches on new site and connecting to 0ub
 %ompleted +5N 3ink up gradation pro$ect
 *ecommission site devices and +5N link
 5pply 'ncryption on +5N links
 6igration of devices into upgrade devices

IEC (roup of Institution
Designation:- Network Engineer Duration De !"#" to De !"##
Major Roles and Resonsibility-
 6anaging the physical Network infrastructure of college
 %reating and managing 235N, confguring cisco routers 89:;;, 9<;;, =>;;?
and switches 89@<;, 9@:;?
 6onitoring the +5N 3ink and also handling 35N network
 6anaging the Network devices, worked with routing protocol 8!I&, I,!&,
 .iber and %opper %abling (nderstanding about !5%1, patch panel,
 6anaging di#erent types of servers like anti"virus server, *0%& server, *NS
server, !IS server
I)$ Network L$D
Designation:- Network Support Engineer Duration:- May !""* to Nov !"#"
Major Roles and Resonsibility-
 6anaging and handling the cisco devices, part of confguring router and
 Support to co"operate oAce user and managing there 35N and +5N network,
+i".i, wireless devices Installing network and handling pro$ect
 0andling the technical issue in network, stating and dynamic routing, I&
addressing, subnetting,
 6onitoring the +5N link 5nd supporting the 35N issue
Cisco Skills -
 0ands"on 'xperience on %isco routers B9;;, 9@==,9>==, 9:;; and 39
switches 9@<;, 9@:;, CB<; and 3C switches :<;:
 1nowledge about *ynamic &rotocols like !I&, I,!&, 'I,!&, -S&., /,&, IS"
 (nderstanding about matrix 8hope, bandwidth, delay, cost, 64(?,
 I& Subnetting, 23S6, %I*! value,
 I-S backup and !estore via 4.4& and D"6odem
 %onfguring N54 and &54, working with I& 5%3s 8standard and extended?,
 (nderstanding with 0S!& and 2!!& %reating and managing 235N,
 Inter 235N routing, S4& protocol, 24&, I&sec, 4rucking, 'ther channel,
switch port security, %*&
 *0%& Snooping and 5!& Inspection
Firewall Skills-
 1nowledge about %yberoam frewall, 5dding host, creating and
managing groups, creating new policy and edit policy, crating
bandwidth policy, securing the network and blocking and unblocking
 1nowledge about 5S5 .irewall <<=; & <<9; %onfguring 5S*6,
%onfguring N54, 5%3, Eones %onfguring .ailure 85ctiveF5ctive,
5ctiveFStandby? and %ontex 82irtual .irewall?, 2&N and 555
Network Skills-
 %reating and 6anaging 35N and +5N environment, good understanding in I&
addressing, managing network devices 8!outer, Switch, 0(/,?, designing di#erent
topology, working with troubleshooting command like nslookup, ping, tracert
netsh, telnet, -SI model, 4%&FI& model, working with 39 and 3C switches,
confguring Network printer, video conferencing, working with networking tools,
managing servers 8*NS,*0%&,!IS,.4&,? working with exchange server 9;;C,good
understanding in network protocol

Technical Training & Certifcation:-
• %isco %ertifed Network &rofessional 8%%N&"!oute?
• %isco %ertifed Network 5ssociate 8%%N5?
%isco I*"%S%-==B;9<:<
• 6icrosoft certifed &rofessional 86%&?
6%& id"<@B=9C@
• => 6onth *iploma in %omputer 0ardware and Network 'ngineer .rom I04
!aebareli 8(&?
Academic Qualifcation:-
• ,raduation 8/5? in 9;;@ from 1anpur (niversity
• Intermediate in 9;;G from, (& board, (ttar &radesh
• 0igh school in 9;;9 from, (& board, (ttar &radesh
Personal Detail:-
*ate of /irth " ;<"Hune"=@>:
.ather’s Name " !a$a !am Sharma
6other’s Name " 1alawati Sharma
6arital Status " 6arried
5ddress " =G9G, Nehru Nagar, !aebareli
I here by declare that the information given above is true and correct to the best of
my knowledge
*ateIIIIIIIIII Signature

&laceIIIIIIIIII 5rvind Sharma

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