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MM1 SEC C 2014

SUBMISSION NO 3 ON 14 July 2014

Market Research Task
Two Wheeler Automobile Industry

1. Product of Choice
Bajaj is the most preferred brand among the market with Pulsar and
Discover being the most used by the people closely followed by the
Honda which reached most housewives and men over the age of 40.

2. Duration of Use
While some of the audience were recent buyers of the product, the
median usage of the product was about 3 years. It was also noted that
once the bike was more than 7 years old, users preferred to go for a
newer product where the change of brand depended on the comfort of
usage of the older product. Most users were loyal to one brand and
opted to purchase a different product of the same brand.

3. Next Preferred Brand
As all the preferred brand outlets are available in Lucknow, the
consumers always purchased the brand and product of their need. When
asked about their next favoured product, scooter users wanted a
different model of scooter while bike users preferred a different product
of the same range in bikes. Consumers were clear about their need and
chose the products that is useful to their daily usage.

4. Impact of Advertisements
All the consumers were unanimous in refuting any impact of
Advertisements in their decision making. They also refused that the star
power and Bollywood celebrities promoting the product had any impact
on their purchase.

5. Impact of Price
Housewives and middle income class users agreed that pricing of the
product was a major reason for their purchase. But Students in the age
group 18-30 purchased high end superbikes with out caring for the
price. The styling and the social impact factors of product and the brand
was a major reason for their purchase.

Product Usage Next
Price Age Gender Occupati
Hero Passion 48 Bajaj Discover No Yes 40 Male Self
Honda Acitva 12 TVS Scooty
No Yes 20 Female Student
Honda Activa 4 Hero Maestro No Yes 16 Male Student
Honda Activa 28 Honda Deo No Yes 22 Male Student
Bajaj Discover 18 Yamaha CBR No Yes 24 Male Graduate
TVS Apache 12 Yamaha CBR No Yes 34 Male Doctor
Hero CBZ 6 Suzuki
No No 20 Male Student
12 Bajaj Discover Yes Yes 16 Male Student
Hero Passion 96 TVS Apache No Yes 23 Male Retail Job
Bajaj Discover 42 Honda
No Yes 28 Male Manager
Bajaj Avenger 24 Royal Enfield
No No 26 Male Salesperson
Honda Activa 36 Hero Splendor No Yes 19 Male Student
Royal Enfield
Bullet Electra
48 Bajaj Pulsar No Yes 28 Male Student

Bajaj Avenger 36 TVS Apache Yes No 32 Male Bank
TVS Scooty 36 Honda Activa No No 29 Male Manager
Honda Activa 3 TVS Scooty Yes Yes 33 Female Physio
Honda Activa 1 TVS Scooty Yes Yes 23 Male Software
Yamaha CBZ 7 Bajaj Discover No No 48 Female Teacher