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Physics Question Paper

Question 1
(a) Which physical quantity does the electron volt measure? How is it
related to the S.I. unit of this quantity? !"
(#) What should the an$le #etween force and displacement #e to $et the
i. %inimum wor&
ii. %a'imum wor&
(c) State (ewton)s second law of motion. !"
(d) *he wor& done #y the heart is 1 +oule per #eat. ,alculate the power of
the heart if it #eats -! times in one minute.!"
(e) %ention two properties of a wave. one property which varies and the
other which remains constant when the wave passes from one medium to
Question !
(a) /'plain #riefly what causes the twin&lin$ of stars at ni$ht. !"
(#) State two advanta$es of an aneroid #arometer. !"
(c) /'plain why a $as #u##le released at the #ottom of a la&e $rows in si0e
as it rises to the surface of the la&e. !"
(d) What is meant #y the statement1 )the critical an$le of diamond is !23 )?
How is the critical an$le of a material related to its refractive inde'? !"
(e) 4 #loc& of wood of volume !5cm6 floats in water with !3cm6 of its
volume immersed. ,alculate.
i. the density and
ii. the wei$ht of the #loc& of wood.
Question 6
(a) (ame any two electroma$netic waves which have a frequency hi$her
than that of violet li$ht. State one use of each. !"
(#) State two ways #y which the frequency of transverse vi#rations of a
stretched strin$ can #e decreased. !"
(c) Why does the temperature of the surroundin$s start fallin$ when the ice
of a fro0en la&e starts meltin$? !"
(d) 7our resistances of !.3 each are 8oined end to end to form a square
49,:. ,alculate the equivalent resistance of the com#ination #etween any
two ad8acent corners. !"
(e) In a three;pin plu$1 why is the earth pin made lon$er and thic&er than the
other two pins? !"
Question 2
(a) State the ener$y chan$e which ta&es place when a ma$net is moved
inside a coil havin$ a $alvanometer at its ends. (ame this phenomenon. !"
(#) :raw a la#elled dia$ram of an 4.,. $enerator. !"
(c) ,alculate the heat ener$y that will #e released when 5.3 &$ of steam at
l333 , condenses to form water at 1333,. /'press your answer in S.I. unit.
(Specific latent heat of vapori0ation of steam is !!<= >+ ?>$.) !"
(d) How many alpha and #eta particles are emitted when @ranium nucleus
A! @ decays to Bead !3<
=!? C#!"
(e) With the help of an equation1 state the mechanism of ener$y production
in a nuclear fusion reaction. !"
S/,*ID( II (23 %ar&s)
4ttempt any four questions from this Section.
Question 5 6"
(a) (i) State the law of conservation of ener$y.
(ii) (ame the chief ener$y transformation that occurs
i. in a Boudspea&erE
ii. in an /lectrical cell (Crimary).
(#) (i) :efine an Inclined plane.
(ii) :raw a la#elled s&etch of a class II lever. Five one e'ample of such a
lever. 6"
(c) *he alon$side fi$ure shows the com#ination of a mova#le pulley. CI with
a fi'ed pulley C! used for liftin$ up a load W. 2"
i. State the function of the fi'ed pulley C!.
ii. If the free end of the strin$ moves throu$h a distance ,1 find the distance #y
which the load W is raised.
iii. ,alculate the force to #e applied at , to 8ust raise the load W G !3 &$f1
ne$lectin$ the wei$ht of the pulley C1 and friction.
Question <
(a) Water falls from a hei$ht of 53 m. ,alculate the rise in the temperature of
water when it stri&es the #ottom.
($ G l3 ms
Specific heat capacity of water G 2!33 +?&$
,) 6"
(#) :raw a la#elled dia$ram of a common hydrometer and state the principle used
in its wor&in$. 6"
(c) 4 solid #ody wei$hs !.13 ( in air. Its relative density is =.2. How much will
the #ody wei$h if placed. 2"
1. in waterE
!. in a liquid of relative density 1.!?
Question - 6"
(a) *he ray dia$ram $iven #elow illustrates the e'perimental set up for the
determination of the focal len$th of a conver$in$ lens usin$ a plane mirror.
i. State the ma$nification of the ima$e formed.
ii. Write two characteristics of the ima$e formed.
iii. What is the name $iven to the distance #etween the o#8ect and optical
centre of the lens in the dia$ram?
(#) (i) 4 $lass sla# is placed over a pa$e on which the word HI9FIDJ is printed
with each letter in its correspondin$ colour.
a. Will the ima$e of all the letters #e in the same place?
#. If not1 state which letter will #e raised to the ma'imum. Five a reason for
your answer.
(ii) What will #e the colour of an o#8ect which appears $reen in white li$ht and
#lac& in red li$ht?
(c) (i) What is meant #y refraction?
(ii) /'press the refractive inde' n of a medium.
(1) in terms of the velocity of li$htE
(!) in terms of the an$le of incidence i in air and the an$le of refraction r in a
denser medium.
(iii) If a ray of li$ht passes from medium I to medium II without any chan$e of
direction1 what can #e said a#out the refractive indices of these media (an$le i is
not 3)?
Question = 6"
(a) 4 radar is a#le to detect the reflected waves from an enemy aeroplane1 after a
time interval of 3.3! milliseconds. If the velocity of the waves is 6 K 13= ms
calculate the distance of the plane from the radar. 6"
(#) 4 piece of ice is heated at a constant rate. *he variation of temperature with
heat input is shown in the $raph #elow.
a. What are represented #y 49 and ,: ?
#. What conclusion can you draw re$ardin$ the nature of ice from the
alon$side $raph?
(c) If there is no heat loss to the surroundin$s1 the heat released #y the
condensation of m!$ of ice at1 3
, into water at 3
,. 2"
(i) 7ind.
i. the heat lost #y steam in terms of m1
ii. the heat $ained #y ice in terms of m!.
(ii) 7orm a heat equation and find the ratio of m! . m1 from it.
(Specific latent heat of vapori0ation of steam G !!<= &+?&$E
Specific latent heat of fusion of ice G 66< &+?&$.
Specific heat capacity of water G 2!33 +?&$
Question A 6"
(a) 4n electrical appliance is rated 1533 W1 !53 H. *his appliance is connected to
!53 H mains. ,alculate.
i. the current drawn1
ii. the electrical ener$y consumed in <3 hours1
iii. the cost of electrical ener$y consumed at Js. !.53 per >WH.
(#) (i) State the function of a split rin$ in a :.,. motor. 2"
(ii) %ention two reasons why a soft iron core is used within the coil of a movin$
coil $alvanometer.
(c) In the fi$ure $iven alon$side1 41 9 and , are three ammeters. *he ammeter 9
reads 3.54. (4ll the ammeters have ne$li$i#le resistance.) 2"
1. the readin$s in the ammeters 4 and ,.
!. the total resistance of the circuit.
Question 13 6"
(a) State the functions of the followin$ in a nuclear reactor.;
a. %oderator1
#. ,ontrol rods1
c. ,oolant.
(#) (i) %ention two important precautions that should #e ta&en while handlin$
radioactive materials. 6"
(ii) State one use of radioisotopes.
(c) (i) :raw a la#elled dia$ram of a hot cathode ray tu#e. 2"
(ii) Why are materials of low wor& function preferred as thermionic cathode
(iii) Write an equation to show the fission of a nucleus of @
with the
production of three neutrons