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Why Indonesia?

Indonesia with a population of 242 million and a GDP growth rate of

6.2% is seeing its aviation market demonstrating dramatic growth
rates with international aircraft and passenger movements both at
13% and with domestic aircraft movements showing 16% and
passenger movements at 20% growth respectively (2010/2011).
This market visit will link directly into the Airports and Aviation
Indonesia 2014, held in conjunction with Indonesian Aviation B
usiness Forum 2014 which will serve as the business-to-business
and business-to-government platform where industry leaders
showcase latest solutions and set strategies for driving
sustainable solutions to meet the demands in anticipation of
ASEAN Open Skies.
Under ASEAN Open Skies 2015, air trafc forecasts for Indonesia
project the number of annual passengers will increase from 105
million in 2010 to over 358 million by 2025, an average annual
growth rate of 8.5%. This is placing tremendous pressure on
Indonesias airport and aviation industries to rapidly expand.
Key Sectors include: Airport Infrastructure Suppliers, Air Trafc
Managers, Airlines and Aviation Manufacturing Suppliers and
Capacity and Skill Development Providers.
If you would like to book onto this market visit or nd out how
we can develop your business overseas contact us:
Ayo Dada
T: +44 (0)20 7234 3056
Stephen Myatt
T: +44 (0)7730 527 030
Date: 3 - 7 November 2014
Travel: Depart 1 November / Return Arrival 9
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There is a limited number of Market Visit Support
(MVS) nancial assistance of 600 available for
eligible companies on a rst come, rst served basis.
Administration Fee: 150 (+VAT)
Additional costs for ights, accommodation in the
designated group hotel and in-market activities to
be covered by the companies. British Airways 20%
discount via UKTI code.
Show stand / conference fees if applicable by direct
arrangement with Tarsus as show organisers
Market Visit to Indonesia
Airports & Aviation Indonesia 2014
Support from an experienced group leader
with international business experience;
In-market brieng with business networking
Assistance before, during and after the visit,
including economic briengs from UKTI and
the British Embassy;
Flexibility to develop your own meeting
programme and pursue your own business
Help to identify potential customers or partners
and to arrange meetings with them via our
Overseas Market Introduction Service(OMIS);
Opportunity to participate in Airports & Aviation
Indonesia 2014 exhibition/conference.