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The UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE (hereinafter referred as UH),

located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
and [INSTITUTION NAME] (hereinafter referred as [ ]), located in [CITY,
COUNTRY] sign this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the
development of academic cooperation in international education in areas of
mutual interest and expertise. The collaboration established by this MOU will
enhance the intellectual life and cultural development at both institutions, and
will contribute to increase international cooperation. To meet these goals, UH
and [INSTITUTION NAME] have agreed that in support of their mutual
interests in the field of education and research:

I. The two educational institutions may:

(i) Co-operate in the exchange of information relating to their activities in

teaching and research in fields of mutual interest.
(ii) Promote and explore appropriate joint research projects and joint
courses of study.
(iii) Invite each other’s academic staff to participate in collaborative
activities e.g. research projects, conferences and seminars, or joint
(iv) Collaborate on the development of suitable training, development and
exchange programmes for academic staff.
(v) Collaborate on the development of other opportunities for short
courses, student exchange and other activities as mutually agreed in
writing between the parties prior to commencement of such activity.

II. Academic members of staff and other personnel of one partner

institution may spend periods not normally exceeding one academic
year in the other partner institution. In supporting such arrangements,
all financial matters, including travel costs, salary payments and other
compensations, are subject to individual negotiation, and will normally
be the responsibility of the persons involved and their home institution.

III. In the implementation of other co-operative programmes, a written

agreement covering all relevant aspects including funding and the
obligations to be undertaken by each party should be signed before the
commencement of the programme.

IV. Specific proposals for co-operation

The two educational institutions agree to:

(i) Explore the opportunities for delivery of academic programmes in

partnership that lead to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
(ii) Explore mutual recognition of programmes offered by each of the
partner universities, and in particular, the opportunity for the
establishment of a 2 + 2 recognition agreement in relation to
undergraduate degrees, and similar progression agreements in
relation to postgraduate programmes.
(iii) Exchange detailed programme materials in order to determine the
nature of recognition and equivalences to be agreed, as in IV (ii) above.
(iv) Explore the opportunities for the provision by UH of a staff training
programme to support the future development of the partnership, to
include split PhD programmes, postdoctoral study and/or staff
exchange. The costs associated with these activities shall be subject to
a separate memorandum relating to financial costs.
(v) Explore the opportunities for collaborative research between the two

V. The success of partnership in achieving a broad balance in the

respective contributions and benefits of the collaboration will be
periodically reviewed by both parties, at least once at the beginning of
each academic year.

VI. This MOU will take effect from the date of its signing and shall be valid
for a period of five years unless terminated, revoked or modified by
mutually written agreement between the parties, and may be expanded
upon by mutually written agreement. Either party may terminate the
Agreement at any time during the term by the provision of three
months of written notification to the other party.

Signed for and on behalf of Signed for and on behalf of

University of Hertfordshire [Institution name]

Prof R J T Wilson [insert name and title]

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