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Rram is Indian Ocean Community

S. Kalyanaraman
Sarasvati Research Centre
Rameshwaram Ramasetu Protection Movement
esa dhammo sanantano - Buddha
Dhammapada Verse 5 Kalayakkhini Vatthu
Na hi verena verani
sammantidha kudacanam
averena ca sammanti
esa dhammo sanantano.
(Trans.: Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by
hatred in this world. It is appeased only by loving-
kindness. This is an ancient law: esa dhammo
sanantano, this is sanatana dharma.)

aham rashtr samgaman
vasnm (RV 10.125).
dhruv te r

j vruo
dhruv dev b haspti
dhruv ta ndra cgn ca
rr dhrayat dhruvm
(RV 10.173.5)
Steadfast, may Varua, the Rj, steadfast, the Divine
Steadfast, may Indra, steadfast too, may Agni keep they
steadfast Rram.
In this Rgvedic statement, Rram is emphasized as the
epitome of steadfastness.
pah parivahi stha Rashtrad Rram me datta svh
pah parivahi stha Rrad Rramumumai datta svh
parivahi stha -- Place with (ocean)
apm patirasi Place adjoining the
ocean (apm pati)
apm garnosi Place moistened
(endowed) with water
sryatvacas stha Place covered by
mnd stha Place with gladdening
(potable) waters
vrajkita stha Place with marked
roads, cattle-sheds, enclosures or
herdsmen stations
v stha -- Place with plants (arable
vih stha Place with resolute,
mightiest (craftsmen)(cf. RV 5.29.15)
akvar stha Place with artificers

jananta stha Place with agriculturists
vivanta stha Place with culture
(cultivator tradition) of pit-s.
va rmirasi stha -- powerful wave
(cutting like a sword)
va senosi stha -- powerful battle-array
(cutting like a spear)
artheta stha -- place with work
opportunities to create wealth
ojasvat stha -- place filled with water,
vigour, lustre
viva bhtam -- place bearing, nourished
by the dharma of pitr-s
pah svarja stha -- place with self-
luminous, resplendent rays of the sun
and water (springs)

setu himcalam from the
Indian Ocean to the Himalayas
(from Teheran to Hanoi).
7/17/2014 7
Next tsunami through channel route will destroy
Kerala and Tamilnadu coastline

Be prepared for a probable next tsunami. Fault-
lines and earthquake zones

Indian plate dynamically moves northwards @6
cm. per year resulting in plate tectonics (e.g
Bhuj earthquake, Aceh quake).
Bali Yatra cultural-historical memory
of Indian Ocean nations
INS Sudarshini
Ganea, Nationl
Museum, Jakarta
Khmer chariot from
Suryavarman I to
Phutthamonthon, or Land of the

An economic powerhouse to resolve
Global Financial Crisis

Toys with yogic postures
(Harappa, Mohenjodaro)
Prayer in Bali.