Personal Details
Name : Samuel Agustinus Hutabarat
Address : LapanganTenis A/10 Srengseng RT03/RW 05
Jakarta Barat Indonesia
Phone : +6281282860175
Email :
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 19-8-1977
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indonesia
Religion : Christian Protestant

August 1996- Feb 2002
Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) Bachelor degree from Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics.
Concentration on System and control Engineering.

Non Formal Education, Training and Short Vacancy
1. Short Training on Hydraulic and Avionics on PT DI (National Aircraft Industries), Bandung, 1999
2. Vacancy in LAPAN/Aerospace and Aeronautics Agency (for SMALL SATELLITE TRACKING
SYSTEMS) for 3 month in Bogor , 2000
3. Full Time Training in Indonesia (FTTI) in Sentul, Bogor, Feb 2002- des 2004
The training is about the truth of the Bible, church service and character.
4. Cisco for Busy People for 1 month in Jakarta 2005
5. GTC Level I (Safety valve training) training in Singapore Sept 2013

Working Experience
 Feb 2002- des 2004
 Ministry and work in the church and the social communities

 January 2005- May 2010
Company: PT Bank MAYAPADA International
Position: Account and Operational Officer
Job Description:
 Make report (BI report, target report, growth report, etc.)
 General ledger posting and balancing
 Checking and verify daily, monthly and annual transaction
 Supervise the inventory, electronic equipment and asset management

 May 2010-Nov 2012
Company: PT ERSA KHABUL-VELCAN ENERGY (Hydropower Project)
Position: Field and Support Engineer
Job Description:
 Site Survey using survey tool (GPS, inclinometer, compass, discharge measurement)
 General Topography and geology survey assessment
 Preliminary survey assessment
- Survey assessment in Aceh, Sumatera Utara, Bengkulu, Sumatera Barat, Lampung,
Sumatera Selatan, Sulawesi Selatan Area
 Pre-feasibility assessment
- Pre-feasibility in Aceh, Sumatera Utara, Lampung and Sumatera Barat
 Build and install rainfall station and discharge station
 Train the local people to read and maintain the rainfall and discharge station
 Collect the raw data (hydrology data, map, electric line and etc) from local institution
and make analysis
 Data processing from water resources (PU), map processing (BAKOSURTANAL/local map)
and electricity institution (PLN)

 Des 2012- now
Company: PT Waskita Niaga Prima (Dresser Authorize Agent)
Position: Service Engineer
Job Description:
 Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ,test and inspection of Valve
- Valve repair in IPMOMI Paiton East java ( April- May 2013)
- Valve repair project in Pertamina Balikpapan ( May-June 2013)
- Valve repair project in Gressik Site Conoco Philips (Sept 2013)
- Valve repair project in Pertamina Balongan (Nov 2013)
 Valve service assessment
- Valve assessment in PLTU Lontar Tangerang (March 2013, Feb 2014)
- Valve assessment in UPJB Muara Karang (July 2013)
 Provide technical advice and support to Service Project
 Instrument testing and calibration

Language Skill
1. English
2. French (not bad)
1. Project Management
2. Technical and Engineering Analysis
3. Assessment
4. Testing
Computer Skill
4. SkecthUp
5. Network Troubleshooting

Familiar with some standard such as:
- API such as 6A, 6D, 520, 521, 526, 527, 594, 598, 599, 600, 602, 603,608, 609 etc
- ASME such as 31.3, 31.1, 16.5, 16.34, section VIII, section I, etc
- ANSI such as FCI-ANSI
-NDT Test

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