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Plants and plant products[edit]The genus Piper of the pepper family (Piperaceae)

, including for example:

Black pepper, white and green pepper, Piper nigrum
Cubeb, Piper cubeba, also known as Java pepper
Long pepper, Piper longum
Voatsiperifery, Piper borbonense
The genus Capsicum of the nightshade family (Solanaceae), including for example:
Banana pepper, a number of species and spices
Bell pepper, a Capsicum annuum cultivar
Cayenne pepper, a Capsicum annuum cultivar
Chili pepper, a number of species
Datil pepper, a Capsicum chinense cultivar
Jalapeo, a Capsicum annuum cultivar
Florina pepper, a Capsicum annuum cultivar
The genus Pimenta (genus) of the myrtle family (Myrtaceae), including for exampl
Allspice (P. dioicia)
Pimenta haitiensis
Pimenta jamaicensis
Pimenta obscura
Pimenta racemosa (P. racemosa), West Indian bay tree
Other plants known as peppers:
Aframomum melegueta, grains of paradise
Alligator pepper
Macropiper excelsum, kawakawa
Pseudowintera, horopito
Pseudowintera colorata, New Zealand Pepperwood
Schinus genus, peppercorn trees
"Pink peppercorns", obtained from Schinus molle
Tasmanian pepper, Mountain pepper or "pepperbush", Tasmannia species
Vitex agnus-castus, Monk's pepper
Zanthoxylum genus
Sichuan pepper, produced from the fruit of several Zanthoxylum species
Zanthoxylum clava-herculis, American Pepperwood
People[edit]Pepper (name)
Peppers (name)
Fictional characters[edit]Pepper, an orphan girl in the musical Annie
Pepper, a Dutch Warmblood horse with light blue highlights from the Horseland TV
Pepper, a bartender in the musical Mamma Mia! (and the movie Mamma Mia! The Movi
Pepper Roni, the protagonist of the Lego Island series
Pepper Ann, the main character from the Disney TV series Pepper Ann
Pepper Potts, the secretary of Iron Man in the Marvel comics universe
Chris Pepper, character played by Peter Lawford in 1969 film comedy One More Tim
e, directed by Jerry Lewis
Sgt. Floyd Pepper, a character from The Muppet Show and related works
Sgt. Leann "Pepper" Anderson, the central character in the 1970s Police Woman TV
series, played by Angie Dickinson
Sheriff J.W. Pepper, a Louisiana parish officer in the James Bond films Live and
Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun
Waldo Pepper, protagonist of the film The Great Waldo Pepper
Five Little Peppers, a family with five children in a children's literature seri
Music[edit]Pepper (band), a rock-reggae band originally from Hawaii
"Pepper" (song), a 1996 song by the alternative rock band Butthole Surfers
The Red Hot Chili Peppers, an American funk rock band, sometimes referred to in
short as "the Peppers"
"Pepper", an instrumental song by Linkin Park from LP Underground 12
Salt-n-Pepa, an American hip hop duo
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (often referred to simply as Sgt. Pepper's
), the eighth studio album by English rock band the Beatles
The Peppers, a French male instrumental group that reached No. 8 in the UK Singl
es Chart in 1974 with the tune "Pepper Box"
Other[edit]Dr Pepper, a carbonated soft drink
Newark Pepper, a defunct Major League Baseball team from the Federal League
Perets', a Ukrainian satirical newspaper also known as "Pepper"
sports warm-up exercises
Pepper (baseball)
Pepper (volleyball)
Pepper (card game), an alternate name for Bid Euchre
Pepper Ann, an animated series that debuted in 1997
PPAPI (Pepper Plugin API), a web browser plugin interface
Pepper II, an early 1980s video game by Exidy